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Number 206                                                                                                                                   8 May, 2011


Laziness and cowardice lead a large segment of mankind, though it has been liberated by Nature from alien control, happily to remain forever immature; laziness and cowardice also account for the ease with which others assume guardianship of the naifs.


The Amazing Viability Of Anti-Science

Anthropogenic global warming is a hoax/fraud that just won’t go away. Facts be damned; carbon dioxide is still claimed to be doing the impossible — overheating the earth. For some folks, the persistence of the claim must mean that the babble about “carbon footprints” and climate change is trustworthy. They are mistaken. Al Gore’s evidence, that faked hockeystick graph, is a clear fraud and an embarrassment to science. Many honest scientists realize that it is a humiliating descent into error and credulity. AGW is a fable concocted by fanatics who have parlayed its promotion into money. Isn’t that bizarre dishonesty and fakery unique in science?

No, it’s not all that unusual. Science is not totally objective; it goes through fads and trends. More significantly, it reacts with horror when a hoax is discovered, often trying to cover up the facts and discredit those who reveal the truth. Here’s a list of examples already mentioned in this newsletter:

1. The claimed artificial insemination of a female ape with human semen that resulted in the birth of a live half-gorilla, half-human baby. This hoax was perpetrated by biology professor Donald Bright of California State University Fullerton. Bright held a Ph. D. from the University of Southern California. Ah, California, the state with a crop of nuts the year around….

2. J. Eric S. Thompson’s stifling domination of Mayan studies was a victory for superstition and the denial of intellectual freedom. He had to die before archaeologists could get on with science, and learn how to read the Mayan glyphs (which Thompson insisted were not writing).

3. The medical profession’s prolonged refusal to accept simple proof (submitted by Marshall and Warren) that gastric ulcers are almost always bacterial in origin. The stubborn researchers won eventually, and were awarded the Nobel prize in a resounding defeat for deliberate ignorance and hidebound protocols that were always unsupported by positive therapeutic results (!).

4. Sir Alexander Fleming’s statement that “Penicillin sat on the shelf for thirteen years while I was called a quack.” To this day, the long period during which Fleming’s work was ignored is still blamed on him.

5. The work of Semmelweis and Pasteur, pioneers in early science who were vilified for their accurate observations (which were sometimes based on oversimple theories).

6. The promotion of cardiac bypass surgery without any clinical evidence whatsoever as to its effectiveness. This bizarre circumstance was at first denied, then greeted with shock, and finally, years after the surgery became widespread, corrected, revealing that the procedure was no more helpful than medical protocols.

7. Then there is of course the Piltdown hoax, which was still reported as fact by some biologists as late as the 1960s. One admitted privately that he knew it was a hoax, but he still taught that Eoanthropus dawsonii was ancestral to man because “…it’s in the literature.” To hell with truth and the education of the young!

To this list of disgraceful crimes against science one must add the work of two individuals who have given the world theories and themes of seismic social consequence.

8. Consider first Freud, the paradigmatic Pied Piper. Remember that his work — which he honestly considered a totally new science — rests on less than twenty clinical case histories and proceeds from his idiosyncratic view of a very narrow cultural niche that no longer exists. A lot of alienists still consider his cocaine-enhanced fantasies somehow scientific, rather than just prolix, speculative retellings of antique fables mixed in with paternalistic ridicule of stressed females (“hysterics”). Yet Freud was one of the most significant people of the twentieth century.

9. Then there is Margaret Mead, who found the road to Utopia when she was hoodwinked by some teen-aged girls. The vixens quickly realized Mead was titillated by racy stories, so they gleefully accommodated the salacious scholar, inventing adventures that might have caused Casanova to blush. Relying on the imaginative fibs, Mead produced wildly inaccurate descriptions of Samoan sexual customs, inspiring the daydreams of millions. The tall tales were swallowed whole by the enthralled anthropological establishment.

It is significant that the debunking of Mead’s misinformation resulted in a vicious backlash against the man who revealed the truth. Saint Maggie was a gullible, uncritical, dishonest and biased ethnographer whose elevated status put her beyond all objective evaluation. For decades, no one dared check her work, though Samoans were smarting from the reputation undeservedly imposed on them (they are in fact a prim, reserved people whose cultural ideals do not include sexual promiscuity).


