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Number 184                                                                                                                                        11 January, 2011


People who love soft methods and hate iniquity forget this; that reform consists in taking a bone from a dog. Philosophy will not do it.


It’s Both An Egregious Libel And A Clumsy Attempt At Censorship

The fellow who killed all those people in Tucson has become a poster boy for collectivists. He “proves” that Sarah Palin is an incendiary extremist, and that the Tea Party is becoming violent.

Sure, the charges are absurd. That hardly matters, for two corollaries of the libel linger as slogans that may, for some folks, have some currency. First, “progressive” attempts to accuse the Tea Party and the “wingnuts” of abusing the freedom of speech are impossible to ignore. Claims that well-known figures are inciting the suggestible proles to violence are mean-spirited and false, but they will too often be taken seriously.

Second, consider the naked glee with which the left pounced on the horror in Arizona. To them, the bloodshed was Heaven-sent — it was a crisis they would not let go to waste. That response is, of course, utterly debased.

Simple truth: the Tucson killer is far too mentally deficient to have any political inspiration. That explains him adequately.

In a rational world, it would now be incumbent on “progressives” to explain Billy Ayers.


An Invitation

The New Terrapin Gazette respectfully invites its “progressive” readers to consider a few heartfelt ideas and opinions regarding the acts of the Tucson madman.

Here are hyperlinks to thoughtful commentary on the tragedy. Please, in the interests of open communication and equity, click and read. You need not agree with anything you find — it will be enough that you expose yourself to the views expressed.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.

The political utility of the tragedy; an Oklahoma moment was called for.

Commentary on the clear and present danger posed by “wingnuts,” “far-right groups,” and the Tea Party Movement (with additional related remarks): link number one and then link number two.

Comments relating to press bias: link number one and then link number two.

A professional’s cursory opinion of the mental state of the killer is found here.

Regarding censorship.

Reminding one of Ollie North and his shredder: a very “progressive” weblog that just sanitized itself.

On hypocrisy.

Commentary on firearms legislation.

Islands of probity in an ocean of invective; the horror in perspective.


This Newsletter Has Erred. Anthropogenic Global Warming Is Real

When you are wrong, you should admit it.

Having been informed of certain facts, NTG backs down and apologizes to its readership for having resorted to inaccurate information and crackpot opinion.

Here is incontrovertible news from The Washington Post:

The Arctic ocean is warming up, icebergs are growing scarcer and in some places the seals are finding the water too hot, according to a report to the Commerce Department yesterday from Consulafft, at Bergen, Norway. Reports from fishermen, seal hunters and explorers all point to a radical change in climate conditions and hitherto unheard-of temperatures in the Arctic zone. Exploration expeditions report that scarcely any ice has been met as far north as 81 degrees 29 minutes. Soundings to a depth of 3,100 meters showed the gulf stream still very warm. Great masses of ice have been replaced by moraines of earth and stones, the report continued, while at many points well known glaciers have entirely disappeared.

Very few seals and no white fish are found in the Eastern Arctic, while vast shoals of herring and smelts which have never before ventured so far North, are being encountered in the old seal fishing grounds. Within a few years it is predicted that due to the ice melt the sea will rise and make most coastal cities uninhabitable.

That settles it. It is now necessary for The New Terrapin Gazette to retract — unh, hold on a minute —

Oops! Never mind. The quoted report was prepared by the Associated Press and published on November 2, 1922. (Source here.)

Wrong again…. Sorry.


Modern Civilization Must Choose Whether To Continue To Exist

You have read here of a Carrington event, and you recall that one can be simulated by a nuclear blast. Here’s more on what would be the deciding weapon in a war between technologically advanced nations. It’s not just the electronics on which so much depends that should be shielded, it’s the transmission lines. Their catastrophic failure would plunge the nation into the late Neolithic in a split second. Even if it were possible to throw a few switches and replace some transformers, the effects of the electromagnetic pulse (EMP) would be devastating, for most if not virtually all electronic devices could be destroyed.

This civilization-shattering catastrophe could be prevented if there were people in authority who understand the threat posed by the sun and by the nation’s blood enemies. Defense of the grid should be a national priority, and the proper shielding of electronic devices should be a manufacturing standard.

The problem is twofold, and neither aspect of it is technological. (That means the world could deal with it perfectly well, if it really wanted to.)

