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Number 170

9 October, 2010

Liberty Will Be Extinguished — Unless The People Prevent It

This link appeared in a previous TLB; the video at the URL explains the commerce clause of the US federal constitution. If you did not see it the first time around, give it a look now. The reason: a federal judge has just handed down a shatteringly novel mandate for the literally unfettered expansion of governmental authority — based on the commerce clause.

Points to note:

1. Activity is one thing; non-activity is another. The judge conflates them, and errs when he assumes that they both amount to choices that are of the same quality.

2. The court claims that a decision is the same as an activity, and again, it is wrong. The federal constitution can not properly be used to control decisions. Yet the court asserts otherwise. In so doing, it enables the constitutional federal oversight and punishment of literally all thoughts and deeds of all people in the USA. This madness is far from the constitution’s express definition of the role of government.

3. In handing down this decision, the judge has created a novel principle in law. It is so sweeping that it deserves the appellation totalitarian.

Now it may be possible to discern a use for Obama’s promised “national civilian security force” that will be as powerful and well-funded as the military. You will obey, Citizen.

For specifics, go here first, and then here.


Observations On The Ethics Of Political Discourse And Governance

What follows is an unsorted collection of links and comments on the current state of morals, public and private. Be judgmental, Pilgrims.

What to think of this advertising campaign? The poster (the second image down on the web page) is reprehensible; it fairly drips with perverse horror. Yet it and its companion videos are benignly approved of by the True Believers. The folks who came up with this Dreck are warmers, cult members who still believe in the debunked idea that mankind can heat the atmosphere to catastrophic levels, and is doing so now. They propose to advance their fascistic fables with what they believe to be humor (or “humour”). Wow, aren’t those adverts knee-slappers, though? Talk about funny! These Poms invented the jape, as fans of The Goon Show can attest, and now they have perfected it! Right…bloody conscienceless morons….

The explanation for wholesale brutality, false imprisonment, torture, executions: “…part radical chic, part revolutionary tourism, part orientalism.” Oh, well, that’s all right then.

Two views of “demonizing:” first, a collectivist recalls the past and lashes out at people who want to change the way US voters view their relationship to the government. He’s angry because protesters are protesting, which is a bit odd for someone who damns the government for having killed protesters. “Hateful words are fired like bullets,” he says, and then fires away; take cover, Tea Partiers! Next, a few thoughts on the culture war: “We are social beings, people for whom membership in the right group can spell the difference between success and oblivion.” Well, yes — and there’s the rub. Groups are abstractions, just as society is. So by defining them, we distort reality; by giving them essential importance, we prostitute our humanity. The results ain’t grate, as this weblogger points out; that’s especially true when the defining terms used for groups are dishonest. — Let’s see now: we were pondering the use of words as weapons, weren’t we? And we concluded that, er, when Tea Party types open their mouths, innocent people are likely to get killed, or bad things are going to happen, because these protesters hate. They hate because they are genetically deficient, or culturally primitive, or something, and it’s not hateful to say things like that about the folks in Flyover Country. OK, got it. Hey, this politically correct stuff is so easy to understand, any moron can get it!

If it were possible to wave a magic wand and solve just one of the world’s problems — the problem that causes the most suffering, needless death, poverty and violence — which bane of human existence would you choose to eradicate? This newsletter believes there is no better candidate than corruption. If that could be ended, the avalanche of benefits would reach far beyond the obvious. Consider the case of Afghanistan, for example; click on the hyperlink and ponder the situation. A tip of the hat goes to the Dean of TLB subscribers, JH, for the link.

Related: “Willful incompetence in my view is simply the equivalent of corruption.” Think it over…he may be correct. Unfortunately he’s referring to the US Congress.



The implications of Vietnam continue to haunt the USA. The subject was discussed in February of 2008 in the first issue of The Penguin Post (this newsletter’s name at the time, and the HTML version of the earlier Terrapin Gazette). Request a copy if you wish to understand how Vietnam confirmed Osama bin Laden’s notion of the USA as a target unlikely to respond effectively to attack.

