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Number 188                                                                                                                          12 February, 2011


Once the state has been founded, there can no longer be any heroes. They come on the scene only in uncivilized conditions.


A tip of the hat to loyal reader JY for a link to this commentary. Do read the post, for it explains why democracy is not the answer to the world’s problems. Values, the moral insights that determine character, are the defining core of a person’s being. Islam rots that core, fostering fear and hatred of Liberty. This is why Number 187 of The New Terrapin greeted the revolution in Egypt with pessimism; recall also the quote that opened Number 179: “…were democracy to suddenly come to these (Muslim dictatorships), it would be little more than a gangplank to theocracy. …we cannot merely force Muslim dictators from power and open the polls. It would be like opening the polls to the Christians of the fourteenth century.”

Democracy in Afghanistan? Not a good idea.

While this commentary is eminently reasonable — sample: “As anyone with eyes to see must know by now, those who say they are the British establishment’s sworn enemies are no better than the ruling elite” — it would be premature to announce the demise of the multiculturalist mindset. Britain is still floundering. Yes, it may reach solid ground shortly and lead the USA out of the swamp. Or not.

“Multiculturalism has failed.” You think?

It was almost another Tucson! Proof that wingnuts are violent and dangerous is provided by a barrage of threats directed at the planned appearance and speech of…oh…ah… wait….

Finally the people are rising up and protesting the hegemony of the idle rich. Piven would be proud. Yes, the masses are energized by their rejection of false consciousness, and progressives are asserting themselves in spontaneous demonstrations against…unh…oh…wait….

Media Matters exists to call the wingnuts on it whenever they accuse the media of mistakes and distortions and bias. Here’s another example of lies…er…oh, ah…wait….

Related: MM again.

Yes you can!” This guy has been listening to The One’s speeches. It’s too bad he’s such an idiot, and it’s too bad the girl trusted him. Gullibility dies hard.

How not to make foreign policy: say and believe things like this.

Video on Islamic imperialism.

As newspapers shrink in size and struggle to survive, they also refuse to learn from their critics. They continue to pull politically correct stunts like this.

The philosophy of governance should have been agreed upon long, long ago, but it is a deceitful, pretentious power struggle rather than a founding statement that all relations between humans should be mutually voluntary…as this interesting post unintentionally demonstrates.

Now Holder is playing dirty with FOI requests. He has to go.

How many times have the media advanced claims of major advances in medicine? The wildly optimistic reports appear, disappear, and are forgotten. Well, the latest word is that scientists have whipped all types of flu (again). Read past that “Flu breakthrough promises a vaccine to kill all strains” headline and get down to the statement of one of the researchers that “It may not be 100% effective against all strains.” Look, Pilgrims, if ten percent of the reported medical “breakthroughs” over the past forty years had been genuine, there would be no major diseases left. Don’t trust the media to give you an accurate perspective on health issues. They just can’t do it.

Victor Hanson: “…note that all Obama’s once shrill civil rights bluster about Guantanamo, tribunals, renditions, preventative detention, the Patriot Act, Iraq, and drone attacks was dropped — on the cynical but correct premise that the left would still idolize a President Obama even if he parroted Dick Cheney….” Exactly, and it’s easy to see why nobody in the major media picked up on it. Hanson describes the twists and turns of “progressive” ideology, exposing the sappy, unprincipled fecklessness behind the contradictions and absurdities. “…Obama is acting as any 2-year Senate veteran might in such a crisis.” Highest recommendation.

Related: for those who want to learn more about the history of the current Egyptian crisis and US foreign policy, this may prove helpful. (The link was misbehaving the last time The New Terrapin checked it, but the newspaper’s website was up. Censorship? Impossible to say; more likely it was just a temporarily bad connection.) And then read this clear-eyed appraisal of the future for Egypt.

You know The New Terrapin is upset about Carrington events; here’s an informative website on the sun.

The NY Times deals forthrightly and fairly with the fact that the social sciences discriminate very thoroughly against conservatives and libertarians. This is the last you will hear from the NYT on this topic for many a year. After all, it’s not reasonable to appoint idiots to professorships, now is it?

The US federal agency called the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is frantically trying to hush up yet another scandal (the massacre of “Branch Davidians” at Waco being the most notable). It will probably succeed, thanks to the refusal of the news media to tell the story. Reminder: nobody died in Watergate. In the most recent scandal, a BATFE agent was shot to death. So why are the media holding back? Read the story at the link.


