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I’m in favor of legalizing drugs. According to my values system, if people want to kill themselves, they have every right to do so. Most of the harm that comes from drugs is because they are illegal.


The Dance Of The Low-Sloping Foreheads, Continued

Attention, “progressives”: here is a two minute and forty second video of “wingnut” agitation and propaganda that tells you what the Tea Party and its allies want the mouth-breathers in Flyover Country to do. This information may assist you in developing tactics to counter sabotage of The One’s reinvention of the Republic. The speaker in the video is direct, candid, informative, and delivers his attempt to seduce self-described “conservatives” without a single “uh”. He makes clear that your real enemy is the uncontrolled use of the ballot box. In spite of appearances, you would do well to take this picaresque rustic’s seditious designs on correct governance seriously.

The problem, of course, is whether the Department of Justice can prevent polling places from requiring each voter to provide identifying credentials that include a photograph of the bearer. So far, the case has been made that the defining vice of the “wingnut” mentality, racial bigotry, lies behind this attempt to frustrate correct political evolution, but the effectiveness of that explanation is less than desired. Some people actually remember the days of “Landslide Lyndon’s” victory; a few even recall what the words “Alice, Texas” once meant. True, the news media have not provided extensive coverage of creative voter registration lists or politically correct voting procedures, but many voters nevertheless remain unoffended by attempts to prevent elections from ignoring the obvious needs of the nation.

That defines the challenge: how do forward-looking activists discourage politically unqualified individuals from exerting their recidivist influence via the ballot box? Surely the collective can develop ways to frustrate the machinations of the passengers, and allow the pilot to fly the plane! So put on your thinking caps, “progressives”, and Move On beyond antiquated concepts of “proper procedure” and “honest elections”! Follow the lead of brave pioneers like Eric Holder! If Hopeandchange is to be implemented, expedient means must be devised!

Reminder: “the dance of the low-sloping foreheads” refers to the brilliant insights and trenchant commentary of a genuine “progressive” whose witty remark was fortunately captured for posterity on video. He’s a stellar media pathfinder, and you know what that means. See and hear the genius here. Yes, your memory serves, for the video is linked in the NTG for the second time. You will doubtless see it linked again in months to come….


US Foreign Policy: Blind, Baffling, And Bereft Of Brilliance

The Obama administration’s foreign policy is a jumble of fantasies and failures. The low points: hostility toward Israel, pandering to genuine villains who call themselves “Palestinians”, unrealistic and ignorant attitudes toward Latin America (recall the Honduras travesty), and offensive behavior in relations with the United Kingdom. The high points: can you think of any? (The assassination of bin Laden was accomplished by the military and CIA, not the State Department.) Everything one might call acceptable or standard that has come from Foggy Bottom is a result of sheer inertia. Oh, you say Libya was a success? Well, perhaps that civil war ended well because of US intervention — or perhaps it ended badly, with Islamist factions gaining influence in North Africa; time will tell. Meanwhile how is the rest of the Muddle East doing, and can the USA somehow improve matters?

Facts: many of the Middle East’s biggest difficulties proceed from historical Western attempts to drag the region’s warring factions into the nineteenth or twentieth century. Then the religious hatreds of the locals doom all attempts at making peace. Current disputes with Iran are just the worst aspect of an overall situation that would remain beyond the influence of reasonable US foreign policy even if such a thing existed. Yes, one can blame Hillary, Obama and the Democrats for all manner of blunders, but there is no reason to believe that the Republicans would have done a great deal better. Some situations simply can not and will not submit to rational ministrations.

What, then, is to be done? First, replace Hillary with somebody who knows something about foreign policy and diplomatic protocols. Then deal with Iran as firmly as required to prevent its current leaders — who are literally insane — from realizing their goals. (Yes, that means bombing the right targets hard enough and long enough to destroy them, not just hinder their progress temporarily. A nuclear-armed Iran is absolutely neither tolerable nor permissible.) Third, adopt realistic policies to cope with “Palestinian” demands and mischief, which means one begins by refusing to babble idiotically about pre-1967 borders and a wildly impractical two-state solution. Fourth, realize that the struggle against Islamic fundamentalism and violent jihad cannot be concluded diplomatically, but must be a constant and eternal effort to prevent the lunatics from making progress on any front. Remember that Islamic aggression always wanes when it is repeatedly frustrated, and it advances only when it senses weakness and indecision.

