The New Terrapin Gazette

Number 219

8 July, 2011

In Athens, there was present a vital freedom, along with equally vigorous cultural and spiritual development.


This Is Alien, Inexcusable And Infuriating

The real problem with the Obama administration is the news media’s failure to report on what the government and the politicians are doing. Ask a randomly-chosen sample of US voters about some important news, and you will find appalling ignorance of the facts — because those facts do not reflect well on Team Obama. How many people are aware of US policy regarding Honduras? How informed do you think the the public is when it comes to Obama’s stand on the capital gains tax? Do you believe there is widespread awareness of Obama’s treatment of Israel, the UK (on the Falklands issue, for example) and the administration’s attitude toward labor unions, especially SEIU? How accurately have the media explained the administration’s views on firearms legislation?

All those hot issues are cool by contrast to the scandal that threatens to ravage the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE), however. That disgrace is actually owned by Eric Holder, the Attorney General of the USA and head of the Department of Justice (DOJ). Holder has come under considerable fire from this newsletter for his policies, which appear to be blatantly racist.

So far, Obama and Holder have managed to avoid having to deal publicly with the fetid mess at BATFE. The questions are how and why.

The why is obvious: this one is a killer. Watergate was a few pounds of TNT, but this new scandal is thermonuclear by comparison. The White House can not afford to admit it even exists. It’s that dangerous.

The how is easy to answer: again compared to Watergate, the BATFE’s looming downfall is being ignored by the press.

Obviously that is a hyperbolic way of expressing the distinction. But the truth is, while Watergate involved no injuries, assaults, homicides or kidnappings, the BATFE/DOJ Fast and Furious scandal involves a large but undetermined and indeterminate number of murders. The systematic lawbreaking and manifest incompetence of the BATFE and the criminal malfeasance involved in DOJ oversight of its agency constitute a multi-faceted enormity, and the press has not responded appropriately. It has understated the facts, vastly underplaying the importance of the scandal. It has not persisted nearly as enthusiastically as it did when Mitchell and later Nixon executed their clownish pratfalls. Where Watergate was covered with a nearly rabid vengeance, F/F is being covered gently, if at all. Criticism of the BATFE is muted for the most part, and seldom rises to deserved levels of outrage.

(Parenthetical comment: Of course the folks in the major media don’t see it that way. They would argue bitterly that they have reported F/F fully and fairly, and that this newsletter’s accusations are dishonest. They would duck the fact that Watergate was flogged with much greater enthusiasm, however, because those claims are obviously accurate and cast serious doubt on the “full and fair” rejoinder.

(It’s all a matter of the fundamental mindset of the journalists. While there are exceptions, the media overwhelmingly express collectivist political preferences, automatically portraying the centrist Tea Party Movement as a “fringe” phenomenon (see Nr. 217 of this newsletter) and siding with the “progressives” in Congress. The media bias is so broad and deep that, as Bernard Goldberg explained in his revelatory book, journalists think of the left as the center; for example, to obtain “the women’s view” of things, they go at once to NOW as the voice of compromise, moderation and broad consensus. Of course The Tea Party is “extreme” and “racist” to such ideologues.

(Note that this mindset is itself an extreme. This newsletter, which is written from an individualist viewpoint with strong overtones of standard conservatism, sees itself as to the right of the political center of the USA. A correct perspective is thereby retained. Of course most of the electorate does not share the radical views of The New Terrapin (such as, but not limited to, the legalization of recreational chemicals and prostitution, jury nullification and the “fully informed jury” as integral parts of the jurisprudential process, a hatred of Marxism and Neo-Marxism, a vigorous defense of Western Civilization against Islam, absolutist views on Liberty, and the vital importance of the fourth and second amendments to the constitution); that is obvious.

(The press, however, makes the huge mistake of seeing its collectivist authoritarianism and Obama-obsession as the moderate views of the overwhelming majority. This hubristic “I’m normal, you’re a small-brained freak” self-deceit is part of the reason there is a culture war. Journalists in general understand the opinions of Flyover Country to be simple-minded babble, so the press rejects even fiscal prudence as extreme and inhumane.

(That’s not just bias — it’s willful ignorance and bigotry. Those flaws help to explain how decent citizens are automatically thought of as racists because they will not support Obama’s policies. It’s the perception by a delusional elite that much of the electorate is doing “The Dance of the Low, Sloping Foreheads”. End of parenthetical comment.)

Yet the history of F/F’s fetid cluster of criminal acts, lies, incompetence and abuses of the public trust is nauseating. Some would say only an agency that could have given the nation a disaster like the destruction of the Branch Davidian compound near Waco, Texas, would be capable of such criminality and malfeasance. Others would claim simply that there is no way to explain what went wrong and why the catastrophic F/F program was not halted as soon as it went off the rails.


By any rational standard, the press coverage of F/F has been grossly unethical. Newspapers across the land should be howling for Holder’s scalp, and numerous BATFE higher-ups should be scrambling to find defense lawyers. A lot of people who currently draw excellent federal salaries belong in prison. Seldom if ever has a US government agency misbehaved so hugely and blatantly.

When the guardians of the public safety prove this dangerous, a comprehensive cleansing is necessary.

There is a problem, for one can hardly imagine which agency is professionally and ethically qualified to reassert the rule of law and administer justice. (It’s not just the BATFE you have to worry about.) Trust has been shattered. Yet somehow responsible folks have to intervene and sort things out as soon as practical.

Yes, it is that important. Had you not heard or had you overlooked the fact that Mexico wants US federal officials extradited and tried in Mexico for their crimes? Can you recall such requests — however self-serving they may be — from any nation friendly to the USA? Truly, the USA has disgraced itself horribly.