Here’s a report on a vaccine (Gardasil) touted as preventive medicine that good parents will make sure their daughters get. You probably know people who must decide whether to go along with medical opinion and have their girls vaccinated. Is the vaccine dangerous? The fact that there is a controversy is important, no matter what is eventually learned about the vaccine’s effects. Pass the word.

Geert Wilders and the enemies of free speech: a visionary is being martyred by the suicidal foolishness of the West.

The LA Times ignores science and facts, and insists on hampering the free market with “climate change” legislation. Lunacy.

Here’s a report on new sniper technology that’s interesting. Note that it does not say how heavy, bulky and slow to set up this equipment is.

There’s a very powerful propaganda video on You Tube called “Remember November”; it is claimed to be the work of an outfit called The Republican Governors Association. Your donations are solicited. TLB suggests that if you want to support anti-incumbent or anti-Democratic Party activities, you spend your money on gasoline going to meetings and rallies of a local Tea Party group.

Race/ethnic relations in the USA are becoming a topic again. Is that good or bad? Probably bad, as rising expectations that could not be magically fulfilled seem to lie behind the feelings of many folks. Expect more mass media commentary on this subject in general, and don’t be the least bit surprised when a lot of it turns out to be propaganda.

The Tea Party Movement is accused of all sorts of horrible things, including sedition and tacit incitements to violence. Here are several examples of the nasty language — a lot of which is genuinely inappropriate, mean-spirited, and revealing. Somebody should tell the TPM to clean up its…whoa, there seems to have been a mixup somewhere….

The current culture war will submit to historical analysis that relies on comparisons, parallels, and precedents. Your contemplation of the facts is invited.

Headline: “Britain Plunges Headlong Into Totalitarianism With Equality Act.” Surely Canada will be quick to follow.

Der Spiegel reports on Viktor Blout, the accused “Lord of War” who was long ago targeted by numerous agencies. “The Viktor Bout story is the tale of an unscrupulous businessman who cleverly took advantage of globalization, and who appears to have provided weapons to virtually every army in the world: from the Americans to the Taliban and their enemies in the Northern Alliance, and from Marxist guerrillas in Colombia to child soldiers in Sierra Leone.” If he talks, powerful men around the world — not all of them outside the USA — will be infuriated. He won’t talk.

Here it is in a nutshell: why the US economy is prostrate, and why it will happen again. Very highly recommended.

Related: what can be done? How can the Republic dismount from this tiger? Well, it’s simple. And it’s all explained here. Now get busy, Tea Partiers!

Related: there is one caveat to the above item, and this is it.

The Tea Partiers are racists. They are inbred mouth-breathers. They are Nazis. They are astroturf. And so on and on…. OK, that’s all baloney, but now it can be revealed: the Tea Partiers are the unwitting tools of Big Business, and the most evil Big Businessmen one can imagine are behind the fake populist push to restore constitutional values. — Well, can you know these are all facts? — Sure! Just read Frank Rich! He exposes the TPM as the puppet show it really is! — Look, calm down and realize one simple truth for what it is: those who favor common sense and prudence in fiscal policy also favor free markets, which are preferred by business, as well. That makes for political allies, not puppets. So when businessmen donate to the TPM, they are behaving normally, ethically, and predictably. Conspiracist nonsense cannot be deduced or induced from those honest behaviors.

The real costs of Obamacare: though the plan is not in full effect yet, it is already causing serious problems in the delivery of medical/surgical services. Some examples. Tip: if the text is hard to read, click on “View” in the horizontal menu at the top of the screen, and then click on “Page style.” When that sub-menu shows up, click on “No style.”

