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Month: January 2010

Number 125

Number 125 14 January 2010 Haiti From this source: As we learned in the aftermath of the Indonesian tsunami, not all aid and assistance is created equal. Many commitments by national governments and international governmental...

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Number 124

“I Think Al Gore Is Crazy” If you agree with the fellow who said that, you are in very fast intellectual company indeed (GB, here’s the link for you). You see eye to eye with the Alfred P. Sloan Professor of...

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Number 123

Iran Is Undergoing A Revolution This newsletter has long insisted that either there will be regime change in Iran, or Israel will attack. Watch this video. It may provide the answer to the inevitable question, “Which will...

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Number 122

Number 122 3 January 2010 It’s Not Just Junk Science Any More — It’s A Financial Fraud Become Full-Blown Scandal The hoax that is anthropogenic global warming has enriched Al Gore, as everyone knows — and...

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