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Number 186                                                                                                                                         2 February, 2011


Free people can treat each other justly, but they can’t make life fair. To get rid of the unfairness among individuals, you have to exercise power over them. The more fairness you want, the more power you need. Thus, all dreams of fairness become dreams of tyranny in the end.


The Assault On The First Amendment

From a “wingnut” website that, while not always rational, certainly understands this issue:

The Left’s attempt to link the Tucson shootings to angry rhetoric (not theirs, of course) was stage one of a broader strategy–what both military men and political strategists refer to as preparing the battlefield. The movement to feign nonpartisanship at the State of the Union address by seating Republicans and Democrats together is another aspect of this stage. At the same time, the Left is moving on to stage two–an effort to cash in on battlefield preparation by attacking specific figures on the right and trying to shut down speech that the Left finds inconvenient. (Emphasis added.)

You really should read it all, but consider at least this much: The New Terrapin has hammered endlessly on the importance of censorship. The “progressive” collectivists are yet again attempting a variety of censorship, this time furthered by claims that some people are not qualified to have opinions. (You know the formulaic language used by self-righteous censors: “We are vigorous defenders of the First Amendment,” the center said in its letter to Fox. “However, ….”) This is, of course, fascism.

Either you believe in free speech, or you are a censor at heart. Either you believe in a free press, or you believe in the licensing of the press.

The news media assume you won’t realize that they use ideological criteria when they decide which stories to report nationally and which to report briefly and locally. Don’t believe it? Think this through: if you were outside Missouri and got news of this event when it took place, you are in a very tiny minority.

To be devastatingly effective, censorship does not have to be total.

(See this newsletter’s Numbers 107 and 149 for information on the Cloward-Piven strategy. Copies are yours for the asking.)


Some Things Are Too Terrible, And Will Be Ignored. Their Existence Is Thereby Negated

Here’s a very interesting and unintentionally revealing confluence of events. Begin with this essay by a female who is a luminary in something called The Democratic Socialists of America. She is upset to see that US voters are not a lot more demonstrative. No, really! Her words: “take away Americans’ jobs, 401(k)s, even their homes, and they pretty much roll over.” (No, she does not mean Americans, for the problems are not found throughout the entire New World; she uses “Americans” to mean just those in the USA, but let that sophomoric error go.)

The author of this rather muted call for rallies and riots notes with disappointment that while Greeks and Brits are fighting with the cops because government funds have run out due to a collectivist impulse to impose Utopia, US homeowners and students are peaceful. They have not even been gathering in large crowds to carry signs and listen to speeches denouncing the government; they have not been marching down major boulevards and making journalists argue over whether there were more than one hundred thousand people protesting.

At this point, if you are not shaking your head in astonishment, you can only be another of those delusional Democratic Socialists. Demonstrating, marching and protesting are exactly what tens of millions of people have been doing in the USA: it’s called The Tea Party Movement. It’s so big that it has been denounced bitterly by socialists of every stripe as racist, violent, dangerous, evil and disgraceful. But to Democratic Socialist Ehrenreich, the author of the blatant lies linked to above, none of that has happened. She says: “…(US citizens) may not have the courage or the know-how to organize a protest at the local unemployment office, which is the kind of action Piven urged….” The Tea Party Movement, seismic event that it is — the staggering revolt of the political middle — does not exist in her world because it is not of the left. It is so perfectly horrid that it never happened. Eric A. Blair (“Orwell”) might call it an “unprotest,” “unmovement” or “unevent.”

Thus is the ethical and political blindness of the collectivist translated into censorship. Note the phenomenon well, Pilgrims, for you will see it again. Your core concerns will continue to be trivialized, ignored and summarily dismissed with what are meant to be calming nostrums (“Hopeandchange,” “Yes we can”).

As a promoter of militant demands for redistributionist legislation and socialist practice, Ehrenreich is one of the academic ideologues who sustain the Utopian impulse to authoritarian rule. Their hypocritical intolerance is monumental.

Yet…tragically, it works. For the collectivist faithful, Ehrenreich’s libel is a compelling myth. Yes, it is a culture warrior’s paranoid delusion that the voters are dangerous because they have too much Liberty. But this bizarre variety of Utopianism has a seductive allure for some — perhaps because it is bizarre and depends on faith rather than reason.

The perceptive will see that Ehrenreich’s bias is central to much of what passes for journalism today. The news media, long known to be “in the tank” (as the stupid saying goes) for Obama, frequently reflect Ehrenreich’s lunatic view of reality in their narrow, censorious reporting and commentary.

