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Number 175

7 November, 2010

The Second Two Years Begin With An Interesting Gambit Played By The President

The headline says it all, really, but the first two paragraphs of the story are important:

Obama calls for compromise, won’t budge on tax cuts

By Kevin Cullum – 11/06/10 06:00 AM ET

Days after Democrats received a self-described “shellacking” at the polls, President Obama called for an end to campaigning and an embrace of compromise.

But he signaled no willingness to bend on the first challenge likely to face him from a Republican House as he advocated the permanent extension of Bush-era tax cuts for families making less than $250,000 a year despite the GOP’s resolve to extend the tax cuts for all income brackets.

That sums up the political scene as The One sees it. It was an interesting performance; watching the man pretend to be stunned and saddened (by something everyone, simply everyone, knew was coming), and then tell the GOP to work with him, cooperate, collaborate, not prevent the administration from doing what it wants…well, it was virtually unparalleled chutzpah.

He’s amazing. He says voting is a “privilege,” ignoring the fact that it’s not at all a privilege, but a right enjoyed by citizens who are not felons. That’s not a slip of the tongue for a lawyer. It hints at something dark and dangerous in his philosophy.

There are lots of reasons to be unhappy with Obama, and even more to be suspicious of him. None of that holds a candle to the reasons to respect him as a never-say-die opponent. When your blade has transfixed his throat, he will still find a way to scrawl a message in the sand: “OK, you won; now do as I say.”


It May Look Good To Some, But It’s More Ritual Than Reform

The election results disappoint this newsletter. It could not be avoided: the great majority of GOP winners are not confirmed reformers who are dead-set on reversing the ongoing disaster. They are just more Republicans, and that is not saying much.

Over the last twenty years, the Republicans have managed to do one thing well: they have proved that they are not a great deal different from the Democrats. There is no major party for individualists. It’s all degrees of collectivism.

It was very disappointing, though not unexpected, to see Senators Boxer and Reid returned to office. Representative Barney Frank is still in the game, whining about how he was not wrong (boy, was he ever wrong!) and can’t be held accountable (in a fair world, he would be a crossing guard in Death Valley), and so on and on. Had those people been defeated, there would be something to celebrate.

Meanwhile Marco Rubio in Florida looks attractive, and this newsletter continues to insist you should keep an eye on Bobby Jindal in Louisiana. These guys would make a great team. Jindal, in addition to being sturdy and blindingly bright, has far better credentials than Obama, and Rubio’s patriotism and common sense show he could step into the Oval Office after being Veep in an eight-year Jindal administration. With this pair leading the ticket, the GOP just might run the executive branch for sixteen years. The Democrats don’t have anybody nearly as smart or appealing.

That said, both Rubio and Jindal might pass in 2012, figuring that a loss then would be a quick end to a short career. They would probably be wise to hold back, get better known, and then step forward. That said, this newsletter would vastly prefer to see these young fellows running the show as soon as possible. Knowing Barack “You Will Obey” Obama and Biden the seeming dipsomaniac are in charge is rather like discovering that your briss is to be performed by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Sarah Palin? Her admirers just don’t understand how widely and profoundly she is loathed. She might as well have been Mengele’s nurse at Auschwitz.

That leaves a bunch of unexciting, very pedestrian candidates — like Romney — who have never shown the muscle or imagination needed to fire up the faithful. If today’s lackluster GOP national figureheads feel they can run yet again and charm the independents, they are deluding themselves.

So the short term does not look so rosy for the GOP. Sure, you Republicans can celebrate now, but when the subpoenas are issued, the witnesses line up to lie, and the press refuses to tell the public what’s really going on, there will not be much to cheer about.

That’s right — the forthcoming hearings will bore the voters to death, accomplish nothing, and hurt the GOP more than they will punish the Democrats. Do some good? Heck, no. Sharpton and Waters will get off lightly. Holder will not go down. The taint of Chicago politics won’t be rinsed away.

Look, the Washington crowd could not even cope with the Valerie Plame stink, for crying out loud. Do you honestly believe the dismal tradition will end, just because the GOP is calling the shots in the House?

Check the record. When’s the last time Congress managed to accomplish anything much toward cleaning up the mess? Nixon’s resignation? Nixon didn’t even do it; Mitchell did. Sheesh…. Washington is the mess!

Finally, recall this wildly speculative thought, which was suggested in a previous TLB: Obama just might not run in 2012. It could be that he does not like being president.



How many years has it been since this newsletter, in all its previous incarnations, first documented the facts about major news media bias? Yet things like this are still happening. Reform? Objectivity? Professional ethics? All remain dreams. The best one can hope for is that opposing voices (like this one, do read it, it’s brief) will be loud enough to inform the public. The media establishment is an arm of the Bicoastal Elite, and that means it is not interested in fair play.

What will be the single greatest technological leap of the next two decades? Before reading the post that presumed to answer this question, your intrepid Lynx staff responded with two candidates for the prize: first, the practical generation of electricity by nuclear fusion, and second, the defeat of all viruses as agents of disease. Now look at what the experts had to say. Piffle; what do they know? (Notice how each expert rides his hobby horse hard, and most appear to have read too much science fantasy fiction.)

