In Considering The Catastrophic Science Fraud That Was Anthropogenic Global Warming, One Must Remember The Fundamentals(Note: this text has been edited. The version of TLB 133 that does not include this note is the original. Editing has not altered or corrected any facts, but has been done to improve clarity. Only the first item, “In Considering….”, has been edited.)It is becoming the popular wisdom that the exposure of documents thought safely tucked away in the computers of the Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia brought down the concept of anthropogenic global warming (AGW). While that may accurately reflect the attitudes of the overly sensationalist press, it is not true. AGW collapsed long before the damning e-mails and other records were cracked open.

Issue number twenty-four of this newsletter, dated the eighteenth of August, 2008, linked to the explanation of how the fraudulent hockey stick graph was crafted. The headline: “The myth of AGW is not just false, but a deliberate hoax.” On the twenty-eighth of March, 2009, issue number 71 declared, “The warmers concede defeat.”

The revelation of the dishonesty behind the hockey stick graph was not the missing proof that AGW is a lie. For years before that, solid scientific evidence had been piling up to prove that AGW is an impossibility.

The physical properties of carbon dioxide, the sequence of rises and falls in CO2 levels in the atmosphere and rises in falls in temperature, the sheer amount of CO2 in the air, the geologic and historical records of temperature and other data all showed that AGW was not a rational conclusion based on facts.

It was this fundamental science that disproved AGW. And the truth sustained the genuine scientists who pressed the case against political opposition from the AGW cult (said “political” opposition may have been less than purely political, of course).

The East Anglia CRU documents inflamed the British press, and that led to exposure of the truth to the public in the UK. By sharp contrast, the press in the USA was very stubborn, refusing to report fully. That self-censorship sustained the AGW hoax.

That was, of course, to be expected — for years, perhaps the major theme of this newsletter has been the fact that the journalists in the USA are more propagandists than editors and reporters. Their principal ideological stake is in the collectivist cause, a political and ideological movement that promotes governmental power and the regimentation of the citizen by his intellectual superiors.

This philosophy of governance is a bizarre, rather Platonic elitism that is promoted with diluted neo-Marxist slogans. Obama’s “fairness” is a code word for socialism or wealth redistribution. Those labels will be rejected by almost everyone, of course. This newsletter prefers to call Obama’s dream what it is: a deliberately vague variety of Utopian collectivism. How closely this ideology resembles the quite orthodox Marxism Obama espoused openly before being elected to public office is unknown.

Cap-and-trade is part and parcel of the push to reduce the private sector and enhance the government’s control of human activity. AGW has always been an essential excuse to extend regulation; without it, cap-and-trade and a number of tax measures would be unjustifiable. It must, therefore, exist. AGW creates a need for increased control of the individual and the corporation, as well as requiring/permitting the government to confiscate more wealth from the citizenry.

The USA has been teetering on the cusp of a revolutionary collectivist victory that would transform governance. That is why newspapers and electronic media in the nation have been slow and reluctant to report the full AGW story. As long as the political success of the Obama-Reid-Pelosi agenda was in doubt, the nation’s media gatekeepers practiced self-censorship.

That led to some profoundly strange “news.” Consider, for example, the reports that attribute diametrically opposed results to AGW. Whatever the evidence, it all “proves” AGW. That’s flat-earth thinking (Popper’s unfalsifiable hypothesis). So…Q: How stupid and ignorant do journalists think their customers are? A: Very.

To some extent things are different now in view of the recent election of a Republican to represent Massachusetts in the Senate. Overall, however, the Obama administration still hopes to snatch authoritarianism from the jaws of an enraged public. The battle continues, and the US press is always deeply involved in the struggle to disenfranchise Flyover Country. Science be damned; politics determines what Truth is.

The United Kingdom, by contrast, has not been facing the possibility of seismic change in the administration of political power. The British news media have accordingly been much more forthcoming and thorough in reporting the AGW scandal, as well as the fundamental scientific facts that disprove AGW. A tiny minority of US citizens have noticed this because of their resort to the internet for news.

A British view of the disgrace of US journalism is to be found here.

You have seen the full range of scientific facts in this newsletter. You know the truth is available, and you know how convincing it is.

If you were not angry when you learned that AGW is a tissue of lies, distortions and errors; if you were not angry when you saw the reactions of the bicoastal elite to legitimate public expressions of opinion; if you were not angry when you finally saw the links that chain together scientific know-nothings like Representative Waxman; the greedy locomotive-builder who (still, in spite of everything) heads the IPCC; the leadership of Congress; the executive branch of the federal US government; and the lying huckster who has made many millions from his award-winning film and unconscionable alarmist howling — if all that has not angered you, what will arouse your indignation?

The Olympics Reconsidered

It’s inevitable: you want to find and honor the finest athletes of the world, so you create the Olympics. Then some poor competitor is killed in an accident, and a nasty curmudgeon proposes that the Olympic games be junked.

Right. They are a mess.

The Olympics have become a mutant that mocks sport. Once allowing only amateurs to complete, the games have stooped to permitting professionals to vie for medals. What should be a meeting of individuals in joyous competition has become an improperly fierce struggle between nations, with dictatorships breaking all the rules they possibly can. National prestige, which has no legitimate place in sport, has become a major theme. The newspapers list medals by nation, as if nations could win them; that’s a perversion of sport.

The cost of the games continues to rise, the average person can not afford to attend, some of the contests do not involve sports at all (ice dancing, for just one ridiculous example), and the fuss over doping is always just barely under control. It’s not decent, it’s not sportsmanlike, and it’s not sustainable because it has become a prostitution of rational values.

