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Number 225

28 July, 2011

Just as the biggest library, if it is in disorder, is not as useful as a small but well-organized one, the largest quantity of knowledge, if you have not thoroughly thought it through, will be of far less value than a much smaller amount.


The New Terrapin Suspends Publication

Due to the relocation of its offices from one continent to another, this newsletter will not publish during the month of August, 2011, and probably will not publish in September as well. Exactly when publication will resume is impossible to say. E-mail may be interrupted for a period, but if you wish to correspond with the world’s finest unread newsletter, use the customary address for The Eagle Wing Palace at the bottom of this issue.


Vital Information For You And Your Family

For persons in the United States of America, it has come to this:

…when a cop puts you into a situation where it’s becoming apparent there’s suspicion of a crime, exercise your fifth amendment rights. You are under no obligation to talk to the police, and don’t really do yourself any favors by doing so. Let them arrest you, call your attorney, and speak to the police under the advice of counsel. If the police beat or threaten you for not cooperating, fine. You now have the basis for a civil rights lawsuit, and whatever they got out of you is inadmissible. Once it’s apparent you’re not in a typical traffic stop, that’s when you’re in lawyer country. It sucks, but remember that we have a legal system, not a justice system.

That text is from this web page, which also includes a video you might want to watch (it’s relevant only for folks who have permits to carry a concealed firearm). Then revisit this link, which deals with the dread Section 1001 of the US federal code. Read the text, for you need to understand how this law is a genuine threat to you, and how to protect yourself from it (you may be shocked when you realize how broad and powerful this statute is). Next, be sure to watch three videos, the URLs of which appear in this newsletter for the third time because they are so important to your well-being: One, Two, Three. Having this information could save you from catastrophic consequences, so make your family members and especially your children watch all of it.


What Do The Big Media Mean When They Mutter About Obama?

Begin with the understanding that the major media consider news, however pure, to be of political import. Because they can choose what to report and what to ignore, the mere appearance or lack of a story can be and often is very significant. You probably recall the way the big media howled about the suicide rate of US troops in Iraq, and then totally ignored the revelation that it was significantly lower than the suicide rate of German army soldiers, all of whom were in Germany at the time.

Journalists of all types are able to craft reporting to suit ideological requirements when the opportunity arises. The art of reporting is, in other words, a matter of considerable sophistication. Not reporting events in a certain way means something, and reporting claimed trends and the results of surveys can be purposive rather than purely informational. As this newsletter has said many times, the political bias of the media is fundamental, pervasive and potent, and journalists are wordsmiths who understand the nuances of rhetoric. So…

…when the WaPo and ABC News agree to publicize themes like this, you know the dream of a Hopeandchange Utopia is fading. Sure. What does it really mean, though? One explanation, and perhaps the most plausible one, is that the “progressives” feel not that Team Obama is wrong, but incompetent.

It is known that the hardcore collectivist cadres want the White House to be tougher, communicate its redistributionist message more effectively to the gullible proletariat, and push harder. The neo-Marxist end of the political spectrum realizes that it has invested in a candidate who is not strong enough. He’s not inspiring ordinary folks to crush capitalism, soak the coupon-clipping wealthy (except for Soros) and impose fairness. His base is static, and his accomplishment — Obamacare — is at risk. As a political tactician, he is unimaginative and lacks leadership skills; as a collectivist theoretician, he seems to have converted next to no one.

Whether that understanding of motives behind the WaPo/ABC publicity is correct or not matters little, however. For individualists and traditionalists, the facts are simple: Obama is vulnerable, and he must be replaced with a small-government team that will reverse the mistakes of the recent past.

Those mistakes include many made by Republicans. The labels are of little consequence — what matters is the underlying ethos, the understanding of what makes the USA’s constitutional, representative republic valuable.

As this newsletter has said repeatedly, the Tea Party is neither a fringe movement nor a creature of the GOP, and Republican policies have fueled the financial/economic crisis. Fundamental reform from the center is called for. The only rational solutions to the nation’s woes include a reduction in the size of government and a tax policy that favors the expansion of small and medium-sized businesses. Obamoid goals are Peronist fantasy.

Meanwhile, here are some news sources you may have overlooked; they shed some interesting light on developments. First, Obama rejects a proposal. Second, things get worse (there’s a shock!).



Here’s a list of drugs that will be available in generic versions, with dates. It could save you money.

