The Press, Obama, And The Next Three Years

Obama is losing his seductive power to ensorcel the nation’s journalists, according to three severely negative critiques — Mark Steyn’s first, and then this from the NY Post, and finally a longer essay on the subject.

Golly. Is the press abandoning Obama? No. The overwhelming majority of editors and reporters still solidly support The One’s basic mission, as they understand it. The journalists are just trying to appear unbiased. They are of and for the collectivist faction in US politics, and until the next presidential election is a lot closer, they will maintain — but not be so obvious about — their ideological solidarity with Obama.

That means the censorship will continue; selected stories will be narrowly reported; the Tea Party Movement will be under-reported, mocked and trivialized; the disastrous US foreign policy will receive little objective coverage and less helpful analysis and interpretation; immigration issues will be ignored or misrepresented; the truth about Islam will be ignored; and the entire concept of individual rights (speech, press, voting, firearms, education) will be reported from an authoritarian collectivist standpoint. In partial disagreement with Obama, negative reports from Afghanistan will be highlighted, and the multiculturalist press will harp on the frustrations of an “unwinnable” war. A partisan hue will characterize reporting in general.

All right; that’s the familiar routine. Now recall that sentence in the second paragraph of this commentary: “…until the next presidential election is a lot closer….” That hints at a possible change.

Congress is about to be reformed to some degree as the voters target incumbents. “Progressives” know that there will follow two years during which they will not have sufficient control of the government to implement all their radical programs regardless of opposition.

Once Congress has been liberated from the Pelosi-Reid-Obama Triumvirate, the task of dismantling federalism will shift to the regulatory agencies of the federal government. The Department of Justice, the IRS, FTC and the FCC and other rules-making and rules-enforcing instrumentalities will be required to use more muscle to confiscate and redistribute wealth, limit expression, reduce the options of the individual and impose “progress” and “fairness.”

Harbingers of this development are already visible, as this newsletter has made clear. The FTC is the most recent example; it is talking about “saving” the newspapers and handicapping what might be called citizen journalism. There is a lot more to come, possibly including yet another reincarnation of the zombie-like “Fairness” Doctrine, which is designed to prevent talk radio from responding to market forces.

As political Neanderthaler in the public respond to this authoritarian push, various advocacy groups like the National Rifle Association and ad hoc webloggers’ organizations yet to be created will try to use the courts to halt the curtailment of freedom. This is why Obama is vitally interested in placing as many justices as possible on the federal supreme court, and why his two choices so far have been who and what they are.

Given these reasonable appraisals of the current circumstances and probabilities, one might be tempted to predict the future. TLB is not above it. Speculation, therefore, follows, and the the reader is advised to remember that political events never move in straight lines — there is always an element of chaos, and/or the intrusion of highly improbable events.

Begin with the irrational misbehavior of press and public: assume that the Gulf oil spill becomes a major factor in undoing Obama. Consider the impact of the Tea Parties, the refusal of Congress after the coming election to march to the drumbeat of the collectivist apparatchiki, and the failure of SEIU and ACORN to intimidate beyond their memberships. Envision the economy staggering under higher taxes and the Brownian motion of proliferating regulations, with the voters growing even more resentful and angry.


Let the speculative fantasy play out. In spite of the news media, voters increasingly realize the harm done by Obama’s foreign policy of appeasement, multiculturalist insanity and the alienation of old allies. The public frets about the USA actually provoking a nuclear war. Immigration policy remains a hypocritical, irrational federal failure and national irritant. Good news is hard to find. Under pressure, Obama sweats and stammers, unable to steady himself with his cigarettes, vacations, parties, teleprompters and slogans.

In such circumstances, an unforeseen crisis could tip the entire unstable structure into the gutter. Will that involve impeachment, probably traceable to one of Holder’s outrages (as Nixon’s resignation was ultimately due to Mitchell’s zealotry)? Catastrophic Islamist violence in the USA certainly comes to mind…but note well: don’t limit your thinking to the obvious, for it’s unwise to rule anything out. Even a bloody clash between federal and state law enforcement agencies is a possibility.

Absent a national cause that all can believe in and pledge to support with their lives — another WW II, in other words — Obama could find himself a leader without a consequential following.

The Bicoastal Elite is well aware of the realities of the current situation, and it is also aware that the above fanciful scenario is disturbingly plausible.

The ruling elite is not stupid. It does know that the crisis is real now, and could get much worse. You can assume that in the informal councils of power, a murmured conversation is addressing the problems that are hungrily circling Obama’s administration. The Bicoastal Elite publicly dismisses things like firearms rights (Heller) and the bigotry of the Department of Justice and the political power of the Tea Party Movement, but it worries about them privately. And it plans for the future by doing exactly what this newsletter is doing: speculating about the possibilities.

Its biggest concern at the moment is that it has invested far too much in Obama.

For at least two years further “progressive” measures will prove very difficult to impose. Obamacare may be repealed. Then things may get even worse for the hard left: impotent and ridiculed, Obama will lose the next presidential election, and all hope of breaking the back of the USA’s individualist ethos will have to be abandoned for the foreseeable future. Horrors! Flyover Country will assert itself, and inbred born-again bigots will be running the country.

Expect, therefore, the Bicoastal Elite to begin a comprehensive reconsideration of its assumptions, goals and strategy. The collectivist faction is learning that in the USA, a candidate who is just an ideologue cannot succeed. A president must be an executive first, and Obama never came close.

