The Spark That Could Ignite A Rebellion Is Visible

This may be a generation that is witness to the abuses and fury that eventuate in a genuine revolution.

When tyrants impose their plans on a society that is accustomed to options, punitive measures always have to be employed to frighten citizens into obeying the government. That may provoke stubborn disobedience, leading the government to crack down harder, punish dissenters more severely, and widen penalties for a variety of formerly tolerated acts.

Administrations can be voted out in the USA, so if (a) Team Obama is irrevocably committed to its Utopian reforms, and if (b) the electorate desires repeal, the administration will have to circumvent the democratic process in order to compel obedience. That assertion is not absurd paranoia, as it describes an event that has already happened: every member of Congress knew that fifty-nine percent of the voters opposed Obamacare, yet the unread, incomprehensible bill handing one-sixth of the US economy over to federal control was enacted.

The fact that Obama has no ethical commitment to the will of the majority has been established. That is undeniable.

It is also clear that some opponents of Obamacare are determined to avoid the program’s grasp:

Like the Soviet central planners of a bygone era, today’s Democrats are marching us into an abyss of unintended consequences for our entire health care system.

Don’t believe it? This stunning revelation documents a sane response to the imposition of Utopian collectivism. Do not skip it.

The major media will almost certainly ignore this news, though and because it may set an example for many firms — and help inspire widespread noncompliance.

If the opposition gains strength, Obama will strike back, and not gently (remember that his “civilian national security force” is now authorized by act of Congress; see TLB 140).

Ultimately the Liberty of the people may have to be defended by a revolutionary restoration of the democratic process.

Wise men will not be deceived by those whose view of events is distorted by faith in failed alien ideologies. Liberty consists in voluntarism, options and opportunity, not in security. Your rights are defined by what the government is not permitted to do, not by what largesse it may choose to dispense to its lickspittle wards.

From this day on, watch events carefully and remember them. Your grandchildren may someday ask you, “What did you do in the Second American Revolution, Grandpa?”

This Is The Elephant In The Living Room

Read this article, from which this quote is taken:

…few botnets approach the size and menace of the one created by Conficker, which has stealthily linked between 6 million and 7 million computers.

The worm, once nestled inside a computer, began automatically scanning for new computers to invade, so it spread exponentially. It exploited a flaw in Microsoft Windows, particularly Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 — some of the most common operating systems in the world — so it readily found new hosts.

Then for crying out loud stop ignoring the fact that this newsletter has told you repeatedly not to use Microsoft Windows on the internet. Don’t for an instant believe that today’s Microsoft junk is fine even though it was designed by the same incompetents who created “Bob” and other software that has literally driven up the cost of every good and service in the world just so Billy The G could get filthy stinking rich.

Finally, do something to protect yourself and your nation. Begin your reform program by reviewing the facts in TLB issues 114, 118, 119 (especially 119!), 127 and then 139.

Don’t have those issues? Request that the Third Assistant Proofreader at The Eagle Wing Palace compile the relevant parts of these issues into a special issue just for you, and send it to you. She will be put to work just as quickly as possible, after she has attended to her customary responsibilities and regained her composure.

Slander, Bigotry And Hypocrisy

“Progressive” foes of the Tea Party phenomenon are trying to wriggle off the hook regarding the “teabagger” slur. They argue that “teabagger” was used early, and probably first, by the Tea Partiers themselves.

They are probably correct. That would come as no shock to anyone who realizes that many of the Tea Partiers come from social settings that neither employ nor understand vulgarisms used by homosexuals to describe varieties of sexual activity.

It is, of course, an act of pure malice to exploit this naivete. How many readers of TLB know what a punk is, or what it means to call someone a jock? The words have multiple connotations, some of them not acceptable in polite company. Snickering at people who use those words innocently is mean-spirited, and a quick look at the internet via a Google search will tell you that the “progressives” are seething with fury. They genuinely hate the Tea Party Movement.

A little pop psychology is in order. First, the general rule is, “All anger comes from hurt.” The Tea Party concept is dangerous to the Bicoastal Elite, and that is causing an intense expectation of pain to come.

Second, note that when the “progressives” mock Tea Partiers, they betray their own profound and occult bigotry. “Teabagger” is a slur not because it is a sexual term or a homosexual sexual term, but because it is assumed by those who use it as a pejorative that homosexuals are depraved, degenerate and disgusting.

If “teabagging” were only jargon meaning, say, dabbling in the culinary arts or a way of applying glue to wood, the “progressives” would never have come near it.

Isn’t it interesting to note how quickly the use of the word “teabagger” leads to the discovery of rank hypocrisy? Indeed, so much for the proclaimed liberal ethics of the “progressive” terminus of the US political spectrum.

Many years ago, children in some areas of the USA took to ridiculing each other as “farmers.” Farmers were taken to be stupid. The targets of ridicule should have been proud to be called farmers, but the prevailing social atmosphere was toxic. It is a relief to realize that this deplorable misbehavior is no longer in vogue.

