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Number 189                                                                                                                                 22 February, 2011


Against stupidity the very gods themselves contend in vain.


Team Obama On The Cyber-Attack

The mainstream media are whining that the White House has done an end run around them, thus evading the government’s accountability to the press. That is implied to be a hindrance to good governance. On the one hand, this looks like a plausible refutation of the viewpoint that the major media have been and still are “in the tank” for Obama. On the other, it exhibits the administration’s desire to be the news media, to control the news directly and virtually totally.

In truth, the Obamites have the attitude of every Peronist regime: the Party cannot ever have complete enough control of information. The concept is silly, for, as this publication has insisted many times, censorship need not be total in order to be devastatingly effective, and that’s especially true of a government that rules as the choice of a simple majority of the electorate. Obama remains the overwhelming favorite of the news media.

So what’s going on? A mild paranoia has set in, and doubtless the Tea Party Movement is part of the cause. Obama never dreamed that the voters would hammer their representatives as hard as they have, angrily shouting them down when the hapless Solons tried to lecture their constituents. Those massive Tea Party rallies have profoundly impressed — indeed, frightened — the president, for he is a man who revels in the adulation of crowds. He correctly sees the popular uprising as a huge danger to his agenda, which is why he has tried to rebrand himself as a new Ronald Reagan. It is only natural for Team Obama to want not just a massive majority of the media behind the president, but to yearn to stifle even the slightest suggestion that somehow Washington DC is not running like a fine Swiss watch (stuff like this really upsets The One). For the collectivist mentality, a simple majority is never enough. Unanimity is the eternal goal.

It’s a pathetic mindset. Childishly selfish and perfectionist, it demands to be loved by all for all things. It takes criticism very, very hard, even as it rejects and appears to ignore it. The psychic wounds inflicted by the Tea Party Movement have been bloody indeed; the result is a frantic overcompensation, a mindless effort to control all the news, co-opt the less-than-perfect media, and appeal directly to the people (who are naively assumed to be malleable, if not outright gullible).

Obama is not a man who enjoys being president. He loves the campaign, the adulation of the crowds who flock to hear him speak, and the excitement of basking in the cheering. He has a simple faith in his ability to get his message of Hopeandchange across directly. He and his team misunderstand the new “social” media and the power of the internet. Team Obama mistakes the electronic outreach for literal appearances of The One before herds of union members, state and federal employees, and the collectivist sheep.

It will take about five minutes for the Tea Partiers to realize that they can flood Team Obama with “feedback,” and ruin the White House’s day.


A Reminder Of The Basics

There are fundamentals of economics that many in Washington DC have forgotten. That’s probably because ideologues in the academy have found sophistical ways of obscuring the truth. And why would that happen? Because the prevailing paradigms of jurisprudence, governance and economics are collectivist, and their delusional nature makes the fundamental verities heretical.

So, in the interests of promoting rank heresy and open rebellion against unreason, The New Terrapin is happy to disseminate the following dangerous truths:

1. Economics is not a science. It is a study, and its predictions depend on the validity and truthfulness of its models.

2. Modeling the behavior of people and systems is notoriously difficult and imprecise. Accurate prediction is often far beyond the capabilities of many sciences, including some areas of physics. Economic behavior is more complicated than climate physics.

3. The only way to increase prosperity and reduce poverty is to improve productivity. Everything else — wealth redistribution in particular — is just a zero-sum hoax.

4. There are multiple ways of adding value to a product, whether it be a good or a service, and the application of labor is just one way.

5. Labor unions do not generate prosperity — they segregate workers into groups and commit them to differential levels of compensation for the same work.

6. Minimum wage laws do in fact raise unemployment levels for those seeking entry-level positions.

7. The only way to realize the value of assets is to give them to someone else.

8. People whose wealth is higher than average do not destroy or sequester their assets rather than hand them to others.

9. Taxation always militates against the activity or good taxed.

10. The most rational, efficient and fair setting for the exchange of goods and services is always a free market that operates in an environment of impartial, thorough and wise justice. Justice that does not recognize the primacy of the individual is not worthy of the name, for only individuals are real; society and classes are abstractions.

One might add “Keynes was wrong” to this list, but that is just an unhappy fact, not a fundamental truth of economics. Forgetting Keynes can not do any harm, while ignoring the fundamentals will inevitably take a toll.



So…what sort of news coverage would candidate Palin get if she ran for president? “They hate her so much they can’t even bother to do the most basic of fact checking,” says this weblogger, who proves his point (about Time magazine, not about the incompetence of some obscure newspaper). Palin is so loathed and feared that her candidacy would certainly inspire violence. That may explain why so few conservatives believe she should run.

At last! Proof that conservatives — you know, those Tea Party nuts — are racists!

Here’s brilliant analysis of and commentary on the rules by which the major media play. Sample: “what drives the international media is not a quest for truth. It is a quest to advance the ideology of identity politics (which are) nothing more than socially acceptable bigotry.” There’s a lot more at the link, and it’s revelatory. Thanks go to reader JY for this eye-opener. Highest recommendation.

