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The Obama plan contains fiscal gimmicks and gamesmanship which will lead to crushing deficits and debt; sanctions government intrusion into our lives unlike anything we have seen before; will lead to the destruction of a private insurance system which, while not perfect, delivers coverage to the overwhelming majority of Americans in a satisfactory manner; will result in the demoralization of our most honored profession, reducing medical care to the lowest common denominator in the cause of a false sense of fairness; and reflects the ultimate hubris of ideological, power drunk people who have proven themselves unworthy of our trust and who express, time and again, their disdain for the people they claim to serve.

I have not forgotten Obama’s moment of honesty in San Francisco. In the grandiose, patronizing health care plan, Obama is to his own self being true. Obama thinks he knows better than the rest of us what is best for us, and he is incapable of appreciating why people cannot be convinced otherwise. (Emphasis added.)

Is Hospital Horror A British Product That’s Not For Export?

Here’s government-run medical care at what must be its absolute worst: an instance of a true horror.

…All right, you have read it, and you can see that report raises serious questions. Among them must be the following:

Did you ever hear of anything like this happening in a private health care facility in the USA within the same time frame? There have been some protests/scandals about nursing care, one of them involving a hospital in California (Tri-City Medical Center in Oceanside), but TLB is aware of nothing to match the British case. Many years ago, Life magazine exposed some horrid conditions in VA hospitals, and there was a TV documentary on how VA staffers covered up disgraceful circumstances. The Brits have out-done all that, however, and in spades. Why? What is the reason for the breakdown?

Are private and government hospitals/clinics equally prone to such appalling failures? Is it true that just because the government runs a hospital, there is a heightened risk of bad performance?

On the other hand, is the British value system so different from the USA’s that things like this cannot happen in the USA? It seems to TLB that if it happens in the UK and it’s a matter of how people behave, no one in the USA should be at all surprised to find the same pattern appearing on the other side of the Atlantic. Brits and Yanks, while different in many ways, are not all that different in their ethics and outlooks, now are they? Isn’t it true that what does not work properly in the UK ought, therefore, to be highly suspect in the USA?

Yes, there are more questions than answers, but you should come to your own conclusions about these matters and act politically in your own best interests. So: over to you.

The Sinister End Of The Political Spectrum Struggles To Cope With The Tea Party Movement

Obama provoked the creation of the Tea Party phenomenon in contemporary US politics. When his tax-and-borrow profligacy and authoritarian approach to health care became clear, a reflexive but initially inarticulate negative response was evoked. The US electorate noted the errors and a sense of unease came over the nation.

The Tea Partiers took their name and began their efforts on the advice of Rick Santelli. This worthy delivered what will go down in twenty-first century history as one of the most significant manifestos of the time, simple and impromptu as it was. In an oh-so-carefully crafted account of the Tea Party movement, the NYT makes sure not to link to the video of this turning point, and understandably so: it’sincendiary, infuriating — and exactly on target. Click on the hyperlink and judge for yourself.

As the crowds began showing up at Tea Parties and in the “town halls” staged by startled members of Congress, the bicoastal elite reacted predictably. First they and their lap dog news media tried hard to ignore the plebs; then they tried to smear them as mobs of Nazis (Pelosi whined that some carried swastikas, and the speaker of the House pretended not to realize those symbols were displayed as representative and bitterly critical of her officious hauteur). Next there was a sniggering attempt to mock the Tea Partiers by branding them with an obscene label (“teabaggers“). That effort sometimes backfired. Note, for example, that this complaint that one of the signs at a Tea Party was vulgar is itself far more obscene than the sign it protests. Honi soit qui mal y pense!

As this is written, the reaction to the Tea Parties is basically threefold: first, accuse the assembled citizens of being “astroturf.” Wrong, and fading therefore; even the NYT does not now promote that absurdity. This link takes you to relevant commentary, including a revelatory video…advisory: even the hardened crew at TLB was not prepared for the shocking sight of Pelosi’s mask-like countenance. She can hardly speak, so set is her ghastly smile. One can only conclude that a natural concern for appearance has waxed obsessive and powerful enough to overcome this female’s common sense. The result has transformed her into a parodic victim. Steel yourself, then click.

