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10 June, 2012

Psychology in the past fifty years was a fight against what has been called the anthropomorphic fallacy, that is, imputing to animals human sentiments and capabilities. But it was forgotten that there equally is a zoomorphic fallacy, canceling any difference between animal and man. Arthur Koestler has expressed this even more nicely, saying that, “for the anthropomorphic view of the rat, American psychology has traded in a rattomorphic view of man”.

Geert Wilders, The Far Right Politician Who Threatens Europe With A New Fascism

How is the West to respond to the presence and activities of Muslim immigrants/settlers in Europe? In a superficially naive but ultimately deceitful article, two authors (see Footnote) try to answer that question by justifying opposition to what they call “the far right” in Europe. The tacit assumptions of the article are stunning: a committee or association of well-intended reformers will impose modern, secular and fundamentally Western values on a community that calmly tolerates its violent extremists — and is not at all interested in attempting to quash the Koranic teaching that Muslims live in a state of war with all non-Muslims.

A Muslim community that ignores the fell plotting of extremists is hardly likely to rise up against the preachers in the mosques, cleanse Islam of centuries-old bigotry, abolish sharia and impose Liberty on people who neither understand nor desire it. In fact, the proposal that the impossible task be attempted is a disingenuous distraction.

The core issue is whether Muslims shall be permitted to import into the West the teachings, ethics and demands of their religion.

Those who answer in the affirmative do so from within a context that respects the right of the individual to profess his chosen spiritual teaching. Of course religious Liberty is fundamental; that noble sentiment is enshrined in the US constitution. It is one of the foundational tenets of a federal democratic republic that imposes absolute restrictions on its central government: hands off freedom of speech, press, and religion.

This respect for human rights leads to an inescapable conclusion: it is wrong to compel Muslim immigrants to the West to live by Western standards. Those who would require the new arrivals to embrace Liberty, individual rights, and the freedoms of speech, press and religion must be the inheritors and propagators of Hitlerian fascism.

To many, that will seem an absurdly irrelevant assertion, unnecessary and insulting. Of course a tolerant society will not be Hitlerian, now will it? And are the leaders of the West not tolerant?

Reason requires one to evaluate the ethics of the leaders — the politically powerful — by examining the people they target for repression, punishment or worse. Do the pariahs deserve their fate? Jews, for example, might be demonstrated to be intrinsically evil and dangerous; that would exonerate their persecutors to at least some degree.

Would that perversion of reason be possible? Yes, but only if the attempt arose within a context bereft of an evolved understanding of the rights of the individual.

If it were possible to dismiss the ethical significance of the US constitution’s Bill of Rights, then Hitler’s actions might be justified. But within the cultural context of that seminal document, Hitler must be judged a monster. Toleration of evil is not permitted, in other words, under Western concepts of Liberty.

If the reader can agree to the above, then it will not be burdensome for him to judge the teachings and behavior of Islam as a whole — and apply the same standards to that faith and its proponents that apply to the fascism of Hitler.

Unfortunately it is inescapably true that modern Islam, in spite of its amazing diversity, cannot meet the fundamental requirements of the US constitution. What Muslim cleric can endorse the concept of the Liberty of the individual?

Surely for everyone of a religious temperament, the law as handed down by the one, genuine and perfect creator of the universe and mankind is necessarily supreme. That is to say, if one accepts the divine lawgiver as described here, one cannot deny the universal applicability of his perfect commandments. If God says it, discussion is ended; right and wrong have been sufficiently defined.

For Muslims of all sects, the commandments of the divine creator are found in the Koran.

Fortunately for non-Muslims, those pronouncements are crystal clear. They describe a society that necessarily represses Jews and Christians, reducing them to servility (dhimmitude), and considers all other non-Muslims enemies of the state. Buddhists and Hindus are subject to capital punishment by virtue of their professions of belief, regardless of any and all other facts. Apostates and heretics are also to be dispatched in obedience to divine commandment. Freedom of speech and press are absurdities, and the entire world is to be ruled by Islam.