So this graphene is called “the stuff of the future.” Great. When will it be for sale in the local hardware store, and when can we start making raincoats out of it? What, no estimate? Oh, OK, then…. That means this is probably another of those “the stuff of the future, and always will be” predictions. Speaking of which: never mind cancer cures, has anybody ever figured out what to do with Buckeyballs? And where are those Interferon tablets that cure all bacterial and viral infections? Face it: we have tons of hype, and pounds of genuine technological breakthroughs. To the average person, the most significant development of the past two decades is probably the increase in the processing speed of computer chips. Remember when 66 MHz was considered a big step ahead? If pharmacology, surgery, metallurgy, chemistry and electrical engineering had advanced at that pace, the world really would be a lot better off. But it isn’t. In no area of health care, for example, has there been any advance that begins to approach one-tenth the progress made in semiconductor design. Why is that, and what can be done about it? Begin with a look at the way the work of Warren and Marshall was received at first, and go from there to the cultic pseudo-science of anthropogenic global warming. The fact is, Pilgrims, mankind is still very, very primitive.

What is this? Bloviation? Posturing? Insanity? Or is it just “progressive” political babble?

“Today’s congressional Democrats who voted to impose socialized medicine on the nation while exempting themselves should bear in mind Abraham Lincoln’s words: ‘Whenever I hear anyone arguing for slavery, I feel a strong impulse to see it tried on him personally.'” Now that’s hilarious! Yes, it’s indeed the Kansas – Nebraska Act all over again.

How’s this for a slap in the face to the Obama administration? “Could it have been the new Gallup poll that drove stocks up almost 200 points on Tuesday? That blockbuster survey, regarded by many as the blue-chip gold standard for election forecasting, pointed to an unprecedented Republican landslide tsunami in the generic congressional race.” Hah! Radical collectivists hate the very idea that personal desires can drive an economy, producing prosperity and true progress — all because people are allowed to try to make money with money. Yes, that means that Obama would outlaw trading in stocks, bonds and other derivatives of all sorts if he could. The real enemy of collectivism is, however, not just capitalism, but Liberty. Liberty makes capitalism and free markets possible. (Addendum: “Landslide tsunami”? Cripes, who writes this stuff?)

You are well advised to read this commentary, for it is as timely and informative as it is brilliant. (Before you do, make sure you know how to pronounce the title.) Highest recommendation.

Economic truths: “It’s not rocket science to conclude that whatever lowers the cost of capital formation, such as lowering the cost of investing in earthmovers, enables contractors to purchase more of them. Workers will have more capital to work with and as a result enjoy higher wages. Policies that raise the cost of capital formation such as capital gains taxes, low depreciation allowances and corporate taxes, thereby reduce capital formation, and serve neither the interests of workers, investors nor consumers. It does serve the interests of politicians who get more resources to be able to buy votes.” The author of those words makes sense, explains things clearly, and is on target. But because he’s talking about the folly of “progressive” fiscal policy, he’s irrelevant to the deliberations of Congress and the policies proceeding from an ignorant, ideologically twisted administration. Read the full text here.

The Israelis took the land in war, and have no intention of ever giving it back. There are precedents in history….

Do you remember Governor Moonbeam, and are you able to vote for or against him these days? If so, you might have a look at an update of the recurring nightmare.

Andrew Breitbart is, according to the express, emphatic view of MSNBC’s Olbermann, “scum.” Decide for yourself: have a look at the video here, and read Breitbart’s commentary on it. That won’t tell you whether Breitbart is an axe murderer, but it will give you an idea of how he plays politics.

Juan Cole explains US foreign policy to you. His viewpoint is that of the quintessential collectivist who sees all opposition to his ideas as coming from “Neocons.” Just before the outbreak of World War II, he would have been called an anti-fascist (though fascism is found in abundance on the collectivist side of politics) and opponent of isolationism. Today he rates as more isolationist than interventionist, and his domestic politics are heavily fascistic; add a lot of heavy-duty Chomskyite sophistry, and you will have categorized Cole pretty well. It’s interesting to see how the realities of political posture change over time.


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