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Number 209                                                                                                                               19 May, 2011


Virtue is moral strength in observance of its duty. It never becomes habitual, but should always proceed anew and original from our mode of thought.


Utterly Unexpected, Utterly Insane

When Obama called for “pre-1967” borders, what did that mean? Maps: Pre, and then Post. Important: the “post” borders Obama was referring to do not include Gaza and the Sinai peninsula, which Israel returned to Egypt shortly after the conclusion of hostilities. So look at the “West Bank,” that area between Israel and Jordan, and at the Golan Heights. Note in particular that when Israel annexed all that land that formerly belonged to Transjordan, it reduced the length of its eastern border considerably, making the nation easier to defend. Finally, the Golan Heights, which were seized from Syria, may be included in Obama’s call for a return to prewar borders, but there is no way Israel will ever surrender that territory — it is far too tactically and strategically valuable. If Syria were to regain that high ground, Israel would be in deep trouble. It could be that the Golan Heights are not part of Obama’s demands, as the region has no direct relationship to the “Palestinians.”

Clearly, Obama has taken the side of the “Palestinians.” His clients are enemies of Western Civilization, passionate Jew-haters, and among the most deranged political fanatics on the face of the earth. If they are given what they want with these pre-1967 borders as the starting point of negotiations, Israel will be destroyed. That could happen within a decade or two. There must be a fundamental reason for the Obama administration to make this seismic decision, but this newsletter cannot imagine what it is.

This may be the sin committed by Team Obama that, in combination with all the previous inanities, has a fatal impact. Added to the massive economic damage done, the crony capitalism, the denials of Liberty, the lies and the blunders, this could be the mistake that cannot be survived.

Meanwhile the puzzle defies solution: what could precipitate this breathtaking blow against Israel? Is its stated rationale just a cover, or does Obama actually believe that nonsense? Who could?

It is tempting to speculate about the long-term effects of multiculturalist ideology, scapegoating, the cumulative fatigue produced by the struggle to make peace between ethnic groups that literally cannot tolerate each other, and yes, even the emergence of deeply-felt bigotry. Recall that The New Terrapin has mused that when particularly frustrated and pessimistic, Obama just might deliver himself of a slur against Jews; it’s a guess, but one that is repeated without hesitation. Then too, some crackpots will take Obama’s disastrous policy as an indication that he is a Manchurian Candidate, a secret Muslim preparing the Final Solution to the Jewish Question.

Only one thing can be deduced with certainty: Obama has the support, coerced or otherwise, of Hillary. If she were to deliver a speech demanding that Obama retract his radical proposal, the administration would crack wide open and melt down.

That still might happen to the Democratic Party at large. The Democrats’ lack of wisdom put a totally inexperienced man in the White House. Honestly now, you know that a law degree and years spent trying to organize urban political neophytes into pressure groups do not qualify anyone for the presidency. It’s an absurd apprenticeship. Now more consequences of that blunder are arriving, and the shock waves will reach to the foundations of the Democratic Party.

The New Terrapin has already declared Obama in violation of his oath of office, and therefore impeachable and subject to conviction and removal from office. What a pity that was not acted upon at once, before he delivered himself of this latest monstrosity.



Have a look at the under-reported stories on this list. Some of them are pretty interesting.

This claim is bullshit. It panders to fond hopes and conspiracist fantasies. If, as you poke around on the internet, you run across anything involving the conversion of water into its constituents (hydrogen and oxygen) and the subsequent use of that hydrogen to generate power, ignore it.

Now why would the collectivists at National Public Radio say this? “With so many cameras in pockets and purses, clashes between police and would-be videographers may be inevitable.” There is nowhere in the USA any law that forbids the filming of police officers in the performance of their duties, so what is “inevitable” about “clashes” over that fact? Well, in NPR’s world, the cops are mostly off the leash, and the courts can make the law: “…the legality of filming is, ultimately, a question the courts will have to answer.” In view of the utter absence of laws against making video recordings of the police, that’s a downright goofy thing to say; it’s like saying that because there is no law prohibiting the eating of peanut butter, it’s up to the courts to say whether the food is legal to consume! Further, NPR certainly does not agree with what the federal or state constitutions set forth as the way laws are to be made. Legislation is the job of legislators in legislatures; d’uh! Well (heavy sigh), none of those facts will shape your utterances if you believe that the Powers That Be can proceed undemocratically without regard for representative governance. The New Terrapin hastens to point out that’s the way elites usually operate. NPR is an instrumentality of the ruling elite. If you don’t believe that, try telling the IRS you are withholding three cents from your income taxes because you figure that’s how much you are supporting NPR, and you want the network to compete in a free marketplace.

