The Press…Yet Again

Long-time readers of this newsletter may wince at the suggestion that the major media are the subject of an item here. TLB must plead guilty to charges that it harps on the same theme frequently, and perhaps too often. But…when the press does not believe in the freedom of the press, when the news media are more propaganda outlets than sources of stimulating and intelligent commentary…people should be critical. It’s the right thing to do.

Now you remember Journolist: it was the natural result of the biased news media’s homogeneity. It was a scheme or plot or conspiracy that allowed propagandists to coordinate their efforts, urge each other on, and make their privileged positions in the mass media more effective. It was reported in Number 153 of TLB, and this hyperlink was provided.

That was by no means the end of the story, and as will be made clear, recent events provide evidence of malice and conspiracy.

Those charges are serious, and must meet high standards of proof if they are to be responsible. What follows is, therefore, a careful attempt to elucidate the censorious abuse of journalistic privilege.

Begin with a post on the internet that provides this quote: “…the far left members of Journolist targeted FOX News and wanted it shut down by the government.”

This newsletter believes that the censorious journalists felt they would be able to prevail on the federal Department of Justice to take action against critics of the Obama administration. That would presumably involve communications and planning that would have to remain sub rosa, and that implies that if the effort were exposed, the journalists involved would fall silent. In fact when Journolist became partially public, that is what happened. From this weblog:

Leftist writers and pundits have been trying to stroll past the crater left by the Daily Caller’s JournoList bombshell, hands stuffed in their pockets and eyes rigidly forward. Over at the Caller, Jim Treacher provides a roundup of reaction from across the blogosphere (look for a familiar name!). He includes a few gems from liberals, including David Corn of Mother Jones asking, “And this is the best they can do?”

Taylor Marsh grins through the flop-sweat to assure us (that) conspiracy to defraud the dwindling audience of the dinosaur media and slander innocent people as racists are no big deal when (committed by) “avowed and openly progressive reporters.” I guess we’re supposed to take it as a given that all progressives are liars and smear artists, so we’ve got no right to complain when they’re caught lying and smearing people.

Evidently so. The dismissive sneers and silence of opinionated journalists are noted for now, and will become increasingly easy to interpret as the reflexive defenses of ideologues whose malicious attempt to censor the news has been exposed. These people will be seen to behave as if they were guilty of some ethical breach, ashamed of what they did (or were they following orders, as this guy thinks?).

Some folks will be impressed, if not a bit shocked, by the vulgar vehemence of many of the reporters, columnists and (presumably) editors in the Journolist crowd. For some examples of their triumphalist vehemence and invective-laced missives, click on these links: One andTwo and then Three. There’s no doubt, these guys on Journolist are bitter, committed, angry and nasty. So are many of their opponents, of course, but journalists must live up to a set of implicit, understood standards that ordinary folks don’t have to meet. When journalists have to hide their hatred and bias in order to maintain their positions, they become frauds. They are no better than racist cops who use their badges to brutalize those they despise.

As noted above, it is no defense at all to say, “We are progressives. So it’s OK for us to be rotten.”

This scandal is going to draw blood. Here are a few reasons why the wounds won’t be closing any time soon:

There’s more to come. Tucker Carlson…promises more red meat from the JournoList archives. Anyone who has studied the tao of Breitbart knows the first revelations are not the worst. The way to turn the Left’s control of media against itself is to save the really devastating material for later, and release it on a timetable that keeps the story sizzling.

This story will hook independents. The Daily Caller has treated conservatives to the unique sensation of being shocked by revelations that don’t surprise us a bit. We’ve known this stuff was going on for years.

For independents who don’t follow politics closely, the JournoList scandal provides a simple, blatantly obvious narrative about fraud and propaganda. A sizable segment of the “journalist” population stands revealed as sputtering extremists who talk about killing stories and destroying people’s lives to protect their favored political candidate. Yes, these people are self-professed liberals — they’re not pretending to be “objective” reporters or news anchors — but the cross-pollination between “liberal” and “objective” journalists is a blindingly obvious matter of public knowledge, and the things they’re talking about doing are vile, underhanded, and conspiratorial.

