Everybody Knows….

…that the world owes Islam a great debt. Muslim scholars preserved and copied and studied various documents that would never have survived the Dark Ages, or the Medieval period, or some sort of presumed cultural breakdown, had these precious parchments been left to the tender mercies of Christians. Not only that, Muslims invented the concept of zero and gave us our numbers (baloney), and then devised algebra (rancid baloney, and putrid rancid baloney to boot!).

Or so the story sometimes goes. Suppose all of it is true: to make the implicit argument that Islam is therefore a driving force behind scholarly, scientific and humane arts and letters is…well, invalid. And wrong, not to mention just plain ignorant. And dangerous.

The dismal fact is that even today, Islamic nations are incapable of making decent use of the advances of science, letters, fine arts, philosophy and political science. The Islamic mindset was born in gullibility and superstition; as the fell teaching unfolded, it fostered hatred, totalitarianism, thoroughgoing censorship, and violence. It has always been stubbornly atavistic.

Why is that? Let the candid answer come from from the core of Islam itself:

Burn the libraries, for their value is in this one book [the Koran]. . . . If these writings of the Greeks agree with the word of Allah, they are useless and need not be preserved; If they disagree, they are pernicious and ought to be destroyed.

Those are the words of Omar ibn al-Khattab, Omar I (c. 581-644) Second Sunni Caliph; captor of Egypt, Palestine, Syria, North Africa, and Armenia from the Byzantines and for Islam. The quote was kindly provided by loyal reader (and holder of a doctorate in history) RC, who adds this: “Tell me again, who did you say preserved Greek knowledge through the Dark Ages?”

The UN Saves The World Again, One Hungry Person And One Greedy Thug At A Time

As long as the folks at Turtle Bay are on the job, you know things will be all right…for them. Which is to say, the example set by the Oil for Food program has not been forgotten.

Certainly an agency as large and diffuse as WFP — it has offices in 80 countries and provides food relief to 100 million people a year– is bound to have some problems. But questions remain as to how WFP executives monitor their vast network and how transparent and responsive they are when questions arise.

Somalia is not the WFP’s only controversy, only its most recent and most public. Its operation in Ethiopia, which is one of the largest recipients of food aid in the word, is reportedly in disarray, with the transport companies controlled by the country’s authoritarian government at the center of the controversy. According to the U.S. State Department, in 2008 only 12 percent of food aid (most of it overseen by the WFP) made it to its intended recipients in the poverty-stricken eastern region.

Never mind good intentions. That’s a disgraceful accomplishment. In fact the UN is not only failing wretchedly in its proclaimed goal of helping the victims, it is notably succeeding in feeding and funding the villains who created all those victims. Ponder the consequences ofthat.

It Might Have Been So Easy

According to this post, Muslims in the USA will not be required to purchase health insurance under Obamacare. They are supposedly exempt because Shari’a (Islamic law) forbids insurance.

True? Almost certainly not, according to this interpretation of US law and the new legislation. Wrong, Muslims are special and won’t be compelled to insure themselves, says another article that takes a careful look at Islamic precepts.

Who is the government to tell you that you are not a Muslim even though you have never been in a mosque? The government, that’s who, and it will have a “civilian national security force” to deal with the likes of you, Pilgrim. Uncle Sam will never, never, never allow millions of people to declare they are Muslims and thereby duck the individual mandate.

It is interesting, isn’t it, that a leftist administration faces massive resistance based on claims of religious orientation? Time was, that was the tactic of Vietnam war protesters, back when the government was run by inbred redneck racists who sent young men of color to fight and be slaughtered by Freedom Fighters…the same government that forced crack cocaine on the ghettos of the USA and used the CIA’s Air America to smuggle drugs out of the Golden Triangle. You know, the Bad Old Days.

Those were the days when an individual’s principles were taken seriously enough that Cassius Clay could lie his way out of the draft. Right: the Bad Old Days were a time when the administration bent its knee to conscience and religious pretense. The attitude of the leadership was, “If he isn’t lying, he’s got a point. He could just be a minister of some sort, as he claims. We can’t say he’s lying.”

