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Number 192                                                                                                                          15 March, 2011


It is as if much had been neglected in the defense of our country.


Media Derangement Syndrome

In this newsletter’s long struggle to prove the general bias of the media, few admissions of bigotry and class-hatred have been cited. Journalists are usually too smart to shoot their mouths off for quotation. That’s why the statements made by this National Public Radio bigwig are notable.

His babble raises two questions: first, one would like to know how widespread his loopy ideas are. Is his mindset typical? Second, why in the world do editors tolerate nutcases like this bigot?

The number of journalists and others in the media who agree with most of what this pretentious sap says is probably larger than most folks think. Perhaps the best evidence for that contention is the case of Eason Jordan, the former head of CNN News, who offhandedly expressed his belief that in Iraq, the US military routinely targeted and assassinated journalists. His words were not intended to be a revelation; he was neither exposing a dirty secret nor complaining about a horrible situation. He was just referring to the way things were (as he misunderstood them due to his political bias). He honestly felt that everybody knew of this conspiracy to kill reporters. How very like a Klansman who knows that black folks and Jews are all dangerous degenerates!

One must admit the rationality of the strong implication that most of Jordan’s employees at CNN agreed with him, and that few if any thought him crazy. The journalistic establishment tolerates its far-left paranoid lunatics, in other words, because their opinions are not all that distinct from the prevailing perceptions of reality. The derangement is endemic.

Don’t believe it? Revisit “Journolist.”

The consequences of public exposure of the derangement are always the same: you get told to resign, as Jordan was, or you get fired. The derangement itself is never addressed. All that matters is that it has become visible. That cannot be tolerated. Exposure of the syndrome might lead folks to think about what really goes on in editorial offices across the land.

Parenthetically, note that the brand new head of NPR whines that if people would just listen to the network for an hour or so, they would see that it is ethical. She forgets that years of complaints about NPR’s bias are based on years of listening to NPR. Note as well that she claims to wish that everyone could see how the editorial meetings hammer out the angle of each story, deciding how to portray the facts and keeping all the writers, editors and reporters honest. Well, she can’t have it both ways: either you can realize what NPR is up to by listening to its product, or you have to be a fly on the wall while that product is assembled. Which is it? Clearly, the lady will never agree with you if you assert there is a liberal/collectivist/”progressive” bias, no matter what evidence you cite.

Then there’s the “we get hardly any money from the taxpayers” claim. That’s like saying that the parents get a small stipend, while each of their kids gets a large grant. If all government funding were cut off to NPR across the board, many NPR local stations would close their doors. The network is very heavily tax-supported. No one addresses the embarrassing question of why NPR (and public TV) deserve any taxpayer funds at all. All the news media are under tremendous pressure from a market that increasingly finds fault with their products; the dinosaurs are being challenged to adapt. If NPR and its TV equivalent can ignore the consumers’ requirements, what does that tell you about the wisdom of government? Why should there be any coerced funding of any news media?

“It’s in the public interest,” we are told — words repeated by a self-anointed elite with a vested interest in the scam. The true public interest is defined by the public, which acts in a free market to seek out the goods and services it desires. That notion is extremely dangerous, for it would deny the authoritarian Bicoastal Elite its privileges, as well as validate the right of the public to pass judgment on what is available. Anything that admits tacitly that the values of Flyover Country are somehow legitimate is anathema. As the bigot who just lost his job put it, “…really xenophobic, I mean basically they are, they believe in sort of white, middle-America gun-toting. I mean, it’s scary. They’re seriously racist, racist people.”

Follow-up: if you are told that the video that dismantles NPR has been fraudulently edited or was not released in full, by all means see this analysis of the whole shootin’ match. “Progressive” critics (such as Andy Sullivan) are Out To Lunch on this one, and there is solid proof of that.


A Charming Fantasy

This is wonderful stuff: it’s a distillation and rebottling of the snobbery of the Bicoastal Elite. This time the ruling stratum has spotted elitism among the knuckle-draggers, and given it the beating it deserves. This newsletter especially likes the assertion that the throwbacks of Flyover Country say an education is not worth having. What a colorful fancy! Too, this publication is oh-so-envious of the fashionably wet-brained prose on display here; it’s almost as charmingly infra dig as Lenny Bernstein’s rhapsody on the felonious intent of The Black Panthers. Here are some snippets from commentary you might want to read in its entirety.

…Bush or Palin, creatures of different social classes who account their similar stuntedness an achievement. This is the antielitism of the elites…by no means confined to the GOP…whose adherents despise the knowledge that things could be better, that they themselves could be better. Meanwhile they secure the ruin of our country by insisting on its perfection.

The resentful right, under the banner…hoisted alike by Beck, Huckabee, and Palin…of common sense, flatters deprivation as wisdom by implying to the uneducated that an education isn’t worth having. The violence this bigoted proposition has done to the talents and capacities of millions of people is incalculable, unforgivable. But of course the resentment of the class character of education thus mobilized is entirely legitimate. Only in a different and better and…why not say it?…more democratic socialist society could Bourdieu’s view of culture at last be supplanted by that of Ortega. Meanwhile, better than to vindicate elitism in so many words would probably be to adopt the humble program of self-improvement.