Second, Obamaniacs and “progressives” plan to create countering meetings and protests. As is their right. Experience does not suggest that the events will be unregimented and all-volunteer efforts, but time will tell. Third, there is a partisan effort to link the Tea Partiers to the GOP and to the loathed Sarah Palin. It is this third tactic that is the most interesting.

In the commentary linked to immediately above, it is made clear that Tea Partiers are not interested in saving the GOP. Republicans got the nation into a mess; the problem now is how to prevent Obama’s extremist ideology from making things far worse, for that is exactly what will happen unless the electorate rises up to prevent it. Tea Partiers are mostly independents and nominal Republicans who are fed up with party politics. G. W. Bush, he of the badly unbalanced budget, is hardly their hero! Those folks have — contrary to lies currently in circulation — not been co-opted by the GOP, and would shed no tears if the party died.

So what about Sarah Palin? The Tea Partiers consider her an entertaining speaker, and they expect her to behave herself. She is in no sense a Tea Party leader or policy-maker; she’s a guest at the party. In the NYT story linked at the top of this item you find a Tea Party activist quoted thus:

(Palin) will have to campaign on Tea Party ideas if she wants Tea Party support, Ms. Carender said, adding, “And if she were elected, she’d have to govern on those principles or be fired.”

There will be no cult of personality; fundamental values, not power-hungry ideologues and their confederates, will prevail and rule. There will be no leaders hammering the opposition and marching the Tea Partiers off to fight for the power-brokers’ holy causes. One Nancy Pelosi is one too many.

Yet the Pelosis of the world constitute an eternal plethora. True populist democracy is a difficult concept for many to grasp, and none find it more alien than do the privileged members of the ruling political elite. They do not fully understand democracy, they do not resonate to its essential nature, and they consider its implications to be hindrances to “progress.” The political class believes that it alone provides the experts who make things work; the little people cannot essay such subtle complexities as the wielding of real power. “Grass roots democracy” is, for the USA’s Brahmans, an oxymoron.

That leads to a bizarre perversion of logic: the Tea Party movement is understood by many in the “progressive” camp as the work of a cabal, or clique, that is itself actually part of the political class. According to this slipshod interpretation of reality, the simple-minded Tea Partiers are, have to be, pawns. Sarah Palin or some Cheney-directed confederacy of political Neanderthaler must be manipulating the little people.

The Tea Party movement is thought by some to be little more than a stratagem, in other words. The party-goers are being tricked and used by a particularly noxious faction of the ruling elite that seeks to compete more effectively with the “progressive” bloc that currently holds power. It’s an internal struggle, and one side has fooled the activists from Flyover Country into doing its bidding.

It’s hard to imagine a more cynical, incorrect and conspiracist interpretation of events. Yet if you listen carefully to the Democrats, you will realize this is what many of them are really saying about the Tea Parties.

Indeed, for the bicoastal elite, the Tea Partiers are both understandable and a horror. They are the boorish neighbor who barges into the wedding reception and, in a loud toast to the happy couple, remarks that the bride is not only likely carrying his child (a fact he knows for reasons candidly set forth), but has been selling her favors to half the neighborhood’s male population while telling her elderly, wealthy, loving and gullible bridegroom she is an Avon Lady. True though the charges be, their revelation can not be tolerated. And just why not?

If it were candid, the bicoastal elite would answer that question, “Thus is the natural order of things disturbed; thus does success elude the deserving — namely, us.”

Accordingly, the “progressive” element in US politics is desperate to portray Tea Partiers as anything other than what they are: citizens well outside the political establishment expressing themselves constitutionally because their core values are being mocked and raped.

