The New Terrapin Gazette

Number 221

13 July, 2011

Consider the Koran, for example; this wretched book was sufficient to start a world-religion, to satisfy the metaphysical need of countless millions for twelve hundred years, to become the basis of their morality and of a remarkable contempt for death, and also to inspire them to bloody wars and the most extensive conquests. In this book we find the saddest and poorest form of theism. Much may be lost in translation, but I have not been able to discover in it one single idea of value.


Modern Horrors

Western Civilization will be severely tested in months and years to come, for it will have to deal with novel enemies and it will have to play by rules that make good government extremely difficult. Consider the second problem first: the requirements of democracy do indeed clash with the processes of modern governance, especially when violence is involved. That is to say…

…when you read news reports of what the government is up to, you may wonder what the full stories are and how many clashes between officials were career-enders. For example, begin with this report and then read what the bureaucracy wants you to know about how it all came out. It should surprise no one that after a time in the utterly distinct world that is government service, many powerful men become dismissive of the ignorant opinions of outsiders. Indeed, a man like Eric Holder must consider that criticism of him is not just wrong, but empty, idiotic partisanship, and racist in its origins. It is not surprising that he would never back down, never admit bias or error, and would angrily reject proposed reforms. Such men are by nature both suited to today’s agency jungle, and unqualified by temperament and ethics to serve the public.

Then there is war. Technology and faith have combined once again, and as usual, mankind is the loser. As the following facts and speculation suggest, the future must be understood and dealt with in terms of its potentials. Accordingly…

…brace yourself and read this scary commentary on Israel, Iran and the USA. Yes, things are a mess, but realizing that does not answer the vital question: if you want to prevent Iran from getting its Jew-killer bomb, what do you do?

Perhaps the best strategy would be to destroy Iran’s power grid and the communications and information technology of the nation with one or more nuclear explosions high above Iran. That would hit the nation with an electromagnetic pulse that apes a Carrington event. The immediate insertion of a large number of landing parties that attack the weapons shops at their entrances would be almost totally unopposed. Large explosive charges could open the doors so more explosives could collapse the tunnels and caverns. The sappers would have many hours to blast things open and place huge charges in the weapons shops. Should nuclear weapons be used to destroy the factories? Where necessary, yes.

But wouldn’t Iran fight back? The fanatics would try, but their air force, along with all their telephones, radios, computers, radars and power transmission lines would be totally knocked out; even their trucks would be disabled. It would be impossible for them to coordinate or launch counterattacks, and each nuclear weapons site would have no awareness of the world beyond its fence.

Iran would be literally deaf, dumb and blind. The nation’s crazy leaders would not know that their bomb factories were being cracked open and cauterized. With all the technology of the invaders functioning normally, Iran could not possibly fend off air bombardment and respond to infantry attacks.

The best reason for the USA to act soon is the knowledge that when Iran can attack the US with a nuclear-generated electromagnetic pulse, it certainly will. That will accompany the annihilation of Israel. Iran literally has no fear of reprisals that would kill the vast majority of its citizens; deterrence through mutual assured destruction is a dead concept, useless against suicidal maniacs. One can not discourage lunatics — one disables them without hesitation.

Of course this scenario may be wildly unrealistic and impractical. Establishing that would probably require calling upon information that is highly classified.



The failure of Obamoid policy was complete. Caution: customary Moonie alert for possibly tainted medium.

An article claims that “China has tens of thousands of large-scale protests a year”. Who knew? Why didn’t the press report this a long time ago?

This is amazing. It’s called, for lack of a better description, a 3D printer.

The Department of Justice hunkers down as a second US agent’s death is reported, and a BATFE official appears ready to turn state’s evidence. Some folks are asking whether there was a Gunrunner program planned or deployed in Honduras. As always, note the paucity of major media sources; the only newspaper quoted in this post is The Washington Times, the Moonie paper.

Video: a young humpback whale, freed from a net, expresses what must be the joy of freedom.


Normally, the truth hurts. But if it’s not reported by the major media, can it hurt Obama? Only if the internet can spread the word.

Mark Steyn: “The striking feature of Big Government, from Athens to Sacramento, is its imperviousness to any kind of accountability — legal, fiscal, electoral, popular.” Oh, go ahead, Pilgrims, read it all.

This case goes back two years, and you can bet the major media will seriously downplay it as “old news.” The real reason you won’t see this getting much coverage, if any: it’s SEIU types on trial for, er, correcting a politically incorrect man (that means he was a Tea Party type, and — horrors! — black) for passing out “Don’t tread on me” flags. And now he claims he was “beaten” and “injured”! The nerve of the guy! Some people don’t know what’s good for them.

It seems Obama wants to make the GOP complicit in the tax-and-spend frenzy. If Boehner falls for it, he will deserve the wrath of an aroused Tea Party. More: “If the Republicans’ position (no tax hikes but significant spending cuts) holds, they will have avoided following Obama down the rabbit hole of class warfare and Keynesian obsession. The alternative would chase off their base and leave them with no message to attract voters fed up with the president’s mismanagement of the economy.” (From here.)

Why do some whining troublemakers complain about the folks who run the major news media? Well….

This is a quick overview of the situation in Libya for those who have not been keeping up.

Fusion, when it is a mature technology, will produce huge quantities of cheap electricity in complete safety, and without any pollution. Current research on the tokamak process is briefly described here. While The New Terrapin doubts that the tokamak will ever work, not nearly enough money is being spent on it and all other fusion research. Every halfway-promising approach should be fully funded. There are no failures, only additional data.

“So, when you hear folks saying ‘Well, the president shouldn’t want massive job killing tax increases when the economy is this weak.’ Nobody’s looking to raise taxes right now. We’re talking about potentially 2013 and the out years.” That’s Obama speaking. All right, he made a mistake, put things badly, and looked a bit foolish. It happens to everybody. So…what? Imagine, if you possibly can, how this utterance would have been covered, repeated, hammered, repeated, mocked, repeated and then repeated some more in the major news media if Sarah Palin were president and had said it. Next, try finding the video of the president’s clumsy language on the internet. Having trouble? It’s on YouTube. Still can’t find it? You can view it here, where The New Terrapin spotted it; notice that it has no title, though, so the Search feature is no help when you go to the YouTube site. Is it paranoid to note that it could be that the video has been, well, tucked away? By whom? Romney’s people are said to be using it, so the censorship, if that’s what it was, might not work very well…oh, that’s right: you have read in this newsletter many times that censorship, in order to be effective, need not be total.

This sounds ominous: “If Italy goes, it’s not clear that the rest of Europe can save them.” (Source.) What is involved when a nation “goes”? Well, the sad tale begins with the spend-borrow-spend-tax cycle; that’s, you know, like the Obamite agenda….

Here’s a red flag for collectivists: the case against fairness and equality. Those two goals will destroy Western Civilization unless individualists stand up and fight.

The masthead includes a quote from the works of Arthur Schopenhauer.

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