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Month: September 2010

Number 165

On The Occasion Of A Monumentally Significant Anniversary The president of the USA made a number of remarks regarding the proposal to build what this newsletter refers to as the Ground Zero mosque. Those remarks deserve, indeed...

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Number 167

Jaundiced Skepticism And Unapologetic Cynicism For September, 2010 Domestic USA Politics The White House is casting about for a strategy to defend its majorities in Congress. That policy would, ideally, de-fang and de-claw the...

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Number 166

Told You So It was on the ninth of March, 2008, that, under the headline, “How To Win That Election Bet This Year,” this newsletter published the following item: Here’s the not-so-secret Republican strategy:...

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Number 164

Thuggery And Cowardice There can be no doubt about what the holy scriptures of Islam tell the faithful to believe and how to conduct themselves. The abiding enmity of the Koran and hadith toward other religions could not...

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Number 163

Searching For The Meaning And Significance Of Moderation Should Islam be thought of as the predominant threat to Western Civilization, or as just another faith that, like most others, has some troublesome believers? That may...

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