Now this is dramatic stuff, written just before the recent mid-term election: “More than three centuries ago, the residents of America staged a rebellion against an oppressive ruler who taxed them unjustly, ignored their discontents and treated their longing for freedom with contempt. They are about to revisit that tradition this week, when their anger and exasperation sweep through Congress like avenging angels. This time the hated oppressor isn’t a foreign colonial government, but their own professional political class.” Oh, boy! And this remark, also written before the election, comes from The Lynx Bulletin: it did not work out, now did it?

Related: how do you get away with stuff like this? You just do it, that’s how. And you almost never get caught, because so many corrupt people protect you.

Attached to this issue: a .pdf file, for which a tip of the hat goes to the Dean of TLB subscribers. Do read the text. Teaser quote: “This is not science; other forces are at work.” — If you have trouble reading the document, send this newsletter a message for help. Correspondence will continue until your problems are overcome.

(Snark/sarcasm alert.) Here’s yet another example of bad reporting: a newspaper claims that a Tea Party Movement-backed candidate is black. Everyone knows that can’t possibly be.

NPR takes the high ground, from which it looks down on its subscribers, donors, and listeners.

Why does The One shroud himself in secrecy? His past is hidden, his accomplishments and work locked away. It’s easy to get the feeling that the less you know about him, the better he likes it. Well, he lost this round, but that only raises the question of why he chose to fight in the first place.

Marijuana in California: an interesting article on a legal, social and economic phenomenon that seems to have surprised just about everybody in one way or another.

Grow a new liver? Someday, probably. But not anytime soon, in spite of recent developments.

Epigenetics, noted here some time ago, continues to make news — quietly. When it gets to Newsweek, you know it’s being accepted. That implies a sea change in the understanding of human evolution. Oddly, that aspect of the subject is not emphasized. Meanwhile, research in genetic sequencing makes progress.

Scolding Obama for being divisive and practicing attack politics, two commentators say in the Washington Post, “We write in sadness as traditional liberal Democrats who believe in inclusion.” Inclusion usually means “We’ll include you if you go along with us, otherwise you are roadkill.” Obama can’t be blamed for his aggressive tactics, which, being in the style of Harry “Give ’em hell” Truman, are more or less standard. He’s being savaged because he could not sell his agenda to the political middle. That offends and enrages “traditional liberal Democrats” so much that they turn on their leader and denounce him as a “divider.” Democrats should look to their policies, which are collectivist, promote big government and high taxes, do not address the immigration fiasco, and remain anti-federalist, fiscally irresponsible and downright racist. For corrective measures, see the TPM.

Did you notice the report, tucked in behind all the election hoopla, that ACORN has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy? If granted, that will destroy the organization, rather than just protect it temporarily from its creditors while it gets reorganized. ACORN blames this draconian measure on “right-wing media,” which is almost certainly code for Andrew Breitbart. How a tiny segment of the media could be that powerful is a puzzle, but never mind. This newsletter is still wondering what ACORN’s real name is these days, and where the money is (that is, what happened to those Congressional funds the Democrats insisted on pressing on the organization in spite of a vote to halt the subsidy). It’s too bad that investigative reporting is virtually dead, for some eager young media type ought to follow the money, turn over some flat rocks, and make a name for himself.

This is typical: Muslims in Oklahoma are upset that a new state law forbids state judges from basing decisions on sharia or international law. The plan is to file a lawsuit…which means Islamist fanatics are trying to use the Western jurisprudential system to sabotage the Western jurisprudential system. That adds an entirely new aspect to the concepts of responsible citizenship and patriotism.

Speaking of malicious fanatics, here’s a proposal to make speaking the truth to charlatans, simpletons, cultists and nutcases illegal and punishable. Doesn’t that sound irresistible?

This quote touches on a huge problem in cancer research: “Akira Orimo at the Paterson Institute for Cancer Research at the University of Manchester, UK, points out that the mouse model of cancer ‘does not resemble the nature of human carcinomas that we often observe in the clinic.'” If you are a mouse with cancer, you can be cured. There is a bad reason for that. If this mess reminds you of the old joke about the guy who dropped a quarter over there, but is looking for it over here — “where the light is better” — you are on target.

The question is intriguing: can jihadis be deprogrammed? A scholarly paper attempts to convince the public that there is an answer.

Horror stories like this begin with a cultural background, or mindset, of corruption, and turn into catastrophes because the excesses are tolerated as conditions worsen. This is why corruption is the single biggest political problem in the world. It is obvious only when it grows to huge proportions, overwhelming all the corrective mechanisms of ethics and economic circumstances.

Bis Sis Napolitano needs to do a little more reading on the internet. She should review the claims made for this technology. It’s her job to know about things like this…even if they come from Obama’s least favorite nation.

News from the other side of The Looking Glass: Eisenhower’s warning recalled, this time in Britain.

This collection of ten “toys” will make you lose hope for the future. Quote from the webpage: “Every day, Chinese factories produce toys specifically designed to make the next generation of American workers sexually confused, lazy and insane.” True. Look and learn, Pilgrims.


The staff of The Lynx Bulletin expresses its sincere gratitude to the many people who have gifted the world with Arch Linux, Emacs, Screen, Elinks and Firefox Namoroka.


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