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Number 174

1 November, 2010

All Right, So Obamacare Is A Bad Idea. If There Is A Way To Improve Matters Tremendously Without Imposing Some Variety of Socialized Medicine, Let’s Hear It

Which is to say, if you are opposed to Obamacare, what’s your solution to the delivery of health care, Genius?

Fair enough. Here the answer is, courtesy of the weblogger who put the common sense together:

1. tort reform (half of what docs and hospitals do these days is to avoid lawsuits)

2. some sort of coverage reforms for the uninsurable

3. legalizing interstate sales of medical insurance: free markets and free choice of plans and options

4. expansion of medical savings plans

5. some sort of support for the return of Major Medical insurance instead of insurances that cover every flu and bug bite

6. portability of insurance plans

7. adjust Medicare reimbursement by income and assets



This newsletter accused Barney Frank of being an incompetent ideologue, and did so repeatedly. Where’s the evidence for that charge? Right here.

A “Wingnut” examines Obama’s policies toward Israel, and concludes that there are indeed several of them. He seems to be right about that, but he can’t predict what The One will do next. Take the commentary with an adequate quantity of sodium chloride, and realize that there is nothing comforting about any of this.

In explaining the Tea Party racists to the collectivist faithful, the politically correct have made a few big mistakes.

Right and wrong: it’s true that more solar generation of electricity could mess up the power grid of Germany, but it’s not true that the climate needs saving or that if it were in trouble it could be saved by burning less coal. Don’t invest too much faith in the media, in other words, as they are at the same time victims and purveyors of ignorant political correctness.

Holder, the DOJ, Arizona, and a headless corpse. Yes, that’s four things, not three mistaken for four.

She’s not Madame Zelda, but her prediction looks solid: “…it is safe to assume that for the next two years, Obama will do everything he can to bypass the Congress and govern by executive orders and regulations.” Explanation here, along with useful commentary on US-Israel relations.

This report claims to expose the plans of the jihadis who killed all those folks in India not too long ago. It’s interesting, and may even be true.

Fraud at a polling place? Oh, that’s just a report by a Wingnut outfit, ignore it. — What? More lies?

Another journalist tries to cope with the question of whether Muslims can be good citizens. Unfortunately he never notes that it all depends on two things: their values, and where they are citizens. It’s the same for everybody!

“…after mild warming at the end of the twentieth century, global temperatures have leveled off for the past decade, amid steadily rising carbon dioxide levels.” That’s the simple, accurate and undeniable truth that befuddles simpletons and is denounced as false and denied by AGW cultists. The cause-effect link between higher amounts of CO2 and a hotter climate is a deceitful fable. Read more about it if you need to.

“…the slogan of all should be that Israel must be wiped out of existence.” Saying things like that is likely to get you some of that famous Obama Outreach! — Well, the sordid facts are to be found here.

Krugman and fear. When an elite suffers a temporary setback, it goes into profound shock. That makes the Tea Partiers terrorists….

A portrayal of the individual as threatened by a “progressive” state will come as a rank offense to many. That’s as it should be. Highly recommended.

Gerrymandering explained. How can this endemic problem be stopped?

Everybody knows that the Democrats are the party of the working man, and the GOP is the party of the privileged. As long as everybody knows those lies, things will continue on their merry way to hell in a handbasket.


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