Yes, this is a tiresome recitation, but it is necessary in order to put the subject of the “far right” in Europe into perspective.

Islam in Europe expresses a sweeping denial of the pre-existing political and ethical assumptions of the West. Like Hitler, the Muslim juggernaut dismisses the evolved framework that gives Europe its jurisprudential and political foundations. Like Hitler, the Muslims loathe Jews. Like Hitler, Islamic teachers preach a fable based on the concept that not all people are equal as regards their rights; for both Hitler and the Koranic scholars in the madrases, some people literally do not deserve to live, regardless of their character and their treatment of other human beings.

Clearly, Nazi fascism is to politics what Islam is to religion. Millions of victims burden both evil systems with guilt, and the blamelessness of those victims damns Mohammed’s creation as properly as it damns Hitler’s.

But are all Muslims vile creatures who lust for the blood of the innocent?

Of course there are millions of humane Muslims, folks who understand instinctively the bonds that unify humanity: empathy, sympathy, charity and good will. These good people carry on in spite of the cultural context in which they find themselves.

Unfortunately decent Muslims cannot do more than withdraw from the bloody collision of Islam with the evolved ethics of the West; they can keep their heads down, refuse to become jihadis, hope to avoid the notice of Western law enforcement and Muslim activists alike, and isolate themselves from the horror. More than that is too much to ask of them. The profound silences that greeted the fatwa against Rushdie and the atrocity of September 11, 2001 — where those silences existed in the Islamic world, and were noticed in spite of the justifications and rejoicing — are the best the West can expect from those who revere the Koran.

Once that point is grasped, Westerners will realize that Wilders is correct. Those who denounce him as a modern Hitler either do not understand his message — probably because they have inhumanely reckoned the worth of Islam’s victims — or deceitfully promote Islamic totalitarianism.

The essential element in your apprehension of the issue is context. Wilders is speaking from within the Western tradition of the rights of man, not from the ethical nadir of a mass murderer. He denounces both Nazi policy and Islamic sharia because they are fundamentally so similar. To suggest, however obliquely, that Wilders is a modern Hitler is not simply wrong — it is evil.

The very idea that the rightist politicians are somehow extremist, or have transgressed the proper limits of Western ethics, is rank nonsense.

Muslims who would convince the public that Wilders and his party are the problem are attempting to weaken the West’s grip on Liberty. In truth — and this can be verified by a reading of Islamic scripture — Liberty is the absolute enemy of Islam. In its presence, the death cult would wither.

Wilders is right: it is madness to ban Hitlerian policies, propaganda and agitation, and permit Islamic assaults on the foundations of Western Civilization. If the West does not listen to him, does not understand that the context he defends is ethically and politically superior to Islamic aspirations, Europe will fail.

Footnote: the female author of the article is a Muslim, and the male author may be. For information on the man’s political orientation, see the reader reviews of his book here.


Tha Pain In Spain

The NTG is fortunate to have a subscriber in Madrid. Thanks go to him for his observations as Spain teeters on the brink of Heaven Knows What:

Spain appears to be on the way to a big crash. Our local shopping center, located not too far away, is a modern 3-story structure that has a huge supermarket where we regularly shop. There are, of course, tens of other shops in the building. In recent weeks we have noticed that perhaps 50% of them have shuttered their doors. They range from a photography shop to a store specializing in cheap (primarily Chinese-made electrical) goods to mom and pop tailor/sewing shops to the nail painting shops and haberdashers. Even the guy ostensibly selling “Persian carpets” closed up this month. (In the years we have been here, we NEVER saw a customer in that store. IMHO, I think these “Persian Carpet” stores are fronts for the Iranians to launder money, probably to finance their illicit activities. Could it be that Western governments have finally caught on to their shenanigans and are forcing them, as a part of the economic pressure being placed on Iran, to close down? That could be a topic for an upcoming newsletter.) The only shops remaining are the ubiquitous cell phone shops, a few walk-in banks, bars, coffee shops.

