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Month: August 2010

Number 161

An Exercise In The Forensic Analysis Of Journalism In Number 158 of this newsletter, you (doubtless) studied carefully the item that explored the sophisticated techniques used by, among others, media apologists for Obama and...

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Number 160

The Propriety Of Obama’s Presidency When opposition arose to the location of a mosque within a few hundred feet of Ground Zero in New York, President Obama lectured the electorate on the right of Muslims to put mosques...

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Number 159

Watch This Video You can spare the time. You need this information — it won’t entertain you, not at all; it’s important. Vitally so. Click on this link and watch this video. A Mosque Near Ground Zero Is A Very...

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Number 158

“Bizarre” Is The Word For It Since most banks are required by the country they are registered in to keep a record of every major transaction that goes in and out of such accounts, money can be traced. (Most banks are...

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Number 157

A Paucity Of Principle Is Not Excused By A Trendy Ideology This newsletter recently referred to the fable of the frog and the scorpion. That ancient wisdom bears repeating: consider, for example, thewhining coming from segments...

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