Mead was instrumental in crafting the myth of the South Seas as a paradise and in promoting the satyr’s doctrine that sexual profligacy is the key to self-realization. The full impact of her false claims and absurd assumptions has yet to be recognized, but it does seem safe to say that she literally redirected Western culture. She gave a scientific cachet to the free expression of sexual impulses, claiming that her research proved that mankind’s diverse but universal cultural restrictions on sexual behavior were psychologically harmful. After all, the primitives were so peaceful, happy, and congenial!

New to the list: the latest scientific fraud enjoys its ultimate position here because it is so breathtakingly stupid — and yet consequential. You will now learn of a hoax that is widely accepted in spite of having been conclusively debunked. That’s right: the rejection by science was insufficient, leading one to suspect that gullibility predisposes the public to ignore proof that wild claims (such as AGW) are nonsense. The crazier the claim and the greater its emotional impact, the less genuine science can do to derail it, in other words. Believe it or not, the lunatic fraud called “facilitated communication” recently caused an egregious miscarriage of justice. Like AGW, FC continues to command the prestige necessary to degrade public policy, as this shocking report proves. Read it and weep for Reason, the fragile goddess!

Yes, Pilgrims, facts, common sense and genuine science do not always prevail. In practice, science and jurisprudence are human activities, and vulnerable to charlatans. When fraudulent or ossified science conspires with ignorant governance, the common weal suffers serious injury.



National Public Radio knows it could not compete effectively in a free market, and it knows there are legislators who believe it should not be funded coercively. So it is using confiscated funds to protect its privileged position in the media. You might consider the ethics of that….

There is enough material here to keep you busy for days trying to figure out whether a huge war is about to break out — a war pitting the USA, Russia and their allies against Pakistan and China. Ye Gods! Let’s hope all this is just fantasy and rash speculation. Only one thing seems certain: when push comes to shove, Muslims will side with Muslims against the West.

Holder again. Yes, again. He’s sickening.

The former teacher on The New Terrapin’s staff says you should read this. He’s not politically correct, and some say he has a temper that will eventually put him in jail. Proceed with caution.

If Team Obama had a bit more class, this would have gone better. But….

The Eagle Wing Palace is staffed by, among others, an individual who (repeatedly and irritatingly) cautions everyone on the consumption of eggs. Hens’ eggs. They are claimed to be bad for humans. In an attempt to learn the truth, a Palace functionary looked here. Aha! Next on the list of pending investigations of folklore: the health benefits of bee vomit. Some call it “honey.”

“President Obama has long pushed the fiction that U.S. gun stores catering to civilians in border states are responsible for supplying up to 90 percent of the firearms used by Mexican cartels. In this fantasy scenario, straw purchasers buy firearms by the gross from corrupt gun dealers and then ship them over the border to Mexico. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder peddled this tale as early as February of 2009, just one month after the president was sworn in.” It’s a major scandal, and Team Obama knows it will be hurt if the full story comes out. Coupled with The One’s refusal to throw the Mexican thugs out of the USA — where they literally occupy US territory, denying access to citizens — this malfeasance constitutes good reason to end the Obama presidency now. Yes, the SEALS are good at what they do, but they are not a reason why the country should tolerate this president’s lies and incompetence.

Important addendum to the above link: Note, please, that the hyperlink takes you to Newsweek, a publication not praised for its accuracy or ethics when it comes to supporting “progressive” causes and attacking “wingnut” claims. Do you recall “the Koran in the toilet”? That’s just one example of the credulity of a magazine that definitely leans left. The full story on firearms and the bad behavior of the BATFE is accordingly not reported in the linked article. If it were, the reader would wonder what in the world is wrong with the idiots in Washington — and Newsweek can’t have that. So if you want to read more on a scandal that should put an entire government bureau through the grinder, look here. Yes, that’s the distinctly biased Fox outfit, but if you want the news on this mess, you almost have to go there because of the partial censorship exercised by the major news media. Truth is truth, even if Fox reports it, and the fact that Newsweek does not report something does not mean that it is false.

Not many people caught this when it happened: Uncle Walter inexplicably lets his guard down and speaks his mind. It’s The Wizard of Oz redux. There are lessons to be learned from this, Pilgrims; do meditate on the implications.

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