This Newsletter Comes Late To A Signal Realization

In 2006, Mark Steyn published America Alone — The End of the World as We Know It. The New York Times refused to review it. As if in response to the newspaper’s contempt, the public put America Alone on the NYT’s bestseller list. (Additional links to Steyn: Number One, then Number Two, and finally you have Number Three.) The 2008 paperback edition (ISBN 978-1-59698-527-8) includes an introduction that describes the reaction of admirers and wrathful foes alike to Steyn’s presentation.

If you have not read this book, do so at once.

Meanwhile, here’s a recent quote from Steyn that hints at the man’s ability to help us see what should be obvious, but often is obscured by the lap dog news media and the hypocrites in our governments:

A year or two back, when the Canadian Islamic Congress attempted to criminalize my writing north of the border by taking me to the Canadian “Human Rights” Commission, a number of outraged American readers wrote to me, saying, “You need to start kicking up a fuss about this, Steyn, and then maybe Canadians will get mad and elect a conservative government that will end this nonsense.”

Makes perfect sense. Except that Canada already has a Conservative government under a Conservative prime minister, and the very head of the “human rights” commission investigating me was herself the Conservative appointee of a Conservative minister of justice. Makes no difference.

The Death Throes Of The Cult Of Anthropogenic Global Warming, Continued

Here is a selection of recent authoritative links; select a topic or two and inform yourself.

It’s been reported here before, but it bears repeating: carbon dioxide cannot cause global warming because its effects on climate diminish sharply as its level in the atmosphere increases. That means that carbon dioxide added to a planetary atmosphere that has none at all will produce some warming, but as more and more of the gas is added, the effect quickly declines to unmeasurable levels. Doubling or quadrupling Earth’s current CO2 levels would mean next to nothing in terms of global warming. Doubt it? See this superbly explanatory post that uses words and graphics to clarify the facts.

And then there’s Antarctica. Losing its glaciers? Driving sea levels up? Nonsense; the continent is cooling. There is no cause for alarm.

That does not mean the bitter-enders in the AGW cult have given up. This brief .pdf file contains the comments of a scientist who clings to AGW, along with responses to his assertions. As this newsletter has noted, warmers carefully avoid debates. They simply issue alarming predictions or assert dogmatically that “the science is conclusive.” The refusal to engage in back-and-forth discussion is a giveaway: warmers realize they can not refute the truth. At base, AGW is a political control issue and a bizarre, quasi-religious exaggeration of ecological activism.

Phil Jones, one of the central conspirators in the AGW scandal that involves a large number of institutions and individuals, gives a shaky performance when asked to explain his misbehavior. At least the man has the sense to realize when the jig is up. Paying the piper may be even more harrowing.

Finally, here are two relatively comprehensive accounts of how things stand. The first is a tour of the anti-science of AGW with the assistance of a guide who explains how we know it’s all irrational cant. It’s excellent, and necessarily not short. The second offers a somewhat more popularly-oriented panoramic view of the current AGW nonsense and the cult that still promotes it.

A Visitor In The Oval Office

The man walked in quietly, startling his unwitting host. “Ah, there you are,” the stranger said. “Took me a while to find you alone.” He stopped perhaps ten feet in front of the desk.

The president was surprised to find himself silenced by the authoritative presence of the man. “You have a raft of trouble from this radio man — Rush, his name is. And a lot of your supporters have said bad things about Rush because he was taking drugs, opiates, and got them illegally. Rush is a drug addict — who isn’t using just now.

But that says nothing about whether Rush is a good man, or has the right or wrong political opinions.” A stunned Obama gaped as the man continued speaking. “You smoke cigarettes. Yes, I know you only smoke a few, just once in a while, not a lot. But you promised your wife you would not smoke any, remember? And you haven’t kept your promise. Yes…they say addiction to tobacco is harder to beat than addiction to heroin.”

For the first time, Obama spoke. “Wait a minute, who are you, how did you….” The intruder cut him off. This time his words were sharper.

“Think about this: this fellow Rush took opiates because he was in terrible constant pain, and easing that pain got him addicted. You smoke just because you like it, and that got you addicted. He never promised anybody he would stop taking the pills, but you did make a promise, which you can’t keep. So just how hard do you think it was for him to stop taking those drugs?” The words hung in the air.

“He’s quit,” the man said. “You haven’t. And you never said a single word to tell your supporters to be decent and stop linking his addiction to his politics.”

Obama leaned back in his chair, astounded and puzzled. “It all boils down to character, doesn’t it?” the man asked.

“I…who are you?” the president demanded.

“I’m a guy who hopes he won’t come back here, and you should hope the same,” the man said softly. Then he walked to the door. Turning to face the president, he spoke almost in a whisper, his words hypnotic, insistent. “It’s not about pills or cigarettes. It’s about character.” Then, suddenly smiling as he opened the door, he shrugged. “I’m just sayin’.” And then he was gone.