When I first came here, there was much more traffic on the road, even on my relatively short drive to work. Now, there is less than half the regular number of cars on the road. Gasoline prices are relatively low, but in spite of this, people are driving less and using public transport. But on the other hand, the prices for tickets have increased considerably in the last few months. A regular inner zone metro ticket used to cost a ridiculously low 1.00 Euro and a combination ticket to travel to the outskirts was 2.00 Euros. Now, the inner zone costs 1.50 Euro; the outer zone 3.00 Euros. A strip of 10 rides costs 12.00 Euros and 18.00 Euros, respectively. The transport prices are still very low compared to the rest of Europe, but one sees that the city is trying to increase revenues and also improve cash flow.



This could be just a hyperlink in the Links section of this issue, but…you really should read it; NTG hopes that reproducing the text (from here) will make that more likely.

…when House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Lamar Smith pressed him (Eric Holder, Attorney General of the Department of Justice) directly during a House Judiciary Committee hearing Thursday, Holder dodged giving a response.

“Mr. Attorney General, who is the highest ranking official in this administration that knew that these tactics were being used?” Smith asked of Holder at the beginning of a Thursday hearing. “And I’m talking about, knew the tactics were being used before the death of Agent Brian Terry on December 15, 2010.”

Holder attempted to answer a question that wasn’t asked. “Well we know that the operation began in the field offices in Arizona,” Holder said. “Both in the US Attorney’s office and in the ATF office there. The inspector general is in the process of examining–”

Smith then cut off Holder and asked his question again: “To your knowledge, who was the highest-ranking official in the administration who knew about the tactics?”

Holder again deflected. “At this point I can say that it started in Arizona, and I’m not at all certain who beyond that can be said to have been involved with regard to the use — now there was knowledge of it, but the use of the tactics,” he responded again.

Smith rephrased his question, asking: “No one other than the ATF officials in Arizona, you’re saying, knew about the tactics used in Operation Fast and Furious before December 15, 2010, is that right?”

Holder wouldn’t outright deny that officials in Washington, D.C., knew of gunwalking. “I think that in terms in knowledge of the tactics as opposed to the operation itself, I don’t think that anyone in Washington knew about those tactics until the beginning of the year,” Holder said.

Holder also changed his regularly inconsistent testimony about when he first learned of Fast and Furious. “I don’t know the specific date,” he said when Smith asked him when he first learned of gunwalking in Fast and Furious. “I got a letter from Senator Grassley at the end of January of 2011. I think I became aware of the tactics themselves probably February of 2011, as I’ve indicated in the seven previous times I’ve testified.”

Holder has changed that testimony several times before. On May 3, 2011, he told Congress he first learned of Fast and Furious “a few weeks” before from press reports. In early November 2011, Holder edited that May 3 testimony while appearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, admitting it was inaccurate.

“I did say a ‘few weeks,'” Holder said in November, responding to questions from Vermont Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy, who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee. “I probably could’ve said ‘a couple of months.’ I didn’t think the term I said, ‘few weeks,’ was inaccurate based on what happened.”

Holder saying he doesn’t “know the specific date” on Thursday represents at least the third time he’s edited that testimony.

Once again: why was Fast and Furious created? Of course no one in the Department of Justice will say, but the best speculation is that the Obama administration, in its eagerness to restrict and control firearms ownership in the USA, needed to prove that currently legal firearms sales to US citizens were responsible for arming the drug cartels in Mexico. The facts — which were reported in this newsletter — were otherwise, however, so it was decided that federally-licensed firearms retailers were to be coerced into making illegal sales to agents of the cartels, thereby increasing the number of firearms that moved across the border from Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

That would allow Obama to howl that he needed much tougher restrictions on the sale of firearms within the USA, and insist that the ban on “assault rifles” (an incredibly ignorant, stupid, pointless and unfair restriction that expired years ago) be reimposed. The incremental disarming of the public is the explicit long-term goal of the “progressives” who are currently in power.

