Thuggery And Cowardice

There can be no doubt about what the holy scriptures of Islam tell the faithful to believe and how to conduct themselves. The abiding enmity of the Koran and hadith toward other religions could not possibly be more candidly expressed.

As a result of the bloody-minded texts, the West is struggling once again to cope with pressure from an Islamic assault that knows no humane hindrances. Islam is a death cult suffused with hatred. The express, unambiguous Muslim goal is the eradication of a civilization, along with its heritage.

The construction of the Ground Zero mosque in New York is of monumental significance in this struggle, for it signals the Muslim belief that the weak and deluded infidels will tolerate any insult rather than close ranks and face their enemy. The mosque’s completion will be a sign to the world that submission to Islam is inevitable.

If you are not misled by deceitful phraseology, you can discern the rationale of the Muslims behind the Ground Zero mosque. They are saying, in effect, “If you prevent the mosque, that means you do not like us. Muslims everywhere will be angry with you. Build the mosque, bend to our will, or face the violent consequences. Tell us you like us.”

It’s a puzzle why any rational person who knows that he is despised, reviled and held in total contempt would try to ingratiate himself to his blood enemy. The loathed one knows he cannot benefit from any concession he might possibly make. He will be hated no matter what he does.

This Ground Zero mosque is thuggery of the most vile sort, and it is nauseating to realize that there are members of the ruling elite of the West who feel it incumbent on them to submit to it. A decent government would tell the populace and the world that the thugs’ demands are outrageous beyond belief, and will never be agreed to.

Truly, Islam has looked at the West and judged it cowardly, corrupt, weak, irresolute and rotten.

That judgment is, to an alarming extent, correct.

No US president bows to a despotic Muslim monarch. No self-respecting people that considers itself living in “the home of the brave” cowers before the most evil religious bigots in the world.

The facts are clear. Now a choice must be made: does the body politic prefer to submit, or to arm itself with its love of Liberty?


The chief thug explains it all here. Read the meaning, not the dishonest rhetoric. Here is the unveiled threat, the demand that translates as, “Let us have our way, which means we dance on the graves of your dead, or you could die, you hell-bound cowards.”

The wonderful outpouring of support for our right to build this community center from across the social, religious and political spectrum seriously undermines the ability of anti-American radicals to recruit young, impressionable Muslims by falsely claiming that America persecutes Muslims for their faith. These efforts by radicals at distortion endanger our national security and the personal security of Americans worldwide. This is why Americans must not back away from completion of this project. If we do, we cede the discourse and, essentially, our future to radicals on both sides. The paradigm of a clash between the West and the Muslim world will continue, as it has in recent decades at terrible cost. It is a paradigm we must shift.

It is not to be mentioned, of course, that if this lying bigot really wanted to shift the paradigm, he would be considerate of the feelings of the many thousands who lost family, friends, co-workers and neighbors to Islam’s blood lust. But no; it is the Muslim paradigm that must be imposed on a population that, according to the Koran, deserves eternal damnation.

For instances of Muslim triumphalism, visit this website. There is additional commentary on this weblog.

It is vital that you know what the creator-god of Islam tells his followers about you. The Koran is this deity’s express commandments. To the extent a Muslim does not believe the Koran, he is not a Muslim. Here, with references to the passages in the Koran, is a tiny portion of what the god of Islam says about you:

God’s curse be upon the infidels! (2:89) They have incurred God’s most inexorable wrath. An ignominious punishment awaits. (2:90) God is the enemy of the unbelievers. (2:98) Let the believers not make friends with infidels in preference to the faithful — he that does this has nothing to hope for from God — except in self-defense. (3:28) Say to the unbelievers, “You shall be overthrown and driven into Hell — an evil resting place!” (3:12) Believers, do not make friends with any but your own people. (3:118) Slay (unbelievers) wherever you find them. Drive them out from the places from which they drove you. (2:190) Believers, do not seek the friendship of the infidels and those who were given the Book before you…. (4:55) Believers, make war on the infidels who dwell around you. Deal firmly with them. (9:123)

One can continue with this rubbish for pages, so numerous are the Koran’s assertions that you are an execrable wretch, unworthy of any respect. Given this teaching, this fundamental understanding of just what damned outsiders are, Muslims have developed a mindset that allows them to justify doing literally anything to any unbeliever. Understand that you are as important as a garden slug in the Muslim world; you are tolerated simply because it is currently impractical to put you in your place.