What hath feminism wrought? A huge mess, according to this post.

Terrible news: the president of Argentina, beset by domestic problems, is trying to distract her emotionally unstable citizenry by revivingthe non-issue of the Falkland Islands — and, horror of horrors, US Secretary of State Hillary “willing suspension of disbelief” Clinton, she who uttered the ignorant and insulting question, “Who painted it?” and who is fresh from one of the most disgraceful misadventures in US foreign policy, the Honduras debacle, is going to be involved. Coming as this does on a series of insults and body blows directed at the United Kingdom by the maddeningly perverse Obama administration, the news can only dismay London and stun principled observers around the world. This newsletter is appalled and angry. The USA should either stay out of it totally, or bluntly side with Britain and refuse to argue with those chronically overwrought Argentines. May the consequences of this unfolding disaster somehow be mitigated (herpes zoster, perhaps?).

The moral of this horror story is simple: if you want to keep the Chinese from killing you, don’t be gullible. Well, the moral may be simple, but it may not be so easy to protect yourself. Spines weakened by apologetic multiculturalism are a huge disadvantage…so don’t feel guilty about the Opium Wars, assert yourself! Whatever it is, if it was made in China, try to find and buy an alternative that wasn’t. Don’t feed the dragon!

For years, this newsletter and a few other sources of information complained that the news media are biased. The charges were ignored. Today, however, things are different: the facts have made small inroads into the public’s awareness, and that — along with instances of fakery and plagiarism by outlets as respected as the NY Times — has resulted in some discussion of the issue of censorship and dishonesty in the media. Here is an example of the new openness. As welcome as this is, most journalists and many politicians remain just as autocratic and disdainful of freedom of the press as ever. Given the suffocating effects of hopeandchange, classical liberals can have scant hope that there will be true change to the benefit of Liberty.

Related: Can’t Al Gore be charged with malicious complicity to incite mayhem that resulted in this heartbreaking incident? Doesn’t his lie-laced film promote insane notions that have now resulted in homicide? Isn’t that Oscar-winning flick a clear and present danger to everyone? — No, not legally, but…. He has a lot to answer for. He’s certainly a lot more ethically culpable in this case than is the company that manufactured the murder weapon.

Liberty necessarily includes freedom of speech and press. Islam — yes, all of it, not just the madness propounded by Al Qaeda or Iranian Twelvers — fears and hates those freedoms. The same is true of many European nations, unfortunately, for they are collapsing under the tide of Muslim immigration. Geert Wilders in Holland is widely vilified as a fascist and extremist because he understands the situation, has the ethics, and speaks the truth. Accordingly, his life is at serious risk from “the religion of peace.” For an example of his articulation of the crisis, see this post.

Related: the “Palestinian” community, wherever resident, does not consider Liberty a virtue. This video from a California universitystrongly suggests the need for a reconsideration of policy. Whether it is at all beneficial for Western nations to extend hospitality to members of this cultural group should be debated.

TLB long ago fussed about government funding of the arts. Now it’s time to stop talking and start cutting.

Can helicopters ever be truly stealthy? Probably not, but there has been some progress toward making them much quieter.

Here’s a good short history and discussion of Jew-hatred. It includes an explanation of the Purim holiday that was celebrated at the end of last month.

The Falkland Islands are still encumbered by land mines. The dangerous work of clearing them is being done by men from Zimbabwe, when it should be done by retired military staff officers and politicians from Argentina. Meanwhile the locals don’t feel the project is all that ethical. Learn more about this odd situation here.

Aah, at last there’s an insightful video that puts the Tea Party movement into parallax-free perspective. What a bloody great relief that is, for these vulgarians with their pointless assault on progressive society surpass all understanding. So…do you want answers you knew in advance? Facts that validate your education? Views that square with your socially-conscious mindset? A full understanding of the dynamics of political reality among the inbred? Why of course you do! …Cripes, are you ever pathetic.

Advisory: Obama partisans, skip this racist, Nazi, hate-mongering propaganda posing as commentary. Really. You are at risk of cardiovascular events if you expose yourself to the text. — OK, so far, so good, as Savannah Hensley says. Now for everyone else: the internet post linked here is the work of Victor Davis Hanson, an academic, acclaimed author and political genius who is unfailingly correct.

Video: two trains versus one tornado. Who ya got?

So how’s that Obamacare legislation workin’ out for everybody? Well, like this.

We have here an excellent talk by Dr. Stephen Davies on Western Civilization. He maintains that today’s world is qualitatively distinct from the recent past, and that if we think of our time as being somehow a linear descendant of the Greco-Roman world, we could hardly be more wrong. The video lasts about fifty minutes, and is followed by another half-hour of questions and answers. Very interesting.