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A Mosque Near Ground Zero Is A Very Good Idea

As public opinion rages at over sixty percent in opposition to the Islamic whatever-it-is that will be built a few hundred feet from where the World Trade Center Towers once stood, this newsletter applauds the Muslim intent and Obama’s defense of the project. Both are good for the nation.

Look first at the most important aspect of this gut-wrenchingly horrid project: it tells everyone in the USA exactly, precisely and unambiguously what Islam thinks of the West, of the USA and of New York in particular. That statement should be welcomed as the truth that it is.

Muslims are acting insensitively, offensively and even maliciously, and that must be admitted. You now have hard evidence of the nature of the heart and soul of the faith founded by the pederast, incestuous rapist, mass murderer, enslaver and slaveowner, fraud and lunatic Mohammed.

Islam considers all non-Muslims enemies to be conquered. Simply being a Buddhist is a capital offense. Jews and Christians get a break: they deserve not death, but a kind of slavery in dhimmitude. Muslims who believe that the Koran is the word of the creator deity know they are commanded thus: “Believers, make war on the infidels who dwell around you. Deal firmly with them.” (Koran 9:123)

Muslims care nothing for the sensibilities or feelings of anyone who is not in Submission (that’s the meaning of the word “Islam,” and you should not forget it).

Your hurt and anger do not matter to Muslims at all, for you are going to hell, where you will be flayed alive — only to have your skin magically replaced so the process can be repeated forever. That’s what they think of you, so rubbing your nose in the tragedy of September 11, 2001, is what Muslims would call a gentle reminder of your status.

Muslims see the USA as weak and vulnerable. They consider it degenerate because it enjoys the unparalled achievement that is Liberty, and they use the legalistic implications of Liberty as weapons against the West. Islam is engaging in a kind of judo, where the strengths of the opponent become the means of his defeat. (Nowhere has this been more successful than in Canada, with the UK occasionally following suit.)

So do understand the motives behind that new mosque. Don’t mistake it as some kind of apology, or “outreach” (horrid term), and don’t be fooled by quotes from the Koran that seem to mimic Christian “Do unto others” sentiments; those injunctions to kindness are exclusively for Muslims to use in their dealings with other Muslims.

The mosque is intended as a triumphalist insult, an affront, a declaration of superiority, and a threat: convert or die.

It is profoundly to be hoped that by building this mosque, Islam reveals itself to otherwise uninformed people.

The Legal Case Against The Mosque Near Ground Zero

Can’t something be done through the court system to prevent this travesty?

This newsletter cannot predict, but there are some aspects of that question that might submit to investigation. Here are some of the issues, as seen by lay observers of the complex legal circumstances.

The federal constitution does impose on the states the requirement that there shall be no restriction on the free exercise of religion. That has never meant that anyone can do anything at all in the name of religion, though a large number of lunatics in history have tried to make that policy work.

If a court case is brought against the mosque, expect the judge to throw it out at once because the appellant has “no standing.” This means the guy in the black robe will say, “What’s it to ya, Bozo? Get out of here!”

This cowardly dodge is often irrational and unfair, but it’s still there, still used, and still effective. Once thus rebuffed, one can try again, but the second judge to look at the case will find it very easy to say, “You were told once already you don’t have an interest here; didn’t you understand that? Beat it, and don’t try this again!”

It will be noted that nobody has a right to violate local zoning laws, building codes, and so on, but on occasion the rules are broken, aren’t they? Expect things to roll, in other words, and if a few little details are skipped over, there still won’t be a way to stop the mosque in court.

It won’t matter at all that some Muslim nations forbid any religious structures other than Muslim ones. No court will listen to that.

In short, there is virtually no way anyone can file a suit that will stop the mosque.

“Virtually” suggests that there might be a possible plea that a court will address. Search the history of cases involving religion, and you find that polygamy is illegal rather than protected by religious liberty. Then consider pornography, an area in which courts have on occasion resorted to vague (and silly, actually, but that may not matter) references to “community standards.”

If someone could show that this mosque is somehow a violation of community standards, perhaps as an affront to the foundational ethics of the nation, a court just might enjoin its construction.

Don’t bet on it.

TLB expects the mosque to be built, Obama to pay a price for the stupid things he has said about it, and the outrage to work itself out in unpredictable ways.

The USA is already home to a number of rural settlements, training camps or bases or whatever you want to call them, where jihadis soak up the Koran’s toxins and train in urban warfare. Not nearly enough is being done to watch and curtail those activities.