This reading of Obama’s goals and policy gains credibility when one realizes that absolutely no effort whatsoever was made to track the export of weapons sold under the Fast and Furious program.

Some federal officials, disgusted by what the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives was doing, resisted the harebrained plot, and then leaked the truth.

Fast and Furious, a criminal conspiracy, should put Holder and some of his subordinates in prison. Yes, it really is that bad. Look: US federal law enforcement officials literally broke the law to hand powerful firearms to some of the worst, most dangerous people on earth. That’s aiding and abetting criminal violence, which means becoming complicit in homicide. The USA deliberately contributed to the destabilization of Mexico, committing a series of crimes that some might consider an act of war.

Whether it was that serious can be debated, but the heinous nature of the crime remains obvious, no matter what your point of view. Suppose the local police said to you, “That neighbor of yours is a pain. If you were to kill him, we would not arrest you.” You know that’s illegal!

The implications and logical ramifications of a conspiracy of this sort are frightening. Among other horrors, they include the deduction that Fast and Furious required approval at the top. No one who agreed to it would want to be the highest official in the bureau to know of and approve the conspiracy. That means that today of course everyone in the lower and middle levels of the bureaucracy wants to push blame up the ladder. The agents want the illusory security that comes from being good Nazis — they hope to evade guilt and responsibility by pointing out that higher authority required them to follow orders. Holder, meanwhile, is trying to push the blame down the ladder, claiming he was kept in the dark and never had a chance to do the right thing. He knows little, if anything; the conspiracy just formed like a fog, and it was always beyond control; no one planned it or could stop it. Holder’s contemptuous babble is classic Nazi obfuscation, prevarication and evasion.

The rational observer will inevitably conclude that the BATFE is a corrupt and broken law enforcement agency. That’s Holder’s responsibility — and fault. Now watch him try to weasel out of it.

Of course Obama cannot evade responsibility for this heinous policy; in fact his anti-Second Amendment mindset is the fundamental inspiration for the disaster, and it’s his fault if he appoints bad people to high positions and does not remove them when they implicate themselves in murder.

An ethical, responsible administration would never create or put into play anything like F&F. Only a depraved cabal of scofflaws and thugs would tolerate it, let alone plan it and carry it out — but that is exactly what the villains In BATFE and Justice did. That they did it in total secrecy beggars belief; Holder is lying.

The fact that there is little outcry from the public is primarily due to the calm, unruffled and “nothing to see here” attitude of the major media, who can correctly claim that they have reported the story. Reported, yes; clarified, explained, and used as a basis for richly-deserved condemnation of the federal government, no. At some point the attitude of the press can be called into question; how egregiously must a bad government misbehave in order to provoke the outrage of professional journalists? Should bias not be set aside in order to promote justice and decency?

The editors and reporters are hereby reminded that their freedom is guaranteed by the first amendment, and that the freedom of the populace (not just citizens) to keep and bear arms is guaranteed — as an individual right — by the second amendment. So far, no one has been able to make a convincing case that any of the rights protected by the Bill of Rights is somehow inferior to any other, or can be ignored. Journalists are not a legally defined elite, in other words; even folks in Flyover Country, where the Dance of the Low, Sloping Foreheads is a tourist attraction, have rights just as robust and important as those enjoyed by the people who work for the NY Times.



Somebody is Orff his medication….

How much information should the public have about the struggle against Islamofascism? A few leaks from the intelligence/military community can make the federal bigwigs look good, and too many can hurt the nation. Obama claims he is not using leaks to improve his image as an effective, intelligent leader, and the GOP says he’s giving away vital secrets. There is no end to the debate and no way to know who is correct — and just how correct he is. Because politicians are involved, one can only hope that not too much harm is being done.

What? Boycott the Sierra Club? Well, yes.

How popular is Obamacare? Here are recent poll results.

