The Lynx Bulletin

Number 173

29 October, 2010

Thoughts On The Eve Of An Election

In Number 170 of this newsletter, corruption was named the single greatest problem of mankind. That judgment was accurate. Accordingly, as the USA prepares to vote, all citizens are well advised to note what happens at their polling places and report questionable events to the police. After the election, whoever wins, a nationwide effort to reduce election fraud would be welcome.

This may be possible, for if the GOP takes back the House, Congress may try to look into Holder’s Department of Justice. The courts say that federal laws apply to state elections for federal offices, so the FBI should be investigating ballot irregularities; as long as Holder is in office, however, that is not likely to happen or to be effective if it does. That’s right: things are rotten at the very top.

For decades jokes have been made about the Chicago style of politics, and no one seems to take very seriously the fact that the president is a product of Chicago’s machine. How, exactly, he got a job teaching a law course remains a bit of a mystery, for example, and no one seems interested in why his background has been so scrupulously hidden from view. His relationships to Billy “Bomber” Ayers and that absurd preacher remain unclear and puzzling. Where did Obama’s millions come from? Do community organizers make big bucks? There is a great deal that remains unknown about this young man, including how he went so far so fast without accomplishing anything.

Transparency is the enemy of corruption, but it is singularly lacking in the cases of Chicago politics, ballot box tampering across the nation, and the bigoted underperformance of the federal Department of Justice. If the public knew the full truth, doubtless a lot of people — important, connected people — would, as the song says, “get a number for a name.”

To get at the truth, several things need to happen (in no particular order), and none of them is likely.

First, the lap dog press has to take an interest. Investigative reporting has languished lately, and the reasons for that are obvious.

Second, leadership at the highest levels has to provide unbiased justice.

Third, law enforcement has to be tasked with investigating all varieties of corruption. That would require that the police agencies involved be cleaned up, of course.

Fourth, prosecutions have to be vigorous and determined. Some big boys have to go to prison. Just locking up a few lower-level thugs will accomplish nothing.

Fifth, the voters have to come down hard on corrupt judges, political bosses, bigoted officials like Holder, bent prosecutors, and legislators who are owned. Reformers have to be elected to office, and they have to be watched to make sure they are not stalking horses.

At present, thanks to ACORN and SEIU, things are in a terrible state and getting worse. This could be one of the most dishonest elections in the nation’s history. The most vulnerable areas appear to involve absentee ballots, registration lists, and voting machines.

You may remember the fuss when Al Gore lost to Bush in Florida. The charges made against the GOP were sweeping, bitter and seemed to be based in facts, yet the press did not follow up on them. Instead the attention of the public was focused on the court actions that eventually called a halt to the circus. Years later, as has been repeatedly reported in this newsletter, a coalition of reporters counted the ballots yet again, and had to admit that Bush won. But the question remained: how many voters were removed from the registration lists because they were presumed to be Gore supporters? To this day, the charge remains unexamined.

Election tampering and voter fraud are easy to ignore, troublesome to investigate, and can become the focus of race-based enforcement. All of this misbehavior entrenches corruption. Reform is long overdue, and if the Tea Party Movement wants something to do between elections, this is the issue it should take up.


This Is A Genuine Concern

The article at the hyperlink is, in the opinion of this newsletter, a fake. You decide; here it is. A hat tip goes to reader JY, who agrees that the account may not be true.

If the story is accurate, however, Obama may be suffering from manic-depressive disorder.

Note that Drudge has posted this corroborating report, which certainly looks fishy. The source is in Iran, and the download of the video took forever, so you might not be able to view it. Summary: the claim is that an unqualified man was elected. He is said to hate being president so much that he is detaching himself from the responsibilities of the job. The military in particular is allegedly upset with his refusals to pay attention. Obama is said to be on the verge of total incapacity.

The Iranian source claims to have information from people in the White House who are shocked and dismayed. Plans are allegedly being made to set Obama aside under the provisions of the 25th amendment.