All right, settle down, Children, and listen! This is what Obama thinks of you. That’s right, you ungrateful brats are ignorant outsiders. If you could understand what he is saying, his precious pronouncements would also tell you how The One’s beloved media can refer to the Tea Party as the political “fringe”, as reported in NTG 217.

Related: the arrogance of a president who believes you will accept his lame explanation of why he failed to hammer the GOP into submission.

First there was a mass murder, and then there was the cynical, exploitive abuse of it in the New York Times.

A capitalist gives Boehner high marks for his comments, and predictably gives The One a failing grade in oratory. This won’t change any minds, but it will please “wingnuts”, while “progressives” don’t have to read it. The point: here at The New Terrapin, you aren’t the target of deceit.

This video is excellent, but be warned: it’s suitable only for those who are in that difficult time of life when they have questions about, you know, the desires they feel and the urges that are so powerful and confusing. If you don’t have questions yet, there’s no need for answers, now is there? Wait a while. You may want to know more as time goes by and you change; that’s normal, and perfectly OK.

Wisconsin engages in union-busting, Governor Walker looks like a hero, and are the teachers ever relieved. Whaaaat? Yes, really. Obama must be livid.

Here’s an interesting proposal, but it’s based on the notion that the news media are perceived by collectivists as biased against individualists. They don’t. They see the major media as objective and fair. The debating device lacks cogency, therefore. As long as “progressives” view bias toward their viewpoint as even-handed rather than deceitful, gambits like this will be toothless.

Perhaps The New Terrapin should have reprinted this post in full. It reports the latest political developments and summarizes the truth accurately. If you are in any doubt about what’s going on and what is likely to happen (based on the behavior of the principals so far), read it.

This revelation is not news to you, if you have been reading this newsletter: FBI involvement/entanglement in the BATFE scandal could be explosive for the administration, showering shrapnel onto Holder and his bigoted department.

A cartoonist distills a lot of truths into a few words and colorful squiggles.

How odd it is to get candid, practical talk from a politician. This guy Issa sounds like the sort a fellow could have a beer with.

You may not approve of the political stance of the author of this piece, but the fact is, he’s solidly on track when he explains the current budget mess. To understand what’s going on and why, read his excellent commentary.

Until very recently, NASA’s contributions to the discussion of anthropogenic global warming have been unscientific and irrational. That’s primarily due to the fell machinations of Jim Hansen, the wild-eyed ideologue who is behind most of Al Gore’s nonsense. Now, however, we have this — which only confirms information provided long, long ago by this newsletter. What’s wrong with NASA, anyway? This outfit continues to embarrass itself, even when it finally gets the facts straight. One can reasonably predict NASA will eventually issue a retraction of its latest findings…. What a madcap bunch these spaced-out rocket jocks are!

If you don’t know the Little Green Footballs weblog, and you aren’t familiar with the history of its tragically unbalanced maintainer, you are lucky. Don’t explore the swamp. If you know the sad story and want the latest updates on it, here they are: One and then Two. Final caution: novices, keep clear.

Here’s more on the scandal that should be threatening to bring the administration down (but isn’t, because it’s being soft-pedaled by the media).

From the One From Column A, One From Column B file: China continues to serve up a banquet of stir-fried fussing and fretting, along with a portion of fermented fuming and fulminating. Big deal. An hour later, you find yourself thinking about tucking into a big bowl of spicy-hot whining.

Here, in case you missed them, are some news reports on the US handover to Iraqi forces. This is the sort of stuff that was never supposed to happen, if you recall listening to W’s “progressive” critics and most of the big media. That high suicide rate among US troops was going to get in the way, or everybody was going to die of radiation from depleted uranium, or something. Remember? First hyperlink, Second, and then the Third.

The One is not going to make any friends in the homosexual community with this careless babble. The New Terrapin argues that everybody who is human can be thought of as having rights (though human rights is ultimately an illusory philosophical construct), and everybody should be equal before the law, even if some folks find the idea counter-traditional and distasteful. So: is Obama a hypocrite when he claims to be “progressive”? It seems that way.

Related, sort of: if the homosexuals who support Obama are a bit upset with his remarks, imagine how upset they would be if they woke up one morning and found their neighborhood going through something like this. Those Brits have let themselves in for a lot of very serious trouble, and all because of their silly immigration policies. That should be an object lesson for the USA. Unfortunately it won’t.

The masthead includes a quote from the works of Arthur Schopenhauer.

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