Then ponder the willingness of the promoter of the Ground Zero mosque to turn the world upside down, paint you as the villain because you are upset by the events of 9-11-2001, portray Muslims as the decent folk who wish to close the gap between Islam and the West (without conceding anything whatsoever), and are now telling you to obey their commands. You are being threatened, not reasoned with.

Do not forget what your enemies think of you, and why they hold those views.

That knowledge provides ample justification for the defense of the West.

A German Controversy With Implications For The Entire West

Immigrants, Islam, and “the Jewish gene:” no, there is no such thing as a gene that all Jews and only Jews have, but there are patterns of genes that distinguish Hottentots from Scotsmen, so some genetic similarities exist between some groups of Jews and other Eastern Europeans. Yes, Germany has done poorly at acculturating Muslims, but that’s not Germany’s fault, nor is it possible to impose acculturation on a group without practicing totalitarian tyranny. Yes, while massive immigration can be a net benefit, it always comes with problems. Those facts do not make the author of the book mentioned here wrong in the thrust of his message. He hits a lot of notes that are in key, even while producing the occasional clunker. Have a look, because it’s a hot topic now in Germany, and its implications for Europe and the UK and the USA are profound.

Reader GB writes to note that

…even from Thailand you are following the latest political hot-potato in Germany. It’s in the news every day and the topic of every talk show. Before this broke, I knew absolutely nothing about Thilo Sarrazin, but now I have seen his mug on TV so often that it has been indelibly etched into my brain.

Sarrazin is not being criticized so much for the book he wrote, but more for the politically incorrect comments he has made after the book made headlines. I tell you, I’ve seen him on TV and he does not come across as a really intelligent person. He rambles on and on, speaking in disjointed “abgehackten” (chopped-up -Ed.) sentences that make him appear to be really stupid. (I’m sure you can find a lot of clips on Youtube.)

Most Germans say that his basic premise, i.e., that many foreigners (primarily Moslems; read: Turks) are living in Parallelgesellschaften (parallel societies – Ed.) and not integrating themselves into German society is more or less true. The immigrants produce lots of children – more than the “German Germans” – and don’t learn German, stay to themselves and when they get into business it is only to provide goods and services (kebap shops, green grocers, jewelry stores, wedding gown stores, etc.) for their own people. Where he really got into trouble is when he made claims that Moslems and Basque people have specific genetic characteristics that set them apart and, that the Moslems are less intelligent.

I think that he has oversimplified the problem, but in one way it is good that this topic has gotten the attention of the public and the bleeding-heart left-wingers who (in the 70s, 80s and 90s) who promoted (Turkish) “mother tongue” classes in schools (much like their US counterparts did for Mexicans and South American immigrants). Now they seem to be admitting that this was a mistake, which did not promote integration into German society. As “proof” that learning German (like a native speaker or at least fluently) can help with integration, a book titled “Zwischen Moschee und Minirock” (link;Just As I Wish, My Life Between Mosque and Miniskirt) by a young Turkish girl named Melda Akbas has recently made headlines, with her appearances on TV talk shows (next to Sarrazin) de rigeur.

GB also sends along a link to a video of a German talk show in which Akbas is interviewed and Sarrazin’s book is discussed (it’s in German, no subtitles); click here. A tip of the hat for the commentary and info. It’s good to get the informed opinions of a German-speaker living in Europe.