If you want a rational understanding of the high unemployment rate, the terrible financial climate and the full sweep of the voters’ disillusionment, you must focus on collectivist policies and incompetent governance. The values of Flyover Country and of the National Rifle Association are not part of the problem.


Oh, Heavens! Nazis!

The congressman has a point (read his complaint), and this newsletter apologizes for any misunderstanding that has resulted from its innuendos that the government has tried to take over health care. Accordingly, this newsletter (hereinafter referred to as NTG) is pleased to inform Rep. Cohen that it does not intend to take over his finances, while at the same time it will require that he spend a sum of money which this publication will set (and which is not subject to change, or even discussion) with a company to be selected from a list provided by NTG, for services to be defined by NTG. None of this is voluntary. Cohen will be punished financially if he does not follow NTG’s instructions. He can take comfort in the fact that in no way is NTG taking over his financial affairs, of course. Oh, by the way, should Cohen attempt to obtain services of the type under discussion here from any other provider, that will in no way permit him to halt payment to the firm that is specified by NTG.

Which is to say: the feds are not taking over health care — they are just taking over the private financial affairs of the citizens (not all of those affairs — just the parts they want to take over, which is something no one can reasonably object to, right?). They tell the citizenry what to do, how much it will cost, and they determine who is to get the money. They put all physicians and surgeons who do not go along with the program out of business. The law mandating all this also creates a national civilian security force that Obama called for before he was elected, though nobody knows yet what its mission will be and whom it will target.

Whew! That’s a huge relief, isn’t it?



Pigford? What’s that? A gigantic scam, cut from the same bolt of cloth as the UN’s Oil for Food hoax. This publication pleads guilty to having overlooked a huge scandal. Yes, it’s impossible to explain the lapse, as this guy points out. Read a good outline of the mess (there’s more here, and the gut-wrenching upshot of the disgrace is here), and then answer these questions: why was Breitbart hit so hard, when it’s obvious what his point was? Second, isn’t it clear that the major media sidestepped Pigford for both racial and political reasons? Those folks are Obama’s lap dogs, and these days, it’s common to accuse Obama’s critics of racism (a charge that is literally impossible to disprove — you can’t prove you are not a Martian, either). What remains is the “wingnut” contingent, strangely quiet when it should be howling bloody murder. The best guess is that the right is not eager to be libeled yet again for exposing black folks who are in the wrong. This is, in other words, “payback time,” and even the conservatives tacitly acknowledge that grim truth. This newsletter did not pick up on the story; the focus here has been more on AGW, press bias, Obama, Holder’s DOJ, Islam and foreign policy. That’s a relative narrowness of vision, indeed, and not a point of pride. Pigford deserved links and comment here, and nobody in the Eagle Wing Palace is afraid of being called a cracker. The oversight was a mistake, not a timid reaction to the toxic atmosphere.


Assorted Links On Egypt, Israel, And The Rest Of The Mess

“The horse President Obama hoped to ride to the battle is now broken down and being hauled to the glue factory.” Yes, Foggy Bottom and Obama are going to boot another one, and it will be a huge defeat. “The scale of the left’s folly: their insistence on drilling moratoriums, opposition to nuclear power, support of negotiations with dictators at all costs, calls for unilateral disarmament, addiction to debt and their barely disguised virulent anti-Semitism should be too manifest to deny.” (Read it all here.) What this means to you in the short term is higher prices for everything while you are less able to pay. In the long haul, it’s only going to get worse, for fiercely determined Islamist imperialism will become more powerful and more aggressive as the USA weakens. This disaster is the result of putting bigoted class warriors, totally inexperienced people, into offices that should be held by principled and seasoned executives. Law degrees and lots of golf holidays and silly speeches and neo-Marxist blarney and Utopian daydreams of “fairness” don’t make statesmen out of charlatans, now do they?

Copying what losers do — or finding out that your idea is used by losers when they start to lose big — is embarrassing. Well, it should be.

Hamas is the Muslim Brotherhood, and El Baradei is effectively both; he’s lying. Sources: One and Two.

An Israeli view: “Obama apparently believed the main problem of the Middle East was the Israeli occupation, and focused his policy on demanding the suspension of construction in the settlements and on the abortive attempt to renew the peace talks. That failure led him to back off from the peace process in favor of concentrating on heading off an Israeli-Iranian war.” From here; read it all. More commentary written by another observer: “From the start, these (attempts to reduce the area’s problems to Israeli mischievousness) were all flimsy fairy tales to begin with. They were fabricated by anti-Zionist (anti-Semitic?) elements in academia, the media, the chatterati, the Muslim world and State Dept. Ultimately, they were elevated to received wisdom by nothing other than constant repetition playing upon the base inclinations of too many people.”

