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Number 223
23 July, 2011

There is only one healing power, and that is Nature; in salves and pills nothing is hidden. At the most, they can hint to Nature’s healing power where there is something to do.


The US Federal Budget Disaster In Perspective

You probably wonder what is happening and worry that the Solons may make things worse for their constituents. To try to fill in the blanks and clarify the things you already know, The New Terrapin is pleased to provide some links to information of importance. Both of the regular readers of this newsletter will be pleased to see that this issue has no “blind” links — you won’t need to click on the link to find out what it offers. Because there is a fair amount of information here, this issue might be a good one to forward to folks you know who are involved in Tea Party groups; it could aid their efforts to impose sanity on the ruling elite.

Obama claims the electorate agrees with him that it’s time to increase taxes. If you feel that way, hooray for you — now go ahead, raise your taxes unilaterally and voluntarily! Click here and learn how. You are welcome.

What is going to happen when next month arrives, and the federal checks are supposed to go out? “‘What’s going to be catastrophic is if we don’t solve the real problem,’ meaning Washington’s spending addiction.” Yes.

So the nation is in deep trouble. Whodunnit? Well, George W. Bush is the villain because he plunged the nation into deep debt, but everybody knows Slick Willy before him was a fiscal saint. Everybody is both right and wrong, it turns out. Thanks to reader GB for the full story, found here.

All right, that information leads to today’s bad news: “Moody’s and S&P warned this week that they might soon cut the government’s top-rung debt rating because of the political battle over the debt ceiling….” That matters, unfortunately. Details will be found at this link. Don’t let the medium bother you.

What should bother you, however, is the scaremongering claim that Social Security checks are at risk if The One doesn’t get his way on the debt ceiling. If these pensions were private, they could never be the tools of political bullies. But they aren’t private, so the questions arise. Does Obama mean it? Does he even understand how the process works, and what he can do and what he can’t? Is he just blowing smoke and trying to fool the old folks with mirrors? What is going to happen, if he does not get his way? Here’s his threat. Begin to unravel the fable by calling up this solid information, and then proceed to the next step. Now you can ponder some of the imponderables by reading a weblog post on what this newsletter used to call “Al Reuters” (because it’s a biased outfit that at one time generated a lot of obviously faked and amazingly blatant propaganda regarding the Muddle East). The post linked here is rational; well, it’s a bit febrile, but it’s grist for the mill.

Yes, The New Terrapin is monitoring the media as they slither about in the swamp. This newsletter will not pass along sloppy or slanted news reports except as occasional examples of biased journalism. Those abominations are metaphorical immunizations that keep your skeptical judgment potent. Here, for example, is an instance of diabolically subtle media malpractice. (They do indeed know exactly what they are doing; remember, they write for a living. They are skilled wordsmiths, not semiliterate, apolitical social isolates. Don’t be naive about their skills or their goals.)

While a lot of folks are suffering under the Chicagoland Comrades’ Cooperative, a politically correct, Obamite variety of crony capitalism shelters others. Those who are connected do all right; the rest rely on empty Hope and small Change.

That’s right, Utopia has not arrived…even as recovery Obama-style is being forced on the nation. Then too, there are people like Geithner to cope with. The current Secretary of the Treasury does not inspire confidence, for he’s a tax scofflaw who presided over a disaster at his agency, and those are the highlights on his resume. When Geithner speaks, a critic (who’s a Democrat, unless he just bailed out) says, “He’s lying. See? His mouth moved.” His reason for being nasty makes sense.

There’s yet more skulduggery in play, unfortunately. Corruption is evident, but the tame news media and the Department of Justice just can’t see it. Whenever you have machine politicians in charge and a lot of money is involved, you should watch everybody and everything very, very closely. But Obama’s adoring boosters in the press can’t be bothered. That means it’s not just a financial and economic crisis, it’s also a crisis of ethics on many levels. Seldom in US history has the nation been so poorly served by the institutions that are vital to its welfare. The only puzzle here is how the WaPo got finessed into publishing this book review. Maybe that was just part of a failed facade-building effort.

Had you noticed how bad things have become, and was the extent of the rot obvious to you? Well, Mark Steyn has missed none of the forensic evidence, and the Bicoastal Elite is doing what it can to ignore the resulting essay.