That implies that the ruling elite does at least understand that the public has been tormented into anger. Yes, the political class comprehends that much, and also knows that it can lose its entitlements. It is badly frightened, which is only realistic. The elite is also frantically optimistic that it can restore the tranquility that prevails when the little people are distracted and leave governance to the professionals. The nation’s stratum of political specialists is, in other words, a humbug rather like the Wizard of Oz.

What the mountebanks have ignored, however, is the Chinese proverb that warns everyone to “Beware the wrath of a patient man.” It is now too late to put that wisdom to good use. When Rick Santelli exploded on TV, a page was turned in history.


Here, Pilgrims, is an exemplary case study of pure, naked, unadulterated hypocrisy. The Democrats should have the principles to be ashamed, but they simply do not. That is a measure of their mindless zealotry. … How is the electorate supposed to tell when any of these charlatans are telling the truth?

Michael Yon has posted another report from Afghanistan. Highly recommended.

Holder again. This guy has to go, so regular readers of TLB might as well get used to constant criticism of this unjust and unwise Attorney General.

The USA is in trouble, and this is what it looks like. Trouble is not something abstract — as the linked story explains, it’s personal, it’s relentless, and it needs fixing. Well, the country is in the wrong hands, so the trouble will only get worse as the rascals seeking power and control try to breathe life into their Utopian fantasies. — All right: now go back and read the story at the link. It’s disturbing. Read it anyway. You need to do that.

It’s depressing to realize that ten percent of the US electorate consists of morons.

“‘Contrary to the claims of some of my critics, I am an ardent believer in the free market,’ Obama said in prepared remarks.” (Source) Oh. And what evidence do we have that this is true? Further, how does that compare to what we have regarding The One’s self-proclaimed Marxism before being elected to public office — given the fact that there is no record of his even setting out on the road to Damascus? If he does indeed believe in the free market, why does he insist it be utterly excluded from the provision of health care? Face it, Pilgrims — this guy is a shameless liar.

Related: Obama is also a rascal who consorts with, and appoints to high positions, other rascals who should be kept away from political power.

Al Gore explains the cold snap: it’s caused by AGW. (Remember Karl Popper, and his explanation of the insanity of the unfalsifiable hypothesis.) Ye gods, Gore is stupid. Sly, but stupid.

From TLB’s Thank goodness these incompetents are not working file comes this candid observation from Joe “I haven’t had a drop, I’m like this all the time” Biden: “It’s easy being vice president — you don’t have to do anything.” Carry on with that, Joe, and thanks.

Can’t stop laughing…click on the link and join in the mirth. The post is clever, on target, and fun; the video is hilarious.

Those interested in the political maneuvering to get Obamacare passed will find some good information and links here.

Go to Google search and enter the search term “recursion.” Thanks to loyal reader JY for this tasty morsel of twenty-first century persiflage.

You have probably seen this video by now — just about the whole country has — but if by chance you don’t know Savannah Hensley from Indiana, you’ll appreciate a chance to listen to her as she talks to the 911 dispatcher, getting help for her dad.

California. (Heavy sigh.) Didn’t some commentaries on this failed state appear in TLB a while ago? Seems so. Here’s a sort of update. It’s brief. Most writs of execution are. Thanks go to loyal reader GB for this link.

Unnecessary AGW news: Senator Inhofe calls for DOJ investigation. TLB can’t get this video to work, but that’s probably because PJTV is hostile to Linux apps. Knuckleheads.

Related: Headlines on The Drudge Report website are cause for hilarity and a spur-of-the-moment office party in the Eagle Wing Palace: “A Perfect Storm is Brewing for the IPCC,” “Al Gore Found! What’s a few Mistakes?” LOL! Where’s the bottle of Laphroaig that idiot editor keeps in his desk….

US voters should demand that Obama explain the reasoning behind the open enmity of his administration toward Great Britain. On visiting Washington, the British PM was very rudely treated; that sent a signal that is now seconded by a totally gratuitous slap from Hillary’s Keystone Kops in Foggy Bottom. Obama’s inexplicable decisions — and one cannot forget the case of Honduras — have damaged the nation’s credibility and dignity. The principled professionals in the Department of State must be humiliated to work for petty, bigoted amateurs.