Oh, how times have changed. It’s certain that “rights” claimed under cover of religion will be disallowed, now that the Bicoastal Elite is in power. By “power,” TLB means the extension of executive will to be made possible by the forthcoming “civilian national security force.” None dare call it hypocrisy….

AGW Continues As A Malignant Article Of Faith

Those with an interest in arguments over global climate should view this video attack on Lord Chris Monckton. Ignore the ad hominemtwaddle and the eye candy, and focus on the claims. Note that no attempt is made to explain why AGW is possible, but the fact of global warming is argued.

Well, the earth may be growing hotter or colder, but those precedented changes, when they occur, will result from processes that would take place even if there were no people at all. Global climate is never in stasis.

Because the hoaxers who invented the hockey stick graph understood that simple fact, they deliberately omitted the Medieval Warming Period and the Little Ice Age from their fraudulent exhibit. Those two wide excursions from previous and subsequent temperature averages are very significant because they are known not to be the result of human activity. They demonstrate that Mother Nature is restless, and sometimes very much so.

The key to promoting AGW, in other words, depends on convincing folks that you know the cause of climate change.

Convincing people of a lie can be easy, but knowing the cause(s) of a trend in global climate is incredibly difficult. Even if you can get everyone to agree that warming (or cooling) is in fact taking place — itself a challenge — that’s just the first step. You still have to prove that your attribution of cause is not another example of the hoary post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy.

Because major climate changes are absolutely known not to have anything to do with CO2 levels and human activity, claims of AGW are next to impossible to validate. Someone is going to have to come up with something utterly new in order to do it. The old arguments are worthless.

You have seen all the details in earlier numbers of TLB, so links to the proofs are not repeated here. If you want everything, send TLB a request — the avalanche of information will be sent your way.

As to the video’s personal attacks on Chris Monckton, they are little less fair than what TLB has had to say about Al Gore or that risible railway locomotive builder who heads the IPCC. If you pay no attention to the invective dispensed by both sides, you can concentrate on the statements of Jim Hansen of NASA and Prof. Richard Lindzen of MIT. By all means do so.

AGW is a fraud, and that fact was known long before the computer at East Anglia University was cracked open. Everything Chris Monckton and Al Gore and your next-door neighbor have to say about it literally does not matter.

The earth will warm and the earth will cool, and there is nothing mankind can do about it. Clearly, anyone’s assumption of guilt over the rape of Gaia is insane. It can have no good effects.

The governments of the world are expanding their power by exploiting a cultic madness preached by fanatics. The fragile Liberty of the individual is under cynical assault.

Do you want to do something to reduce poverty, increase prosperity and promote peace? If you do, work to disarm and depose large segments of the elite class that imposes the laws under which you must live.

Report From Boiling Bangkok

Here it all is in a nutshell:

1. This is not a struggle between democratic reformers and the ruling aristocracy. It is gang warfare between two coalitions of thugs. The Red Shirts (supporters of ousted PM Thaksin) are being cynically exploited by a corrupt liar who wants to resume his plunder of the citizenry. The other side has conditional and partial control of the military and police; the real allegiances of those governmental agencies are obscure. All the combatants are the victims of rascals.

2. Thaksin is paying the Red Shirts to overthrow the government. That’s how they got to Bangkok, how they are able to stay in Bangkok, and why they are here. Most of them expect to get huge handouts from Thaksin when the current government falls.

3. Neither the police nor the army want to fight (if they did, this would have ended days ago). So far, the Red Shirts are whipping them both.

4. The struggle is strangling the Thai economy and may well set the nation back several years. Thaksin could not care less.