Again this newsletter expresses profound skepticism.

Review the facts: some folks are doing all they can to discredit the president and urge that he be removed because he is unfit. “Unfit” means suffering from “mental illness” (whatever that is). That raises more questions than it answers, of course.

The JFK assassination was a gift to conspiracy theorists, but this effort to get rid of Obama could dwarf it — and will, if Obama is placed in psychiatric care. Cut off from contact with the press and public, presumably drugged and under duress when allowed to speak publicly, he would be helpless. In split seconds his admirers would demand to know what powerful cabal had done this to the first genuine reform president in over a half century.

The removal of Obama as a “mental case” would almost certainly precipitate bloody riots across the nation.

Then the real troubles would begin.

So…who is behind this campaign to portray the president as “mentally ill,” and do those people want to cause the collapse of the USA? To this newsletter, the answers look like “Iran,” and “Yes.”


Common Sense Sometimes Suffices

Madame Zelda is no longer available, so this newsletter’s predictions are strictly amateur operations. Here goes anyway: everyone expects a GOP avalanche, and everyone is wrong. While the GOP will score, it will not win big. The left is desperate to drag, coerce, and lure ethnic groups and union members to the polls, bribing as necessary, while the Obama-haters and Congress-loathers are overconfident. The House will belong to the GOP; the Senate will remain Democrat country. The consequences: lousy.



Popular Science has put all its back issues (137 years of them) on the internet, and a nice search feature allows you to look up things like desmodromic valves, the SR-71, and Mars. The best way to use this archive is to begin by entering the search terms “google books” in the Google search engine, and then enter the search terms “popular science” on the page that comes up. Next search for the topic that interests you, and left click on the images of magazine covers that appear; each issue contains a mention of what you are looking for. If you do it this way, you will get a wider window that makes the text much easier to read than if you do it from the PopSci web page. When you click on the + magnifying glass at the top of the text, the fonts will grow; give it a second or three to work.

The consequences of US drug laws. Advisory: very gruesome photos, not at all appropriate for children.

The Tea Party Movement comes under academic scrutiny: “Can’t we just arrest them?” Not yet; you have to wait for the inauguration of that national civilian security force that Obama promised. Don’t fret, he’ll get on it soon — ‘cuz the Prez is heap plenty fed up with those idiot voters, you betcha.

Everyone knows that syphilis originated in the New World. That common understanding has just been proved wrong.

Speaking of sex, here’s another article on the mixers held by modern humans and Neanderthaler.

Some folks will react angrily to this photo, and some will dismiss it as typical Wingnut junk. Whatever one’s political orientation, the picture does say something troubling about the USA.

WikiLeaks reveals government documents that embarrass the military. All good “progressives” agree that hiding government misdeeds from the public is wrong! So how about this? — Oh, that’s different….

Who is staging laser attacks on aircraft? It could be kids who think lasers are cool, or possibly copycat sociopaths. The fact that the attacks continue might suggest the villains are practicing.

If you think Nancy Pelosi is credible, click here.

Noblesse oblige: Katie the professional journalist, dismissing concerns of pellagra and the unavailability of a decent Chablis, goes on a familiarization safari of darkest Flyover Country. She intends to get a sense of whether the natives appreciate all the things the government does for them — and maybe she’ll rub a few heads for luck. Oh, but will she be risking retributive violence? The unwashed, they have guns! No, the danger should be low, for these days she’s virtually unknown.

The last issue of this newsletter carried a hyperlink to an item regarding the “high value target” activities of special forces in Afghanistan. Here’s more on the subject. This seems to be an argument between those who think the job can be done with the left hand and those who want to use the right hand. It can’t get sillier. Consider as well that the Taliban know how long they will be under pressure, for Obama has told them that if they survive through July of 2011, they will win.

A candidate for the US Senate in Florida makes a fine campaign video that should scare the daylights out of a lot of folks in the Bicoastal Elite. It won’t. They will sniff at it as yet more hysteria from a bunch of crazy Cubans.


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