Another Step Forward

Part of McCain-Feingold has been killed, and very properly so. Note how Sotomayor voted; this female may be a Latina, but she’s not wise, and she will be a problem. — Some readers may recall the comments made in issue number 23 of this newsletter. For those who do not, here is a reprint:

The objections to McCain-Feingold’s arrogant, greedy assault on Liberty have been intense. From an early point in the history of the act, columnists were explaining to the public just what had happened, and what needed to be undone.

As two events show, the wind may have shifted. Look first at this development. Next, note that a very recent decision of the federal supreme court, Davis vs. FEC, a fundamental repair of one of the flaws in McCain-Feingold, has telegraphed the possible intent of the judiciary to water the repressive act down. Hope does exist. That may be whistling past the graveyard — remember that egregious Kelo decision — but why not be optimistic? The Enlightenment still means something to some people.

The NY Times, that bastion of principled journalism, naturally began whining at once about the decision, publishing an editorial summarized by a weblogger as, “Corporations shouldn’t have free speech rights, unless they’re us.”

Obama, ever the repressive radical, is quick to demand legislation to negate the supreme court’s decision. What an unenlightened authoritarian the man is.

Obama Literally Can Not Understand What Is Happening

Explaining the Brown victory has been painful for the Democrats. The president, for example, has tacitly admitted that it was a vote on his policies, as well as on the suitability of the two senatorial candidates. Obama has been saying, in effect, that he lost touch with the electorate because he did not communicate sufficiently. (Well, Mark Steyn says it better than TLB can, so if you read what’s at the link, you may skip the rest of this paragraph and all of the next.) That implies that he did not make enough speeches, hold enough news conferences, and issue enough information — when it’s clearly not true. In fact, as this comprehensive article provided by a very friendly media outletspells out, in the first year of his presidency, The One gave a speech or issued comments/remarks an average of more than once a day. He also held forty-two news conferences and gave one hundred fifty-eight interviews in 2009.

If that’s not enough to get his message across, more will not be successful. Obama can not understand that.

It makes no sense to the president that his proposals have run afoul of so much opposition and aroused so much anger. The man has difficulty linking effect to cause; accordingly, his remedy for his political problem — more communication — is illogical and irrelevant. That absence of insight is diagnostic of the quintessential ideologue. The True Believer knows his solutions are so superior that there can be no human objection to them. (Energy policy is just one example, where “He is engaged in a staggering exercise in wishful thinking.”)

Obama’s political vision could be a form of blindness that qualifies him as a true fanatic. Nuts consider opposition to be error, and often see error as the triumph of illusion. A fanatic will shrink from compromise because that would mean acknowledging the legitimacy of deceitful epiphenomena. For those of absolute conviction, the opposition, being error and falsity, has no genuine reality; as darkness is the absence of light, opposition to the Truth is not just an ethical and political vacuum, but also a metaphysical nullity.

Fanatics in thrall to this insane mindset realize the value of an imposed, and therefore fake, pacifism. They must safeguard their uncompromising ideology by eradicating the very possibility of future conflict; that makes the link between fanaticism and tyranny inevitable.

It is not often remarked that for the true Utopian, history must have an end. For him, change exists simply to bring about ultimate, permanent stasis.

One can, therefore, speculate that no matter how pragmatic Obama tries to be, he will fail. It is not in his makeup to succeed. If his tactics in days to come are successful, they will most likely have been devised by his cynical advisors, by power politicians like Pelosi, and by the anti-Liberty press. Those apparatchiki know how to craft a program and sell it to the unwashed in Flyover Country…or so they believe.


There’s a profile of Obama here that makes a few good points but explains nothing of the man’s passion.

The Indians are worried about Chinese crackers. So should the USA be.

Here’s a guy who is convinced the Brown victory in Massachusetts was a referendum on all of Obama’s policies. He’s probably more right than wrong.

This is what The Penguin Post meant when it claimed that Obama would not be making domestic policy, but Congress would. Note the complete reversal of direction; this is Congress, not Obama, in control.

