Remarks Addressed To Obama Voters Only

Obama did not cause the oil slick in the Gulf, and he can’t stop it. It’s not his fault, but he’s getting hammered for not doing his job. That’s unfair and dishonest.

BP is trying hard to plug the leak, and there is no reason to believe otherwise. Nobody else has the equipment to do it.

Obama is being lacerated for being far less than he seemed when he was running for president. That too is unfair. It was obvious to all observers that he was a posturing empty suit, but you did not care. You projected your Utopian fantasies into the real world, endowing Obama with your values, your hopes, your political preferences, your motives. You pandered to your least admirable personality flaw — your willingness to suspend reason in the service of political solidarity. That pure, egotistical hedonism was a reckless mistake.

Like the fake Greek columns at his inaugural party, Obama was and still is form without substance. You knew that, but you ignored the harsh reality and dreamed your dreams.

Now you are recoiling from him as he reveals just how shallow he is. When he was a candidate, you invested hope in his unspecified change, and even ignored his call for a national civilian security force as just another rousing speech. You put reason aside and thronged to support a Wizard of Oz.

Many of you, far too many, voted for Obama simply because he is black. You knew next to nothing about him or his principles or plans because you did not need to. You are little better than those who pledged “Segregation now and forever” and disgraced the nation with their bigotry.

No one should savage Obama now for being unpresidential, or for being unable to match the dignity, integrity and eloquence of Churchill. Yes, people are turning away from the flummoxed president in disgust as Bobby Jindal steps forward and embarrasses the president with rhetoric that genuinely fits the occasion. Whose fault is that? Yours.

You put this man in office. In spite of all the evidence, you voted for him. No warning signs impressed you. You ignored what his thugs did to Hillary’s campaign; you mistook his obsessive secretiveness about his past as meaningless; you saw no relevance in the association with Billy “Bomber” Ayers. You did not so much as raise your eyebrows when the press ignored Obama’s puzzling, gap-laden biography, and instead descended on Alaska in a frantic search for the slightest hint of error in Sarah Palin’s life.

Obama is not a democrat, but you put your trust in him. You gave political power to a sophistical nineteenth-century ideologue.

No excuses: John McCain was a bad candidate, flawed in many ways, but he was no Obama, and you know that. The nation would be infinitely better off had McCain been elected, and you know that, as well. Yes, you can point to Sarah Palin, and whine that she was simply inconceivable as vice president, and justify your vote for The One because of the loathed “fake woman.” Well, consider what the nation has as a vice president now. As simple as she is, Palin is head and shoulders above that babbling moron.

And you stuck with your man, even though he managed to bypass democracy and turn one-sixth of the US economy over to the relentless incompetence of federal bureaucrats. He did that against the wishes of the electorate, and you do not consider that relevant. When rational citizens protested and began a spontaneous movement to assert common sense in government, you damned them as racists, Nazis, and seditious crackpots.

When the foreign policy of your nation went off the rails, you said nothing. When corruption and bigotry prevailed in Washington, you turned a blind eye. Your sacred One was able to carry on, secure in the knowledge that you were his adoring partners in the imposition of whatever holy change he wished to concoct. In spite of everything, you were steadfast in support of collectivist authoritarianism.

There are many issues that should upset you. They are fundamental matters of democracy, economics, political theory, constitutional law, and governance. In none of these areas do you find fault with the president. Hopeandchange!

But you don’t like his style when it comes to something he did not do wrong, can not correct, and can hardly influence at all. So you start carping, blaming when there is no blame to be dispensed. You have no credentials as critics, but here you are cussing the president.

Until you have something relevant and significant to say — something that addresses the problems caused by this administration — shut up.

This Is What Corruption Looks Like

It’s called Laguna Honda Hospital, but it has nothing to do with a Japanese automobile manufacturer. It’s a tax-supported public outfit in the San Francisco area, and it’s not been on the up-and-up (it claims it has reformed). When someone blew the whistle, the staff responded with a clever defensive policy that frustrated a local TV channel pretty effectively — before it blew up in the corrupt administrators’ faces.

Get the story and watch the video here; an alternative source is here. Advisory: some folks may find the video upsetting. That’s especially true for anyone who has had a madding experience or three with bureaucrats who have demanded the impossible and stonewalled all attempts to get them to respond rationally.

The hospital’s flak-catcher is very clever and imaginative, as the video shows. Only once does he err, striking the camera (or its operator). How is it that a tax-supported institution feels the need to have a mercenary like this on its staff? There has to be quite a bit here to hide.

It’s of greedy little people like the rascals at Laguna Honda that politicians are made. There is no qualitative difference between the grifters in the video and the likes of Blago in Chicago, Rep. Rangel, and Sen. Dodd.