Meanwhile, the lads and lassies in DC have come up with another way to extend federal power over previously untouchable areas: go after those pensions. A report in the WaPo goes into some detail. A careful read of the article betrays no overt bias, but overall, the basic idea the paper expresses seems to be that the Democrats have the facts on their side, and the GOP is making counter-claims that may have some validity. Is that sham objectivity an attempt to make a partisan case, but subtly? You may have noticed that, er, well, that is to say, The New Terrapin finds it hard to trust a hard-line collectivist media outlet like the WaPo. Read the article and decide how to rate it.

Well, in spite of the facts, Obamaniacs doubtless admire the august sangfroid of The One as he rises above the putrid political puddle and blinds the little people with his radiant magnificence. This reminds of the popular conception of the lifestyle of King Louis XVI of France just before the Revolution chopped off his head. Whether shameless, elitist contempt always produces dramatically bad karma must remain to be seen.

Return, therefore, to the dismal facts of economics for a moment. The most powerful single boost to the US economy would also be the best way to elevate the spirits of the people and reduce suffering. That would be for the private sector to hire huge numbers of people (every recovery from an economic slump has always been primarily driven by the optimism and consequent expansion of private businesses). The tax base would broaden, virtually every enterprise in the nation would benefit (the Acme Catapult Works might not), and poverty would be reduced. Now of course The One was elected on the hope that he would give the people benefits, and prime among those was to be the medical plan that covers everyone. As a universal benefit, it can not be faulted…unless you look a second time at what it is, what it does to constitutional law and the rights of the individual, and how it kills job creation. Really: since it was passed, private businesses in the nation have been staring disaster in the face, and they have reacted by contracting. Don’t believe it? If you still think Obamacare is good for the country, stop dreaming and look at the facts.

If the GOP wishes to offend, insult and ignore the Tea Party, as well as carry water for the Obama administration, it can do nothing more effective than carry on with its “Gang of Six” capitulation. “…the Gang of Six has essentially offered a plan in which Republicans would hand over control of the budget process to Democratic senators and hope for the best. Enough said.” Quote from here, and just for some trenchant comedy, see this.

There is much more on the internet. For now, these representative posts will do; they provide basic information and suggest directions for further inquiry. This newsletter’s intent, of course, is to promote the resolve of the Republican leadership; those folks could easily buy into the lie that in order to do the right thing, everybody has to compromise. “That’s politics, the art of the possible,” we have been told forever. It’s a call for submission to servitude. Would it be ethical if some thugs invaded your home, announced their intent to kill you and your family, and then…agreed to compromise with you? What if they offered to kill just your two youngest children, and let everyone else live? Imagine that they said to you, “Agree to that, or all of you die. Now.” What kind of precedent would that set (you know they would be back, even if for now they kept their part of the “compromise”), and why in the world would you go along with them?

No. When threatened, you and Smith & Wesson stand and fight. And you keep fighting as long as life remains. Some things simply have no moderate level at which one may “compromise”.

Years of abuse should have convinced the US electorate that talk is cheap, and that most politicians are untrustworthy. The horrible examples, both Democrat and Republican, are piled high. The sloganeering (“Hope and change”, “Yes we can”) has become an obscene reminder of the folly of electing a totally incompetent man to the highest executive office in the land.

Yes, he is that and more. He refuses to defend the nation against an occupying alien force, he is ruining the economy with his doctrinaire Utopian lunacy, and he has devastated US foreign policy (consider the cases of just Honduras, Mexico, Great Britain, and Israel). He and his irrational zealots must be set aside.



Those Israelis are sure pesky, aren’t they? How quiet the world would be if only they were as reasonable and peaceful and gentle as the “Palestinians“….

It’s made in Chiina. No problem.

More on the scandal that is far worse than Watergate. Right: that’s the one the media are virtually ignoring because it embarrasses Obama.

Israel’s view of the West Bank controversy is presented in a video that asserts that the region was not taken away from the “Palestinians”.

It’s one thing to be defeated, and another entirely to refuse to fight. Great Britain looks at an event and a policy that should wrack its conscience.

For those interested in the Murdoch scandal, here’s an introduction to the news machine that has deformed British politics.

The Epiphany of The One.

Solar is the energy source of the future, and it always will be. Example: the solar-powered car.

Iran pushes into Iraq, and attacks Kurdish units. This almost certainly did not make the news nearly as widely as it should have. Had you heard about it?

Muslim infiltration and the Obamite response to it.

Ah, anthropogenic global warming. At last the truth is known, and of course it’s the BBC that makes it available to the world.

Had you noticed that the push now is to attack Fox News Corp in the USA because some nutcases in Britain lost all vestiges of journalistic ethics?

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