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Number 205                                                                                                                                  5 May, 2011


If, however, he has murdered, then he must die.



Name the person who said, “Who did what is beside the point.”

A. Charles Manson

B. Pol Pot

C. Alger Hiss

D. The entire executive staff of Enron

E. Orenthal James Simpson

F. Pakistani Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir

Yes, that was too easy, so you don’t need this — but just for the record, the answer is in the Links section below.



This is breakthrough number…what is it now? 6,8072? Solar is the energy of the future, and always will be.

“President Obama recently offered up his plan for cutting the federal budget deficit…. the president plans to achieve those savings through heavy-handed rationing. Americans will lose control of their health care as government officials dictate which treatments will be available–and which cost too much money.” That means death panels, Pilgrims, and it’s not just time to believe the plain truth — it’s also time to call a spade a spade.

When W was president, Pelosi insisted that the possible capture of bin Laden would hardly matter at all. Today she calls the fanatic’s death “the most significant development….” Says a weblogger: “It is unfortunate that many public figures are unable to view events otherwise than through a partisan prism.” (Source.) Well, yes, but the real problem is that it’s unfortunate that some public figures are public figures. — More “wingnut” complaints about “progressive” hypocrisy here. Yeah; that assassination team is evil — until you can use it to enhance your clout with Congress and win over those fickle, stupid, ignorant voters. Oops, update: the scenario is not playing out as anticipated.

“Progressives” can not deny the truth of this assertion, namely, “If Israel were to inflict the type of violence on Palestinians that Arab regimes (and Iranian ones) casually inflict on their own dissenting populations in the course of one day, many colleges across America would be virtually shut down….” If you can stomach the subject, look here. Indeed, the double standard employed in discussions of Israeli-Arab/Islamic issues is uncharted and dangerous territory. It’s been ignored by the media, and rational folks have not invested much effort in trying to clarify it. Yet it gives the lie to the assumption that the US academy is, for the most part, truth-oriented and intellectually honest. Higher education is a highly political environment, and a large segment of it is radically biased.

Huh? “Liberals can bask in their newfound admiration for Obama or uphold their vision of the international system. But it’s hard to see how, in good conscience, they can do both of those things.” Oh.

Cheney lives! Alternate lead-in: Old wine in new bottles.

Here’s an article on the agencies responsible for nailing Osama bin Laden.

“‘Who did what is beside the point … This issue of Osama bin Laden is history,’ Pakistani Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir told a joint news conference.” And: “Pakistan has a long history of nurturing Islamist militants in the interests of its strategic objectives, primarily facing up to what it sees as its biggest threat — India. Pakistan’s fear of India has been at the root of its support for the Afghan Taliban and separatist militants in Indian Kashmir.” Quotes from this news item.

Holder is some piece of work. Whoever wins in 2012 has to get rid of this guy, and Obama may realize that it should happen sooner rather than later.

This post by a weblogger wins the New Terrapin’s Let Hilarity Expose Truth award: “JERUSALEM IMAM: Obama Will Soon Hang For Killing Bin Laden. Okay, first, any talk of hanging is just plain racist. Stupid racist imam. Second, what’s this about how dogs should not rejoice after killing a lion? If I were a dog, and I killed a lion, I’d damn sure rejoice. But Osama was more of a jackal, you know? And if this dumbass keeps talking, people might get the idea that we’re at war with Islam or something. And trust me, your Imam-ness, you don’t want Americans to decide that.” That noise in the background is a New Terrapin staffer ROTFLHAO.

The Tea Party did not protest W when he abandoned fiscal prudence. Why not? Does that prove current protests are racist? Check out that link! — And speaking of racism, here are two brilliant commentaries on the subject. Quote from Part One: “The political left claims to love racial diversity, but it bitterly opposes such diversity on the political right.” And here are quotes from Part Two: “Baselessly accusing their political foes of racism is a way in which today’s liberals attempt to incite fear and loathing of ‘the other.’ …it serves a psychological purpose as well. It reinforces white liberals’ sense of their own superiority.” Highly recommended. — There’s more on race and politics here, and it’s got “Loony Donny” Trump, too! This is metaphorical dumpster-diving at its most exciting, Pilgrims. You won’t get clean for a week of trying.

Those of you who cannot understand The New Terrapin’s virtually constant criticism of the news media may find this commentary helpful. Editors and reporters talk about the “angle” of a story, meaning the approach the reporter takes to a complex subject so as to illuminate one or two facets of it. This newsletter sees “angle” as the genesis of bias. “Angles” do not have to be prejudicial, of course, though it’s easier to pander to stereotypes than to portray reality with care; sheer laziness, mixed with socially-endorsed prejudice, is often the reason why news is little more than self-validating sloganeering, or outright propaganda. Read the commentary at the link to see what The New Terrapin is getting at.

This is breathtakingly transparent fabrication, even for crazed collectivists: an influential “progressive” website claims there is a conspiracist faction on the right “…that refuses to believe bin Laden is dead: ‘Andrew Breitbart, a prominent right-wing commentator with close ties to the Republican Party and the Tea Party, is pushing the theory on his website Big Peace.'” Breitbart responds with characteristic enthusiasm, “That is pure projection by the institutional left, which can neither celebrate American victories in the war on terror, nor mourn American tragedies like Tuscon, without politicizing them. So I am challenging the left to prove what it is alleging. If anyone can prove that I believe American special forces did not kill Osama bin Laden, I will donate one million dollars to ThinkProgress. Put up or shut up, John Podesta. And let Americans celebrate as one.” Full story here.

The New Terrapin has spotted the politician who can defeat Obama in 2012 and put the USA back on track.

In light of this “wingnut” attack on The One’s character (or lack thereof), it’s fair to ask when or whether Obama will crack in public. The New Terrapin said some time ago it expects him to utter a slur directed against Jews.

Fact: profits are a good thing.

The masthead includes a quote from the works of Immanuel Kant.

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