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Number 203                                                                                                                             27 April, 2011


Napoleon provides us with an example of how dangerous it would be to elevate oneself to an absolute level and sacrifice everything to the realization of an idea.


The Beeb: Eternal Booby Hatchery

You probably saw this, but in case you missed it — Wikileaks documents show that an Islamist had a telephone number of someone at BBC. “The possible link between extremism and staff at the BBC will anger the national broadcaster, which prides itself on its impartiality.” Oh, my, yes. But the BBC is and long has been a problem child — spoiled rotten, whiney-cranky, smug and maddingly deceitful. Some ten years ago, the intrepid staff of today’s New Terrapin gave up on BBC World as a (TV) source of news, so biased and goofy were the “reports.” Then things got worse: a man killed himself, the government held an inquiry, the head of the BBC resigned, and there was a supposed housecleaning. The bloodshed and the fuss went for naught, for the international network is the same swamp it always was, though some of the denizens are gone and have been replaced with new mutants. The BBC’s problems are the endemic consequences of the mindset that invigorates the Oxbridge Axis, a topic this newsletter hammered on for years.

Well, when Wikileaks stole and revealed some juicy secrets, the Brits suffered along with the Yanks. (Note, please, you British readers of this newsletter, that your tired old Uncle Sam was covering your collective butt all the while.) “The files help to explain American anger towards the British authorities, who have been regularly accused of failing to tackle radicalisation in this country.” Yes. And a little history is in order, just to provide a sense of perspective:

When London was hit by suicide bombers in July 2005, the dirty little secret was finally out. Great Britain had been the European hub of Islamist extremism for more than a decade. Under the noses of British intelligence, a network of terrorists and their sympathizers had used Britain to plot, finance, recruit and train for atrocities in the United States and around the world. The scale of this activity was so large that exasperated European security agencies dubbed Britain’s capital city Londonistan.

You’ll find the source for that quote on the web page that lists this book (and don’t ignore the date of its publication!):

Londonistan, by Melanie Phillips

Publisher: Encounter Books; First Edition edition (May 8, 2006)

ISBN-10: 9781594031441

ISBN-13: 978-1594031441

That’s right: five years ago, Phillips was complaining about a tradition in British education, politics, sentimentality and sheer lunacy that had been in effect for more than a decade. This mindrot is the Quixotic result of the adventures of people like Richard Burton and T. E. Lawrence. British multiculturalism is a romantic fantasy that prevents otherwise sensible people from grasping the fact that Arabs* are a grave danger to the West because Islam (“Submission”) is manifest insanity.

Today’s news comes as no shock to The New Terrapin. It is disappointing, of course, but only because on learning of the connection between a homicidal Islamist and someone at BBC, the USA did not blow the whistle. Was an active investigation under way?

*In Britain, the object of admiration is typically the Arab. In truth, the problem is far greater: the practice of mass murder is inspired and supported by Muslims, most of whom are not Arabs. The myopic British preoccupation with Arabs is the result of historical factors. For similar reasons (possibly having to do with the botched partition of India), British intelligence has been no more mindful of British-born assassins/mass murderers of Pakistani descent than it has of Arabs.



A hat tip to GB for the link to this interesting commentary on The One and Hillary. It’s a bit off target in spots for this newsletter, but that won’t bruise your sensibilities, because it’s thought-provoking and lucid. Anything that contributes to an understanding of the secretive and baffling president is useful. Note in particular the information on how this “birther” junk got started.

On this YouTube channel you want to see “Enigma Part I” because it’s a good introduction to the life of The One. The New Terrapin is looking forward to Part II, which covers a period in Obama’s life that has been deliberately tucked away out of view.

For many years, it has been generally understood that the guy that shot Pope John Paul II was tricked and coached by the Bulgarian intelligence apparatus, at the behest of the Soviet KGB. Now a book has been published that asserts things did not happen that way. That will be a very hard case to make; if you read the book, let The New Terrapin know what you think, OK?

An Indian newspaper gives Pakistan’s intelligence service a poke in the eye. Ooh, there’s a shock! Gosh, who could have guessed those people were siding with the Taliban?

GB gets another nod and grin for this one: Foggy Bottom has decided that requiring some people to try to fill out a form that virtually no human being on earth can fill out is a good way to control who gets a US passport. If you don’t have a passport but you might want to visit Canada or Mexico for a few hours, click on the hyperlink and ask yourself whether you can come near completing the Kafkaesque monstrosity you will find at the URL. This is outrageous, and unfortunately the time everybody had to tell Hillary so has already expired. Think it over: should you call your congressman’s office?

This one is for RB: a newspaper does a good job of covering a difficult story.

The full story of racism is not politically correct. As this commentary makes clear, the subject necessarily involves infuriating nonsense. Begin with this example of contemporary libel — “Simply put, we can draw a straight line from the Confederacy, to the Dixiecrats, to today’s tea party Republicans” — and move on toward the truth.

The Thais and the Cambodians are at it again, and once again, both sides are wrong. True, the Thais are more wrong (they have a lot less history and logic and legal justification on their side) and the Cambodians have a rotten bastard as their prime minister, but the simple fact that innocent people are dying for no sane reasons should mean something to the leaders of these two nations. It does not, so — a plague on both their houses.

The New Terrapin does its best to connect you to the latest in scientific socialism and green technology. Bask in the glow of politically correct themes and absorb the ideology through your eyes and ears, Pilgrims. Remember: this works best if you turn off that pesky “Reason” part of your brain.

When is “rationing” the same as the operation of a “death panel”? The New Terrapin thinks the distinction is virtually impossible to draw. Obviously The One’s apologists disagree. This is going to be a very hot issue in months and years to come — unless, of course, Congress scraps the entire mess.

Has another computer “virus” been aimed at Iran? Maybe. But the people who know will either lie or refuse to talk, and that’s all the general public will ever learn.

Here are some additional observations on Afghanistan, this time focusing specifically on the Islamic value system that prevails there. You multiculturalists won’t appreciate the sentiments at all.

The masthead includes a quote from the works of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

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