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Month: March 2010

Number 140

Almost Totally Unnoticed And Certainly Unreported In The Major Media, That Powerful And Enigmatic “Civilian National Security Force” Proposed By Candidate Obama Has Been Authorized. Be Concerned Issue 39 of this...

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Number 139

Number 139 25 March 2010 Obamacare Is The Law Of Part Of The Land Herewith some links that clarify the new circumstance, and what better way to start the avalanche than with an impolite, disrespectful anddefiant post? It...

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Number 138

The Mess Events are unfolding rapidly in what is probably the biggest and worst legislative tangle this nation has ever seen. Here are a few remarks and links. First, it is clear that US health care is not nearly as complete as...

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Number 137

The Great Puzzle Behind The Anthropogenic Global Warming Disgrace Introduction A great many hard facts have exposed the AGW deceit as both a huge error and an indelible stain on science itself. As the hoax is increasingly...

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Number 136

This Newsletter Comes Late To A Signal Realization In 2006, Mark Steyn published America Alone — The End of the World as We Know It. The New York Times refused to review it. As if in response to the newspaper’s...

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