Holder Is A Braying Ass, Which Statement Is An Insult To Asses

The Underwear Bomber set his pants on fire (which castrated him, according to a report), was arrested, started filling the cops in on all the details of his training and comrades in arms, was Mirandized, and promptly shut up. So how smart was it to tell him he could remain silent? That depends partly on whether you consider him an ordinary criminal, a prisoner of war, or maybe some third type of Bad Guy that nobody has fully defined yet.

But if you ask the Dept of Justice (DOJ), which is run by Eric Holder (this newsletter’s candidate for appointment to that job as a crossing guard in Death Valley), you get a rambling answer about how telling the UB he could shut up has made him sing like a lovesick gondolier.

Holder explains it all — if “explains” is the correct term — in a letter he had some poor junior civil servant write. A careful analysis of the alleged reasoning is available here. This excerpt sums up most of it:

…in our ordinary criminal justice system, people will know they don’t have to (answer questions the police ask) and, frankly, won’t (even talk to the authorities) without advice from an attorney. I like that for ordinary criminal suspects, but that’s because it’s a limitation. AG Holder makes it sound as though it’s a great way to get them to talk. If it were, I’d think there was something wrong with our existing criminal justice system. It’s a feature of our ordinary criminal justice system; a bug if we think it’s supposed to produce actionable intelligence quickly. DOJ seems to think it’s a feature all the way around; this is unlikely at best.

We Mirandized him … because otherwise we’d be depriving ourselves of an important tool for gaining actionable intelligence? By urging him not to talk? Really? That appears to be the AG’s argument, on this as on the general point about using the criminal justice system. If we don’t use a tool that is mostly, by comparison to our other possibilities, about limiting our access to him, we are somehow hurting ourselves by not using our full repertoire.

Related: here’s a quote from 2009 that may shed a little light on the mess at the US Department of Justice:

When Attorney General Eric Holder recently called us a “nation of cowards” he was looking through a prism unknown to his Nigerian brothers. Holder, like Mr. Obama, is the product of an education system and a movement for black liberation that is blind to the virtues of individualism.

That’s a very challenging thing to say, so you are well advised to go to the original and see whether the author can support his claims. Note that this newsletter’s attempts to explain who and what Obama is are incomplete. The One’s Utopian collectivism has not yet been thoroughly vivisected in these pages, in spite of “The Obama mindset” in TLB 114 and “Obama literally can not understand what is happening” in TLB 129. See also this commentary, and then have a look at this scathing criticism. Holder appears to be little more than a stubborn, narrow-minded follower whose agenda may be skewed, but he could be bizarre in intriguing ways yet undiscovered.

The Washington Times (a Moonie publication, owned and operated by a felon and charlatan who claims to be Jesus Christ) reports that a Congressman is trying to get Holder’s Department of Justice investigated for refusing to prosecute a New Black Panther Party thug (yes, you have seen this many times in this newsletter, but this is a new development). Read about it here. The problem is not just that Holder won’t enforce the law, but that he refuses to explain his lack of action. It’s often the case that Freedom of Information Act requests for government records are denied or stalled by bureaucrats who have something to hide, and as this fuss drags on, Holder and Co. are looking more and more culpable. So you will see this dispute mentioned yet again in TLB.

The more you peer into this sheep dip, the worse it smells. Holder needs to find another job, and if he won’t depart simply because TLB thinks he’s not ready for sixth grade, then Obama ought to fire him. There are two chances that will happen; one is fat, and the other is slim. (Heavy sigh.)

The Science Scandal Of The Twentieth And Twenty-First Centuries

I: The scope of the disgrace

It’s past Piltdown now, and primarily because the fake old fossil had little to do with politics, involved only a few people, and was not in any sense financial.

