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Number 212                                                                                                                               3 June, 2011


World history is not the soil in which good fortune grows. The periods of good fortune are history’s empty pages.


Fred, Welcome Sarah To The World’s Most Exclusive Club

The New Terrapin fondly recalls Fred Thompson’s response to a lady reporter on live TV: “I owe you nothing.” There was cheering in the Eagle Wing Palace and a holiday was declared, for the candidate had been identified (what a shame that, unrecognized as the man he is, he dropped out). Since that memorable day, no one has had the sheer nerve to say that to the press…

…until, that is, Sarah Palin said just the other day, “I don’t think I owe anything to the mainstream media.”

That was a deeply felt moment here. The lady is obviously made of stern stuff, and her character is showing. It’s refreshing to see a victim of the press deliver that cheeky riposte. No, Palin would not be a good president, which she might not realize. She probably does know that she could not possibly win the coming national election, though. Never mind; it’s heartwarming to see her refusing to kowtow to the media elite.

Indeed, this is a significant event, and perhaps more so than you think. Fact: Palin and Palin alone can snub the gatekeepers and remain unscathed. No other political figure would dare try it. What makes her different?

Begin with the remarkable fact that she has been savaged, libeled, cursed and reviled obscenely by an establishment that considers her ridiculous (accordingly it is Palin, rather than the infinitely more deserving Helen Thomas, who is the most hated woman in the USA), yet the experience only seems to have thickened the governor’s armor. Those desperate, dumpster-diving investigations of her background turned up nothing, yet the media refuse to examine Obama’s puzzling history — or even ask why it has been carefully hidden. For more reasons than one it was a revelatory mistake to try to humiliate and trivialize Palin, and some in the media must realize that.

Lesser folk would have retired from the battlefield, but Palin carried on. It can not have been easy. In persisting, she demonstrates inner strength and confidence that set her apart. Those qualities almost certainly come from a combination of genetic good fortune and a proper upbringing.

The values of the media establishment are not Palin’s, and that’s putting it mildly. She is so different that the snobs do not understand her, but some of them can dimly recognize her moral depth and conviction. Few in the media elite share those strengths, for the prevailing shallow status-consciousness makes many media luminaries both overly concerned about the opinions of others and egotistically arrogant. It’s a phony world populated by hollow men.

Palin’s strength of character shatters this facade. When she set the rules for her cross-country tour, she unapologetically put the hyperprivileged in their proper place. That delivered an infuriating shock to the media’s prestige and power; the country bumpkin was telling her betters that she was in control. So the spoiled brats let the world know they were being “disrespected,” as the lexically challenged put it. (Recent additions to the story: One and Two and Three.)

What’s next? Well, the pampered scriveners may discover that their whining about Palin’s attitude toward them is evoking hoots of delight across the nation. That would be a welcome development. So…drive ’em crazy, Sarah!



Read this, Barry, and then explain your bigoted self.

When the government takes the bit in its teeth, keeping its agencies honest is extremely difficult. Consider this case. The federal employee on trial appears to have been concerned only about improprieties in NSA’s dealings with contractors, and not at all interested in spilling secrets. Unclassified materials are being withheld from his jury as if those documents were desperately guarded arcana, a practice that will prejudice justice. That’s bad enough, but the defendant is also charged with having made false statements to investigators; that should not be a crime, because prosecuting someone for lying to the cops is irrational. It’s as if the state were to charge with perjury all those folks who had gone to trial, pled Not Guilty, and nevertheless been convicted (they lied to the cops and the court when they said they were innocent, and that’s perjury, obviously). Once again, the unfortunate case of Martha Stewart comes to mind. The government is misbehaving, and powerfully so. Accordingly, there are harsh legal realities that everyone needs to know. Read and remember the advice at the link.

The New Terrapin has scolded Barney Frank and friends a lot, but it’s never enough. In case you are at all unclear on the subject, do spend a minute or two on this quick overview of the putrid mess.

Do you remember “It’s the economy, Stupid”? Well, as a columnist at the WaPo (where?) points out, the economy looks as if it’s not in recovery, but will continue to decline: “None of this is good news for investors, employers or the public at large. And it is simply awful news for the president’s reelection prospects.” Not everyone agrees; many will keep the faith.

True freedom of the press is simply not one of the values of the Bicoastal Elite.

Here’s a dose of propaganda for you — and reading it will do you good. It comes from one of the many allied groups that want their unevolved religion to rule the earth (resulting in the extermination, conversion or enslavement of everyone who does not share their faith).

How are judges supposed to understand the US constitution? It’s a fundamental issue that has caused the spillage of lots of ink. Yet the dispute is easily summarized and can be rationally addressed and resolved. See how, as a weblogger goes directly to the heart of the argument.

The folks at the Department of Justice (hah, hah) have dreamed up a scheme that you might find interesting. Knowing Holder, this newsletter is unsure what he is up to with this proposal. It probably won’t work, but you never know. Meanwhile, don’t forget that even if he has a good idea here, Holder has to go….

Oh, good grief: are you ready for bad, bad news, and then more bad news? If not, don’t read about the errors of Obamoid policy, the Euro’s problems, and the death of the “American dream“. It’s all horrible.


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