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Number 187                                                                                                                                 5 February, 2011


The Few assume to be the deputies, but they are often only the despoilers of the Many.


Charlatans Preside Over The Decline Of The West

As this is written, it appears that Egypt will fall to Israel’s blood enemies. That makes it especially upsetting that the USA is in the hands of utter incompetents. Consider the fundamentals, as presented in this devastating commentary:

…Western countries’ poor handling of the Middle East proves they are no longer leaders. Right before our eyes the superpowers are turning into palaver powers.

There are no excuses for the contradictions. How can it be that Bush’s America understood the problem of repression in the Arab world, but Obama’s America ignored it until last week? How can it be that in May 2009, Hosni Mubarak was an esteemed president whom Barack Obama respected, and in January 2011, Mubarak is a dictator whom even Obama is casting aside? How can it be that in June 2009, Obama didn’t support the masses who came out against the zealot Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, while now he stands by the masses who are coming out against the moderate Mubarak?

There is one answer: The West’s position is not a moral one that reflects a real commitment to human rights. The West’s position reflects the adoption of Jimmy Carter’s worldview: kowtowing to benighted, strong tyrants while abandoning moderate, weak ones.

Carter’s betrayal of the Shah brought us the ayatollahs, and will soon bring us ayatollahs with nuclear arms. The consequences of the West’s betrayal of Mubarak will be no less severe. It’s not only a betrayal of a leader who was loyal to the West, served stability and encouraged moderation. It’s a betrayal of every ally of the West in the Middle East and the developing world. The message is sharp and clear: The West’s word is no word at all; an alliance with the West is not an alliance. The West has lost it. The West has stopped being a leading and stabilizing force around the world.

It is unlikely that any government or coalition of governments could have seen the coming revolution and moderated it. Still one cannot deny that at this critical juncture, the USA is bereft of wisdom and resolve.

Beware scapegoating individuals. It is, for example, tempting to blame Obama for the damage done by irresistible historical tides. Or one might argue that corrective measures should have been taken by Bush and Clinton before him, but who had the vision to formulate a policy that could have reversed the absurdities of the Carter administration? Self-proclaimed foreign policy experts abound, and there is no telling the good ones from the Kissinger/Brzezinski types, now is there?

The world cannot be wished into better shape. There may be adaptive strategies, but they will not suggest themselves until the realities are accepted. Here they are:

Obama is an ideologue with a woefully partial education, no previous executive experience whatsoever, and a legislative record that is a virtual zero; he is simply unqualified. Having been nevertheless elected, he is supported by an idiot of a vice president and an embarrassing secretary of state; his legislative program is a disgrace that is likely to be (accurately) judged unconstitutional; he refuses to defend the territorial integrity of his nation against occupying criminal aliens. He is in violation of his oath of office. He and his team are a mistake become a nightmare.

Obama and Hillary did not cause the catastrophe that is unfolding — they are just baffled bystanders drooling onto their shirtfronts.

That explains little, and merely cautions against misplaced hope. Would things be different today if McCain had won? Probably, but there is no reason to believe that he would not be faced with today’s crisis. He is not bright enough to avoid it, and he could not undo its many causes — the most significant of which is the West’s self-deception.

Responsibility for the decline of the Occident rests not with a tiny number of incompetent leaders, but with the large and influential elites gripped by unadmitted Jew-hatred and/or a suicidal syndrome of political correctness, multiculturalism and collectivist nonsense. The jihadis are their partners in a dance of death. If each did not have the other, the damage done would be relatively small; together, they can bring about a cosmic enormity.

Truly, both the Old World and the New suffer from an excess of faith in empty concepts and evil doctrines.

The point: don’t depend on the USA to save the day. If you are used to envisioning the cavalry charging over the hill at the last minute, you should adjust your fantasies. Uncle Sam is no longer a vital, self-reliant, brash, assertive and even aggressive empire-builder. He has become so deluded by sophistry that he doubts everything, especially his own moral qualifications and the existence of obvious, slavering evil. He recognizes neither danger nor his enemies; he thinks he can create prosperity by wishing; he is frightened by the very idea of Liberty. He torments himself with guilt over his past mistakes, blinding himself to the future’s possibilities. He believes in quick fixes, economic determinism (the jihadis are the angry poor; give them money, and they will be harmless) and the utility of dialog with fanatics and sociopaths. Though gifted with Enlightenment truths, he has abandoned belief in his genuinely exceptional status.

A few years ago, this newsletter expressed the hope that the vision and eloquence one Western leader, John Howard, would inspire a renewal of confidence. Howard, it appears, was not young enough to do battle with the suicidal self-hatred nurtured by collectivism. He seems to have no successor. If true, that is a great pity, for a modern Charles Martel is desperately needed.

What then, of the future? Prediction is impossible (Madame Zelda is believed to have fled to Brazil). There are a few probabilities, of course, and chief among them is that Israel may ultimately be driven mad by the unquenchable blood lust of its enemies, unleash its nuclear weapons, and vanish into the sea. That would fulfill the dreams of the Twelvers in Iran, who could be expected to try to lead their nation into suicide in the service of their non-existent deity.

The insanity could easily spread — remember, the people involved are already half mad because of their commitment to baseless faith. Pakistan and India could begin a nuclear exchange, Australia might be invaded by Indonesia, the mainland Chinese could over-react to pressure from their Muslim population. Surely the USA will be hit by a wave of bombings, assaults by suicide squads, and possibly even the detonation of “dirty” explosives spreading radioactive contaminants. The world could be plunged into its bloodiest war ever.

With the suspension of delivery of petrochemicals, everyone would be injured by the feuding of lunatics. Even Japan, that most insular and racist of all nations, would suffer; the Japanese might lash out militarily in an attempt to affect outcomes. Indeed, anything would be possible.

It can easily be imagined that as the violence spreads and the Obama administration goes into its imitation of Humphrey Bogart on the witness stand in The Caine Mutiny, the public may realize that only one institution in the nation is thoughtful, competent and committed: the military. Yes, a military takeover of the federal government is a distinct possibility. It’s not a probability, admittedly, but still…there are lots of veterans who know that as nasty as the military is, it could and often did get the job done. (Links to evidence: one, then two, and three.) And when the ideologues in Washington finally fall to their knees and begin jabbering incomprehensibly, who will be left for the nation to call on?

Or nothing much might happen. Many tinderbox nations might follow the example of Iraq, and put peace, prosperity and happiness first. In which case history would regard George W. Bush and his teams as visionaries and saviors. Calculate the probability of that happening…

…and then realize that you could use some good advice.

This newsletter suggests that its subscribers, wherever they live, prepare for the failure of utilities, law enforcement, and retail operations. It can’t hurt to expect the worst and be ready for it.

You have plenty of time to get organized; the collapse is not scheduled for tomorrow. Nor will it take more than a few weeks or months before you can depend on at least some vital services again. If you start planning now, you can do all you need to do to survive the likely time of troubles.

Remember — if nothing bad happens, you can always eat that food you stockpiled and drink that water you stored. Being prepared is not a waste of money.

Brace yourselves, Pilgrims. The Religion of Peace, ever the opportunist, takes a genuine interest in your future.



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