The general public will be able to digest this story, and they won’t like the taste. They’ve already got a low opinion of journalists. It will plummet even further once they get a few bites of JournoList. No magazine, newspaper, or network that continues to employ any of the people quoted in the Daily Caller story can be trusted by any fair-minded person as a reliable news source. Period. (Emphasis added.)

All right; this newsletter has been howling about the Department of Justice, the federal lockdown of some seventy thousand weblogs, the undemocratic legislative deeds of Congress and the censorious tone of language coming from the White House. Now add the rising level of complaints that the Tea Party Movement is racist and that Arizona’s attempt to do what the federal government refuses to do is also racist — and what is the result? Charges and counter-charges regarding unjust law enforcement, political procedures, and policies.

The American public is growing very tired of being pummeled with the racism club. The cynical plan to pick random conservatives — “who cares?” — and slander them as racists will mix with disgust at the NAACP for trying the same wretched tactic on the Tea Party movement.

(The above quotes come from this source, and yes, they have been edited; check this copy against the original, and see whether the editing was principled and honest.)

That moves the topic to the closely related, and potentially explosive, discussion of the degree to which race may figure in the brawl between left and right. Lies about racist abuses have been circulating for some time, and agents provocateurs have been trying to infiltrate the Tea Part Movement to discredit it. In response, Andrew Breitbart recently posted a damning video on the internet, demonstrating the racism of a group of folks at an NAACP meeting. Now that video has been challenged as a hoax.

Here is the story, briefly:

So what really cost the lady in Andrew Breitbart’s video her job at the federal Agriculture Department? And what does it all mean?

Begin with the last point first. What it means is racism, Pilgrims. To quote this weblogger, “…the point Breitbart was making has nothing to do with the merits of Sherrod or her fitness to continue at the Agriculture Department. The portions of the tape of interest to Breitbart are those in which members of the NAACP laugh at and approve of Sherrod’s initial impulse to provide inferior service to a white farmer. These NAACP members have been caught on tape condoning racism by a government official and demonstrating their own racism. Meanwhile, the NAACP condemns the Tea Party for what appears to be phantom racism.”

Yes, that’s hypocrisy, and it marks the NAACP as one of those outfits you can’t automatically trust. You have to ask for bona fides first.

As to why Obama threw Sherrod under the fast freight, this speculation (from the same weblogger quoted above) does not sound terribly speculative to TLB: “…charges of racial bias in the enforcement of the Civil Rights laws by high level officials at the Obama/Holder Justice Department may explain why the administration was so quick to dump Sherrod, a small fry.”

Well, Holder’s next on this newsletter’s list. But certainly not on Obama’s.

Now for some perspective. Race-baiting and talking trash are fun, especially when they are politically correct. So along with a sense that “it’s payback time” goes a certain mischievous impishness, a coarse humor that mocks The Other. That can be just blowing off steam, or playing for the applause of simpletons (as it appears Sherrod was). Everybody is entitled to irrational outbursts from time to time, even Tea Partiers. So yes, what’s going on here is partly about race, sure enough, but money is what really matters.

Well, it gets more and more interesting: now the Powers That Be are claiming the video that makes Sherrod look bad was creatively edited, cutting out some critical parts, so it unfairly presented her as a racist who bragged about how she messed up the life of a white farmer. Meanwhile the white farmer is saying that Sherrod was nice to him and helped him save his farm.

Developments are still developing, but TLB is willing to assert early on that Andrew Breitbart is not stupid and would never edit (or cause to be edited) a video so that it would incorrectly make someone look racist. Fact: if he had the video crafted to deceive, he would have known that there was an original somewhere out there, and that his fakery would be exposed. Therefore he would never attempt fakery, even if he wanted to. There is no getting past that, so the worst that can be said about the man is that he was hoodwinked by someone who handed him a doctored video. That suggests that Breitbart was cleverly and successfully set up. Either that, or there is no original that exonerates Sherrod.

