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Number 180                                                                                                               11 December, 2010

Obama Is An Alien

No, that does not mean he was born outside the USA (he was born in Hawaii), nor does it mean that he lacks US citizenship. It means his values are informed by ideological aspirations distinct from the core principles of the Republic.

Those core principles are assumptions about the nature of mankind that drove both the American Revolution and the US Civil War. They include a generally individualistic view of ethics, a desire for opportunity and Liberty, and a mutable faith in the existence of human rights. Generally, the predominant culture in the USA favors a practical maximum of freedom, with the federal government doing little more than what it does best: wage war in defense of the national interest. The philosophically unjustifiable belief in human rights has changed to include people once thought to be sub-human. Over time, the role of government has become that of a nurturer, if not nanny — a development fostered by various ruling elites for their political benefit.

This imperfect basis for governance permits various interest groups to compete, and they do, often unfairly. Individualism does not automatically militate against exploitation, and corruption is always a danger. Those who dream of a Golden Era in which there was no income tax and no need for one forget a few horrors — such as the Tweed Ring, slavery and the excesses of greedy commercial empires.

The antique themes that prevailed in the Bad Old Days have been muted, but not eradicated. Where once there was slavery, there remains bigotry. The excesses of business continue, as a review of the history of firms like Microsoft, ADM and many banks (and their creation, the Federal Reserve) will attest. Government and the military-industrial complex continue to test their imperfect restraints.

The evolution of the struggle for power saw the emergence of the labor union movement and the advocacy of collectivist solutions to age-old problems. As society became more urban, the contending factions changed, and their rationales adapted. One of the results was the work of Saul Alinsky, who profoundly influenced the ideas and career of Obama.

By Alinsky’s time, the forces shaping US economic and social circumstances were radically distinct from those that prevailed when the Founding Fathers wrote the US constitution. One of the most significant developments was the introduction of European radical collectivist principles to the USA, and the influence of the Frankfurt School was perhaps the most influential element in that ideological influx. (Previous native attempts at Utopia had simply collapsed, as the history of the Shakers and the community at Amana attest. The New Socialist Utopia was a radical departure from those religious experiments.)

The solutions to the USA’s problems were, in other words, now sought by an intellectual elite that looked east. Where once US citizens and immigrants tried to fashion a society based on the individual, the new philosophers of society and politics turned to ways in which every individual could be controlled — and thus liberated. Various forms of Marxism were claimed to have the power to sweep away the mistakes of the past and shape a truly cooperative future in which poverty and disobedience would be unthinkable. This childish dream was based on the state’s monopoly of power, a precondition that inevitably leads to corruption, decline, and collapse.

Obama has been strongly influenced by this infusion of European collectivist thought. He also approves of the pragmatic cynicism with which power can be exerted, as is shown by his refusal to defend the nation against invaders until and unless he gets immigration legislation that he believes will benefit him politically. The disciple of Alinsky absorbed not just the rules the master proclaimed, but the ethos behind them.

Moreover, Obama knows that the government must confiscate the productivity of some and redistribute wealth, not simply tax fairly in order to support its proper activities (such as the defense of the borders). His debate with Joe The Plumber illustrates trenchantly just how authoritarian/totalitarian and stupidly Utopian he is.

As this newsletter has pointed out, Obama knows how to deal with a large and powerful organization — a city government, say, or perhaps a multi-billion-dollar corporation — to force it to give in to specific demands. He knows how to inflame passions and mobilize a crowd, even if only to make noise. His overall goals are parallel to the aims of The Frankfurt School, various neo-Marxist thinkers, and a vaguely defined group of activists who call themselves “progressives.”

It is useful to note that none of this qualifies as executive experience, but that’s not the most significant aspect of the dismal picture. The Obama vision is a glossy amalgam of notions copied from a variety of nineteenth-century revolutionaries who rejected the free market, the sovereign dignity of the individual, and the concepts that lie behind the Magna Carta and the US Declaration of Independence and constitution.

Obama has been inspired by a naive fantasy of the future that is not consonant with the insights of the Enlightenment.

The One’s lack of qualifications for the presidency is not limited to ideological and ethical issues, however. Occupationally, he is in over his head.

His narrow range of experience is exacerbated by a number of elements that should give the voter pause: his repeatedly shattered family, a typically single parent whose emotional stability and common sense are open to question, a number of accounts that portray him as a hardcore, classical Marxist college student (under- and post-graduate), a short series of irrelevant occupational positions (including a brief spell as an instructor at a law school that had previously refused to consider him for a position as an adjunct), a legislative record devoid of all accomplishment or distinction, and a glib eloquence that, on close inspection, is revealed as unusually shallow.

Early in his candidacy, a few black observers noted that Obama was hardly representative of the USA’s black citizenry. Some even insisted that he was not nearly black “enough” to be a genuine breakthrough candidate. His understanding of what it means to be black in the USA was, they said, depressingly incomplete.

If a full acculturation into one or another aspects of US life is a qualification for the office of federal president, they were correct. Whether any of that matters is open to debate.

Certainly obamanomics is a zombie-like pastiche of failed cure-alls, and the president’s politics is crude, bombastic, and demagogic. Overall, there is something about the man’s demeanor that should tell you he does not find the job of president agreeable.

So far, Obama’s accomplishments have been the work of Reid, Pelosi, and a few others in Congress. That fact seems to have been grasped by a large segment of the voting public; as a consequence, whether Obama is re-elected by his “I’ll vote for him no matter what” admirers hardly matters. Congress could be redesigned yet again in two years, and the current behavior of many Democrats suggests that may just happen.