One might think that this report, which details Hillary’s recent pronouncements regarding internet freedom, is good news. After all, she’s not been supportive of an unfettered internet in the past. In this case, however, TLB merely notes that this bizarre female has simply delivered herself of yet more babble, and that those who believe she is sincere don’t understand the meaning and implications of her history. — For a thoughtful and informative consideration of the topic, with links, see this weblog post.

A comprehensive resource for those interested in questions of law, rights, and the particulars of the Geert Wilders prosecution/persecution is to be found here. While the average reader will find the material overwhelming, students of the philosophy of rights and law are advised to visit the post.

Holder, DOJ, the trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and common sense: four phenomena that don’t appear compatible.

Political correctness again. The US Army report on the Fort Hood massacre. Disgraceful.

For years, El Al has had the best anti-terrorist security of all airlines in the world.

Well, it’s time to start looking for filth to throw at the new senator from Massachusetts. Here, how’s this for a first effort? — Eh? You say it’s nothing, not scandalous, and not negative at all? Well, yeah, it’s just garage band music and trendy-silly videography, but be patient, because the goons are dumpster-diving frantically. “Maybe she was, like, in Playboy (ooooh), I mean he was in Cosmo, so that proves it, right? Or, like, who knows, they might totally find he’s a secret member of the National Rifle Association, right? Like, wow.”

Too right: the suicide bombing of The NY Times building and the kidnap-torture-murders of documentarian Michael Moore and cinema giant Oliver Stone make it clear that terrorism has a new face. Internment of registered Republicans and Libertarians (except for the tiny minority that are people of color) is about to begin in New York, thank goodness, and Janet “Watchdog” Napolitano has proactively expanded the No Fly list to include all military veterans….

Copper and iron in your drinking water could pose a health risk if you are over fifty, according to this link. It may be a bit alarmist, though. After all, how many things have been suspected of contributing to heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes?

The French are not just odd…they can be, and often are, plain crazy. Consider the latest rubbish that obsesses them.

And now for an example of astroturfing. In fact, it’s astroturfing on steroids. The word means fake grassroots (spontaneous, genuine) support for a candidate or cause. The problem for the astroturfers is that sooner or later they may be identified, and the exposure would be a genuine embarrassment to their side in the culture war.

If you like bears, visit this site to check on mom and her newborn, who are in a video-camera-equipped den in the wild.

The strange case of Eric Holder’s people at the Dept. of Justice refusing to prosecute a New Black Panther Party thug has been noted repeatedly in this newsletter. Questions were followed by DOJ stonewalling, and now the criticism has shifted from Holder to Obama. The president can not afford this, but he’s carrying on with an indefensible policy. Additional information here; in case it matters to you, you are advised that the report is in a newspaper owned and operated by religious charlatan and felon Moon.

Obamacare? Time to pack it in, say most voters. Pelosi and The One are not listening, which is an interesting attitude for the leaders of a representative democracy to take.

The UN’s absurd IPCC; its head Pachauri, the locomotive-maker who is neither climatologist nor meteorologist; the Himalayan glaciers that were said to be but are not melting catastrophically, and finally money money money and lawbreaking. Messy business, all of it, and a disgraceful abuse of science. If Al Gore is smart, he will see the coming avalanche and run away.

Hmmm: isn’t Quincy in Massachusetts?

Check your newspaper(s), watch TV for several hours…you may see this story from Iraq reported. If you do, it won’t be reported in anything like the terms used at the link.

Populist programs are tricky; they are easier to manage if they do not involve iatrogenic problems. That means when it comes to economic policy, you should promote prudent tax cuts and strategies to encourage investment (both of which create jobs in the most efficient and fastest ways possible). For a radical collectivist reformer who is ensorceled by the power of government to make the world fair, that’s probably too much to ask. Think that over while having a cup of tea.

Remember those naive, simple-minded times when the social problems of the day were “juvenile delinquency” and divorce? Ah, nostalgia isn’t what it used to be….

Here we see a huge worry, a big problem — and no sure way to counter it. But none of this should surprise anyone. After all, if you imagine yourself in the place of the enemies of Western Civilization for a while, you can think of twenty ways to mess up New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. And not all of them involve running for re-election to Congress.

A massacre, guilt, punishment, truth and lies. Oliver Kamm clarifies.