The End Is Near. Again

Times are tough. Economic problems beset every nation on earth, Mother Nature seems amazingly disgusted with humankind, and there are millions of people who sincerely desire to see entire cultures, religions and civilizations eradicated. Governments everywhere are struggling to cope with everyday circumstances. Rebellion flares up, often dying down in lakes of blood. Literally unimaginable debt has cursed the next two generations of the USA’s citizenry, and the president is doing all he can to impose his collectivist, redistributionist agenda — though even he realizes he’s not up to the task of governing.

The confluence of political, economic, cultural and geological horrors has convinced some folks that it’s all winding down. The End Times? The total destruction allegedly predicted by the Mayan calendar?

It is interesting to see that as things unravel and the decline of the West becomes obvious to all, religious fervor has hardly increased within the crumbling structure. Instead many of the damned display a kind of grim determination to survive. Others refuse to believe that things really are terrifying. Some citizens are stocking up on food and water and supplies, as suggested by this newsletter; they intend to wait the bad times out.

Part of the reason for despair and short-term pessimism is the incompetence of governments across the globe. The Brits let the Lockerbie bomber go in exchange for oil; virtually all of Europe has lost its cultural vitality; Washington is run by obviously incompetent ideologues who promise Utopia even as they exacerbate the distress; access to the complete truth is increasingly difficult, though the world is flooded with information; high technology seems incapable of reducing poverty; diseases multiply and drugs become ineffective while new cures are promised and not delivered. Uncertainty on every hand erodes mankind’s confidence, such that any change at all is feared rather than evaluated. People can’t find work, the USA’s risibly porous borders are being held hostage by the president, the taxpayers can’t afford the governments they depend on, and the major institutions — economic, educational, diplomatic, cultural, journalistic, jurisprudential, legislative, regulatory — are either declining or making no headway (perhaps ominously, the sole exception is the military). Internationally, the greatest enemy of Liberty and progress and decency is a major monotheistic faith, and the ancient Roman church stands revealed as a refuge for insatiable sexual predators. “The center cannot hold…” said the poet; “…this is the way the world ends: Not with a bang but a whimper.”

Where does all this come from?

The answer will enrage some and satisfy few. It is simply this: the insanity that requires mankind to assume full responsibility for misfortune, and demands that all manner of horror be attributed to human failings, is the cause of the misery. Consider the lies: whatever is wrong, humans caused it. The weather changes (as it always does), and it’s because of man’s greed. Poverty results from the fact that some are rich. Disease is caused by the callous conspiracy of industry and science. Injustice is the consequence of racist sentiments (that in fact do not exist).

There is often a paranoid aspect to the derangement. Imagined plots and villains replace bad luck and unwise governance (nobody’s perfect) as the wellsprings of inefficiency and failures. When Hillary whined about the “vast right-wing conspiracy,” she was not simply saying that her husband had some political foes, as does any politician; she was positing the existence of something like the fabulous Illuminati. She had in mind a fell conclave of secretive villains whose reach extended far beyond the usual and expected.

Hillary has always been a bit unhinged. She should know that politics and business are competitive. What her dimwitted complaint told the world was that the nature of the political discourse has changed, becoming less rational. The only way she could express that change was to characterize it as extreme, and she felt that was sufficient. In truth, she had merely glimpsed the sea change in the perception of political and business activities. Right: loony conspiracist explanations are more trendy these days.

The old-fashioned conspiracism of the Jew-haters like Henry Ford has expanded and been transformed into a bizarre self-hatred. It used to be “they:” now it is “we.” We use too much electricity, burn too much carbon, are too intolerant of homosexuals or women or other races or aliens; we are our own worst enemies. We foul our nests. The inane logic soon conflates the polity and public into both victim and villain: we (the government) blew up the World Trade Center towers in which we (the “little Eichmanns”) deservedly perished. “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

The politically correct hyperbole of “progressivism” and multiculturalism has inspired mandatory self-flagellation and penance. With the failure of technology to bring about the expected Utopia, disappointment and frustration have translated the hurt into self-hatred. Because humanity is guilty of — as just one example — changing the climate, those who have a clear view of the science and refute the lie are bitterly denounced as “deniers.” They are said to be as immoral as those who deny the Nazi murder of millions. In a spasm of fascist hate, the believers in anthropogenic global warming (men like Jim Hansen at NASA) demand that “deniers” be imprisoned for their heresy. A senseless, self-destructive program of punitive measures and taxation is necessary: carbon offsets, cap and trade, higher capital gains taxes. Blame the industrialists!

It’s madness, but madness with a pattern and purpose. It aims to purify the human race by putting it though rituals of self-mortification. Man is seen by almost every segment of the ruling elite as an evil creature who is guilty of some variety of original sin.

This nonsense is a consequence of faith. Because faith admits of no need for evidence, proof, reason or insight, it can vanquish all other resources and become the ultimate repository of understanding.

