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Month: February 2010

Number 134

The Quest For Insights Into Obama’s Essential Character This newsletter despairs of being able to puzzle out what makes any human being the person he is, or even arrive at a good list of his character traits. True, some...

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Number 133

Number 133 18 February 2010 In Considering The Catastrophic Science Fraud That Was Anthropogenic Global Warming, One Must Remember The Fundamentals(Note: this text has been edited. The version of TLB 133 that does not include...

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Number 132

Three Links That Richly Deserve Your Attention Just as this issue of TLB was being wrapped up, some very interesting reports were discovered on the internet. The first is a direct assault on Obama, dealing with his career before...

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Number 131

Number 131 5 February 2010 Holder Is A Braying Ass, Which Statement Is An Insult To Asses The Underwear Bomber set his pants on fire (which castrated him, according to a report), was arrested, started filling the cops in on all...

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