A lot of this might have been accomplished had not the Obama administration adopted a multiculturalist mindset so extreme that it led the USA to apologize to the world for Yankee exceptionalism. When Obama tried to reach out to Islam, he could only make a fool of himself. He is, after all, an apostate, for as a child he was taken to be a Muslim, and today he proclaims himself a Christian.

The bizarre effect of Obama’s conciliatory attitude was to convey four messages to Muslims everywhere: his and the USA’s weakness; his sinful status; his deceit; and his foolishness. Recall that he first promised to close the Guantanamo prison, and then reversed himself; that told Muslims that he is not just a liar, but continues to persecute the holy warriors of the faith he personally rejected. Incredibly, Obama assumed that nobody would notice. Don’t delude yourself that the adherents to Mohammed’s hoax religion somehow missed the obvious. They know full well what manner of man they are dealing with.

A few minor and malleable suggestions for an improved US foreign policy may be added. On Cuba, it’s time to shake things up by broadening and extending contacts, trade, and pressure. The administration should make clear to the world that the US embargo on trade with Cuba is partial and hardly even bruises the Cuban economy in the slightest. Argentina should be told to grow up, and that US support for the UK will be rock solid — end of report. Then the Department of State should begin howling for an end to the criminalization of recreational chemicals in the USA as a matter that severely impacts foreign policy. Obama the hypocrite will never bring himself to back that reform. Foggy Bottom should also point out that the USA has been invaded by a non-state foreign power, and tell the administration to throw the alien invaders out. No, that is not immigration reform! It’s the removal of a drug cartel’s armed and dangerous soldiers who currently occupy large parts of Arizona and terrorize New Mexico and Texas as well.

What? You say drugs and aliens occupying US territory are not within the purview of State? On the contrary: if the Keystone XL pipeline was a matter for Hillary to decide simply because it crossed the US border, then…well, you get the idea. (And yes, the pipeline should be built.)

Those are just a few of the possible starting points for a rational foreign policy — none of which can be expected from a second four years under the current administration.



If this is not a criminal conspiracy, then what makes it mere innocent maneuvering by Holder’s Department of Justice?

Will Israel, or the USA, or the two nations together, bomb Iran in order to keep the lunatics there from acquiring nuclear weapons? Well, in “…a 20-year study that looked at over 80,000 forecasts about world affairs, self-proclaimed authorities are no better at making accurate predictions than monkeys throwing darts at a dart board….” Have a look at the complex details and their implications before you dismiss that claim. Then pay no attention to predictions and more attention to risk assessments. —Addendum: The mullahs know the West much, much better than the West knows and can read the lunatics who are currently running Iran, so what may look like good news must not be interpreted, even to the slightest degree. It may be years before its full meaning is known.

Are Mormons “the new Jews”?

Oh, yummy! The global warmers were delighted to get their hands on leaked documents that proved once and for all that climate change deniers (such as this newsletter) are being egged on by the diabolical Koch brothers. That proves Al Gore was right all along, of course, and it means that it is OK to believe in the bogus Hockeystick Graph. Well, here’s the way events have unfolded so far, in chronological order: first comes the glee in the GoreCult as the leaks were revealed. Next, there is a spontaneous eruption of solidarity as the collectivist phalanx regales its apparatchiki with the great news. Support comes in from across the pond; wounded warmers in Great Britain, furious because the University of East Anglia was profoundly embarrassed by leaks from its Climate Research Unit, are elated. Finally, as the leaks are given a little close examination, the hoax begins to reveal itself — and then still more information emerges, further discrediting the fake documents. There’s more here and more recent news lays the fuss to rest. That’s right: this is a hoax perpetrated in order to promote the even bigger hoax of anthropogenic global warming. — Golly gee whiz, what a shock…who would have thought AGW cultists could do something like this?

Basic information for investors in the Age of Obama. Scary.