What option does Israel have to a military strike on Iran, and what will Iran do in retaliation? It appears there is not much time left, and whatever is going on behind the scenes remains unknown to the public and press. After Israel attacks, the USA will certainly be targeted by a number of Islamic organizations, with suicidal fanatics intent on killing and being killed. You might consider stocking up on supplies so you can go some days or weeks with no customary access to clean water, food, medicine and ordinary household needs. Sanitary waste disposal is a serious concern you should address. Yes, there is the possibility that Iranian agents may attack the infrastructure of the USA in several critical locations. The bombing of a few choke points in the delivery chain, or damage to major utilities, could cripple a large US city for days. Do you know how well the power generating plants and bridges in your state are guarded? Who protects the huge power transmission lines that go for hundreds of miles across very sparsely populated regions? Can a government that is unable to control a relatively short section of its border be depended on to safeguard thousands of targets within the nation? You know the answers, so you know why your welfare is strictly your responsibility.

PBS did this? Well, now. Not since their report on firearms (with Jessica Savitch) has there been anything like this clarification of what went wrong. Sure, Jamie Gorelick was not named, even though the impact of her fell handiwork was made plain, but still…PBS had better watch out!

Feeling sanguine about things? Looking forward to getting the job done, because now the USA has a president who has reached out to Muslims, explained that they are understood, appreciated and loved, and is reining in those pesky Jews? Well, Bunky, you need a dose ofthis. Note especially the results of that poll that checks on the popularity of the USA in some selected locations. The One is making headway, right? Yeah, and pigs need parachutes.

Holder refuses to do his job, and it’s easy to see why. So a private citizen is stepping forward to use the law and the courts to clean up the mess. This is a disgrace — and fodder for Tea Party activists.

The BBC is simply not capable of understanding why US Tea Partiers are trying to change things. Sometimes the world makes little sense — unless you consider who is an individualist and who is a collectivist.

From tree-huggers to suicidal murderers: “The modern environmental movement is not kind, caring or gentle. It is a series of ticking time bombs waiting to blow up in our face.” Those are fighting words, and they can be backed up.

Ah, peace talks between Israelis and “Palestinians.” So everything’s all right then.

The slimy-creepy guy who heads Wikileaks has a lot of people upset, not the least of them Uncle Sam’s military. Work proceeds oncountermeasures.

The problem with this commentary is that it is too long. It is easy to understand why the author felt it should not be edited down, as it is a very personal document, and heartfelt. Understand that, and understand that it expresses some truths that you should know about Geert Wilders, the Dutch fellow who is so unfortunately controversial. Recommended.

Blame Obama for this? No, that would be silly. Blame the governmental bureaucracy. You know, the folks who are going to be administering your health care.

Muslims in Paris: a lesson for the world, and nobody who matters is paying attention and doing anything about it. Passivity amounts to cultural suicide, for Islam sees it as weakness. The issues are a bit different in the USA, but the details hardly matter. It’s a matter of will, of the vitality of the heritage, and of the courage of one’s convictions.

“Are we currently witnessing the beginning of the end of the American era?” That’s a good question, and at times it seems that Obama would answer, “I certainly hope so!” The fellow asking the question has a different view, however. He also has some interesting credentials, and advice for US voters. Read it all here. — What’s that? You say it’s a German magazine, and the guy writing in it is a German? Right on both counts. Maybe his European viewpoint disqualifies him, therefore…well, you can decide that only if you read his words. Recommended.

“That…is the conclusion of a number of scholars who have undertaken an early examination of the Obama presidency and whose work was presented at this weekend’s meeting of the American Political Science Association.” Oh? What, exactly, was the conclusion? Read this and see. It’s surprising that this commentary appeared in the WaPo. That’s probably the paper’s way of trying to restore and retain credibility.

It appears as if the number and intensity of attacks on the Tea Party Movement are about to grow. At the hyperlink: a response to Jimmy Breslin (remember him?), who has thrown a spectacular fit. What fun!

