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Month: June 2010

Number 153

Journalism, The Shamed Occupation They aren’t all naughty. Still…if they were all tossed out and replaced by randomly-chosen, literate, sane individuals, the result would probably be salutary. Consider, for example,...

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Number 152

The Disasters Begin with the oil spill in the Gulf. As this is written, it is becoming increasingly obvious that the public and the press cannot make much sense of what happened and what is happening (in spite of some smug...

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Number 151

The New Terrapin Gazette This Number was originally published as The Lynx Bulletin Number 151 17 June 2010 The Press, Obama, And The Next Three Years Obama is losing his seductive power to ensorcel the nation’s...

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Number 150

The Candidate, The President, The Spill, The Crazies A lot of Obama voters, outraged by the catastrophe that has overwhelmed a for-profit corporation, are savaging The One for a failure of leadership. Along with Sarah Palin,...

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Number 149

The Requisite Unmasking And Trivialization Of Hirsi Ali Few entrants in the contest to decide who shall make policy for the defense of the West are as iconic as Hirsi Ali. (More on her is available here and here.) Former Muslim,...

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