The model for a “progressive” president will be sought, and doubtless FDR will be the first example that comes to mind. It may be forgotten that FDR built a structure that was predicted many years ago to be an eventual failure, Social Security, and that it has finally collapsed. Too, the harebrained scheme to pack the high court, the way Stalin kicked the president all over the room at Yalta, the fact that the federal constitution was amended (number twenty-two) in order to prevent the likes of FDR from retaining power again, and the autocrat’s revealing way of talking about “the common man” need to be considered. A good executive would have made none of those sloppy errors.

Truman? The nasty little ignoramus who stood up to the Communists and the labor unions, passed Taft-Hartley, twice nuked the bloody hell out of his nation’s deadliest and most fanatical enemy, and was virtually a founding father of — gag, retch — Israel? His name will never come up, though “HST” may be scrawled in some urinals where the “progressives” meet to confer.

What the “progressives” need is a non-McGovern, non-Dukakis, non-FDR, non-Obama True Believer of a collectivist who can do the job, expand the government, trash federalism, control the mouth-breathers in the electorate and make the greedy egotists in Congress bark, roll over, sit up and play dead on command.

As the song says, “a good man is hard to find.” The only consolation: the wingnuts are similarly bereft. Reagans are a rare breed, and Sarah Palin is no Maggie Thatcher.

The frustrated Bicoastal Elite may decide it is best to minimize harm, accepting the survivable defeat with as much dignity as possible in order to retain a slim chance of avoiding catastrophe.

What does that mean? Exactly this: Obama, obviously incompetent, bleeding from a hundred political wounds and with only a few voters willing to keep him in power as a symbol of the triumph of equal justice under law, will commit political seppuku. He will decline to seek a second term.

For several good reasons, that is not nearly as preposterous as it sounds.

First, the president would be acting in a precedented fashion. Don’t you recall “Landslide” Lyndon Johnson? When he realized that his anti-communism had foundered in the hands of an incompetent general (Westmoreland) and been shattered by the lies of the ideologically crazed press (the Cronkite version of what happened in the Tet destruction of the Viet Cong), Johnson withdrew.

Second, there is the possibility that the GOP — which is a pretty talent-free outfit, isn’t it? — will blunder yet again. Imagine a 2012 election in which Sarah Palin faces a decent Democratic candidate.

Third, taking Obama out would be the best way to minimize collectivist losses and render them temporary. Cleaving to The One no matter what would transform him into an icon symbolizing the ideological alienness and executive incompetence of the Democratic party. The stigma could last for many years. Better to excise the Chicago Marxist, tacitly admit the error of having backed him, and move on. Let him become another Jimmy Carter — a discarded and embittered heckler, babbling nonsense. The voters will understand.

It is easy to imagine collectivist strategists arguing passionately, “Who knows, maybe a really good neo-Marxist will come along, a guy (a member of a minority group, we hope!) who has some good, solid executive experience, and in four or eight years, the future will be a lot more promising. We gotta get rid of this amateur, this loser from Chicago, sever our links to him, and start over.”

To stick with The One no matter what would be more stupid than drawing to an inside straight.

The USA needs a strong two party system. The Democrats are vitally important as a check on the lunacy of the GOP, and as a source of good ideas and good people (like Harry Truman). Reagan was wrong to oppose the twenty-second amendment; term limits have their advantages. Representative democracy works best when every elected official is unsure of his grip on power. It is only proper that The One have no guarantee of two terms, and it may be best if the Democrats cancel his ticket.

Think it over, Pilgrims. It’s not so crazy. Shoot, stranger things have happened, and very probably will.

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This is bizarre and embarrassing; it’s as if these teachers never heard of the Hitler Jugend.

This newsletter is disappointed to learn that anthropogenic global warming is rapidly being replaced as the trendy Impending Catastrophe that galvanizes the efforts of eco-masochists and Gaia-worshipping knuckleheads. Yes, those nutcases are still trying to set civilization back a few centuries. Most of them are total morons, and not worth the time and effort TLB would have to waste dismissing their insane notions. Now debunking the AGW hoax — well, that was another matter altogether. Tackling AGW meant exposing some really clever charlatans who boasted postnominals galore…it meant defending science and reason…and having fun watching the eggheads shatter. Those were the days. And today? It really is beneath this newsletter’s calling to tell the obvious truth about a gaggle of Mad Hatters and wet-brained semiliterates. (Heavy sigh.) Oh, all right, bring on the Lunatics and Losers Legion…maybe TLB can find the energy to point out that Mother Nature has always taken care of biodiversity on Her own, no matter how catastrophic the extinctions. There, will that do? It certainly ought to. Cripes. — Oh, do go back and click on the first hyperlink in this paragraph; it’s not what you think. It’s an admission that writes the last words in the last paragraph in the last chapter of the history of the AGW cult. Genuine science won, with a (very) little help from this newsletter.

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Different US states have different laws because not everybody sees things exactly the same way, and not everybody has the same problems. The states are supposed to live with that. There are always egotists and authoritarians, though. Note that if the federal government had been doing its job for the past half century, this dispute would not exist. If you don’t believe in federalism, you won’t even try to make it work.

Related: there are regions along the border that are not safe because dangerous aliens move freely there. Isn’t that something all US taxpayers should be ashamed to admit? It’s no wonder Arizona is trying to do something about it.

Humor to counter the bleak mood: a German portrayal of You-Know-Who. Thanks to GB for the tip!

Big environmentalists, alert to the serious implications of abandoning Obama, have joined the major media in refusing to hammer the president for the BP oil spill. That’s not because they understand what happened and why, of course. It’s a purely political strategy for the long term.

When The One’s “civilian national security force” starts recruiting, you’ll want to join up. There is a good chance it will offer retirement benefits based on this model. Hopeandchange!