First, almost everyone believes that neither a massive Carrington event nor electro-warfare will occur. The evidence cited in defense of this denial of reality is that the past has been good, so the future will be, too. That’s crazy thinking, because — as you will see if you do a little research with some help from this newsletter — the recent past is littered with solar events, and the present is plagued by suicidal maniacs who will stop at nothing.

The second problem is the confluence of politics and greed. This publication continues to insist that of all the things wrong with the world, corruption is the most damaging. Whatever rational people try to do, some rascals will try to pervert to their selfish advantage. Yes, it has already happened. Bitter charges have echoed in the US Congress over this or that legislation drafted to protect the nation from EMPs. If the entire process were to be conducted rationally, it would start with a thorough housecleaning on Capitol Hill.

Well, a start has to be made, and that means people have to understand the nature of the threat. So….

Inform yourself. This annotated list of sources will help. They are not listed in order of quality, but more or less in the sequence in which you might want to read them.

1. This article may well be the best introduction to the topic that’s available. It covers the Carrington event very well. If you recall what the Carrington was, you can skip this.

2. This report is short and scary. Don’t skip it. Once you have digested it, you can cherry-pick from the rest of this list of sources without leaving lots of big holes in your understanding. Highly recommended.

3. A brief Q&A dealing with automobiles. This one answers a common question quite completely. Then look at a video demonstration of a small device that creates a mini-Carrington.

4. A discussion of EMPs that omits nothing, this article will scare you spitless. It’s long and authoritative. Recommended.

5. The economic effects of an EMP are discussed. This article is good, but it may be a bit short on some (not-so-important) technical details. It appears to be wrong about exactly how the EMP gets into the power grid, for example.

6. What happens to civilization after a big EMP, you ask? Well, this tells you. Oh, boy…. It’s gonna be bad. This article is not for the faint of heart, but those of you who are not impressed with the danger might need it to bring you around.

7. Here’s a technical article on the effect of EMPs on electronics, and so on. It’s dense and jargon-laden, and not for the layman.

8. Now for a Power Point presentation in .pdf format that deals primarily with natural (solar) events in the twentieth century. It includes some information on non-nuclear, non-ballistic weapons that can disrupt parts of the USA’s power grid. The Carrington event is not discussed. This document includes a photograph of a small weapon that can serve the purposes of saboteurs well. The threat is real.

9. Next you have another Q&A, this time on EMP weapons. Be worried. Be very worried. This piece is highly recommended because it is right on target, brief, and clear.

10. The use of EMP weapons by “terrorists” is refuted in this paper, as this quote makes clear:

…it is virtually impossible for a terrorist cell to obtain the raw materials needed for a nuclear device and assemble it correctly themselves. Even a “crude” U-type device is not all that “crude” and requires the concerted effort of skilled scientists and engineers. Any weapon produced by a terrorist cell would likely be a one of a kind and would have to remain untested. For a terrorist group to then mate this weapon to a ballistic missile and successfully carry out an EMP strike beggars belief.

The report demolishes the probability that any nation would attempt to use a nuclear EMP weapon, and then states flatly that Iran would never use or allow to be used the technology to employ it:

For the leadership of any nation to chance such an attack they must be almost suicidally optimistic: they would have to presume that everything would go perfectly. Even so, it may still be possible to identify the country of origin, which would invite massive US retribution.

[W]e judge, and nearly all experts consulted agree, that Iran would not, as a matter of state policy, give up its control of such weapons to terrorist organizations and risk direct U.S. or Israeli retribution.

Oh, heavens to Betsy. Regular readers of this publication will see at once that the opinions presented in this paper include ignorant nonsense. Iran under the Twelvers is in fact religiously determined to commit national suicide, as has been explained here more than once. There simply is no fear of retaliation, for Twelvers welcome nuclear incineration as the means of their eternal salvation (rational people often have some difficulty believing that truth, truth though it is). Further, EMP weapons do exist that can disrupt regional power supplies (see Source Number Eight, above); those weapons do not depend upon nuclear or rocket technology. Whether they could be available to outlaws is a subject to be investigated.

11. Politics rears its ugly head, when common sense alone should prevail:

…Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski has gutted legislation with strong bipartisan support that would protect the U.S. power grid from solar flares and Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) weapons…. (The bill involved) measures to protect some 300 giant power transformers around the country. It passed the House of Representatives by a unanimous voice vote in August, an unusual show of bipartisan support in this Congress. … An aide to Murkowski said that Murkowski voted for stripping out the EMP provisions of the bill on practical, not political, grounds. … “The bill was going nowhere. The administration opposed it, and favored a government-wide effort, not a piecemeal approach.” …blaming Murkowski, the ranking Republican on the Energy Committee, for altering legislation being managed by the majority Democrats was “an election-year gambit by far right wing groups.”

