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Number 172

27 October, 2010

Cracks In The Superstructure? That’s Wishful Thinking

Now this is interesting on several levels: a documentary film on lower education has been produced (it’s one of three or more made recently on that topic), and it was reviewed in The New York Review of Books.

One recalls that TNYRB strongly supports the collectivist ruling elite, so the reader should brace for a partisan, or even blatantly biased, review. The film’s director is, one would expect, staunchly politically correct, for — quoting from the review in TNYRB — “His reputation as the director of the Academy Award-winning An Inconvenient Truth, about global warming, contributed to the anticipation surrounding Waiting for ‘Superman’ …” That only emphasizes the caution that because Inconvenient was deceitful, this new documentary must be approached skeptically.

Too, the teachers’ unions are an integral part of the Bicoastal Elite. The majority of their members who should be teaching civics and history promote an interpretation of the USA profoundly influenced by bogus scholars like Howard Zinn. (Yes, as implied, there are exceptions.)

What one might therefore expect is a film that exploits ignorance. It will probably be dishonest, glossy, and strongly supportive of the tax-supported educational apparatus.

Now since no one on the staff of this newsletter has seen the documentary, TLB can not pass judgment on it. Still it is interesting to note that TNYRB savages the film as inaccurate and egregiously jaundiced. Evidently the director attacks the conventional public schools and lauds the (actually very lackluster) performance of charter schools that compete with them.

So a solidly Establishment organ rips into an almost certainly cretinous propaganda film made by a member of the Correct Class. Well, now.

Whether the documentary is right or wrong hardly matters; either way, the fact that the Bicoastal Elite is a bit lacking in solidarity is all to the good. If, moreover, the director of Inconvenient is seen as a politically unreliable and error-prone March hare, the elite’s few independent thinkers just might reconsider his AGW nonsense.

Meanwhile, what of lower education? Yes, there are dismal public schools, staffed by incompetents and sluggards; the Lynx Bulletin staff has been frustrated by these parasites. Nevertheless TLB insists that bad schooling is born at home. It is very hard for any teacher to overcome the influences of a culture that fosters maladaptive values. However the schools are funded, they cannot turn back the tide. In any event, before lower education can be reformed, higher education will have to be mucked out. Don’t expect miracles.


The Libel Just Keeps On Coming. There Is A Reason

The apparatchiki in the journalism cadre of the Bicoastal Elite just can’t play fair. Here’s yet another example of the filthy innuendo and outright accusations of sedition directed at the Tea Party Movement.

…with the Tea Party gaining followers, the idea of civil war over economic issues doesn’t seem that far-fetched these days. And Ron Paul definitely thinks the Fed should be ended. In TIME’s recent cover story on the militia movement many said these groups are powder kegs looking for a catalyst.

Well, powder kegs do not blow up when placed next to catalysts, so the metaphor is both ignorant and stupid. Never mind…

…because this is the important part: Time is implying that if a US civil war breaks out, the Tea Party Movement will be responsible. All right, that’s speculative commentary, and deserves to be considered — so be clear about this: the innuendo is not true. The Tea Partiers want everyone to vote against the people who have wrecked the economy, and that’s all there is to it.

No, Time‘s target is not the militias, which are weak and extraordinarily unlikely to start killing people because of what a marginalized politician thinks of the Federal Reserve System. The militias are just a convenient monster under the bed.

The TPM is the real target because to the Bicoastal Elite, a vote against the current majority in Congress is an anti-social act. All authoritarians, on detecting disobedient attitudes in the lower orders, are quick to anger. Individualism is ipso facto treason, for it threatens the organization of the greater community.

That’s how simply deciding to rally and vote against the Powers That Be has become, in the minds of your current rulers, incitement to civil war.

Who here is excessive and antidemocratic?


A Film That Should Horrify And Enlighten

A friend recently passed along a DVD of the film “Das Leben der Anderen,” a German production that is some years old. The title means something like, “The lives of other people.” It’s a drama about the state security agency of the German Democratic Republic and its impact on a handful of folks. If you have not seen it, you might include it on your list of DVD purchases.

The film rates mention because at one point, the staff of this newsletter was galvanized by a line in the script. A policeman upbraids a citizen for “…being ungrateful to the state, which has given you so much.”

The words drip with horror.

You may recall that TLB has mentioned that Obama says he is disappointed with the US constitution, for it simply protects the public from its governments (yes, plural, since the fourteenth amendment went into effect). It does not grant anyone any money, status, security, benefits or goods. That makes it, as far as The One is concerned, a highly imperfect document.

As well, Obama feels there is no genuine or pressing need for anyone to be protected from a US government. Were it otherwise, he would have praised the constitution as an accurate diagnosis of humanity’s greatest problem and a brilliant solution to it.

Never mind the enabling philosophy, and go straight to the conclusion: Obama is dangerous. His tacit opinion and overt criticism of the constitution tell you that at once.

You say you don’t see the point? Meditate on it, Pilgrims. Your future, and the futures of your children and grandchildren, are at serious risk.


Can The USA Win In Afghanistan?

The quick answer is that the USA can win wherever it genuinely feels it must win.

In practical terms, victory in Afghanistan depends on several things that are very hard, in fact probably impossible, to predict. Here are the things that matter:

1. What Obama wants to do. That’s unfortunate, because he has already blundered badly by telling the enemy the date on which he plans to stop fighting. That has to be one of the most stupid things any US president has ever done.