Here are some ruminations on a war with Iran provoked by, say, an Israeli raid on Iranian nuclear weapons shops. The thoughts are not particularly imaginative or thorough, but they do open an aspect of the subject that has been pretty much ignored by the major media.

David Gergen on CNN, commenting on Obama’s “health care summit” debate of Obamacare: “Intellectually, the Republicans had the best day they’ve had in years.” Watch the video here and note the emphasis in his voice as he repeats that. Meanwhile, a commenter on a weblog notes that the major media agree with Gergen, as one can tell by noting that the “summit” is not the lead headline on CNN and not the lead headline in the NYT. The journalists, being highly partisan, don’t want to draw attention to proceedings that did not go well for the Democrats. People might just find and watch and pass on videos like this. Can’t have that, now can we?

It’s way too early to talk about “Obama’s legacy,” unless, of course, you are Obama — a guy who published an autobiography before reaching the age of 45.

This newsletter long ago suggested that the US military has received information — training, tips, suggestions — from the Israeli military, and that the connection was strong during the imposition of regime change in Iraq. If that is true, it has never been reported, as far as TLB knows. Now we have this candor from the Brits.

You would think Nifong would have made an impression on his former colleagues, or maybe even that some DAs have read about Holder’s latest harebrained partisan blunder, but many who should be paying attention are obviously not. So: tempest, meet teapot. — Cripes. Prosecutors need their own twelve-step program…dream along with TLB…. “Hi, my name is Fred, and I’m a megalomaniac who abuses his office to intimidate and smear people on the basis of my crackpot ideological fantasies.” From page 7 in The Blue Book for Renegade DAs: “Don’t believe in real justice? Can’t imagine working to deserve the public’s trust? Fake it ’till you make it, Guys.”

“China demands that the US speak and act cautiously,” say the bloody thugs running The Middle Kingdom. China, the nation that has, among many other outrages, contaminated toys for our children, given us fake and adulterated drugs and fed our pets poison — China, the nation that is now hammering our internet-connected businesses, agencies and institutions — demands that we speak and act cautiously. Oh, really? If “cautious” means “after giving careful consideration to our best interests,” then this is the appropriate response: we demand that all you villains in the Chinese establishment, rulers and robber-barons alike, go to hell!

Related: what to do? Well, how about this for starters?

Veterinary medicine is a success primarily because it is not a victim of regulatory bureaucracy and an unfree market. Obama, who claimsto cherish the free market, wants to put all human health care in the hands of a government agency. Let that soak in, Pilgrims, while you watch the linked video.

From TLB’s Fascism a la Martha Stewart file: the Obama administration has developed “…new software tools to give supporters ‘achievable, tangible tasks to do that fit into the nooks and crannies of their day to day lives.'” Arbeit macht artig. Source.

You may have seen these two items, but TLB thinks that’s not the way to bet. When you read the linked articles (this one — Moonie alert — and then here’s the other one), you may find yourself asking, “Democrats did that? How come there was no splash in the major media?” Or, if you are starting to get the message as delivered by TLB, you will say, “Oh, no wonder it was all downplayed.”

Some senators carry on, in spite of the overwhelming phalanx of robots programmed to impose Obamacare. Note: is “loan objector” really an error, or is it a play on words?

The post linked to here is thoughtful, raises some big questions and comes down squarely on the side of the angels. If the philosophy of governance interests you, give this commentary a chance to widen your outlook.

The Samizdata weblog rips AGW to shreds. While you are at Samizdata, look around. It’s a very good site.

You have and use a computer, right? Well, read this thread on a Debian GNU/Linux users’ forum.

Grist for the mill: compare TLB’s long item “The Quest…” in issue 134 with the information here to evaluate the usefulness of TLB’s opinion.

Back in the days of vaudeville, the watchword was, “Never follow an animal act.” This video validates the wisdom of that advice, which is why it is the last entry in this issue.