The problem with the modern scandal is that it is getting more complex, and therefore harder to understand, as it becomes clearer. In order to see all that was done to invent and sustain the hoax, one has to study an increasing number of papers and articles. As evidence for fraud and lawbreaking grows, the hoaxers are being buttressed by their stubborn allies in the news media, academia, and politics. Promotions of the discredited concept of AGW are still appearing, and slogans about carbon footprints are still circulating. It’s far from the case that the truth has triumphed.

Consider just one example: in order to explain how in the world the warmers were able to come to some of their false conclusions, two authors have had to produce a meticulous analysis that runs to over one hundred pages. Now how reasonable is it to assume that the average person will read it?

The obvious response is that the paper is not intended for the lay public, but for the scientific community. That does not help one iota, for the analysis/expose will almost certainly be read by almost no academic who subscribes to the notion of human-induced climate change. This is why TLB continues to insist that believers in AGW constitute a secular cult; their “science” is pure faith.

If you want to know how, exactly, bad graphs and irrational conclusions were drawn from a collection of temperature measurements, you will find the explanation here. Hint: the hoaxers ignored low temperature readings; they cheated, in other words, and now it has been proved — by reference to their sources, correspondence, and output. It is possible to follow the rascals as they systematically eliminate raw data that would produce results they do not want.

Get a synopsis and overview of the long and complex paper at these two websites: Don Surber and Joanne Nova.

Yes, for some, realizing that it’s true — AGW was faked — has been shattering.

II: Fundamentals matter

Anthropogenic global warming is a dying concept because the science behind it is so sloppy. The sales pitch that made junk science trendy was the hockey stick graph, which was a kind of slogan, or even symbol — the quintessence of invalid thinking applied to incorrect data. To grasp the significance of that set of silly squiggles on a chart, one must either do a fair amount of reading — starting with back issues of this newsletter, in all probability — or listen to a recording of a radio broadcast. The recording is very informative, and puts the scandal in perspective without using scathing language. Very highly recommended.

III: Defending the indefensible is impossible, but smearing the real scientists is not

AGW believers usually dismiss refutations of their slogans by pointing to the front organizations that paid for the research and publication that disproves AGW. These evil entities are creatures of the coal companies, it is said, and all of the AGW “skeptics” are on the payrolls of plutocrats who stand to lose big if “clean” energy is promoted.

Is it wrong, if some corporations have a coincidental stake in the truth? And surely the facts can stand on their own, no matter who pays for their publication. Finally, if they can not be shown to be in error, is it scientific to presume them false?

Note, as well, the financial stake the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia had in its conclusions (mentioned in TLB 119, “The money in AGW”). Of course that does not mean the CRU faked anything. Only a study of what it did and how it did it can speak to the accuracy of its work.

That is why an insider exposed many years of the CRU’s records to public scrutiny.

IV: The addenda that no one really needs, because QED

Now here are a few AGW-related links, just in case you don’t have enough already….

The media are shirking their professional responsibility to the electorate, and it’s due to faith-induced bias. Shame!

Sleep well — there is no emergency.

By now, those who still believe in anthropogenic global warming are simply not aware of the facts. The systematic, bigoted perversion of science is well documented; for a thorough discussion of the topic, by all means read this newspaper article. The corruption of the peer review process is a disgrace that should send shock waves through the offices of all the world’s scientific journals.

There is no link between catastrophes (hurricanes, droughts, tornadoes, cattle stampedes, earthquakes) and AGW, but the Brits fell for the con job and wasted a huge sum. Stiff upper lip, Lads — to go with your sclerotic prefrontal lobes.

You can call this “distorting science for a political effect,” or you can call it “sexing up goofy propaganda to try to make it sensible to people whom you assume to be morons.” Whatever you call it, it stinks. And being caught doing it should be profoundly embarrassing.

Nasty, Nasty Business

The thought is stunning: if things continue to go to hell in a handbasket, Flyover Country may actually be “heard without the filter of the mainstream media.” Gasp!