Today adults who hold political power are resorting to even more vicious, bigoted and deliberate invective.

So…what? Well, as to both homosexuals and the Tea Party Movement, honi soit qui mal y pense.

The Tea Party Phenomenon Is Evolving, In Spite Of Pressure From The Administration And The News Media. Participatory Democracy Is Hard To Kill In The USA

“Progressive” frustration with the Tea Partiers has precipitated obscene mockery, a press blackout of the movement, standard political opposition and innumerable charges of racism. Here is a brief list of facts and sources of information.

The underlying facts that generated the Tea Party Movement are still true:

Eighty-three percent (83%) of Americans say the size of the federal budget deficit is due more to the unwillingness of politicians to cut government spending than to the reluctance of taxpayers to pay more in taxes.

Most Americans view the commission as cover for Congress to raise taxes.

The Tea Party Movement is not linked to the Republican party.

The news media remain in a state of politically correct ignorance.

The economic facts of life provide the Tea Partiers with some genuine concerns, and this is one of those facts. It is obvious that the feds are not running things properly, as this quote (found here) indicates:

Capital will not flow back into the market under the conditions set by the Obama administration and the Democratic Congress over the last fifteen months.

Obama believes you can have too much money. The Tea Party crowd counters that at some point, Obama will have grabbed enough power.

Call the cops! Call SWAT! It’s the deadly grandmas! For video of the explosive situation that had the authorities sweating blood, go here. The video is not for the faint of heart.

Now it can be told: Tea Party racism exposed — well, the bogus charge exposed, anyway, which is almost as good.

Yet the media full-court press continues: Tea Party “racism” is virulent and rampant.

News calculated to undermine and discredit the Tea Partiers, if possible.


The Times Square Bomber is a naturalized US citizen, a fact that should impress policy-makers. Unfortunately the entire subject is mired inmedia bigotry and ideological nonsense.

It’s the oldest scam in the world: found a cult, and reap the benefits.

If the truth hurts, and assuming this collection of opinions and links is factually correct, there are a lot of people who are likely to be hurt in the next election.

Arizona is still in the news, which is exactly what was to be expected. What you won’t get from the news is how well the new law works. However…TLB is happy to show you how the news media work; click on this link for insight.

All right, Obama’s choice for the federal supreme court is a Lesbian. Who, TLB would like to know, gives a damn? Well, the answer to that is easy: “progressives” care very much indeed. Why? Because they would like to insist that mentioning Kagan’s homosexuality is ipso factoslander or libel. (More here on this tactic.) This filthy trick was devised by the same rascals who crafted the charges of racism leveled at Tea Partiers. There is nothing wrong with being a Lesbian, any more than there is something wrong with being left-handed. Chronic liars assume everyone else is a liar; “progressives” assume their political opponents are all bigots, hypocrites and moral degenerates.

In the event that this report is correct, the US intelligence community is going to look simply terrible. Again.

Anthropogenic global warming as a political phenomenon. But then you know all that already.

The feds have arrested some stereotypical Yahoos who may or may not be genuinely dangerous; they appear to be too stupid to pull off anything impressive, but you never know. Holder’s bigoted Department of Justice would love to hang them out to dry, but so far the prosecutors appear to be too stupid to pull off anything impressive. “Hate speech alone is probably not going to get the government where it wants to be.” Malignant thought: does that suggest that the administration is going to have to make hate speech a serious felony, and create a surveillance system that will ferret it out? How about a nationwide network of informers? Could children be encouraged to report what their parents say at home?

If you develop health problems while in India, get out of that country in one hell of a hurry. Why? This is why.

“Very few Americans…are inherently opposed to immigration. For the most part, the controversy we face isn’t about immigration at all. It’s about the systematic failure of federal government to enforce the law or offer rational policy.” Yes, the columnist who wrote that is correct. Washington has been incompetent on this issue for many decades. “Arizona’s law isn’t a referendum on Latinos…. It’s an unambiguous rebuke of Washington.” Read it all.

Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies…here’s a duet performed by two zany mayors whose madcap antics are guaranteed to put an amazed grin on every face. Entertainment like this is hard to find these days, so in a way it’s too bad the voters will probably say, “That’s all, Folks!”

Well, everybody knew it all along: TV is bad for young children, period.

Those who claim Windows is safe and Linux is vulnerable to all the problems Windows has can be amazingly dishonest. Imagine that a source of spam is at location A, and servers at location B allow it to get to you, at your Windows-equipped computer. First understand that those servers at B can be set to allow all manner of junk through; if the people running the servers are incompetent or crooked, it won’t matter what operating system is involved. Next understand that Windows is badly designed, and needs protective shields — anti-virus software — that Linux, Apple and BSD do not. So if the servers at B use Linux, how does that make Linux inferior? Get the facts and the answers here, and keep in mind that the article was written by a fellow who is an anti-Linux apologist for Windows. Even so, he has to admit that you can’t fault an operating system when its user/administrator is a crook or a moron.