Sooner or later, the entire unedited video will have to be released (see below — it has been made available, and it’s been seen), or the world will face another CNN-Eason Jordan mess, in which the video of Jordan’s reprehensible and presumably slanderous remarks has been locked away forever. That would be a second travesty — another crime committed against truth and ethics.

Would the True Believers in the journalistic community commit such a crime? Yes, one can believe without hesitation that the effort to discredit Breitbart once and for all would be made. There is precedent, and it is contemporary: we have proof that the Journolist campaign against Fox News was unprincipled, secretive, and dishonest in the extreme. Perhaps its worst element was the fact that journalists anticipated the willingness of the federal government to act to put Fox out of business. That stunningly serious accusation does seem to be backed by circumstantial evidence of a malicious, censorious mindset in the halls of power.

Ultimately, what all this adds up to is probably just a single question that every citizen should ask himself: whom can I trust?

The latest news this publication has is here. — Oops! More just came in….

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PS: For a little more insight into bias, propaganda and censorship, try a Google search using the terms “breitbart sherrod video” and look at the orientation of the first six or so entries. Consider the nature of the websites to which Google first directs you. (Google will say the most popular sites came up at the top of the list, and nobody manipulated anything. Hah! People have been manipulating Google for years, and there’s no way to tell whether Google manipulates Google. If you trust this outfit, you don’t know nearly enough about Google’s relationship to the deplorable government of mainland China.) Then notice that among the highly suggested websites is one that claims that Breitbart chopped out part of the video, the part that totally vindicates Sherrod. Yet Obama fired her…. Because Breitbart told him to?


Here’s a shocker: charges of racism in the NY Times — directed at Tea Party types. Well, the charges are demonstrable fabrications, and their repetition in the paper is a lie. As has been made abundantly clear. For the NYT, as for virtually all the US media, this lie is just part of the standard line, and will be neither admitted nor corrected. As the big media see it, you are being fed exactly what you deserve, Pilgrims.

More charges of racism, this time from a racist group. Can anybody be “too white”? Just asking….

Obama had better look out: a genuine executive is out there, behaving as he should when there is an emergency, and people (voters) will notice. “It’s bold, transformative, even inspirational. In the absence of federal leadership, Jindal is forging ahead, taking control of a desperate situation.”

Really lousy news: “Even as overall births statewide are on the decline, the number of newborns going through withdrawal from narcotics such as Oxycontin has increased 160 percent in Florida since 2005. Many doctors suspect the number of addicted babies may be even higher….” Source. Oh, mercy, the littlest ones. — How does the sappy song go? “Put them all too-geth-er, they spell muhth-er….”

The bureaucrats always have a plan, and plans always have consequences. “…researchers around the country are seeing the same basic pattern: projects coming down in inner cities and crime pushing outward, in many cases destabilizing cities or their surrounding areas.” What begins with simplistic Utopianism often ends as a decline of the common weal. And to hear the bureaucrats tell it, the fix for the mess requires more planning and more control of people — in fine, more intensive government.

This is a futile link, because the people who should follow up on it will not, but here it is anyway: download and read the file found at this URL. It can explain why Arizona has passed that notorious immigration law. If you disagree with the law, you need this information.

Remember the culture war? You might not — but Obama does, and you may well be in his sights. Refresh your understanding.

Related: to succor Islamic values is suicidal for the West because Islam demands that all humans submit to a primitive hoax masquerading as a legal code. Great Britain is of particular concern, because it is rapidly losing its culture war with the aliens. The folks whose ancestors gave the USA common law and some bedrock philosophical insights appear to need rescuing — this time not from a Continental invader, but from themselves.

In the last issue of this newsletter, you were invited to read this article on the USA’s “class war” (which TLB prefers to call “culture war”). Here’s a reaction to that article.

Something really needs to be done about this, so do read the brief article at the link. Then consider how a groundswell of citizen involvement might help — you know, sort of like the Tea Party Movement.