Obama fusses that people are attacking the unions, but the real question is this: who owns the public schools? If you understand the situation, you realize that unions make the illegitimate assumption that employees own their jobs. You also know that what is happening in Wisconsin is not a federal matter, but that the Obamites have entered the fight out of pure ideology. The administration is ignoring the nation’s constitution.

Related: the theory and practice of unionism: a summary of the fundamentals, with particular emphasis on the impropriety of public sector unions.

Will Al Gore try to blame this on human activity?

“…Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker ginned up a phony budget crisis to justify his bold bid to strip state employees of most bargaining rights and cut their benefits.” Oh? Oh, sure, and you can thank MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow for exposing the truth. Truly, there is no more self-assured media personality than Maddow; she exudes confidence in her ideology. And she’s a liar. The short version of the full story is here, along with video of Maddow’s prevarications.

The New York Times…oh, phooey, you know the rest.

US foreign policy: The Obama Doctrine. It’s a bloody disgrace because it is such an amateur effort. As fantasy, it is not sophisticated enough to make a good paperback novel.

You have been told, and may even believe, that The Muslim Brotherhood will be good for Egypt. Here’s an interesting and insight-producing piece from the German news magazine Spiegel.

The New Terrapin believes Team Obama is surprised by the continuing fuss over The One’s full, long-form birth certificate. Back when he was a candidate, this publication urged him to reveal all, open the records to public view, and hide nothing — after all, he was born in Hawaii, so why not prove it to the satisfaction of all but the craziest of the crazies? Oddly, he never took that excellent advice, and why he did not remained a mystery. Now that the Supremes are wondering whether they should get involved, it may be time for Team Obama to back down. Meanwhile, this may clarify Obama’s stubborn and expensive insistence on hiding the full story. Unlike all the “birther” horsefeathers, it makes a lot of sense.

“Take two aspirin, watch Chris Matthews tonight, and don’t go to work in the morning.”

The Stuxnet malware and the attempts of two Islamic nations to build nuclear weapons remain in the news. Brush up on events with an article implicating the USA and Israel, and don’t worry that it’s hardly definitive. Then there is an update of sorts on what may have happened after Libya handed its nuclear technology over to the USA back in 2003 (remember that?). While people who know are not confirming anything, people who want to know are telling a tale that could be a fantasy in whole or part. That’s entertainment, Folks!

Media Matters is rapidly becoming irrelevant, even to the media.

Have you wondered why no one in the major media has likened the various popular uprisings in parts of the Muslim world to the USA’s Tea Party Movement? Wonder no more: it’s because for those seers and wise men in the media, the Tea Partiers are dangerous, violent racists, and far down the ethical scale from Muslims who simply want democracy and principled government. No link — just simple truth. Think it through.

“The news is not good for either major party….” You can bet on that!

Aha! Proof that Obama is an active agent of Islam! He’s, like, pushing Islam and helping it to grow and promoting the conversion of like just about everybody, doncha know? — Well, no, you and other sensible people don’t know any such thing, but some folks enjoy this kind of nonsense, so if that gullible segment of society includes you, have fun with this…. Meanwhile, a lot of folks understand that Islam is a death cult, not a religion of peace. Those clear thinkers also know that Islam can only benefit from fables like the one found at the link, for they make the truth easier to deny. In any event, the Israelis are scared almost witless by Obama’s amateur efforts at diplomacy and foreign policy, and one can hardly blame them. It’s unfortunate that the US electorate is not equally alarmed by the farce. That leads The New Terrapin to ask just what The One would have to do to be impeached. Is he sacred? He has already broken his oath of office, and that should suffice.

Aha, racism!

“…libertarians are pretty lonely in the political scheme of things in terms of constantly being challenged to defend themselves against the ‘logical conclusion’ of their philosophy. But I think it’s time to amend that. We are witnessing the logical conclusion of the Democratic Party’s philosophy, and it is this: Your tax dollars exist to make public sector unions happy.” Read it all.

This mass murderer is thirteen months behind schedule. Meanwhile nobody seems interested in looking into the politicians and others who committed the second atrocity. Why don’t the families of the victims stage a protest, attract some attention, and scold the evildoers in the British government?

A card-carrying member of the Bicoastal Elite gives the world the benefit of his profound ethical insights, solid journalistic principles, and good taste. All right, all you “progressives” out there — trivialize that.

Pigford. The striking teachers and a dozen other “hot” issues have swept it out of view, and you can bet that many in the federal complex want it to go away and stay away. Be different: be a good citizen — inform yourself.

“…President Obama and his Democratic congressional allies in the 111th Congress dared not alienate the Big Lawyers special interest of class-action trial attorneys. The lawyers and three other special interests – Big Labor union leaders, Big Green environmentalists, and Big Insiders with billions of dollars in personal wealth and foundation grants — together essentially dictate what Democrats can and cannot support on many key public policy issues.” Read more here. Yes, it’s a real pain to slog through depressing reports like this, but you know you should understand where the ruling elite gets its marching orders.

Remember John “Christmas in Cambodia and many other lies and calumnies” Kerry? Yes, it was a terrible time…and unfortunately the stench of hypocrisy still attends national politics.


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