The scandal raises a question that must be answered, lest the Republic plunge further into the abyss of officially-endorsed lawlessness: why has the press abandoned the body politic, and given a virtual free pass to these unindicted, unconvicted accomplices to homicide?

If you genuinely want to answer that question, begin with the irrational hatred of firearms and of the second amendment to the US constitution. Consider the implications of firearms ownership and the shooting sports for the culture war, the struggle between Flyover Country and the Bicoastal Elite.

Then proceed to the bizarre psychological deviations that are the sources of the obsessive-submissive love the press has for The One. Be warned: your discoveries will be baffling, off-putting, and laced with sophistry that bids to destabilize your rationality. Proceed as an ethnographer, not as a potential immigrant.

What you are investigating is truly alien to the culture of the Republic. It’s a freakish, Kafkaesque mockery of governance one might expect to find only in the likes of a West African dictatorship.



While the press claims the president has engineered an economic rebound, the fact is that “…reporters who bother to look will discover that Obama has managed to produce the worst recovery on record.” Media bias is real, provably untruthful, and bad for the nation.

The crux of the Tea Party agenda is the confluence of common sense and prudence, not a tangle of party politics and personalities. Of course whatever the big media can do to prevent that truth from being obvious to voters in the political middle, they will do. Here’s an example: the New York Times portrays the possible candidacy of Texas governor Perry as a rivalry between W and Perry. If the facts are reported as if they were the consequences of that false assumption, the underlying ethical considerations will be trivialized. The truth: the Tea Party is not partisan — it will hold everyone to rational standards of governance. If the electorate understands that, the news giants will be scared spitless.

In this video, Bill Whittle talks about, among other interesting things, The Frankfurt School. Many long-term subscribers to this newsletter will remember that gang. Recommended.

Surprise! Iran is behind Iraqi pressure on US troops. This newsletter wonders why the WaPo is reporting this.

What global warming? Well, at least they admit it’s not happening. No, really; they admit it now. So first the hockeystick graph was debunked, and now the hard data show no warming from 1998 to 2008. Even if there had been some warming, whether mankind might be responsible for it would still have to be demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt, for the climate is always fluctuating. The fundamental fact remains: carbon dioxide is not capable of accomplishing the claimed or projected climate change. Al Gore and Jim Hansen are simply wrong.

Journalistic ethics be damned as Reuters fabricates a story. What, you say a big outfit like Reuters can be trusted not to do stuff like that? Have a look at the link, and face reality. They would, they do, and they don’t care when they get caught because they know it won’t be reported widely.

Here’s more than you want to know about illegal immigration to the USA, along with some ideas on how to clean up the mess the federal government has made.

It’s hard to know just how the Obamites will deal with this fact: it costs almost three hundred thousand dollars to create a single job — if and when the government can do it. Perhaps the argument will be that each job created will eventually generate enough income for its holder to pay the government back (through income and other taxes) and that none of the jobs resulting from The Stimulus will ever disappear. It’s magic, in other words.

The “War on Drugs” continues. It’s a dismal tale indeed.

Drums and trumpets in the US political arena: The New Terrapin hopes the Tea Party can put an end to this nonsense.

According to Alan Greenspan, who is another of those economists who knows everything, the Fed’s massive stimulus had little impact. Do you believe him? Why? Still….

(Redundant link, in case you skipped the lead commentary) Nobody died in the Watergate scandal, and no foreign nation was asking for the extradition of US officials so they could be tried overseas for involvement in the deaths of human beings. Wow, Obama, you really outdid old Tricky Dick when you let this guy Holder run the Justice Department! He makes Mitchell look like a piker. And now you have your own cover-up to deal with. You’re looking at a fast and furious firestorm. As the kids say, “You The Man!”

A socialist looks at The One’s chance of being re-elected and comes to some unsurprising conclusions. Note, please, his fundamental assumptions.

Now for a few links having to do with Zionism, Jews, and Israel: First, The Learned Elders of Zion send their malevolent minions on a mission of mayhem…and the misery of the mercilessly maligned is multiplied.

Second, according to this article, US Jews are unsure about Obama.

Third, the other side of the story: “A combination of factors seems to be coming together to ensure that the Obama administration will once again enjoy the vast majority of Jewish votes.” Why ever? The explanation is rational and depressing.

Fourth, it’s not the case that Israeli policies are the cause of distress and violence.

Fifth: the UN is a(n) _____________. Read this and then fill in the blank.

Sixth and finally, evidently the rules that define neutrality do not apply to Jew-haters. Maybe the Swiss should stick to making cuckoo clocks and running hotels.

The price of crude oil figured prominently in recent items in this newsletter. Now consider this commentary on OPEC. Unfortunately that outfit has tremendous power over everyone in the world, so when the question of OPEC’s very survival is raised, everyone should be interested.

Canada causes chaos in the climate change/environment lobby rubber room.

If you are an individualist who promotes voluntarism, or if you reject repressive laws, you will be targeted by “progressives”, so expect to be vilified. If you are killed while promoting your cause, you will be ridiculed. How easily these authoritarians divest themselves of their decency.

Some folks have decided to mix the defense of Western Civilization with Jew-hatred. That’s a vile choice. Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller are on the side of the angels, and it’s wrenchingly disgusting that others who also oppose the goals of Islam are infected with bigotry. Hitler was a committed anti-communist; so…what?

Transparency in government? They don’t got no tranz-parents-see in Chicagoland, Bunky.

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