Holy cow, we can’t have that! Hey, all you “Progressives,” the Tea Party crazies are coming! And look — they are a leaderless pack, not a PC-groupthink-homogenized-disciplined herd, like your ACORN and SEIU thugs…they are downright unpredictable, and each one is a highly motivated individual (ooh, that horrible word!). How are you going to fight that?

If political movements can bubble up from below, and self-organize via the Internet, what will happen to the political class?

The realizations just keep coming. One of the first signs of grass-roots rebellion against both parties and in favor of limited government is

…a strategy that has worked elsewhere; Tea Party activists essentially took over the Nevada Republican Party earlier this month; and, in Florida, they were successful in forcing out a state party chairman who was seen as too centrist.

So what’s a “Progressive” to do? The only response to unrest among the Unwashed is repression; that means control, which is made possible by seizing and manipulating as much of the economy as possible. You know, outfits like General Motors, and market sectors like health care. Restrict the individual’s choices by confiscating his resources and taking over the firms with which he can do business, and you limit his power to challenge your authority…maybe, sort of, though of course the scum can still vote.

Ugh. Since the major media lost a lot of their clout — damn that Rather moron, anyhow, and Couric is a growing embarrassment — voting has become more and more uncontrollable. People have more sources for their information than ever, and with liars like Limbaugh and Beck and, and, well just about everybody who has something to say, the whole well-regulated system is falling apart. Can’t even make the Fairness Doctrine work any more.

Of course everything “Progressives” do is done in the best interests of the masses, whether the ungrateful plebs realize it or not; if they don’t, then they are mistaken, and you have to press on regardless (“…let there be no doubt: health care reform cannot wait, it must not wait, and it will not wait another year” — Obama, here).

He means it, Pilgrims.


Thanks to loyal reader GB for this: One day the first grade teacher was reading the story of Chicken Little to her class. She came to the part where Chicken Little warns the farmer. She read, “…and Chicken Little went up to the farmer and said, ‘The sky is falling!'” The teacher then asked her class, “And what do you think the farmer said?” One little girl raised her hand and said, “I think he said, ‘Holy shit! A talking chicken!'”

The common assumption that ATMs are safe is just plain wrong.

Too often, powerful people make a terrible mistake, and then…cover it up. If The One wants to do something decent, he’ll get on this messand have some heads on his desk. The crime was not in making a mistake, but in trying to hide it. Don’t hold your breath; “justice” is not always a familiar concept to the current administration.

Obamaniacs will hate this, and declare it dishonest. Obama-doubters and foes will praise it as revelatory and damning. Watch the briefvideo, which is nothing but direct quotes from The One, and denounce or praise the juxtapositions. Ain’t politics fun?

Is this horror genuine? TLB doubts it. Still….

A union attempt to counter the Tea Party movement.

Information on Carrington events. Read it.

Oh, good grief…this is a conservative view that appears to be more right than wrong…. TLB, which prefers more libertarian takes on politics, is scandalized.

The federal senate does something flagrantly illegal: allows a non-senator to vote as if he were a senator. Why this has not attracted considerable attention is a puzzle — even given the fact that the major media are clearly biased toward Obama and the Democratic party hierarchy. Why aren’t people upset?

If first impressions are correct, this was a dumb thing to do: the young reporter who helped to expose ACORN with those damning videos was arrested, and the world is jumping to the conclusion that this time he wanted to tap a phone. Andrew Brietbart, the fellow’s employer, has a few things to say. No, his comments on air (MSNBC) and later on a weblog are not what you might suppose.

Scientific American started slipping years ago, so this hugely embarrassing debacle comes as no surprise.

Bin Laden believes in anthropogenic global warming. Of course he does. And he condemns US business, international trade, and prosperity. There is nothing surprising here, but there is something worrisome: how Obama will react to bin Laden’s insane ranting. TLB frets that Obama and Osama appear to share a general outlook.

