The New Terrapin Gazette

Number 254

19 June, 2012

…conflicts and wars are not at the biological level of survival and struggle for existence; they are a clash between ideologies or symbolic worlds. More precisely, they are an outcome of verbal magic hypostatizing words — nationalism, free enterprise, communism, confessional dogma or whatever else, which at best mirror certain aspects of reality, and at worst are completely unrealistic — into specious realities, by the well-known and pernicious process of reification of concepts.


A Serious Problem Becomes Worse: The Citizenry Versus Law Enforcement Agencies

A widespread trend has been firmly established in law enforcement: the police are now significantly militarized. Weapons, tactics, equipment are inspired by infantry urban warfare manuals, and dealings with the citizenry are increasingly conducted as raids. Courts are issuing more “no-knock” search orders.

This trend inevitably results in a number of shocked and terrified people who are unaware that the police have forced open a door and literally invaded their residences. As a consequence, there have been tragic results. How do you know that people who are shouting, “Police!” really are law officers? Home invasion robberies could begin that way, and what if you are so startled that you do not understand the shouting, and react defensively, perhaps with a firearm?

As a response to a number of situations in which police tactics were improper, Indiana recently adopted a controversial law. It is now legal for a citizen of that state to defend himself against illegal police action.

Of course few police officers and sheriff’s deputies are pleased; do read this negative reaction to the Indiana law. Clearly, its author is concerned that the concept may become popular.

The most significant aspect of this internet post is not the objection to the idea that if the police attack you illicitly, you may defend yourself; it’s the reactions posted by people who read what the former police officer has to say. Those folks overwhelmingly disagree with what might be called the standard law enforcement position.

This reaction should be made clear to police departments and courts across the USA. A significant percentage of the citizens who think about this issue objects to what law enforcement does routinely — or wants and plans to do routinely, as soon as it can afford the equipment and training. People don’t like “no-knock“, and they fear the mistakes of courts and police, which are not at all rare, isolated incidents. They note that criminals can shout “Police!” just as easily as anyone. They do not want to be shot or imprisoned if their actions are genuine self- and home-defense.

A great many — perhaps most — law-abiding people do not trust the courts and the police.

That is genuinely corrosive of good governance.

Now consider the dual impact of decent citizens’ fear of the local police and the significance of a wildly unethical, incompetent and extremely dangerous program at the very top of the law enforcement pyramid — Fast and Furious. Consider that the president of the nation continues to have full faith and confidence in a reprehensible attorney general, yet bitterly denounces a local police officer who properly carries out his professional responsibility in determining that an elderly man is indeed safe.

You are not adequately served. Those who should be your help in time of need are living in a fantasy world of Hollywood blockbuster film shoot-outs with heavily-armed urban guerillas, and the highest level of political power is irresponsible and bigoted.


Health Care In The USA

Do take a look at this: it’s the results of a nationwide survey of US physicians that reports their attitudes toward their work and future. It’s essential information for everyone who will face health problems.

In all probability, Obama would brush these results aside as the whining of a privileged class that refuses to cooperate with the plans of government. The most significant comment on these results: “If someone can compel you — through force of law — to give them your labor, then you are not a free man (or woman).”

Whenever collectivists and individualists differ on policy, the argument can always be reduced to control issues. Collectivists know that control is fundamentally essential to their programs. Accordingly they damn free markets as irresponsible, if not treasonous. The collectivist believes free citizens cannot be good citizens, because they are literally beyond control.

For reasons discussed in previous numbers of this newsletter, Obama lacks the insight to grasp the fact that if he can impose the level of control he must have to make his Patient Protection and Affordable Care law work, that monstrosity — that tyranny — simply will not survive, no matter what the federal supreme court thinks of it.

What can and should be done? First, understand that any durable plan must give the individual free choice. It cannot be tyrannical. Second, open a national free market in health insurance, and let companies compete for customers. Third, investigate, discuss and try out refinements intended to serve all parties; this might be a good place to start the search for ideas.


The Central Intelligence Agency And The Federal Bureau Of Investigation Have Some Unfinished Business With Each Other

In his recent book The Art of Intelligence (ISBN 978-1-59420-334-3), retired CIA official Henry Crumpton has nothing whatsoever to say about what the agency might have known about the activities of the Islamists who committed the enormity of September 11, 2001. By sharp contrast, former FBI agent Ali Soufan placed this account in his The Black Banners (ISBN 978-0-393-07942-5) — portions removed by the CIA are indicated by XXXX:


I later found out that the three photos XXXX that the XXXX gave me were the three photos shown, with no explanation, to Steve and my Cole colleagues at the June 11, 2001, meeting in New York. The Cole team had asked about the photos — who the people were, why they were taken, and so on — but XXXX, the CIA official present, said nothing.

…. We soon would learn learn that they were listed as passengers on American Airlines Flight 77, which had hit the Pentagon.

My hands started shaking. I didn’t know what to think. “They just sent these reports,” the XXXX said, seeing my reaction. I walked out of the room, sprinted down the corridor to the bathroom, and fell to the floor next to a stall. There I threw up.