To be effective, censorship need not be total. How much have you heard about this very bizarre case in the major news media? Yes, this is a matter of censorship, and yes, it is an issue the nation’s reporters and editors should be very concerned about. The message from here to the journalistic establishment: do not refuse to report and comment in defense of freedom of speech and press simply because people you don’t like are being abused. It’s called “principle”. Look it up.

Consider subject matter before viewing! An unflinching video shows an executioner using a knife to behead a man while the constant, sickening chant, “Allah is great!” accompanies the act. Behold the legacy of Mohammed, the sociopathic false prophet and incestuous, pedophiliac mass murderer whose insane fantasies have tormented humanity for centuries. This is happening almost daily to Buddhists in the south of Thailand — people who are utterly harmless, and whose crime, according to the Koran (2:190), is simply being Buddhists.

For you AGW skeptics: the cult says the world is doomed because of feedback; here’s the truth about that. Meanwhile, you can add this weblog to your list of rational sources of information. You are welcome.

This newsletter’s Turkish-speaking consultant on matters Turkish recommends a column in the NY Times as a good summary of what’s going on in a very important nation. Full disclosure: before you give the author of the Times piece (Thomas Friedman) access to your brain cells, you might have a look at this from Mark Steyn, some critical remarks by Jonah Goldberg, more commentary that is not terribly flattering, and finally this amusing take on one of Friedman’s old columns. So does this guy know anything? Sure; he’s rich and respected. And his recent item on Turkey makes good sense. So don’t be as prejudiced as the folks at the NY Times; understand that even those you disagree with almost all the time can hit the nail on the head — with a little luck. And remember, this newsletter trusts its consultant, who trusts this Friedman commentary. Go ahead. It’s safe.

The “Flame” malware that seems to have targeted Iran’s nuclear program has been ordered by its creators to destroy itself and erase all evidence of its presence.

This just in: vile, smelly French Jews attempt to damage hammers and iron bars of innocent peace-loving Muslims. What the French need is the restoration of the Vichy government of WW II that dealt properly with the Jew-vermin. If you don’t recall Vichy France, you should look it up.

So, according to Obamite law, if you are suspected of treasonable activities — in this case, supporting Al Qaeda (whatever “supporting” means), you can be locked up indefinitely and never face trial. Well, a court says that’s simply wrong, and of course all rational people should celebrate the court’s wisdom. That is not to say the struggle has been won, however, for one might wonder: can that judge be suspected of supporting Al Qaeda, and will she accordingly disappear into military custody? Honestly, Pilgrims, the nation is in the wrong hands, and fretting about bad laws is not baseless paranoia. Obama is dangerous! Take a good look at his misnamed Department of Justice, and be afraid for your constitutional guarantees. — Thanks go to the Dean of NTG subscribers, JH, for pointing to this link.

Really, this is funny. First nobody wanted to admit authorship of Stuxnet; now, Obama says the USA created it, and there are some pretty angry Israelis reacting to The One’s claim. Maybe now the Israelis will understand a bit more about what you have to put up with when Obama is your playmate.

You “progressives” will not read the commentary found at this hyperlink, though you certainly should; you “wingnuts” won’t read it because you don’t need to. This newsletter publishes links to proofs of media bias as a matter of course — in order to add to a database that establishes the truth by documenting examples. There’s another example at this hyperlink, in case you care. (Heavy sigh.)

Holder: this conscience-free ideologue can look you in the eye and tell you whatever he has to in order to evade responsibility for his sins. What’s more, he will become furious if you do not believe his implausible prevarications. Issa has the Attorney General in his cross hairs, and Romney will blunder if he does not make a campaign issue of Fast and Furious. Here’s some recent information that could be out of date by the time this newsletter gets to you.

“Probably a mistake”? That’s a huge climb-down from Olympus, considering who said it. Never mind the hot serving of crow, Chris — just start propagandizing for the pipeline!

Video of jihadis desecrating graves of Australian war veterans. Location unknown, date unknown.