Consider this quote,

a point made by the Canadian Cockerline, who did not suppress a troubling thought as, in the heat of the greatest competition of his life, he tried to make sense of something that will always scar the memory of the 21st Winter Olympic Games.

“You know,” he reflected, “there’s money invested. It’s really what it comes down to at the end of the day, I suspect.”

There could, you have to believe, be no bleaker epitaph for a fallen Olympian.


It’s not new: you remember, of course, that Hillary responded to perfectly understandable and totally predictable political opposition to her husband’s efforts as “a vast right-wing conspiracy,” now don’t you? That’s the way the Clintons think. Well, now Slick is targeting the Tea Party movement. Like every wily conspiracist, he thinks a groundswell is the work of an evil cabal, so he’s got a plan, and it’s hilariously goofy. He’s not alone in his fantasy world, though. Authoritarians are terrified by genuine democracy. When Clinton and Co. look at the Tea Partiers, they see an organization that is structured and motivated as is their own, but that has different goals. That’s downright harebrained.

Madame Zelda is back, predicting the future. This time she’s using charts, rather than a crystal ball. She has TLB worried. Take a look.

The NYT is fading. Its coverage of AGW is a major indicator of how the sheer amount of news in the paper has declined. Whether the reduction is due to political correctness, membership in Gore’s climate cult, incompetence or some less obvious failing, the NYT is not living up to its old motto, “All the news that’s fit to print.” Nor can it lay claim to being the paper of record.

Here’s a fourteen minute video of concentrated leftist interpretation of the mess in Washington. It’s got everything: AGW, fiscal policy, claims of astroturfing, “so-called” Tea Parties, the harm done by Proposition 13 in California, and more. It’s essentially a laundry list, not an essay, so pointing out the nonsense here and explaining why it’s nonsense would take a lot more than fourteen minutes. The video is valuable as a clear statement of the left’s agenda for the USA. Whether you agree or disagree, this is where the “progressives” want to take you. Clearly, this leftist foundation believes it can accomplish the collectivist goals much faster and more completely than can Obama. Notice, by the way, that both the interviewer and the interviewee are all smiles; that’s really spooky. Remember, these folks are authoritarians, which means they intend to reduce your choices, not expand them. There is nothing voluntary about their proposed programs.

According to this post, “taxpayers won’t accept a government employee privileged class.” If the Obama administration has its way, taxpayers won’t have any options. Hopeandchange was never about choices.

How, exactly, can rational people in Western Civilization deal with this mindset? Is it a matter of apologizing, moving away from cooperation with Israel, and a willingness to talk with anyone about any and all issues?

Fake news that’s funny.

Getting vital information across and making it affect decision-making is not something sober, factual folks do well. The less fastidious, less principled carney barkers — glib types like Al Gore — have the talent to make waves. With that in mind, TLB insists that you read this article, and hopes that you will believe its claims. They are all true.

Here’s a clear and concise post, at least a week old by the time you see it, that explains the background and preparations for present military action in Afghanistan. Read this first, then follow up with daily reports.

In the unlikely event this issue of TLB gets to Texas, voters there should click on this hyperlink to verify that GOP candidate for governor of the Lone Star State Debra Medina’s intellect only slightly surpasses that of the average duck-billed platypus.

Oliver Kamm, British leftist and newspaper columnist, finds himself in the virtual company of Noam Chomsky and the late Howard Zinn — and once again deals appropriately with both shameless charlatans. The skewering is quickly and deftly done.

Liver damage from taking too much acetaminophen (also called paracetamol) is confused with addiction to drugs containing opiates (such as hydrocodone, oxycodone), and who gets hurt? The patients who need these drugs. Addiction rate for pain victims: one-fifth of one percent. The USA’s FDA is just plain nuts. Look at the video and learn more. Then ponder the possible handover of the entire health industry to the federal government….

Polls do not convey the intensity of commitment that distinguishes the cultural group from the opinion cluster. It is seductively simple to think that one can get a sense of the nation’s philosophical orientations by having people give snap answers to a dozen Procrustean questions. The real basis of the culture war is deeper, more solid, and less understood than the pundits realize. To the bicoastal elite, Flyover Country is genuinely, deceptively alien — and easily underestimated.

This came as a bit of a shock: “With every passing day I’m more and more convinced that President Barack Obama has worsened race relations in this country.” As alarmingly ambiguous as this introductory sentence is, perhaps there is some rationale behind it. Read the postand see what you think. That’s not TLB’s endorsement, though the author makes some valid points.

Briefly: the use of the Tea Party name to split the vote and hand victory to incumbents who need to be retired should not come as a surprise. If you will use SEIU thugs to intimidate and beat people for speaking their minds to power, you are certainly not above deceit.

Victor Davis Hanson has a disturbingly flawless record of never getting it wrong. Here’s his compact summary of the last year in US politics.

Related: if you want cause-effect examples of how and why collectivist Utopian policies cause problems, look here. It’s a clear and brief explanation that no member of the bicoastal elite will find comforting. Tea Partiers, on the other hand…knew all this instinctively from the first. — Teaser quote: “…once again, Democratic leaders have tried to govern the country from the left, only to find that their policies have hit a wall of practical and popular resistance.” (Emphasis added.) The article backs up this contention with proof.

O tempora, O mores! The thoughtful will find this confession to a crime committed in the 1960s fascinating. Ponder the implications of the linked article at length, and be rewarded with useful insights into the current political situation in the USA. Begin, for example, with the contrast between the Marxist theory that underlay the revolting students’ strategy and the values that animate the Tea Partiers. That’s just one simple aspect of a complex panorama. And: what are the college kids up to these days? One of the trendy hyper-causes is Islam.