2. Whether the Afghans are capable of resisting the Taliban without the help of large numbers of US troops. The Taliban can be driven away if the population wants to do it, but whether the will can be mustered is the question.

3. Whether the forces supporting the Taliban feel that further investment is profitable. Those forces are not just economic and military — they include religious factors that are impossible to measure.

Now here’s a news item that, for reasons that will be obvious, did not make it past the gatekeepers and into the news. Read it at this hyperlink, and decide how significant this information is. Do not dismiss this as inconsequential, for such things can decide wars in Afghanistan.


The Nastiness Of It All

Partisan politics often takes on a style that reveals its character. Recently, for example, the “progressive” elements in US politics have struggled hard to brand the Tea Party Movement as racist and mean-spirited, rotten with bigotry. The result has been to cast doubt on the ethical orientation of the left, whose lies and mud-slinging have been an embarrassment to Democrats. It seems only reasonable that some on the political right are jerks, but overall, if you want to be around friendly people who are tolerant of others, you are better off in the company of conservatives. Those folks are not generally bigoted and bitter. Don’t believe it? Read Tammy Bruce’s comments on the difference between left and right. Yes, she has a point, as this attempt to discredit Andrew Breitbart demonstrates.

Bigotry on the left? Well, it should not surprise anyone, given the rancor with which “progressives” approach political questions. For example, here’s some fighting language from a Democrat in a policy-making position in the party:

If Latinos sit out the election instead of saying, ‘We’re gonna punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us,’ if they don’t see that kind of upsurge in voting in this election, then I think it’s gonna be harder and that’s why I think it’s so important that people focus on voting on November 2.

So Latinos have enemies who need to be punished, eh? And those enemies would not be other Latinos, right? After all, the speaker is lumping all Latinos together, assuming that they are politically uniform, isn’t he? Doesn’t that turn political disagreements into ethnic (some would say “racial”) battlegrounds? How well does that language square with decent political discourse? It’s bigotry, and it’s out of line, now isn’t it?

Here’s the speaker’s identity. As if you did not know.

Meanwhile the nation ponders just how racist the firing of a black newsman is. His case is controversial, and that is true even if you leave out the racial possibilities. Of course some are saying that it’s all right for a black person to be a “progressive” or leftist of some sort, but for that individual to be on the right is a sin against his race. Meanwhile others are saying that National Public Radio just made a mistake, period. It would be nice to believe that.

The unfortunate truth is that whenever elites are involved, bigotry is automatically and immediately a problem. It can be trivial or scarcely present at all, but it is always there — because elites know they are better, and they can’t help showing it to some degree. Genuine humility is intensely difficult to generate and maintain — it’s a bit like not thinking of a swan when someone says to you, “Don’t think of a swan.”

That can lead to problems, such as the one defined thus: “I would say that the Obama Democrats, who acknowledge no intellectual superiors, have been the slaves of defunct political scientists and historians.” That’s from an attempt to explain why Obama has essentially lost his mandate. At such times, leaders become desperate, and the efforts to rally the troops begin to look formulaic. So, Pilgrims, the second half of the Obama Adventure is just about to begin. It should be very interesting: dirty, messy, unpleasant, bitter, nasty and simply overflowing with accusations and denunciations. Look for immigration to be one of the issues that moves from the back burner to the front, and boils over. Well, that’s probably what Madame Zelda would say.



From here, we have a report that “NPR CEO Vivian Schiller said…Controversial opinions should not come from NPR reporters or news analysts….” Careful, there, Viv — somebody might start going over old NPR “news” broadcasts and analyzing them for bias!

The Dutch are falling all over themselves as they continue to try to find something wrong with free speech. It’s Keystone Kops in wooden shoes.

Is this the death knell of Windows? No. It’s just a few folks whose self-confidence assures them they can cope with change, so they have made some rational decisions. That’s often easier for companies and bureaus than it is for individuals.

A TLB staffer recalls: “When I was a youngster, my dad worked for the US Navy. He got me on the USS New Jersey once. So these photos impress me.”

No weapons of mass destruction in Saddam’s Iraq? This newsletter’s precoursor, The Terrapin Gazette, disagreed, and only now are the facts dribbling out where they can be ignored all over again. It’s the press, Boys and Girls — those ideologues just don’t feel comfortable knowing that you have access to the full story. Which is why they style themselves “gatekeepers.” A better word for them: “liars.” They were certainly effective, though.

Mess with Israel, get yourself killed. It seems those pesky Jews learned something from Hitler — and it wasn’t that you cooperate with culturally disfigured sociopaths in the hope that they will change and love you.

This newsletter’s nominee for The Jerry Lewis Trophy, awarded to the “Buffoon of the Decade.” — Surprise! It’s not Barney Frank!

Yes, as P. J. O’Rourke says, “This is not an election on November 2. This is a restraining order.” So you figured you would vote for the Republicans, because they would put an end to the madness? Hey, they started it! So while you have to throw the Democrats out — in order to hamstring Obama — the Republicans still need to be reformed. That means ripping the current GOP apart. Are you man enough?

While everybody was thinking about bombing Iran to stop the mullahs from starting a nuclear war, various intelligence agencies were pretending to be incompetent. Nicely done.


The staff of The Lynx Bulletin expresses its sincere gratitude to the many people who have gifted the world with Arch Linux, Emacs, Screen, Elinks and Firefox Namoroka.


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