Related: for those who do not use Microsoft Windows, gee, maybe you should! Give the Redmond Velocipede a test drive here. If you already have Windows, visit this repository of arcana and rejoice at the revelation of Daedalian interstices deep in the catacombs of the Redmond Empire. Verily, this “Insiders Only” site offers lurid interactive thrills to satiate the most perfervid cerebral cortex, so explore and learn how Billy The G has transformed billions of prudent humans into credulous lemmings.

Fear is a great motivator. Consider the “progressive” fear of citizen involvement in politics….

Obama the experienced and principled chief executive: the oil rig in the Gulf. Can you imagine how W would have been savaged, crucified, if this were his disaster? No, you can’t. This instance alone proves beyond all possible doubt the bias of the news media. — Here’s a link to more recent news.

The next time some ignorant snob tells you that graphic depictions of the charlatan prophet Mohammed are not permissible in Islam, refer him here.

Miranda is one of the impediments to law enforcement that separates a totalitarian state from a humane one. The cops can’t have everything their way; if they did, the people would live in fear of arbitrary policing and governmental terror. Now Holder — who may be one of the worst Attorneys General ever — would like to restrict Miranda. While that may sound fine when the cops are dealing with suicidal Islamist bombers, it is dangerous to weaken the public’s protection from abuses committed by a militantly collectivist government. Holder may be thinking of a future in which principled dissidents will be targeted, in other words, and that should worry those who uphold Liberty (see the final item in the Links section of TLB 145). Informed commentary on the issue is to be found here and here.

A Pom complains about what the Labour Party has done to his country. It started long ago, not just with Brown. Maggie had it organized, and it appears her wisdom was too good for Albion. Pity.

One of the arguments promoting the concept of AGW is that scientists do not fight with each other in attempts to control the outcomes of research. The tradition of feuds and skullduggery in science is hoary, however, and those who believe it cannot happen today are naive. Mann, Briffa and Jones are nothing new at all. (See TLB 137, among others.)

These observations about universities will rate a sniff of contempt from the Bicoastal Elite.

Why are “progressives” so protective of those who break the immigration laws of the USA? It’s not OK to own a pistol, even though the constitution says it is, but it is OK to be in the country illegally. How do you explain that? Here’s an answer. Wow.

Sooner or later, you are likely to see the federal government do something like this. In spite of the fact that the news media are for the most part subservient and dishonest, the current administration remains unsatisfied with the flow of “truth.” There is no more fastidious perfectionist than a propaganda-monger in the service of an authoritarian collectivist regime.

Here’s a weblog dealing with all aspects of intelligence, military matters, and related subjects. Start with this report on what Secretary of Defense Gates has to say about the Navy and then read the earlier posts that interest you: there’s information on the Times Square Bomber, how North Korea blew up the oil rig in the Gulf (not) and more. TLB wishes it had known about this excellent weblog years ago.

Should the US government be spending money on things like this?

The NYT slipped up and let someone write about how adaptive and imaginative the US Army is. Those admirable traits explain why the war in Iraq ended as it did. Oh, don’t worry, you nervous “progressives” — this factual account won’t be repeated, lest it become widely known and believed. Why, if it were passed on and read by lots of folks, it might even counter the suitable “memes” that portray soldiers as suicide-prone baby killers and drug addicts…can’t have that, now can we? Well, a final thought: remember, Pilgrims, that censorship does not have to be total to be devastatingly effective.

Holder has to go. The person in this important office should make a clear statement of the facts and who the bad guys are. Holder won’t do that. He’s a bigot and he’s not helping his nation fight to win.

Kagan does not like firearms, which means she does not favor your having them. Is anyone surprised? Is this “news”? Was anyone stupidenough to believe Obama when he told those folks in Flyover Country, “I’m not going to take away your guns”? It’s another case of “I won’t bite you, but my dog will.” See The Penguin Post, Number 29.

This is an interesting hostile article on the man who heads Blackwater. Outfits like his need to be watched…but then so does every governmental agency. Maybe that’s how we should understand that motto on US money, “In God we trust.”

The wind is free, right? So it must be a good source of energy. Well… as it turns out, no.

Monster alert: this amusing report can go into your “Congress and other abominable life forms” file.

Sarah Palin is the failed candidate people love to listen to, but won’t vote for. Maybe the public’s instincts are correct, but whether they are or not, expect to see a lot more of this theme in months to come. The lady from Alaska scared the daylights out of the Democrats.

Politically incorrect history is facts that no one wants to read. As, for example, the archives of the USSR. Why is that?

The AGW loons got it backwards: if the earth continues to cool (as it is doing now), there will be a steep increase in flooding. Mankind had better find a way to warm things up! Carbon dioxide can’t help, unfortunately, so…what can be done? Maybe a few nuclear bombs can get some volcanoes going. Doesn’t Iran have a lot of hot lava just under the surface of the earth? Hmmmmm….