The possibility is already suggested by events: Democrats, realizing that their leader is a cardboard cutout, have been overheard cursing the man. They don’t want their “progressive” policies to fail because of him, and they blame him for the recent election results. They hate his cooperation with the Republican knuckle-draggers.

Ultimately, Congress holds the power, as this newsletter claimed it would if Obama were elected. And the Democrat-controlled Congress is not happy with a president who is such a poor leader. He’s failing, The New Terrapin Gazette believes, because he is and always has been an outsider.

Obama is an alien, and the members of Congress — both his political allies and foes — can smell it on him.



The media and the weather: perspective is the enemy of bad journalism. Global cooling/warming are trends, and trends do not exist….

There is speculation that only a catastrophe can save Obama. That is to say, if a US city is vaporized by an Al Qaeda nuclear bomb, he will be able to lead the USA in mourning, rebuilding, and avenging the act. Some say the attack on Pearl Harbor was heaven’s gift to FDR, for example. This newsletter believes The One already has his tragedy, and that he’s not taken advantage of it. The disaster is the successful invasion and occupation of a large chunk of the USA by an alien paramilitary force. Obama has already bungled his opportunity by refusing to react to it. Only failed states do that.

It should come as no surprise that some drugs with potential for abuse are also effective and safe medications. Usefulness varies, of course.

Here’s the story of a guy who helped the Empire of Japan set up the attack on Hawaii. It’s in two parts.

Holder again. This rascal is, as the trendy saying goes, a real piece of work.

Once again, Geert Wilders speaks the politically incorrect truth: “…why are there refugee camps for Palestinians in areas surrounding Israel? Because the Palestinians were not welcomed in the neighboring Arab countries.” That and a lot more is available here.

Nice folks, those AQ types. As we learned from some, er, incidents that took place in the UK, they count physicians among their number.

“We are at war with several interpretations of Islam, not all of Islam. Those who adhere to the most dangerous interpretations of Islam are the world’s foremost murderers of other Muslims. It’s insane to say to Muslim victims of Islamism that in fact, Islam is monolithic and it endorses their persecutors’ ideology.” Those are noble sentiments…that must be followed by three simple truths: Islam is not monolithic; the Koran and hadith are. Those who believe in the inerrancy of those hoaxes are necessarily the blood enemies of the West.

The Thai government has blocked domestic internet access to the Wikipedia entry on the nation’s monarch.

Obama’s shifts in tax policy have not worked to his advantage, and a maladroit attempt to explain it all away flopped. A web logger surveys the damage: “If this deal gave people the belief that Obama might grow in office, the press conference probably deep-sixed that.”

Want a friend? Get a dog. Need help with post-traumatic stress disorder? Get a dog.

And now a few words about a giveaway that looks like a ward heeler’s dream. Well, what else would you — could you — expect from a community organizer from Chicago?

The neo-Marxist agenda has a way of mocking itself. Have you ever noticed how thoroughly and fairly the political left confiscates the wealth of the wealthy? Do you, for example, have any idea how much money Fidel Castro has, or just how closely-guarded that information is? Consider as well how many socialist paradises have managed to eliminate the rich and end poverty. When you hand power to a Utopian collectivist, you create more privilege for a few and less prosperity for most folks. Yes, this does have something to do with Obama….

Charles Kadlec is upset. You should be, too. Here’s what has him hopping around and spitting on the floor. Read it.

The ruling elite does not believe in the freedom of the press — it believes in the licensing of the press. And it has, in the Obama administration, anti-Liberty bureaucrats (like this fascist) who are willing to clamp down.

The staff of NTG does what it can to get enough vitamin D, which means lying nearly naked in the direct, strong sunlight several times a month. You should consider doing the same. It’s good for you, and probably better than taking pills that contain D. Fifteen minutes is long enough, if the sun is bright; sun-bathe longer than that, and your body breaks down D as fast as it manufactures the vitamin.

Related: if you want to wait for research like this to fix whatever ails you, you will almost certainly be dead long before anything useful gets to your pharmacist. These “breakthroughs” are always breathlessly reported, but most disappear quietly.

Wikileaks supporters attack the real enemy: the High Priestess of the Coven.

Do you fully understand what you can do, and might just do, with that mobile phone?

So what’s wrong with Obama? Some see it as “…intolerance toward dissent, perhaps rooted in a personal arrogance and too much self-regard.” Yep. That’s what the “wingnuts” like Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh are saying, and…and…oops, mistaken attribution…unh, er, never mind.

An old Obama buddy, outed and bounced, explains his fundamentals. Believe him.

If you are interested in Stuxnet, or in computer security, you need to read this lucid appraisal of the malware and its significance.

Here are some interesting thoughts on the issues and principles that divide Tea Partiers. No, you “progressives” can’t take comfort in any of it.

If you gotta have carbon dioxide-caused global warming, you gotta have it — and you will get it, as long as you look at things backwards. Huh? How much sense does that make? Take a look at this, and learn how the issue of causation confuses people who know what the politically correct conclusion is, and are determined to come to it without resorting to reason. What they forget is the fact that the action of CO2 on climate is logarithmic: the more CO2, the less additional CO2 affects temperature. As reported in this newsletter…. Remember?

Obamacare: before it’s even fully under way, there will be an astounding number of negative unintended consequences. Well, maybe “astounding” is the wrong word.


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