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Number 200                                                                                                                             20 April, 2011


Essentially, character is a matter of how one acts, and a person of character is a decent person; as such, he envisions certain goals and pursues them with determination.


Commentary On Nine Examples Of The Current Political Correctness

You simply must read this brief commentary. It is essential, Promethean. Here’s a sample quote that hints at the sweeping importance of the piece: “We live in a time in which those who want to advance in the professions must pretend to believe what we all know to be untrue. The totalitarian temptation persists.”

Is the thesis of this book factual? The New Terrapin suggests that virtually everyone will be able to answer that question without reading the book or checking even one of its claims. When it comes to politics, the information people consent to consider is usually determined by their partisan orientations. True “progressives” will flatly refuse to read the book described at the link above. That will allow Obama to get away with his crony capitalism. What is needed is the wide appreciation of this truth: self-censorship, a crippling result of irrational conviction, is the ultimate tyranny.

Since collectivists feel that “wingnut” opinions are not worth uttering or hearing, the repression of speech is the politically correct way to cope with the primitives of Flyover Country.

The political correctness of our day has made heroes of villains, as this comment (from here) makes clear: “Too many Americans do not know the real story about Cuba. Hollywood and the liberal elites in this country have glamorized, romanticized and sanitized Castro’s record of brutality, terrorism, and murder. Fidel Castro wasn’t a romantic revolutionary then or now: he was instead a brutal, murderous thug who took power by force and kept it by running a repressive police state. Too many public officials in this country, both Democrat and Republican, have coddled Castro and played his publicity games with the hopes of profiting off the Cuban people’s misery.” Yes.

Why do so many collectivists ignore or even condone the evil done by mass murderers like Che Guevara and Mao? Guevara in particular is widely admired on the left. The answer probably has to do with rebellion against the brownshoe culture of the middle class, and it is almost certainly more psychological than political. Whatever its cause, it is degenerate — and profoundly offensive to millions of people who lost family, friends, nation and culture to the killers. Note that many of the fans of Che and his ilk would be the first to condemn a cult that glorifies the Confederacy. When “Palestinian” bombs, rockets, artillery and knives kill Israelis, the hypocrites on the left say nothing — or tell the Jews to “go home.” These statists are also the folks chanting, “Bush lied, people died.”

The hypocrisy of the politically correct art (“artsy”?) community is on display.

An example of a politically correct lie: Obama explains it all to you.

Paul Krugman draws on the collectivist mythology to libel “wingnuts.”

Anthropogenic global warming is the politically correct issue. The UN, having bought into the hoax, issued a silly prediction some years ago, claiming that fifty million refugees would have to flee the consequences of AGW by 2010. When that proved humiliatingly incorrect, the UN bureaucrats tried to hide the fact that they had promoted baseless propaganda: they cleansed the record — but either did not know or forgot that Google caches things. Gullible incompetence will out. Begin here and follow up with this.



Here’s an example of federal crony capitalism in action. Obamaniacs will deny that it is what it is.

The New Terrapin continues whining about a great danger, and pointing out that The One and his team have no known plan to deal with it. Not that the GOP could be relied upon to behave differently; it takes intelligence and imagination and determination to try to get people fired up about Carrington events and the bombs that can simulate them.

Related: Solar activity has picked up recently, and people are already talking about the new “trend” that will persist for a while. That’s ignorant and stupid. Trends do not exist, for they are abstractions, and, like colors, have no physical reality. No one can predict the future based on a study of the past, and when it seems to work, it only gives fools a deceptive sense of importance. The sun will do what the sun does — end of report. Even when it repeats states that it was in before and goes through them at a familiar pace, it is still behaving unpredictably. Those who imply otherwise are charlatans. That said, the concern the government should have about Carrington events is not misplaced; there is no way to predict them, but it is rational to expect that they will occur. There is no evidence to the contrary. That the government is ignoring them is very bad news indeed, for they could destroy the electrical/electronic technology that undergirds our civilization. Hundreds of millions would die, and mankind’s cultural level could approximate the Neolithic.

When you read the post at this link, realize that “disinterested” means objective and fair. Then remember that The New Terrapin has explained how and why collectivist bullies in government abuse the commerce clause of the US federal constitution. Here you have proof that the tactic is in play. Tea Partiers, take note.

Someone tried to take over and drain the computer network of the Oak Ridge National Labs. The important news is here: “‘…if you look at this APT, it is much more sophisticated than what was being used a few years ago,’ (an official) said. ‘Certainly what we’ve seen is very consistent with the RSA attack . . . Whoever is doing this attempts to get a foothold in the network system, works patiently and relatively quietly to try to expand that and is looking for specific types of information.'” Who? Could this have been done by a group of teen-aged computer hobbyists, or did it require the resources of a nation like…China?

“Simple linear models of classical physics are simply not a good model for economics or civilizations over the long term.” Ah, so true, and so ignored. That provocative information and more await the seeker here.

Related: if the above article strikes you as off target, have a look at this.

Libya is not Iraq. Afghanistan is not Iraq, either. Armchair warriors and military historians/theorists will appreciate this scholarly article on the evolution of counterinsurgency warfare.

Finally: just say NO. Technology grants no one permission to be a boor.


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