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Number 215                                                                                                                              12 June, 2011


Nations that are not intrinsically humane use foreign wars to achieve a sense of inner tranquility.


Who Deserves Credit For The Death Of Bin Laden?

Obama partisans are quick to credit their hero with the success, but several hard facts dilute the claim. First, W was no less serious than Obama about taking bin Laden out, but obviously it was not possible. Clinton? It’s hard to say, but Slick seems to have been understandably less eager than W or Obama to go after bin Laden specifically. Second, it’s clear that if the apparatus can’t do the job, simply ordering it to perform will prove futile. It takes time to bring a complex and severely challenged organization up to operating capacity. Neither Slick nor W had the resources they needed. As this article points out,

the bin Laden raid demonstrates that U.S. intelligence has come full circle since the end of the Cold War. It was able to successfully collect and analyze intelligence of all types and develop and deploy on-the-ground capabilities it had been lacking to find an individual who was hiding and probably protected.

The United States faced Sept. 11, 2001, without strategic warning of the attacks inspired by bin Laden, and then it faced a tactical threat it was unprepared to fight. Whatever the new and improved human-intelligence capabilities may be, they are no doubt some function of the experience gained by operatives in a concerted, global campaign against jihadists. Human intelligence is probably still the biggest U.S. weakness, but given the evidence of unilateral operations in Pakistan, it is not the weakness it used to be.

With the bold execution and ultimate success of the Abbottabad raid now public, the overarching American operational concept for hunting high-value targets has been demonstrated and the immense resources that were focused on bin Laden are now freed up.

Yes, it took a full decade to build an intelligence network that could locate a man who was fastidious about hiding. The USA’s resources in Afghanistan and Pakistan were drastically reduced when the USSR pulled out of the region. The most valuable of those resources provided access to knowledgeable, cooperative people. Those links are always the most difficult to forge; without them, high technology is crippled, half-blind and often ineffectual.

US intelligence agencies have come of age, and will continue to mature. That will never deter religious fanatics, of course, but in years to come it will certainly hinder their efforts to destroy Western Civilization.


The Current State Of Islamist Attempts At Mass Murder

An Al Qaeda video distributed since bin Laden’s death urges Koran-believing Muslims to conduct “lone wolf” operations, and, according to this analysis, gives Islam’s worst thugs new rules of engagement. Those guidelines contain a tacit admission of failure.

The video also contains lengthy theological discussions justifying the jihadist position that jihad is a compulsory, individual obligation for every able-bodied Muslim. As the video turns to the necessity of attacking the enemies of Islam in their homelands, Gadahn notes that Americans are people who crave comfort and security and that terrorist attacks scare them and take away their will to fight Muslims. According to Gadahn, terrorist attacks also cause the people to object to leaders who want to attack Islam, and the people will not vote for those leaders.

…in practice, al Qaeda and its franchise groups have been rendered transnationally impotent in large part by the counterterrorism efforts of the United States and its allies since 9/11. Jihadist groups been able to conduct attacks in the regions where they are based, but grassroots operatives have been forced to shoulder the bulk of the effort to attack the West. In fact, the only successful attacks conducted inside the United States since 9/11 have been conducted by grassroots operatives, and in any case, grassroots plots and attacks have been quite infrequent.

In earlier days, the message of Islamist militants like Abdullah Azzam was “Come, join the caravan.” This message suggested that militants who answered the call would be trained, equipped and put into the field of battle under competent commanders. It was a message of strength and confidence — and a message that stands in stark contrast to As-Sahab’s current message of “Don’t come and join us, it is too dangerous — conduct attacks on your own instead.” The very call to leaderless resistance is an admission of defeat and an indication that the jihadists might not be receiving the divine blessing they claim.



The Tea Party Movement is changing and adapting, so it’s interesting to see what it’s planning now.

He’s not shocked, nor will you be. Look at the video anyway, and then ask yourself whether things are officially and deliberately out of control. Do you believe this guy’s questions will ever be answered? Or are they illegitimate from the first?