Because there is at least a little larceny in most people’s hearts, every nation has its corruption. The only way to keep it under tight control is to enforce oversight and dispense genuine justice. Yes, that’s difficult when your biggest and most powerful prosecutorial agency is in the hands of someone like Eric Holder.

Bangkok’s Continuing Nightmare

A bit more is known about the recent mob violence in Thailand. Among the interesting facts is the claim by both the government and the Red Shirts that there was a mysterious group that was shooting at both sides. Speculation is that this outfit was trying to provoke a slaughter. If that is true, then it seems likely that the motive was to discredit the government. TLB believes nothing truthful will ever be made public about this, and that the rumors will have eternal life.

The destruction by fire of Central World took place because the Bangkok Metropolitan Authority turned off the water, disabling the building’s sprinkler system.

The Red Shirt sympathizers — proxies for Thaksin — in Parliament are howling about how badly the protesters were treated by the cops and the army. A no-confidence motion is being debated; it will almost certainly fail. It’s very difficult to portray the Red Shirts as being blameless: along with many other sins, their threats of violence, arson and murder are on record.

The government continues to make noise about getting Interpol to arrest Thaksin; that is an old story, and almost certainly nothing more than hot air. Thaksin, meanwhile, is quoted as saying that “We never, we never, engage in violence.” That’s doubly interesting: first, this is a murderer talking; second, he used the pronoun “we.”

There is a lot of confusion about the circumstances that led to the discovery of a half-dozen corpses in a temple. Who killed these people, why, and were they killed elsewhere and then dumped on the temple grounds? Because assurances have been made that the entire affair will shortly be explained to everyone’s satisfaction, TLB believes the truth will never come out.

Snippets: rumors continue to fly because some folks are worried about hard-core Red Shirt terrorists bombing Bangkok. — A curfew continues in effect, causing huge problems for folks who work until late at night. — No one has a good understanding of the events of the past two months, though everyone has an opinion; keep that in mind as you read TLB’s commentary on the Bangkok tragedy.

Addendum: the curfew has been ended. The government survived the no-confidence vote, and three members of Parliament will be interviewed by the police as terrorism charges against them are considered.

Israel Blocks The Humanitarian Convoy

As you know, Israeli sailors took over six ships bent on breaking the blockade on Gaza, and perhaps as many as nineteen people died. This newsletter can offer no new facts or insights into the event; only questions and worries are available. (For a debatable view, see this column.)

One can only wonder, for example, whether this humanitarian aid was meant to play a role in the continuing assault on Israel. Where did the funds come from to purchase the shipments and put the ships on course? Was this flotilla non-political, or was it planned from the first as provocative? Would genuine humanitarians have assaulted the Israeli sailors? Have “Palestinian” interests been served by the deaths?

TLB insists that Arab and Islamic humanitarian sympathy for the plight of the “Palestinians” is not the cause of the current crisis. The “Palestinians” are commonly despised and discriminated against throughout the region. This is all about the Jews. Islamists wish to see them all killed as the Hadith mandate, but for virtually all Muslims of whatever stripe, at the very least the extermination of Israel is a goal.

TLB believes that a “Palestinian” element (probably Hamas), armed by Syria, will attack Israel again, though when that will happen is anyone’s guess. It would not be a shock to see a renewed rocket bombardment of Israel from Gaza any day.

The prudent will brace themselves for possible war in the Muddle East. The world can only hope that the Obama administration would be up to the challenge; unfortunately there is little evidence to bolster that hope.


Recent international events should not distract US citizens from domestic threats to Liberty, so pay attention, Pilgrims — the villains are still looking at ways to tear your house down. This, for example, is what a federal agency, the Federal Trade Commission, is pondering as a way of saving the newspapers. Critics are saying the complex rules under discussion would muzzle webloggers; if that’s true, then the FTC is flirting with fascism. The obvious response is that the FTC document in question merely presents a number of possible ways the government might aid print journalism, and includes historical examples as precedents for such assistance. Of course all this was inspired by and expresses the philosophy of the Obama administration. The danger is that this discussion of the possibilities is more than just talk. A cynic would say that the current administration, knowing full well how the print news media resonate to Obama, is interested in rescuing and rewarding its adoring supporters. Advocates of free enterprise say newspapers that can’t adapt to change will perish, and that saving them is not in the public interest.

On the eve of the passage of Obamacare by Congress, a poll showed fifty-nine percent of the public opposed the legislation. The latest poll indicates that “sixty-three percent of U.S. voters now favor repeal of the plan….” Three cheers for representative democracy and the Congress.

Does the federal census make sense? Yes. Is it honest? No.

