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Number 199                                                                                                                             18 April, 2011


Have the courage to be in service to your own understanding.


The Trends In Academia Are Just As Silly As Trends In The Clothing Industry

Here’s an unfortunately timely and relevant article that concludes with this paragraph:

Why won’t higher education hold women’s studies to ordinary standards of historical accuracy? Because contemporary American higher education cares far more about protecting its favored group of political ideologies than it does its standards of rational inquiry and scrupulous use of evidence. The standards are cited most conspicuously when they lend themselves to fencing off members of disfavored groups. Why is higher education having such a hard time these days attracting public support? A good part of the reason is that it is so self-indulgent.

Good grief, what’s all this about? Well, begin by absorbing the fantasies of a nineteenth century crank, and then click on the link above to join your guide Gloria Steinem on a consciousness-raising pilgrimage to the Shrine of the Goddess. Mere males must leave their reason behind before they depart on the misadventure.


Libya Again, Damn It

From the first, you could just smell that something was wrong. Some folks pointed out how the USA was acting both too hastily and too tentatively; the policy was slipshod and unwise. It had been many years since Reagan slapped Gaddafi down, and the dictator’s misbehavior since then did not warrant US intervention. (If anything, Great Britain needed a dressing down more than Gaddafi did. And those “Palestinians” certainly deserved a hammering.) Yes, Libyans were fighting and dying, and…how did their their plight achieve priority on Uncle Sam’s To Do List, when Darfur and Zimbabwe and Burma….? What, exactly, had happened to US foreign policy? Could there be unexpected nasty consequences?

Well, yes, as a matter of fact. This is what happens when you act for poor reasons, too quickly, and without the full resolve to back up the tremendous harm you are asking your military to do. Killing people is serious business, not the sort of thing you should dabble in. It’s no task for amateurs.



If you are trying to keep up with the paranoid conspiracism of the left, you’ll want to read this report. If you are bored by chimerical “progressive” revelations, you won’t bother.

This is about CAIR and the DOJ. The alphabet soup simply means that Holder must go. But you knew that already.

How open and public should testimony in court be? The two linked reports shed light on some difficult issues.

If you want to know what George Soros has in mind for you and the world, see this post.

The problem has always been the false attribution of causes. Add to that the insanity of trendy but baseless faith and the leadership of rascals, and you can produce an avalanche of lunacy. As this newsletter has said repeatedly.

Video of Paul Ryan is here, showing the GOP congressman shredding the president’s speech on the budget. Attached commentary: “…maverick Democrat Mickey Kaus just called (Obama) ‘the biggest affirmative action baby in history,’ and said he was a lousy politician to boot.”

“(Sarah Palin) arguably represents the purest expression out there of Tea Party passion and free-market populist rejection of Washington’s bipartisan crony capitalism.” In spades. Read the rest of the report. Palin will be a huge problem for Team Obama. She can combine solid common sense with infectious enthusiasm and deliver one hell of a speech.

This report from Madison is not just bad news for Wisconsin’s Democrats — it’s a blow to ardent union supporter Obama, as well. The president’s chances in 2012 will depend to a great extent on what percentages the unions can deliver, and if the political center is unfriendly to organized labor in general…well, it could be a GOP year. Fact: traditional calls for workers’ solidarity in the struggle against the coupon-clippers have lost their power, for yesterday’s villainous bosses are today’s beleaguered taxpayers.

Around the world, sort of, in a tizzy: France, France again, and finally Texas. Whew!

The masthead includes a quote from the works of Immanuel Kant.

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