Looking at Holder’s Department of Justice: the boss can run, and he can lie and mislead and refuse to answer. But until there is change at the top, he will remain the boss. That’s a shame and a disgrace.

A hat tip to reader GB for reminding everyone that the California legislature, long a target of severe criticism from The New Terrapin, continues its elitist, incompetent and irrational ways. As the saying goes, “When seconds count, the police are minutes away.” (Standard Moonie alert: the Washington Times is owned by a felon who claims to be Jesus Christ. You might consider those facts relevant.)

You may have wondered why, over the months, The New Terrapin was so upset by Fannie and Freddie. Here’s half of the answer: call it “Fannie’s Fatal Fortunes, or, The Cautionary Tale of a Fallen Woman and the Rascals Who Ruined Her, Part One and Part Two“. It’s a thrilling novel for “wingnuts” and individualists, and a shocking horror story that will give “progressives” nightmares.

Regarding that bacterial food-borne illness that’s killing people in Germany and probably other nations by now, here are practical tips courtesy of this weblog: “Heat kills bacteria, and quickly. If you are worried about spinach or any other vegetable, drop it in rapidly boiling water for a minute or less. … The only way to be 100% sure is to cook food and eat it piping hot. Short of that: wash your veggies! Always. In tap water. Tap water is chlorinated and will kill most pathogens. But — and it is a big but — these toxic forms of E. coli are capable of making sticky biofilms that cannot easily be washed off. Cooking is the only way to be absolutely certain.”

The current frenzy is a frantic effort to find anything, however trivial or ambiguous, with which to hammer Sarah Palin. Why is this happening? Because the media loathe Palin, of course. Well…the canny Alaskan knows what’s in those e-mails, and knows that the media will make fools of themselves; so it’s a trap, and the obsessive ideologues have stepped right into it. Look: this is a time of political scandals, with some public figures behaving very shamefully — or, like The One, appearing fearful that people will learn the truth. Against the filthy background, Palin appears radiant (and she’s got a new TV show that will drive the “progressives” fully round the bend). Whatever you think of her values, face the fact that she’s not at all “bat-shit crazy“, but a brilliant political tactician.

Related: the news media have been here at least twice before. They raced to Alaska after McCain’s surprising announcement of Palin as his running-mate, and started digging for some really juicy dirt on the crazy lady. Surprisingly, the secret sins of Sarah the seductive squaw somehow slithered to safe seclusion. An earlier effort to make a political point also flopped, and that story is worth retelling. When Gore lost the presidential election in Florida, the dispute went into the courts. Its resolution was bitterly criticized by “progressives” and Saint Al, and festering resentment in the heavily-biased media led a group of cocksure reporters to make a Freedom of Information Act demand for the ballots. They got them, and they counted them very, very carefully. Of course the fired-up journalists expected to prove that Gore actually won. That was to be a resounding propaganda victory, a talking point they intended to exploit relentlessly. Oops…the fastidious recount proved that Bush won. That fact was published, but never on the front page, seldom above the fold, and just once. What was to be an important story suddenly lost virtually all significance. So the matter was Closed as far as the major media were concerned. The journalists hope it has been forgotten…and sure enough, they do seem to have forgotten it, for here we go again with another inventive effort to find something embarrassing and mix it into the next batch of Kool-Aid. Idiots.

Related: oh, good grief, there’s yet more breathtaking bigotry from the guy who reported that when he heard Obama talk, a thrill (not a “tingle”) ran up his leg. Matthews is so full of himself that he makes the most bombastic “wingnut” types look like sages.

So…who’s stable and rational these days? Decades of eurosocialism and collectivism have labored mightily and brought forth… a suicidally maladaptive entity that wields far too much power over Continental affairs, while in the USA, an incompetent executive savages reason. Insanity has become the norm. The next popular sentiment just might be nostalgia for common sense. That would work to the huge advantage of the Tea Party Movement….

No, there’s nothing here on Bilderberg. Nothing at all.

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