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Number 208                                                                                                                               17 May, 2011


True wisdom is the companion of artless simplicity.



How do you promote prosperity and reduce poverty in the USA? You find out which states are doing the best job, and you ask what policies they follow. “First, states with no income tax generally outperform high income tax states. Second, states that have right-to-work laws grow faster than states with forced unionism.” Unfortunately, the feds want to force right-to-work states to give up jobs to union states; at some point, it would be nice if the Obama administration were able to distinguish between the unions and their members. There is a difference, you know. Further, it’s unethical governance to consign a class of employable people to high levels of unemployment because they are not contributing financially to the welfare of a parasitical class that, not incidentally, has frequently been an arm of organized crime.

Michael Yon from Afghanistan. You know not to miss it.

If you are interested in the condition and course of US society, this is indispensable commentary. It is graceful, thoughtful and insightful. While some of you may be offended by its description of the elite that governs the USA, most of The New Terrapin’s subscribers will praise the author for his objective approach to a subject — the quality of the culture and people of the nation — that is too often burdened with biased, selfish subjectivity. Highly recommended.

Sea levels are rising, or so some say. But this time, NASA is fudging the data in order to explain why the rising sea levels can’t be seen. The rascals claim that the weight of glaciers is being reduced, so the land rises and hides the rise in sea level; but how is it that land that does not bear the weight of glaciers is rising, too? Answer: it is not rising. And what about the Maldives, which should be awash by now if the sea level has been rising since before Al Gore made his absurd film? Answer: the Maldives are not vanishing into the ocean. Eventually those scientists who form the infamous consensus on anthropogenic global warming are going to have to admit that climate is never static and always unpredictable, and that carbon dioxide is physically incapable of doing what it is claimed to be doing (its impact as a greenhouse gas declines logarithmically as its presence in the atmosphere increases, as you will recall from Number 180 of The New Terrapin). The world may be in for another Little Ice Age or maybe another Medieval Warming Period, neither of which was caused by human activity. That possibility is no reason to feel guilty about inconsequential rises in the atmospheric level of the gas plants use for food.

Ford and Koch: a lesson in comparisons. You “progressives” won’t like it.

“Wingnuts” need to decide how they feel about a post that says, “Like Google, Barack Hussein Obama backs the promotion of disease-spreading sexual depravity. He must be very proud that under his rule, there are almost as many homosexuals in the White House as there are communists.” The New Terrapin calls this stupidity and bigotry. It’s also just what the “progressives” need to prompt them to plunge into another frenzy of libel and slander — first it was claims of Tea Party racism; now expect all on the political right to be smeared as enemies of personal Liberty. This post on Moonbattery is a huge embarrassment, for it reveals a malignant meanness of spirit. Like the “progressives,” the “wingnuts” have in their ranks some individuals who should be ostracized as irrational, fascistic and hypocritical. — If you want to see what The New Terrapin added to the comments on the website, scroll down to the remarks of “cato”.

September 7, 2008: this newsletter, then called The Penguin Post, reported enthusiastically (and not for the first time) that research was under way on a cancer drug. The Penpo waxed optimistic, for it seemed that a better understanding of how cancer works was paired with a drug that exploited that understanding. The drug, called DCA for short, disrupts the metabolism of malignant cells only — and DCA was already certified (by the US FDA) safe for human use. It is also cheap and can not be patented. (This link to the original story still works!) How could research be funded, in spite of a total lack of interest in all pharmaceutical and governmental circles? The drug was so promising that private donations were solicited. The appeal worked. People responded, the research is still under way, and the drug continues to create hope and even excitement. Now of course you know the usual (politically correct) story in cases like this: it’s a whine about how no big drug company could make billions on this drug, so no research would be done and people would die needlessly because of the greed of Big Pharma. OK; now, having recited your standard anticapitalist mantra, you feel better, but…you have dealt with only half of the full truth. The other half is that no government would undertake the relatively inexpensive research needed. Doesn’t that sound like exactly the sort of program your taxes should fund? If you want to be angry with somebody, don’t forget to include the politicians and bureaucrats in your curses. And where was the American Cancer Society, pray tell? Look, if this incompetent newsletter could detect a promising approach…oh, never mind. Meanwhile here’s the latest information on how the drug is doing.

Talking about race: let’s end affirmative action, a commentary by VDH; and “Race is such bullshit” (yes, it sure is).

There’s a brief video that sums up the situation on the borders of Israel in terms of a few historical facts. It won’t change any minds, so you might not want to bother with it, but if you favor the “Palestinian” cause, know that this is the straightforward logic you will have to deal with.

Today’s video Rorschach test: when the autistic lad gets a bit bogged down while singing the USA’s national anthem, the huge crowd takes over, singing at his slow, deliberate pace, and then cheers. Was that proper?

Why is it that when the Outs become Ins, they behave like the people they bitterly criticized? Obama was going to close Gitmo, and now he isn’t. He was going to stop “ extraordinary renditions“, but now he doesn’t even want the judicial system looking into that program. It’s as if somebody sat down with The One and explained some important facts to him, and then impressed on him that, for some very good reasons, he dared not reveal what he had been told. Whatever happened, he is now alienated from some voters — the hardcore “progressives” in particular are steamed because there are no explanations for his abrupt reversals. Could it be that this administration, which came into office babbling about transparency, suddenly learned some terrible secrets?

The masthead includes a quote from the works of Immanuel Kant.

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