Sooner or later, “far right-wing groups” get blamed for everything that goes wrong; it’s all a plot hatched by the loathed Sarah Palin. Make of that what you will.

Well, in the above sources you have more than enough to help you understand the technology and the science as well as you need to. The problem is in the political sphere, and there the USA is in serious trouble. That’s why this publication has devoted so much effort and space to the Carrington/EMP science: somehow the electorate has to convince those thugs, egotists and morons in Congress to do their jobs. It will be a Sisyphean task, because a lot of those people are really dense, and the stubbornly partisan loyalists among them will evaluate everything in terms of how it enhances or diminishes their political clout.

So tell everybody. Tell them to learn something about this. It’s not a political issue, though the elite will try again to turn it into one. It’s a question of survival, and while there is nothing to be gained from hysteria, there is a lot to be lost if inaction continues.


Rueful Ruminations On The US Federal Constitution

Recent issues of this newsletter have had a fair amount to say about the supreme law of the land; the trend continues, at least temporarily….

How you view the US constitution depends on your basic political orientation. Obama whines that the document offers only “negative liberties,” while “wingnuts” tend to cherish the words as if they had been written by supernaturals. Joe Biden has only a vague notion of where things are in the document, which is why for a long time this publication thought Joe knew only where the Old No. 7 is kept. — Hah! Remember Shoeless Joe? He was an illiterate who fell in with scoundrels and came to a bad end. We have Clueless Joe now, and there are parallels.

Well, forget Joe (and then e-mail this publication with an explanation of how you managed that). What’s your take on the constitution?

Here are the sentiments of a weblogger who quoted (from here, which is a publication of the Unification Church run by the Korean felon and charlatan “Reverend” Moon) the following regarding the recent reading in Congress of the constitution:

What was most remarkable about this was the almost hysterical opposition from congressional Democrats and left-wing commentators. In what should have been a united celebration of the nation’s foundation document in a period of partisan rancor, liberals instead reinforced the view that they are profoundly uncomfortable with the essential truths underlying American freedom.

Then the weblogger said:

I hate to say it, but it appears to be so. If it is so, I say it’s a big deal. The Constitution is our secular Bible, and designed to protect us citizens from State power. It was – and remains – radical and revolutionary.

Statists and elitists hate it, and prefer to forget why it was written. They think they know how I should arrange my life and feel somehow anointed to do it for me. I resent their attitude immensely.

He probably does not hate to say it at all, because it gives him a chance to say nasty things about the “progressives,” but let that go. What’s this “Secular Bible” business? Maybe the constitution is something like that, in a sense…but actually, the constitution is a founding law that incorporates principles. The Bible is a set of teachings or principles that lays down the laws (in three distinct versions in the OT, Exodus 20:2-12, Exodus 34:12-26, Deuteronomy 5:6-21, and partially in the NT). The constitution, for all that it expresses Enlightenment values of great insight and value, is a mutable and imperfect popular mandate. As originally written, it tolerated slavery.

Still, the “wingnuts” make a strong point, and the presence of that word “secular” does sharpen it. The aegis that stands between the individual and the designs of demagogues like Obama is the constitution of the USA. All human beings should rejoice that in recent years, the federal supreme court has moved toward ever more ethical interpretations of it. Things are getting better. That also means, of course, that Obama’s appointments to the court should be a cause of great concern; those last two are debatable at best.

That expresses a wish that the pair had been rejected and replaced by better candidates. And it also means that if your secular Bible is the US federal constitution, you sure could do a lot worse!

So: “negative liberties” indeed. This newsletter can appreciate the feelings of the weblogger quoted above. He expressed his politics in three apt words. If Obama were to be candid, his three apt words would be, “You will obey.”

That would clarify matters for the folks who still don’t get it.

Note finally that, under the constitution, the people should set The One aside.

And why? Because, as already stated in this publication, he refuses to defend the Republic. He refuses use the military to retake land that is occupied by an armed band of aliens who are illegally in the country and committing multiple felonies. That refusal to act is a breach of his oath of office; it bears repeating that when the president of the United States refuses to defend the soil of the homeland, he refuses to defend its constitution.

The masthead includes a quote from the works of John Jay Chapman.

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