Islam, the religion of…peace? It’s actually a death cult, for it offers non-Muslims the choice between submission (which is the translation of the word “islam”) or coping with unending violent hostility. “Moderate” hardly applies, and not at all to Muslims who consider the Koran inerrant. So why are these Poms so crazy?

Federalism, Obamacare, and the pervasive, invasive federal tyrant are very briefly examined, and some good links are available. What cost substandard health care? — Meanwhile, what’s really interesting is that the Prez managed to sell this (to his people, at least) as a way to cut the costs of government. Amazing. TLB has said it before, and here it comes again: the man is a liar. The facts make that clear.

Is this a hoax? It sure looks like it, but….

Remember the culture war? This newsletter used to harp on it all the time. TLB eased up, and the culture war changed right out from underneath the folks who were watching the fighting. Well, so some say. They are entitled to their opinion, even if it’s goofy….

Ice, global warming, and lies.

Two webpages for students of Enlightenment values.

Botox rots the brain…and when that happens, the public takes a dim view of things. Isn’t this simply the worst Congress ever?

Meditate on this “joke,” which, to this newsletter, is nothing like the racial jokes Dick Gregory used to make. Gregory was hilarious; Maher is pathetic.

“They should have executed her….” Wow. Talk about simple solutions.

This is a brief commentary on welfare, a topic closely related to the next link.

“The Greek meltdown – with Ireland, Italy, Portugal, and Spain on the brink – has shown that European socialism does not work.” Holy smoke, who knew? Well, all individualists were well aware of the Utopian dead end. And now a lot of “progressives” know, too, but they aren’t admitting it yet. Faith being the powerhouse of irrationality it is, many of them probably never will give up their myths. If you can face reality, read the article that includes the quote.

This article uses the word “collective” incorrectly (the author needs a little background in system theory), but it’s interesting speculation. The claim is that humans suddenly produced a roaring cascade of cultural and technological progress due to the size of their population and the degree of its intraconnectedness.

The eco-freaks have done tremendous damage. While some claim that there are better mosquito-killers than DDT, isn’t it odd that they are not nearly as widely used as DDT was? Meanwhile, we know that the needless banning of DDT (when there were no better mosquito-killers) saw to the deaths of millions of human beings. So what’s new in the fell green fantasy universe? Well, counterproductive energy policies are all the rage now. Those “alternative” energy sources — wind, solar — are not alternatives at all, so the eco-charlatans are peddling new snake oil: inefficient, costly, petroleum-gulping generation of electricity. It would be a huge step backwards. These people are just plain crazy.

Say, has anybody noticed that after taking a good long look at Hillary and The One, a lot of Bad Guys are betting heavily that they can do pretty much whatever they want? North Korea is cutting up over nothing, Iran is not scared of anything or anybody, the Taliban are eager to mix it up with their former allies, the “Palestinians” are rearming for another try at genocide, Mexico is falling apart but still has the nerve to scold as if the USA were a colony of that failed state…what, TLB wonders, is keeping the Castro brothers from invading Latin America again? Just asking, you understand. After all, the mess almost requires a willing suspension of disbelief. — Oops! Sorry, there’s no link here. Unh, OK, here you go, something reflective of the spirit of, er, well….something, probably.

Holder. The Department of Justice. More crap. Meanwhile, impeachable? …There’s more information here and here.

“…it’s a sign of how this president and this White House operate – they burn allies, are devoid of personal loyalty, and lack grace – that they would stab with such cynical dispatch the man who, after all, got ObamaCare through the Senate.” Oh, come on — you aren’t surprised…. Nobody who knows how to open a beer bottle is surprised.

Climate makes the news again, to which report Al Gore will surely say, “It will be real cold soon, which will be caused by global warming, and then it will get really really hot. Buy my carbon offsets!”

The cops might get this guy, but hundreds of genuine bombers and assassins have already taken advantage of the federal government’s stubborn, long-term refusal to do its job. It’s not a partisan issue — it’s a problem caused by cowardice.


Here’s what it means to be a Democratic president, as opposed to a Republican president, when the oil leaks (BP in the Gulf) or the wind blows (Katrina). In other words, the media are a confederacy of bigoted propagandists in service to collectivism.

It’s time to check in on the Canucks: are they getting smarter? Mark Steyn reports.

How are good citizens supposed to react to political and economic outrages?

As Solicitor General, supreme court nominee Kagan participated in the drafting of a silly brief regarding — of all hot issues — immigration. Quote from a weblog maintained by lawyers: “Whether it becomes an issue in her hearings is anyone’s guess. If it does, though, she’s likely to look completely out of touch with the country if she attacks the one part of immigration enforcement that actually seems to have become more effective under both Bush and Obama.” The problem: today’s Senate is arguably unqualified to approve or reject any candidate for high office. The nation needs to muck out the stables.