Now there is to be a much more obvious insult to US sensibilities. Perhaps someone will find a way to collect enough human blood with which to splash this new mosque liberally and frequently. Some Thais did it to a politician’s home in Bangkok. But that may be too much to ask of Westerners, even if they understand the full implications of this intolerable monstrosity.

Addendum: It appears the mosque may not be built near Ground Zero. The rascals behind the project may have grasped the full implications of their zealotry.

In This Dark Hour, There Is Still Hope (As Opposed To Fascist Hopeandchange)

Those White House “Oh, shit” moments will be joined by similar moments in the upper echelons of the Republican Party when this Tea Party manifesto gets out. Good. Sample quote:

Stay true to principle even when it proves inconvenient, be assertive but respectful, add value and don’t taking credit for other people’s work. Our community is built on the Trader Principle: We associate by mutual consent, to further shared goals of restoring fiscal responsibility and constitutionally limited government.

As this newsletter has implied before, there is nothing sacred about the Republican Party. It has become a toothless player in the game of politics, weakened by a paucity of ideas and a plethora of compromises. It’s time for some guts and glory. TLB hopes to see the Tea Partiers pick up some old ideas (such as common sense, fiscal probity, Liberty, and other boring stuff like that), add some libertarian principles (such as sane drug laws, curbs on government power and the tyranny of courts, a sweeping return of the delivery of goods and services to the private sector, the elimination of government bureaus such as the federal Department of Education, the repeal of Obamacare, an end to government welfare and a greater reliance on the free, not “fair,” market) and start cleaning house. The place reeks, it’s so filthy.


Over 90% of black voters cast their ballots for Obama. If that percentage of white voters had voted for McCain, the accusations of racism would have been deafening. Sooner or later, the nation is going to have to have a serious discussion about race; and why not? It has been a huge issue for hundreds of years, and a great deal has been accomplished to bring justice and amity to US life. There is more to be done, and the electorate must carry on. The discussion should include this propaganda.

A look at what Obama said about the mosque near Ground Zero.

Nothing to see here — just more academic monkeyshines.

Stay-at-home mothers are bad for children and bad for the feminist cause. —What? You say you had no idea? Well, get in step! Yes, this is yet more of the “one size fits all (and if it doesn’t, we damn sure will do some trimming or stretching)” approach to social policy. …Pregnant pause…. Come to think of it, why should there be such a thing as social policy? And maybe that first line should have read, “Children are bad for the feminist cause,” as well. Eh?

Don’t bother reading this linked commentary — unless you are a Tea Partier who is feeling pessimistic.

The most effective enemies of US accomplishments in Afghanistan are corruption and the bankers in Dubai who enable it.

The tip of the Mossad’s iceberg?

Do watch this brief video — it’s excellent. It explains the economic facts of Obamacare.

Eric Arthur Blair (“George Orwell”) has been getting a lot of attention these days because of some aspects of the political mess, but it is not politically correct to connect him to the Anti-Tea Party Movement. That’s because the ATPM is behaving badly, following an ethic made notorious by some of Blair’s literary efforts. Blair was a soft-brained pacifist socialist who, rather like communist Arthur Koestler, eventually realized the implications of the Marxist assault on Liberty. Both men tried to warn the world that the fascism of the left was just as bad as the fascism of the right. Animal Farm and Darkness at Noon both damn the collectivist Utopia as the hell on earth that it is.

This outfit, Righthaven, is making enemies all over the place. Its implications for freedom of the press are thought-provoking, and may require Congressional intervention in order to preserve the public’s access to news and commentary. Wow. Here’s more; what, TLB wonders, is meant by “20,000 thousand”, though? Never mind…more commentary here.

News flash: Obama administration allows people to think and have opinions about that mosque near Ground Zero. Whew, that’s a huge relief. What’s next? Making decisions on health care? Nooooo….

Another court labors mightily and delivers a mutant. It’s not as bad as Kelo, but it is not common sense, common ethics, or good law. Well, maybe it is as bad as Kelo, in a way.

There seems to be a belief that New York, because it is what it is and it remains pretty much what it has been for many decades, does not deserve to set aside some part of the city as special. That special status, in the case of Ground Zero, involves the simple statement that this is not where Muslim triumphalism should shove the horror of September 11, 2001 in our faces. You “Progressives” simply don’t understand the human aspects of this tragedy….

Is the USA’s fundamental ethos changing? TLB has no idea, but others say they see something. Could be. Take a look.