Thailand’s Agony

The violence and arson have trailed off, perhaps stopped; bitterness and mourning prevail. Thais have a lot to answer for, and they know it, though they may try to shift the blame or ignore it. There are virtually no Good Guys; even the clergy managed to misbehave. For commentary on some of what happened and why, see the companion attachment — it is not part of the body of this issue of TLB because of its length and limited interest.

That explains the paucity of expository commentary in this issue. So…here are some links you might not have seen.


This is the best argument TLB can think of for telling NASA to start working on a time machine. This guy would be a good president.

“Much of what’s wrong with the criminal justice system today isn’t the product of evil or malevolent law enforcement personnel, but of poorly structured incentives put in place by bad policy. And bad policy usually comes from clueless politicians (the issue of crime seems particularly prone to unnuanced, slogan-based policy making).” That’s Rodney Balko talking, and you should read it all if you think law and law enforcement are important.

Oh, good! There’s big news from Turtle Bay, which is to say — And now, from those same hilarious jokers and madcap comedians who brought the world the enslavement and sale of children for prostitution, along with the biggest financial scam in human history, comes yet another brilliant plan to inspire and entertain! Yes, Folks, get ready to be bowled over, because your good friends at the United Nations have once again figured out what is wrong and are pledged to set it all right! Hot damn, this one is really great…so great your maiden aunt Matilda will throw her walker out the window and do an Irish jig on the dining room table when she hears about it! Kofi may not have thought it up, but you can bet the family farm he wishes he had. It should be worth trillions!

Back to smallpox immunizations? They are safe and cheap. The problem is they are not available, even though they seem to improve fivefold one’s chances of avoiding HIV infection. It’s time to get cracking and give the public a choice; unfortunately the Health Nazis in the FDA probably won’t allow it. Government is not your friend — it is your master.

Foreign policy remains a can of worms for Hillary and her boss. So what does that make it for the rest of the USA?

AGW roundup, yet again. Those of you who don’t need this information can skip it, and those who do need the facts won’t read it.

What is it with these Democrats? Such as this moron some years ago, and now here’s another knucklehead. For a long time it was trendy to be against the Vietnam War. Then things changed, and in order to be cool, some relentless incompetents figured that a guy has to have been a baby-killer. So we got John Kerry’s bogus Angst and Dark Night of the Soul followed by a Technicolor Hollywood epiphany; for an encore he capped everything off with an even more bogus reversion to military symbolism. Yeah, and he lost. So what’s all the rage now, pretensions to some kind of Sartre/Gide crap? Sheesh…grow up!

Hey, there’s finally, like, proof positive that the Tea Party Movement is nothing but a creature of the GOP, because, like, here’s this really old Republican, see, and he wants to, like, run for re-election, right? And, like, well, he…oh. Er, ah…like, never mind.

Some females just don’t know their place. Uppity hags. Blame it on the internet.

Do you like spy stuff? There are tons of it at this engrossing website. Have fun.

Cripes. Some moron has made a movie about the Plame/Wilson disgrace. And yes, it’s what you think it is.

And now for some really, really bad news about Iran. Even allowing for the fact that Israel is trying to prime the USA for a strike on those weapons shops, this is still horrible. Something has to be done, because these Iranians are a genuine menace.

Advisory: graphic auto accident. This is exactly the sort of thing one can expect to see in a “developing” country — a small, cheap, overloaded pickup truck driven too fast by a drunk. Today’s Tip For Survival in Exotic Climes: you can tell before the trip starts that it is too likely to end like this; just look at your transportation, your fellow passengers, and your driver. If you still go along for the ride, you have only yourself to blame for whatever happens.

The prevailing political, economic, financial and philosophical themes are bankrupt, and no one makes that point with greater clarity and force than Victor Hanson. His brief summary of the hubris of the elites is devastating. TLB dares Obama partisans, foes of the Tea Parties, collectivists of all stripes and apologists for multiculturalism to read the linked commentary.

The US federal government has a plan, and you will comply with it voluntarily. If you don’t, then the government will mandate your compliance. That’s so we all “do better.” — No wonder there are Tea Parties….

Thrust and riposte in the debate between the Bicoastal Elite and people with common sense. This is a boring exchange because Kinsley is such a sloppy thinker, but it will be informative for those who still don’t quite believe that the country is in the wrong hands.

This issue is so fundamental, you would think we would have it under control by now. But, because some of us have always preferred ideologically tame news media and collective solidarity, we have never quite agreed on how to cope with freedom of speech.

California. More than enough said.

Climate change can be bad for you. We have to do something, because the temperature of the globe is going in the wrong direction.

Related: the psychological and social implications of cultic credulity are visible in the communicable madness that is the myth of AGW.

To Washington, Arizona is a nest of racists. To Arizonans, Washington does not understand what it is like to live in fear, and puts the human rights of aliens well above those of US citizens.

Holder — He Who Must Be Removed — is scary, not funny. Yet his inane babble does read like an Abbott and Costello routine.