The New Terrapin Gazette

Number 243
13 April, 2012

People never lie so much as before an election, during a war, or after a hunt.


A word of explanation: this very brief issue is an attempt to bring you some items before they grow stale and uninteresting. It does not herald the adoption of a new standard format for The New Terrapin Gazette, though from time to time you may receive issues as abbreviated as this one is. Readers who are unhappy about this will receive a full refund of the cost of their subscriptions.

You may recall that Number 242 of this newsletter carried a brief note that Jim Hansen was shooting his mouth off again on anthropogenic global warming — specifically, comparing rejection of the hoax with the crime of advocating slavery. Hansen is a moron with all sorts of postnominal initials and a position (from which he is probably retired by now) with NASA. He has demanded that mankind reduce the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by about 150% of what mankind produces (including, of course, the CO2 humans exhale); that’s incredibly idiotic. Whether he still promotes that protocol is not known to this newsletter, as the staff here does not have time to track lunatics. Well, here is a report on how Crazy Jim is getting along with the other kids on the playground (like most guys, he’s in love with models). More here, as if that were not enough….

Mark Steyn states the obvious, which, because he’s Mark Steyn, is good news for everybody with common sense and a love of wit.

Higher education in the USA is essentially collectivist, and a lot of it is political indoctrination. It is? Well, pretty much, and everybody knows that — so this fragment of popular wisdom is very much like the awareness of the collectivist bias that dominates the mainstream media: it’s an open secret. Of course collectivists will deny the accusation, unless they feel like defending the propriety of the facts behind it (“Truth is truth, and conservatives and libertarians believe things that are simply contrary to the truth; this is the twenty-first century, for crying out loud”). In case you are in doubt about the leftist-neo-Marxist-collectivist impact on higher education, take a look at a report that reveals how the insiders talk when they think no knuckle-draggers from Flyover Country are around. It’s interesting, but for most folks, not shocking. (It reminds of Obama’s embarrassing remarks regarding how the economic losers in the sticks cling to guns and religion. Candor is a virtue “progressives” can’t afford.)

The US Army in Afghanistan displays a textbook example of stubborn institutional idiocy. Yes, you have seen this problem mentioned here before, but don’t skip this new post. It’s highly recommended.

Well, drat. The USA can’t win: everything goes wrong, and killing the bad guys makes things worse. All right; what would the BBC have the Yanks do? Be more careful? Watch out, Bush House — that sort of criticism leads to long, long lists of the sins committed by the critic, and Britain has never been perfect. Maybe the USA should stand down, get out of Afghanistan, and leave that primitive nation to its own devices; before that option is adopted, some serious research and thought will have to be undertaken. One wonders, therefore, what the point of reporting probable mistakes and recognized difficulties is. Is this video just more propaganda from the USA-haters at the BBC, or does it serve a useful purpose? Note the bitterly critical item just above, and then ask yourself how the USA should proceed.

Maine undertakes “the return to civility and to moderation”. Oh? And it looks like this, or is this a sick joke?

Look who’s back! Heaven help the world…. If this scoundrel had been locked up as this newsletter seriously suggested, there would be one less problem for everybody to worry about.

Now for a “wingnut” take on the events of March, 2012. Its author, as he candidly admits, is whistling past the graveyard. He seems to realize that very few moderate voters agree with his assessment. Right; those critically important folks simply don’t follow events as carefully as he does, and they don’t read much into the media when they do pay attention to current news and commentary.

Here’s more on the Apple malware mess.

If this video does not make you smile, there is something wrong with you. Share vicariously in the sheer joy of a lad who is having the time of his life. (This link worked better on NTG’s Linux).

Whoosh! A lot of greenies are gonna be upset with this.

You will doubtless be overjoyed to learn that it is finally time for another installment in the seminal series, The Dance of the Low-Sloping Foreheads! That’s right, Pilgrims…gather around and treat yourselves to more tales from the flaky Upper Crust. This time the object of humiliation is the media refusal to believe people in the lower strata of society actually enjoy celebrating. So put on your nastiest smirk and play the role of the “newsman” who is bowled over by the proles’ primitive pastimes! — “Why look, they eat, drink, dance and flirt! How reflexive and fundamental of the creatures; how like rats in a Skinner box. Their antics must be another response to economic factors that the incompetent have brought on themselves — you know, as they cling to firearms (shudder) and religion. What hilarious subhumans!” Yes, patrons of the arts and supporters of progressive policy, cultural slumming awaits, so click and laugh your damnfool elite heads off!

Some of the “facts” you have read about the Obamacare court case may not be true. A reality check is available.

This newsletter has often pointed out that “moderate Muslims” are not that; true moderates defend their viewpoints in debates with extremists, and try to redirect things to a harmless path. Can the same be said of Democrats? Maybe.

Federal supreme court associate justice Thomas in perspective. You “progressives” will wonder how this commentary ever appeared; are the media gatekeepers losing their nerve? There is no telling. Meanwhile a lot of folks remember what filthy tricks were pulled to try to keep Thomas off the court, and none of that has been forgiven. So the word from here is: it’s very heartwarming to see you underhanded collectivists choke on Thomas’s scholarship, principles, character, and sheer courage!

Related: do you want to take a longer look at the basic issues involved in constitutional law?

For those interested in the history of the Cold War: some recent revelations.

This could be it. It could be the unexpected, unpredictable, out-of-the-blue event that changes everything and puts Romney in the White House. Or…not. This newsletter guesses that it will change nothing because it’s so surpassingly silly. The NTG also expects Hillary may be called upon to restore calm and solidarity to the mass movement; if so, she might emphasize the centrality of the political correctness of a party that pretends to ideological purity. The mainstay of that political correctness is the feminist movement that gave Hillary’s nominal husband a pass in spite of his parodic adventurism. — Well, this farce stinks to high Heaven but probably presents no political danger to the Democrats, because the all-important political center won’t be tracking the complexities of the vacuous fuss.

Zimmerman will not be tried for second degree murder, and may simply be released. Don’t believe it? See video of a devastating critique of the arrest affidavit by a guy who knows what he is talking about. (PS: Getting the MSNBC site to display the video a second time — when this text was checked for accuracy and performance — has proved to be impossible. Accordingly, a “wingnut” weblog provides the source for the hyperlink just above. Cynics will ask whether the network killed the link after realizing how damaging it is to the hysteria calling for Zimmerman’s head on a platter. Alternate links that may work for you are found here and then on this weblog. Good luck.)

Really now, this is a stunning phenomenon. Who predicted that the backlash against feminist authoritarianism would take this form? And who can say how badly it has hurt women who do not even know it has been taking place? It’s a modern stealth tragedy.


Some come to laugh their past away
Some come to make it just one more day
Whichever way your pleasure tends
If you plant ice you’re gonna harvest wind

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