5. Because the cops and troops are obviously not in this to win, the demands of the Red Shirts are escalating.

6. It is impossible to predict what will happen next. Thais can surprise the most alert, observant and thoughtful Westerner. That said, it is a fact that as long as Thailand remains a thugocracy, these sorts of conflicts will be very difficult to avoid — every gang wants an opportunity to steal from the people, and the stakes are very high indeed.

Whoever wins, the Thais will lose.


Naomi Wolf always has something to say, which is sometimes too bad. Here she is trying to put an end to the culture war. Her effort is more likely to alienate both sides than to make peace, but at least she’s not accusing the Tea Party movement of being racist. Instead she says Obama is behaving a lot like Hitler, which is just as stupid. Obama is acting like Obama, and that needs to be understood if he is to be countered effectively. Remembering Hitler won’t help. Meanwhile here’s a critique of Naomi that only proves you can’t please folks on the right by tossing tea partiers a few crumbs.

This is so funny, all work was stopped in The Eagle Wing Palace as the video rendered staff helpless. There’s a longer version that includes additional hilarity here, but the video is of poor quality.

Michael Yon’s permission to travel with US forces in Afghanistan has been cancelled. His most recent report suggests he plans to carry on independently.

USA-Israel relations deteriorate further. Some voters have noticed.

The White House has published a “How to Lay Astroturf” guide. Its approach, which makes it read like instructions for morons, betrays the administration’s view of the typical Obama voter.

The “progressive” element in US politics has some cogent criticisms of Sarah Palin that will be very difficult for her to refute. It’s good to see the level of political discourse rising to this level; Palin in particular is long overdue for a thoughtful reappraisal. She’s no Joe Biden, and that’s for sure.

Related: Oops! Sarah Palin was right. “Death panels” is the term. And death panels are inevitable. Who knew?

Science marches on, making a software breakthrough in the study of communications systems. Linguists differ as to whether the new information offers any insights they can exploit.

Related: time was, man learned more about the universe, and could explain astronomical phenomena with increasing facility. Recent discoveries indicate, however, that far less is known than was previously realized; in fact, the mysteries are growing. An understanding of the cosmos seems more elusive than ever.

How do you rig the National Census? First, you get ACORN involved, and when that does not work out, you fall back to carefully-targeted “mistakes” that you’ll never have to answer for.

Mao had his little red book. Great Britain has this.

Alan Greenspan, grate American hero. What? –Just kidding. He was believed to be able to walk on water, which gave him the prestige and power to do incalculable harm. Object lesson: government tinkering with the economy is more likely to mess things up than it is to be useless, and infinitely more likely to cause disaster than it is to increase prosperity and reduce poverty.

What do you know about Amnesty International? TLB has paid no attention to this outfit; over to you.

Federalism is a valuable concept, and Obama has been doing all he can to dismantle it. Here’s a solid proposal to halt his vandalism and repair the damage.

The molestation scandals in the Roman Catholic Church are put into perspective by a comparative report. It directly addresses bigotry and proves it baseless. Good, but…which is the more important: what happened to the offenders who were caught, or how many offenders there were? Do public school teachers get away with it when they molest their pupils?

The Tea Party Movement, denounced and loathed by the Bicoastal Elite, is targeted by agents provocateurs. It was inevitable. There are non-violent ways to deal with the problem, and TLB hopes the Tea Party organizers realize what they are and employ them.

Consider, Pilgrims, the persistence of a power-hungry, insatiably greedy elite that ruined the economy of the USA. This newsletter has plunged its editorial knife into some of these villains — notably Jamie Gorelick — and notes that the public remains uninformed because the facts are almost totally missing from the major media. The rascals are still important in government, some of them very much so. Read the articles at the links and understand why the Republic should purge itself of these parasites.

Are you taking names?

The news media, the federal administration, the Tea Party movement and the terrorists: a cautionary tale to chill the blood of lovers of Liberty.

The internet is dangerous. People can say and read whatever they want to. The Bicoastal Elite does not approve. There will be corrections.

Related: in order to prevent things like this video from being circulated? Probably.

Those interested in CNN will find this commentary useful.