More “popular wisdom” is forming: you know the “Who lost China?” and “Jimmy Carter lost Iran” slogans are considered points of departure for intelligent discussion. Well, now the “Obama lost Egypt” concept is being crafted and given a final coat of varnish. This publication considers the new slogan simple-minded and unfair. Obama is incompetent, as is his secretary of state, but that does not mean that someone else could have “saved” Egypt or even that intelligent policy over the last twenty years could have produced significantly different results. When dealing with Arabs, rational people are at a severe disadvantage. Granted, it would be better to have experienced, wise and principled leaders making US policy, but even if that were possible, there would still be no guarantees. Yes, this video makes clear that Foggy Bottom and the White House gave yet another humiliating amateur performance. And yes, all that blundering and stumbling about can only make the job of every US diplomat harder. Still the fact remains that Egypt was not the USA’s to keep or lose.

This publication often makes its case by citing “wingnut” references, so the casual reader can be forgiven if he misunderstands The New Terrapin to be conservative. Gain perspective by watching a revelatory interview of a historian.

More than you wanted to know: The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood in detail. This is where you send somebody who’s after the full story.

“Yang Jiechi, meet Bobby ‘The Butcher’ Mugabe.” Perfect, simply perfect.

You recall this newsletter’s discussion of the slaughterhouse cases and the abuse of the commerce clause of the US federal constitution. Here’s more on how the latter relates to Obamacare. Note also that the mention of a constitutional amendment as the ultimate solution is not a good idea. The constitution is not legislation and should not serve as such. But that’s debatable, of course, depending on circumstances. By the way, Lawrence Tribe also claimed that John McCain was constitutionally qualified to be president, an opinion that is not accurate. McCain is a naturalized US citizen, and Tribe is error-prone.

It will be very interesting to see what you anti-Patriot Act “progressives” have to say about this.

AVAD (anthropogenic volcanic airline disruption) is the next great threat. Oliver Stone is about to go into production of a documentary narrated by Alan Alda.

Obama says he has not raised taxes, and that he is not a redistributionist. Neither claim is true. Taxes first: “Obama said, ‘I didn’t raise taxes once.’ But we’ve documented numerous instances when he has.” That correction comes from this source. Next, redistribution of wealth was taken up by a pro-Obama website, which concluded that “…his overall approach to taxes is frankly redistributionist: Even as much of the middle class gets a tax cut or no increase, the well-off will pay more.” That’s called progressive taxation, and there is nothing new about it. But there is a very odd concept in Obama’s tacit assumption that if he does not confiscate some of Joe The Plumber’s earnings and spread them around (as he, Obama, sees fit, not as Joe sees fit), Joe will not spend or invest his money at all. “Odd” may be the wrong word — “crazy” might be better. The final word on Obama’s redistributionist goals comes from here; check it out, and see what the man said back in 2008.

More on Cloward-Piven, if it interests you. Well, more on it even if it does not interest you; in that event, just don’t click on the hyperlink.

In this article, Lisa Jackson, administrator of the US Environmental Protection Agency, is seen to complain that there are “Politicians overruling scientists”. She is wildly (but typically) off target. The bogus science of AGW has been discredited, and those scientists who continue to insist that AGW is real are pure ideologues who ignore the facts. Men like Hansen at NASA, for example, insist that in order to halt AGW humanity must stop producing any carbon dioxide at all and then remove from the atmosphere a quantity of carbon dioxide equal to half of what it formerly produced. Both tasks are physical impossibilities. Then there are those rascals who faked the infamous hockeystick graph; they have never recanted, though their hoax has been exposed in detail. AGW is not science. If a politician can see that, then good for him! The public is lucky to be served by such people.

Related: this newsletter missed an important news item about AGW, the IPCC, that mechanical engineer who heads the IPCC, and the way the IPCC mocks the truth. Sorry. Consider the oversight not corrected, but acknowledged with the publication here of this link. — Next, take a look at how abnormal the weather has been lately.

This definitely looks fake. How can The New Terrapin tell? Easy: Joe is touting some energy drink. He would never do that.

Hillary won’t see this, and she would find it irritating if she did (she’d think it was someone nagging her about her San Francisco period). Pretend she’s watching it with you, and ponder the rationality of her world.

Bad, bad news for you “progressives:” the Tea Party undertakes to educate the electorate and wins a battle in the Congress. More here.

Palin supporters riot as Pelosi interviewed on TV and…hunh…oh, wait….

Iranian missile hits targeted ship. Watch out, Israel.

As the price of a barrel of crude oil goes up, things like this are bound to happen.

Jockeying for position in the coming supreme court case. Everyone knows that black married couples must necessarily agree on all political causes; it’s a black thing. Or is that racist?

Epistemology according to Rumsfeld. Don’t be put off — have a look. (To the “known unknowns” one might add virtually everything significant about Obama’s education and formative years.)

In case you care: how a potential Wikileaks target is claimed to have planned to respond to the threat. Bizarre.

General principles for dealing with the police. A long time ago, this newsletter urged everyone to view this video and its companion. That remains excellent advice.


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