Ever optimistic, this publication suggests something for Hillary to think about. Now who will volunteer to show her where to find Egypt on a map of the world? — Next, note please that prediction is always difficult, and especially so when it involves the future of a nation like Egypt. But people keep trying.

The next rulers of Egypt. If this observer is correct, the world can say, “Thanks, Barry…you incompetent, lazy, egotistical ignoramus.”



Some things don’t explain away. Rush, meet Rosie. And Sid Caesar? Nope, neither of you is in his league.

Other universes? Not likely. But the folks who have given us such absurdities as dark matter and dark energy like to dream. Dream along with them, and then write to tell The New Terrapin why you still support laws against smoking marijuana.

A realistic attitude precludes shock or even mild surprise at this news. As it struggles to rule the world, Islamist imperialism will continue to exploit Western decadence.

Excellent, eye-opening video on Mexico. Highest recommendation.

The NGO is a grab-bag concept that embraces the good, the bad, and the horrible. The problem, Pilgrims, is threefold: first, NGOs are unaccountable; not elected, they operate according to instructions from their benefactors. Second, they are secretive about their funding, motives and methods. Third, they are granted instant credibility by a gullible and ignorant press. People should demand answers and not allow themselves to be manipulated, but they often do not. That’s the flaw in human nature that the NGO can exploit.

The news from Israel and the “Palestinian” areas remains grim. How can any rational person expect a conclusion to the cycle of hatred? A hundred years from now, these people will be at each other’s throats.

Yeah, The New Terrapin knows. It’s no big deal. With True Believers like Sotomayor and Kagan on the highest federal court, the outcome is very much in doubt.

When the iconic personages in the Bicoastal Elite say stunningly stupid and ignorant things, they get a pat on the head. When Sarah Palin makes an insignificant verbal slip, the media savage her for a drooling imbecile. They are scared out of their minds.

The Waters case is not off to a good start. What? You expected better? Naive you.

The solution is to allow muzzle-loading single-shot weapons only.

There will be Obamacare death panels. Sarah Palin was right, and she did not invent the notion or spot the facts first. It was known to be a fact before she repeated it. That’s right: there will be death panels.

Reacting to the firing of Olbermann, a weblogger says: “He was a useful idiot for a while. Now he’s no longer useful. Expect to see more of this kind of thing.” This newsletter is a bit puzzled by the firing, though Olbermann’s ratings were not good. Meanwhile, the predictable from a “wingnut” weblog.

Federal control of firearms misfires; oops.

The next link takes you to a report that is pure bullshit, and that’s a gentle evaluation. It’s nonsense generated by (and in order to exacerbate) the anxiety of the public. Six months from now, this unscientific babble will be forgotten, and will thereafter sink into permanent obscurity, beneath even the level of a footnote in a comprehensive chronicle of 2011.

Here, by sharp contrast, is truth: “We have invented inspiring and enhancing technologies, yet we have allowed them to diminish us.” Read more here, including a counter to this point of view. Note that not a single member of this newsletter’s staff owns a mobile “phone.” An e-mailed newsletter that makes use of the internet is as far down the digital road as anyone (other than IT pros in their work) should go; it is just a somewhat quicker version of a hard copy publication that is mailed to subscribers, and refers them to books and magazines.

Whether the villain here is the federal government or a large corporation is your call. It makes little difference; the two parties are almost certainly equally guilty. The public deserves the government it is willing to tolerate, and when only governments can protect the environment, they may or may not do so. Watch the video and consider visiting the URLs it suggests. And you “greens” who subscribe to this newsletter, note, please, that if government agencies were decent, honest and rational, disasters like this would be far less common. Your resort to legislation and regulation is not always effective. Perhaps there are free market mechanisms that would work better; have you explored that possibility? Or is it automatically dismissed as unworkable? Do your assumptions betray a bias?

“Obama is terrified of the issue (of anthropogenic global warming).” Fine. Now will someone please explain what in the world a “climate change analyst” is? Meanwhile, the cult has been caught red-handed yet again.

Obamacare is good enough for the Grate Unwashed, but not nearly good enough for the In Crowd. It’s things like this that got Mubarak in trouble.

If it were astroturf, they would not be scared spitless of it.

What the collectivists have wrought.

Some greeted Obama’s election triumph as proof of US progress in civil rights. Thoughtful folks point to a better example of intellect, erudition, and courage.


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