For many, these words are a lie: “…every American knows better than to say anything politically incorrect, else he’ll find the local liberal enforcer paying a visit, and everyone in America knows what the PC enforcer can do to you. She can brand you with the liberal mark of Cain — racist, sexist, homophobe — and that could pitch you out of college or out of a job.” Before you agree or disagree, you might benefit from a full read of this philippic.

Coordination between Media Matters and the White House — plus some critical comments on MM that will sting. Then, more on the subject from a liberal lawyer.

It would be nice to know more about this “disturbing situation“. What do you think the chances are that it will be possible to get to the facts?

Is Santorum really the conservative he claims to be? Ron Paul supporters have published parts of Santorum’s record, and you might want to see what it includes. Assuming, of course, the Paul partisans are not lying.

What are Santorum’s chances? This libertarian commentary argues that he’s a collectivist who can’t beat Obama without the help of the Libertarian Party. That’s correct, for Santorum’s appeal is not broad enough to win with conservative votes alone. Unfortunately he’s a dedicated libertarian-hater.

Here’s the latest on the culture war. Well, the relevance of this report depends on whether you credit the criteria used. Don’t jump to conclusions; the real culture war is a bit more complex than these sources imply.

Some folks claim that Obama does not understand the US constitution, in spite of the fact that he is supposed to have taught constitutional law (briefly, and not as a professor). Those folks may be right, for The One pointed out in the past that the document is deficient because all it does is protect the people by forbidding the federal government from turning into a tyrant. This commentary adds fuel to the fire.

If you have been following the financial news for the past month or so, you will find this revelation stunning and infuriating. The entire affair reeks, and mainly because its resolution has been so unjust. Highly recommended.

There are good reasons to consider Obamacare a huge mistake; here are some of them. Next, meet Kathleen Sebelius. Oh, my.

In case you are interested in the non-issue of Obama’s birthplace and eligibility for the presidency, maybe you will want to read an article dealing with the man’s alleged dual citizenship and the consequences thereof. Have fun.

How does one avoid being a hypocrite these days, especially if one is artistically talented (in the view of some critics) but not exactly, well, intellectually gifted? Shed a tear for a pathetic personage, Pilgrims….

Too often, reasonable people feel they have to wonder what in the world Obama is up to. Of course that may be nothing more than an entirely appropriate reaction for a conscientious citizen to have. Now consider this quote: “Cancelling the pipeline will not delay or stop the extraction of oil from the tar sands in Alberta, and the pipeline itself would pose no environmental threat. If the President’s decision had any purpose, it was symbolic — an indication to all that he cared not one whit about the plight of the white working class and that he was capable of punishing those whom he does not like and more than willing to do so.” Does that (grammatically incorrect) prose betray a racist attitude, or does it accuse Obama of racism — or are both possibilities wrong? Is it good or bad that such thoughts come to mind when the president is mentioned negatively? There’s more on this topic and Obamacare, birth control, and money as the author of this quote sees them. It’s grist for the mill, Pilgrims, so…grind exceeding fine.

The NY Times holds a seance and calls up the shade of Jimmy Carter (who is still ambulatory, but whose discernible neurological capabilities do project a rather insubstantial or possibly ambiguous quality). Good grief. If junk like this keeps cropping up, folks will start saying the Gray Lady is biased….

No politician has proved to be a more profound disappointment to this newsletter than has Arnold Schwarzenegger. Watch this video to understand how and why Arnold is an embarrassment today.

Here’s an AGW double-header for you: first, read what happens when contrary evidence appears; then, gage the success of the carbon market in Europe.

“…when we talk about race, what we are really talking about is the power and privilege of a political movement and its associated party.” The author of that statement has a carefully-reasoned case to make for his views. Recommended.

Did Obama really back down when Roman Catholics denounced his health care plan? No. He simply trotted out a shell game — because he takes the citizens who oppose his Hopeandchange scam for suckers (marks, fools, bitter clingers to guns and religion). Ah, the smug presumptuousness of the ruling elite….

Related: The One had a little help from a guardian angel. Thereby hangs a tale.

From the Always leave them wanting more file: pure entertainment. No, that’s not Little Richard — the prodigious pianist is Frank I. Robinson. Highest recommendation.


I won’t slave for beggar’s pay
Likewise gold and jewels
But I would slave to learn the way
To sink your ship of fools

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