From the comments on a weblog: “The Democrats still want to pass their health care plan, written by a committee whose Chairman says he doesn’t understand it, passed by a Congress that hasn’t read it but exempts themselves from it, signed by a cigarette smoking president who also hasn’t read it, with funding administered by a Treasury chief who cheated on his taxes; overseen by an obese Surgeon General, and financed by unwilling taxpayers whose country is almost completely broke.” Yeah. That’s hopeandchange.

No, of course the major media will not link to this report detailing the backgrounds of Obama’s appointees to high office. And it’s likely that darn few people will even hear that the report exists. Let the record show, however, that this newsletter considers information of this sort important to people who care about the course set by those piloting the ship of state.

Now here’s a subject for a bar bet: reality versus Obama’s version thereof. Who ya got?

News from Iraq that, according to the PC line of the left’s culture warriors, simply cannot be true. But it is…and the free world has the US military to thank for that.

This video documents the construction of the Triumph Rocket III. Triumph has been building motorcycles since the beginning of time, as the narrator explains, and the company’s cumulative experience allows assembly of each Rocket III to begin with the vehicle’s center of gravity, a delicate process indeed. Additional fascinating facts await the viewer of this epigrammatic film.

Not that TLB trusts the BBC to get the details correct, but this report suggests research into thermonuclear power generation is making progress. The Arabs will not be pleased.

China. Once again, up to the same dirty business. Sooner or later — certainly later — the world will accept the truth, and act on it. But it appears that the USA will not be leading that trend. Big mistake.

If you are interested in the theory of money, you might take a look at this quote and follow where it leads. Then write an article and send it to TLB, and it will be considered for inclusion here.

Here’s a concept that rates right up there with the lead balloon: ask the IPCC what it thinks of __________ (fill in the blank), and then use that as an endorsement in a commercial. Or as an attack on the competition’s product/service. Yes, the IPCC is rapidly getting to the point where it may not always be wrong about simply everything, but that’s the way to bet. — Speaking of betting, what are the odds that railway engineer Pachauri will resign in the next fortnight?

Al Qaeda, watch your step! A new weapon is now available, and the face of warfare will never be the same. Advisory: graphic video. (Disclaimer: this weapon was not developed by the Triumph motorcycle company.)

Question: what’s the best way to define “patriotism”? Answer: so your political opponents appear treasonous. Just ask NYT fair-haired boy Frank Rich (who has appeared in this newsletter, issues 8, 27, 81 and 109). Sometimes Rich is on the ball; most of the time he has no idea that there even is a ball. In this revealingly disgraceful performance, he’s at his worst. And that’s saying something.

Obama is injecting new life and a sense of excitement into a sagging political party, and the party pros are very grateful. The faithful areenthusiastic about his efforts!

Taliban leader killed by unmanned aircraft. That’s another advance for the defense of Western Civilization.

The collectivist nanny state is so hell-bent on protecting everybody that sometimes it just ends up being nauseatingly racist. Black folks deserve equal access to the Liberty guaranteed by the constitution, and Obama should realize that.

What would a worker in a Polish shipyard know about politics? Quite a bit, as it turns out, and his experience begins with his opposition to collectivist tyranny and extends to being president of his nation. So he does have thing or two to say.

Related: the patterns of censorship in the major media are often easy to spot, but not reporting the news is hardly an indictable offense. All the public can do about it is reduce its purchases of the media’s services. — Oh, wait….

Oliver Kamm on the passing of “historian” Howard Zinn: “I had long thought that Zinn’s historical writings were so simple-minded that they ought to have been illustrated with cartoons. It was therefore quite fitting that, towards the end of his life, a comic-book version of hisPeople’s History did appear. Zinn was an intellectual fraudster who filled the grand canyons in his knowledge with ignorant exhortation.” Yea, verily, the world has lost a dedicated anti-USA propagandist whose toxic works will pollute the educational environment for years to come.

Related: remember Pee Wee Herman? Before he… you know. Well, here’s Paul Reubens before he became Pee Wee.