Canada, The Continuing Disaster, eh? Two cheers for political correctness, and one for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Remember WIN? It stood for “whip inflation now.” It was Gerald Ford’s idea, and there were buttons you could pin on your shirt proclaiming your patriotic intent (but how do you whip inflation, when you don’t understand it?). And wasn’t it Jimmy Carter who called economic problems “the moral equivalent of war?” Yes. Now we are getting the same nonsense from The One. Can’t anybody deal with reality without deconstructing it, re-creating it as a silly metaphor, and propagandizing the voters by beating them with a stupid slogan? Look: the nation is fighting Islamist thugs because those people are pure evil, and because they mean to kill as many US and Western folks as possible. They want to eradicate an entire civilization because it does not bend its knee to the insanity that is the Koran, and they have targeted the USA and Europe because they sense those regions are weakening. Now look again: the US economy is in a disastrous state because it has been mangled by leaders and managers who felt the free exercise of economic activity should be severely restricted in the pursuit of partisan policy, and because incompetents and ideologues were given positions of authority. In order to ease the present pain, the nation’s future has been ruined by unserviceable debt. That’s what is going on. Face facts, and then deal with them. Never mind the lousy metaphors and the crack-brained sloganeering. People need to be thrown out of office and policies need to be scrapped; now get on with it.

Coping with that pesky Tea Party Movement: why not create a fake, and use it to attract the votes of the inbred racists, thereby diluting their influence? Great idea! So it was tried. With these results. It will be tried again.

This is flat-out hilarious. More here.

Yes: “Barack Obama and Eric Holder are presiding over a dangerously politicized Department of Justice. Most people don’t follow the news closely enough to understand what Obama and Holder have done to the Department, but by rights this should be a major campaign issue.” Read the why of it on this weblog.

This is what happens when you are president and your mindset incorporates and endorses the victim syndrome.

YouTube could not tolerate this video. You might wonder why, unless you grasp the fact that political correctness is the enemy of Liberty.

Since Madame Zelda is no longer available — she was reported to have run off with a self-ordained snake-handling preacher — this newsletter has had to depend on various non-traditional authorities to provide glimpses of the future. Here’s one who says that things are falling apart, and will have to be rebuilt. He makes a lot of sense, unfortunately.

“Clearly,” says says this commentary, “the ‘canonical New Keynesian’ model that holds such sway on America’s elites is intellectually exhausted.” Then it carries on with opinion and fact that you should consider.

What does the word “peace” mean to you? Ponder this perspective on how the word can be and is used.

The quote of the day, stolen from a weblog that received it from a reader, has to do with AGW. The reader is shocked by the attitude of the weblogger, and says, “How could you be skeptical of people that claim they can foretell the future and control the forces of nature?” While you are in the mood, check out those disappearing icecaps, and then have a look at how temperatures are doing, given all that nasty carbon dioxide in the air.

Begin with this…”The essence of progressivism, of which environmentalism has become an appendage, is the faith that all will be well once we have concentrated enough power in Washington and have concentrated enough Washington power in the executive branch and have concentrated enough ‘experts’ in that branch. Hence the Environmental Protection Agency proposes to do what the elected representatives of the rubes refuse to do in limiting greenhouse gases.” Then follow it where it leads.

Are these politicians doing this out of conviction, or because they love being in Congress and will discard or adopt principles in order to stay there? That may not be a polite question, but it is an appropriate one. And it is more polite than the first words that came to mind, namely, what you see here is whores trying to stay in business.

Yep, this is about the hate generated by “the very idea of a grassroots political effort….” It’s good to see opposition to the Tea Party Movement jell. The battle has been joined. This newsletter is confident that the latest arrivals on the field of combat will try to counter deeply-felt convictions with dollars, and the result of that folly will be very satisfactory.

Finally: is it “Muslim” or “Moslem”? This newsletter uses “Muslim” and finds “Moslem” acceptable. Because that policy is covered by what is known in The Eagle Wing Palace as “The Malt Memorandum,” it is subject to change, you betcha.