The Propriety Of Obama’s Presidency

When opposition arose to the location of a mosque within a few hundred feet of Ground Zero in New York, President Obama lectured the electorate on the right of Muslims to put mosques wherever they wish, as long as local regulations (zoning, presumably) were met and the building were situated on private real estate.

This revealing incident raises serious questions about Obama’s fitness for high office.

Note that the president did not meet with the Muslims who want to create this facility and explain to them that their plans are grotesque and inimical to good relations with the community. He would not have had to scold or lecture anyone — he would merely have had to clarify matters, setting out the case that the sentiments of the US public would be profoundly wounded and alienated by this trimphalist act.

It would not have been necessary for Obama to say that he knows that all Koran-believing Muslims hold non-Muslims in utter contempt, or that the proposed mosque is a way of telling the US public to convert to Islam or face death at the hands of Allah’s warriors. Nor would he have had to explain that the fiery hatred taught by the Koran is at odds with the ethics of the increasingly tolerant US public. Instead he could and should have pointed out that by forcing this mosque on the USA in this place, Islam is provoking hatred.

As the elected spokesman for the nation, Obama could have clarified the issues for the Muslims, giving them to understand the tactical and strategic error they were making.

He’s the president, so it’s his job to do things like that. He is supposed to represent his nation to the world, to its friends, and to its enemies. It’s his job to explain and defend US sentiments and views to those who do not understand or agree with them. It’s not his job to berate his bosses as unlettered and intolerant; in fact they are neither.

As far as is known, instead of doing his job, he chose instead to scold his electorate, instructing everyone in the constitutional rights enjoyed by Islam in the USA.

In so doing, he told us more about himself than he intended to.

This newsletter has characterized Obama as a leader detached from his electorate, and unfamiliar with the ethics and mentality of the nation’s varied population. TLB has referred to him as an alien.

Obama’s instinctive reaction to the hurt and consequent anger (all anger comes from hurt) aroused by the proposed mosque is proof, this newsletter believes, that it has accurately described the president.

The nature and extent of religious Liberty are well known to the US public. Obama’s lecture was gratuitous in the extreme, and indicates his belief that the people are by and large just ignorant bigots. (“The people”? Yes. Remember that the polls show almost seventy percent of the electorate outraged by the plans for the mosque.)

But that’s not the full meaning of Obama’s revealing statement. That he should defend the indefensible by harping on the obvious indicates the shallowness of his intellect.

TLB feels constrained to say that the wrong man is in the White House; that Obama is not culturally and ethically suited to the office; that his values and perceptions are not those of a suitable leader for the nation, and that he should resign.

He is not truly and can not be the president of the United States of America.