What are those crazy Iranians up to? Whatever it is, it has nothing to do with medical use of radioactive materials, or the development of atomic reactors for the generation of electricity. Look at the photos; the ISIS site has the clearest and most comprehensible display of them on the internet.

Computer hardware: the solid-state hard drive explained. Yes, the spinning disc is on its way out. For some months, this newsletter has enjoyed the benefits of the newer technology; its superior performance is obvious, but its longevity is unproved.

Yes, of course the Wisconsin recall results are seismic. But the GOP needs to understand that the voters did not endorse any political party; they endorsed sanity in spending, borrowing, and the management of the benefits/entitlements of a group of uniquely privileged workers. Now: will Romney grasp the significance of that, and use it? Will the Tea Party get behind him? Will the Democrats be able to derail what looks like a journey back to common sense? If the answers turn out to be Yes, Yes, and No, the news media will throw a collective fit. That will be something to see, and it could just possibly destroy journalism as it is currently practiced. Interesting times, eh?

Here he is again — this time sorting out the sense from the nonsense in the War on Females. The horrid facts must be faced.

The staff of NTG understands. Oh, yes.

“Wingnut” triumphalism: dancing on the grave of the biased, dishonest and propagandistic news media — though the self-appointed gatekeepers are not buried, and never will be. The market for collectivist propaganda will shrink, but survive. That does not mean that the majority of the nation’s news and opinion consumers will forever mistake propaganda for ethical journalism. The major media’s love affair with Obama is far too obvious to escape notice.

Wherever they look, and no matter what the facts, they see racism. Ugh!

No hyperlink, just an observation: the reason so many “progressives” thought the Tea Party was a flash in the pan is that the media stopped dealing with the movement. That happened because the Tea Partiers held massive rallies and then cleaned up after themselves; they did not destroy businesses, shatter windows, befoul campsites, rape each other, break laws and in general distinguish themselves as irresponsible morons. The Tea Party was not newsworthy. It was also not a personality cult, though of course the media tried hard to portray it as Sarah Palin’s Gang of Racist Thugs. As an issue-oriented movement for common sense, the Tea Party does not waste energy with constant rallies, marches, demonstrations, and attempts to close this or that down. It meets, rallies, minds its manners, waves flags, has a good time, picks up the trash, and then, having offended only those who despise free speech, goes home. All that makes it utterly unfathomable to the ideologues in the media — and extremely dangerous to its enemies.

Related: The Tea Party as a disease, rotting the body politic. Over to you, Pilgrims.

While the folks at are carrying on the founder’s tradition, the major media are not doing their job. Have a look at a recent example of information that should be broadly available to the public.

Holy cow! Did you know this? “Lawyers and law firms contributed more than $230 million in 2008 to federal political candidates and committees, 76 percent of which went to Democrats. The industry gave $43.2 million to Obama in 2008, and was his top source of campaign donations.” Why would that be? Aha! Read it all here. And then decide how you are going to vote.

A century from now, someone may read about this man, and consider how his non-Muslim counterpart would have been treated, had he committed a mirror-image crime in an Islamic nation. That is perhaps the only way one can look at the circumstances surrounding this slaughter, the incarceration of the criminal, and his encounter with Western justice. The rest of it is — absurd.

The burned girl remembered, and, for the record, the truth told.

In California, no less! Does this mean anything? Could it be the start of a turnaround in the fortunes of the rapidly-collapsing state of California? No, probably not.

Wisconsin carries on, in spite of the governor’s recent victory.

On the other hand, there may be reason to hope. You know, hope for change. Or something.

Related: as far as The One is concerned, it’s far too early to say he’s in real trouble. He has a lot of built-in advantages, and Romney is not that convincing. In fact, media speculation about Obama losing is probably a clever strategy, setting Obama up as the underdog who finally comes alive and delivers a Rocky-style finish, flattening Mister Capitalism. What a thrill for the proletariat!

If abortion can ever be justified, surely this application of it cannot. So who is waging a gender-based war, and against whom?


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