The feds are afraid they might anger some mass-murdering fanatics and the people who sincerely support them. Those photos of the corpse of Osama bin Laden are presumed to be inflammatory. They probably are; that may be an excellent reason to release them. That assumes, of course, that you want to remind the world of the nature of your blood enemy. There is, you see, a continuing belief in the significance of “moderate Muslims.” This silly misconception stalls corrective action and literally endangers Western Civilization. Political correctness, multiculturalism, the misunderstanding that Koran-believing Muslims are good neighbors — all proceed from ignorance. Some folks (like the president of the USA) actually believe that Islam is not root and branch a violent, extremist death cult; they insist that its teachings have been corrupted by nutcases who have hijacked the religion. That’s a terrible shame. Anything that can be done to disprove the myths should be considered, for the West needs to be alarmed and aggressively defensive.

The problem with this outraged indictment is twofold: first, nobody will read it. It’s too long, and it’s not set up to encourage people to get the basic idea and then go on to research things if they are still skeptical or just interested. Second, it’s in Rolling Stone, a magazine that knows nothing about finance, banking and the regulation thereof. Rolling knows about sex and drugs and rock ‘n roll. — All right, grant the possibility that the superannuated hippies and wet-brained headbangers can buy an accurate article from a genuine authority. Now it’s up to the government, specifically Eric Holder’s Department of Justice (holy cow!), to do something about the outrageous lies uncovered by Congress (and yes, RS gets it right enough that you should be infuriated by its piece, so slog through it, please). So the next move is up to the government? Yikes…don’t hold your breath, Pilgrims. This White House and its running dogs are connected, savvy, and familiar with how power operates (that’s a polite way of saying they are from Chicago, which is a polite way of saying they are opportunistically adaptive, which is a polite way of saying they are corrupt). Yes, it would be nice to think Congress and the executive branch are on the side of the citizenry when the bankers steal billions, but…that’s not the way to bet. Prosecutorial competence is required, and a freedom to prosecute all who were involved in the catastrophe is essential. There is little direct evidence that the Obama administration can satisfy those requirements — after all, it was a senator who asked all the hard questions, not a regulator in the employ of the executive branch. So all one can say at this point is that in a few months the nation will know how well The One’s administration serves the interests of the electorate. The New Terrapin is hopeful but not optimistic. (Expect Holder’s people to whine that the evidence does not support prosecution.) Look, be realistic: Goldman Sachs almost certainly had calculated its chances and decided the huge treasure was worth the risk. The banker-thieves felt their scam was safe with the GOP in power, and they were not scared of the Democrats, either. — It would be interesting to know whether President Ron Paul could have and would have put the fear of good governance into the bastards.

“A tax probe of donations given by a specific class of political donors is a boldfaced attempt to punish and discourage political speech.” Yes, and the IRS is acting on behalf of the Bicoastal Elite — which does not believe in the freedom of speech. You won’t see much about this in the mainstream press.

This hurts. It’s a video of a quick interview in which the “there will be riots in the streets” concept is promoted. Prediction is impossible, but if the morons ruining the national economy of the USA don’t reverse course, things certainly could go from bad to horrible to catastrophic. If. What’s worst about today’s mess is that the rational person has little reason to believe that the nation’s leaders are qualified to lead. — Advisory: as you watch the video, remember that the fellow being interviewed is trying to make money out of a miserable situation, and can do so only if at least some people believe things are headed straight to hell in a handbasket. That said, this newsletter believes most of what he says makes sense, and not much seems exaggerated at all. Oh, boy. Well, it’s your call.

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