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Number 201                                                                                                                             22 April, 2011


Violations of the criminal law of a secular state are punished by the state. But those crimes, and all other crimes that cannot be included in the civil code of a secular state, are punished as sins by a sectarian state. Thus does the list of canonical punishments grow endlessly.


What Should You Call Things Like This? “Revealing”? “Embarrassing”? “Pathetic”? “Typical”? “Diagnostic”? “Helpful”?

Sarah Palin gets her just desserts: the collective flexes its muscles and whacks her…baby. Well, that should tell you something.

Obama the Frangible.

If you ever wondered whether Donald Trump might be a wretched failure as a human being, this should settle the question. This newsletter encourages the formation of a twelve-step program for “wingnuts” who support Trump’s presidential bid. There is hope for the weaker members of the electorate who have collapsed intellectually under the pressure of the Obamania of the news media. When accosted by an enthusiast who hopes to vote for Trump, be gentle, Pilgrims. With the compassionate support of family, friends and recovering Trump partisans, the afflicted can be restored to rationality.


The USA Is Not Immune To The Consequences Of Bad Governance

There are lessons to be learned from the success and failure of other nations. Some economic policies work better than others, in spite of cultural differences. Consider the cases of Argentina, Hong Kong, Scandinavia and the USA.

This commentary begins by noting “…the corrupt government-created mess at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac” and moves on to the present. By summarizing Argentina’s story, it clarifies the choices that the USA can make: “Argentina has pursued an Obama policy of government intervention and has declined. Hong Kong has practiced laissez-faire economics and now is one of the world’s richest jurisdictions.” At this point, you should click on the link to see the chart that depicts the fates of the two nations.

Then the author sums up: “…the problem is crony capitalism. Argentina’s economy, for all intents and purposes, is one giant Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac/Obamacare/General Motors/Goldman Sachs Obamaesque dystopia. Government has enormous influence over every major economic decision.”

True, you “progressives” and other Obama-lovers won’t agree to the terminology used here — it’s very partisan. All right, purge the politically incorrect language and focus on the policies and events. What did the federal government do to Fannie and Freddie, when both institutions collapsed because of mismanagement, incompetence, and the greed of their managers? How did Washington respond to the failure of General Motors to build cars that would attract buyers? How did the banks come out of the crisis, and where did the funding that saved them come from? How much of that money wound up in the hands of foreign banks? Deal with facts, and plug in your own ideologically orthodox terminology as you wish.

Then note that the linked commentary comes to a conclusion that should make everyone very uncomfortable:

This is a warning to America (that is, to the USA — Ed.). There is nothing magical about the United States. If we copy Argentina (actually, a very bad combination of Argentine-style crony capitalism and Swedish-style high-tax redistribution), we will suffer similar consequences.

Now be honest, if only privately: what policies are being followed by the Obama administration? What evidence is there that they can be successful? Where in the world and when in history have they proved beneficial?

Perhaps the best example of how a government can pull a nation together, correct its biggest economic errors, ease social problems and contribute to the common weal is that of Germany under Adolf Hitler. The mass murdering lunatic firmly closed the door on a civil war (the communist Sparticists versus the nationalist Freikorps) and thereby prevented the USSR from moving into Western Europe; insured that hyperinflation was dead; restored shattered German pride in spite of the humiliating, emasculating Treaty of Versailles; imprisoned many professional criminals; ended unemployment; extended many valuable benefits to the families of the nation; and oversaw the rise of German industry and business to unprecedented levels (making foreign investment in German industry profitable during a time of international recession). It was a stunning series of achievements that set Germany apart from the rest of the world. That’s what efficient, rational and dictatorial government can do — in the short term.

Today no one on the political left wants to admit two things about Hitler and his success: first, Hitler was remarkably like the folks who today advocate government management of the US economy, benefits for the masses, and the redistribution of wealth. Hitler was a socialist (who, like Obama, practiced economic favoritism that benefited the Big People). His national socialism worked: life in Germany was tremendously improved by the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.

Second, because the extraordinarily evil Hitler did many good things — things that are approved and sought by the contemporary US left — there is a distinct probability that people today will wisely perceive the autocrat’s power to do great good as a power to do great evil. That sophisticated insight into the value of limited government can only hinder Obama’s social-economic agenda.

Today, perceptive folks can see Hitler’s oratorical prowess, his deft sloganeering, his control of the press and his followers’ propagandistic exploitation of children as danger signals. They warn us to monitor closely and reign in our would-be leaders.

So…how is it that The One was able to send a thrill up the leg of a media professional (Google “matthews thrill”)? Nausea would have been a mature response to the transparent demagoguery. The answer helps to explain the German adoration of Hitler, as well as clarify Obama’s appeal: it’s childishly gullible to respond rapturously to the blandishments of a sophist.

It is also dangerous. Men are not angels. No human — no, not even The One — can be trusted with power comparable to that held by Hitler. That realization is the inherent genius of the US system. It is enshrined in the federal constitution — a document Hitler could never have tolerated. Of course its like was utterly lacking in Germany in 1930.

Can that inspired ethic, succinctly expressed in the founding document, be tolerated by the USA’s ruling elite?

Current collectivist tactics that distort (the commerce clause) and ignore (the second amendment of) the US constitution are reminders that those who lust for the power to organize a Utopia must set aside the substance and the process of representative democracy.

Shortly after gaining high national office, Hitler seized power illegally and put an end to democracy. Washington’s modern policy is not such a blatant, draconian stroke, but the erosion of constitutional guarantees of the individual’s Liberty — as seen in the universal imposition of Obamacare, for just one example.

What, one must ask, are the ultimate implications of Obamoid democracy? If the majority mistakes slavery for Utopia and abandons Liberty, shall no one be permitted to refuse the chains?



The One is so accustomed to the servile behavior of the news media that he showed surprised irritation when one uppity reporter tried to do his job properly.

It’s going from Hope and Change to Swope and Strange.

Sometimes making the case for more or higher taxes is easier if you tell a few harmless fibs.

Oh, good grief: Libya. Big mistake, really stupid.

This ought to be illegal, and the fact that it’s not is more than just a clear indication of hypocrisy. It’s proof that the decent operation of the government is an alien concept to those in power. That’s an ethical failing not unique to Democrats. Tea Partiers, make a note: the Republicans do not deserve a pass.

Yes, Holder has to go.

If you can wade through this dense, bogus academic-sounding prose, you will see that some in the “Palestinian” camp are about to give up the Two-States concept and settle for the Destroy Israel concept. How to do that? Start in the UN’s General Assembly, of course. It’s a cesspool of Jew-hatred, corruption and degeneracy.

Muslim threats force a newspaper to back down, and an author withdraws from controversy in fear for his life. It just happened in the USA, and it’s a harbinger that should not be ignored.

Conspiracists on the right will love this: it’s a revelation of Obama’s grand scheme. It could even be true, maybe. Sort of. Well….

The top brass in Washington says one thing, the people in the field say something totally different. Who ya got? The New Terrapin puts its money on the guys who get their marching orders from the liars inside the Beltway.

Britain’s Muslims send the happy couple their best wishes for a wonderful life. Yeah, riiiiiiight. The New Terrapin suggests that pig farmers from across Britain show up with some of their livestock — all washed and decked out with little hats, of course — and place themselves strategically on the streets down which the newlyweds will drive. It isn’t illegal to walk a pig on a leash in London, is it?

Can this be blamed somehow on Hillary? No, not really. Drat.

Hooray for accountability, transparency, fairness and upright ethics! OK, now… where can we find some?

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