Thus it is that from time to time — and this phenomenon does indeed have a cyclical, if irregular, nature — civilizations lose confidence, blame themselves for reversals of fortune, and see themselves as helpless. They come to believe they deserve their fates.

The only rational counter to “End Times” lunacy is the simple truth that Liberty matters more than anything else.

Liberty can be understood as the ability to choose, and as the manifestation of the sovereign dignity of the individual.

A commitment to faith depends on the rejection of reason. It is both a submission to ignorance and a misunderstanding of causes and effects. Charlatans like Mohammed, the Reverend Moon, L. Ron Hubbard and Al Gore are always at hand, eager to exploit the gullible. The results are a horror.

As the philosopher Susanne Langer noted, faith — the rejection of reason in favor of unfounded, unshakable, irrefutable, unfalsifiable belief — is a kind of mistake:

If a savage in his ignorance of physics tries to make a mountain open its caverns by dancing round it, we must admit with shame that no rat in a psychologist’s maze would try such patently ineffectual methods of opening a door. Nor should such experiments be carried on, in the face of failure, for thousands of years; even morons should learn more quickly than that. …

A mind whose semantic powers are evolved from the functioning of the motor arc should only think; any vagaries of association are ‘mistakes.’ If our viscera made as many mistakes in sleep as the brain, we should all die of indigestion after our first nursing.

Source: Philosophy in a new key, Susanne K. Langer, Harvard, 1942.



You may have missed this aspect of the NPR story.

Should the USA get involved in Libya? No. The no-fly zone won’t work, and there is no prospect of a decent outcome. In order to have a good government, you have to have good citizens. Egregious Islamic values and tribal politics make Libya a far worse bet than was Iraq, and Iraq could still fall apart.

Reader GB reminds everyone that this commercial is quite popular in Denmark. If memory serves, it was linked in this newsletter some time ago, but then so what? A hat tip goes out to a thoughtful subscriber.

From this newsletter’s Omigawd file: the fallout pattern. How could this happen? Begin with the fact that those Japanese reactors are forty years old, and then note that modern designs are very different.

If you think this is a mess, consider that in only a very few nations in the world are such events even thinkable. Regardless of how this comes out, and regardless of who is right and who gets hammered, the fact is that disputes like this are very healthy. They indicate a genuine concern for areas of activity that, in other nations, usually get people disappeared. That said, yes, the jury needs to see it all.

The news media are pointedly ignoring death threats made against Wisconsin legislators who opposed the unions. The censorship is blatant, unconscionable, and demonstrates conclusively that the major news outlets (with the exception of Fox) are propaganda organs aligned with the Peronist regime in Washington. If the rascals had any decency, they would be deeply ashamed of their depraved malfeasance. And now that the world knows what they are doing…? That matters not at all to the Bicoastal Elite’s agitprop brigades.

The New York Times is…oh, you know, dishonest, incompetent and libelous. This instance is a bit different: the left is eating its young.

This guy is a jerk. He can tolerate the Taliban, but he can’t tolerate NATO? He likes people who target civilians and terrorize those who do not have the right religious ethics, but he wants Western Europeans to get out? The problem is not just his deceit and hypocrisy and insanity, but that the West is going to have a very hard time indeed tolerating the Taliban, wherever they are located — because they reach out and kill people in places like New York.

An EMP (electromagnetic pulse) weapon creates a mini-Carrington event, and you know what a Carrington is from reading this newsletter. All one can say at this point is that these EMP bombs do work. Whether anybody has a big one and how likely it is that it will be used — well, that’s all unknown, and possibly unknowable. But the Koreans, both North and South, are making noises that are pretty unpleasant. The New Terrapin has suggested the USA could drop a big one on Iran, freeze all communications within the country, and then send troops in to blow up the underground weapons shops. That’s not at all likely to go as planned, but it gives the Iranians something to think about. Just as a North Korean EMP weapon gives the USA something to think about. Those people are obeying the orders of a genuinely insane leader, remember…. Things were so much more rational when Uncle Sam just had to worry about the Kremlin and Peking. Then too, Obama is calling the shots in DC these days. Do you wish you could wake up now?

Face facts, you “progressives.”

Related: now face some more facts, and then shut up and sit down.

Here’s yet another of those “We have a cure!” reports that should never be published. If this stuff works, which it almost certainly will not (tests on mice almost never predict results on humans), it will take the better part of a decade for you to get any. So why do you need to know about it now? The New Terrapin links to this irresponsible report simply because it’s yet more evidence of the unethical misbehavior of the press.

Sheesh, will it never end? Probably not. The fact is, those who believe in the inerrancy of the Koran are the blood enemies of Western Civilization, and they are not too fond of most of you, either. Decent people don’t believe it’s wrong to point that out.

Helium, the USA’s very own dwindling resource. Just more for you to worry about. Drat.

Assange, according to a leftie Oz paper.

If you have any curiosity about or interest in the Linux computer operating system, take a look at this informative webpage.

Yet more on the vulnerability of high technology: the Brits are aware of this aspect of the problem, and so should Uncle Sam be.


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