….the same thought kept looping back: “If they had all this information since January 2000, why the hell didn’t they pass it on?” ….

….the information I had requested about major al-Qaeda operatives, information the CIA had claimed they knew nothing about, had been in the agency’s hands since January 2000.

The SWAT agent asked, “What’s wrong, bud? What the hell did he tell you?”

“They knew, they knew.”

…. I went back down the corridor to the XXXX office to get the file. “Ali?” he asked as I walked in. I looked at him squarely in the face and saw that he was blushing and looked flustered. He clearly understood the significance of what the agency had not passed on.

I didn’t have time to play the blame game. New York and Washington were still burning, colleagues of ours were missing, and we all had to focus on catching those responsible. “Is there anything else you haven’t passed along?” I asked.

He didn’t say anything, and I walked out, file in hand.

…. Bob (McFadden, an FBI special agent) looked up and saw the anger on my face. He didn’t say anything, just took the file. …. He looked through the contents and then turned to me in outrage. “I can’t believe this.”

Evidently no one in the CIA office at the time told Special Agent Soufan of the work of Jamie Gorelick. Her crucial role in the catastrophe called 9/11 was fully illuminated in Number 67 of this newsletter. (If you would like a copy, let The Eagle Wing Palace know.)

Crumpton is not at all impressed by the work of the FBI, as his book makes clear. The relationship between the two agencies appears — to the observer who is not privy to the secrets of either organization — to be angry and intense. Perhaps that has changed since Crumpton’s book was published (on 14 May, 2012), but his rhetorical question (on page 309), “Why give the FBI a free pass after its mistakes?” is troubling; is he unaware of claims that if the CIA had ignored Gorelick’s inane, amateurish opinion and told the FBI what it knew, thousands of lives might well have been saved? Why give the CIA a free pass after that ethically indefensible blunder?


Someday, These Excesses Will Astound And Even Shock Students Of US Politics

The subject is some videos made in support of the Obama presidential campaign in 2008, and the thesis is that they will be understood in years to come as something quite different from what their makers intended. That may be incorrect, of course — or you may agree that using small children for political purposes is simply wrong, no matter what the cause. To this newsletter, politics should not be a part of a fifth grader’s world. At what age are political activities appropriate? For some, ten years might be the lower limit; for a very small minority, perhaps nine or eight — as long as it is presented as play rather than commitment, and that’s very hard to do. By twelve, yes, let your offspring contribute to a political cause if they ask to, but don’t lead them to it. “Too young” is hard to define, but six or seven must be beyond the pale; those who ignore that rule rob the little people of their childhood. Give your children a puppy, not a cause. Politics too early is abusive.

It’s interesting to read the introductory comments just below the screen of this video. It’s the now famous/infamous video of kids singing the praises of Obama. The folks who made it thought it was original, heartwarming and innocent. Whether future generations will agree remains to be seen.

Do you remember this video, or possibly a similar one? Do their “Rah, rah, you gotta get with the program” style remind you of propaganda that was current seventy-five years ago? Do you have the uncomfortable feeling that you should have known…but did not think things through?

The list of disquieting videos includes some that are questionable but tolerable, and some that are egregious. Samples:

An entirely inappropriate political exploitation of a (public?) school in which tots are the puppets of zealots. Shame!

A bizarre example of hero-worship typical of emotionally immature adolescents. No, the people in this video are not too young, but they don’t seem to this newsletter to be adequately possessed of reason, maturity, and perspicacity. You may disagree, of course.

Political propaganda as religious proselytism. A devastating counterattack on the Obamoid crusade.

Irrational Utopian myth-making exposed through juxtapositions of pro- and anti-Obama video.

A very disturbing comparison of Obamite and North Korean abuse of tiny children in political propaganda. The horror is revelatory.

The activists behind the offending videos ignored two facts: first, humans are easily seduced by the practice of hero-worship, even when there are no heroes; that often results in the deification of mere mortals. Second, childhood is sacred, and only adults can defend it.


Fraud At The Polls

The struggle to control who votes is monumental this year. Here are two quotes that shed a little light on a fraught subject:

The Justice Department lawsuit against Florida will stop Florida from removing non-citizen voters from the rolls by freezing the entire purge process. Justice claims that immediate removal of foreigners falls within time limits that restrict Florida’s ability to remove legitimately registered voters. (Source)

Launching lawsuits against various states, Holder claims that laws which ramp up ballot security are a danger to our democracy. He contends that minorities (read ‘Democrats’) disproportionately do not have, and cannot procure, photo IDs. Of course, no evidence has ever been presented for this whopper, nor has it been explained how this same group manages to receive and process disproportionate welfare help — even when the government requires serious photo proof of identification for each recipient. (Source)

Minorities of all varieties can get picture ID easily, and it’s not too much to ask that they do so. You need good ID for a lot of activities; here is an example: “Adult passengers (18 and over) are required to show a U.S. federal or state-issued photo ID in order to be allowed to go through the checkpoint and onto their flight.” Well, maybe Holder would say minorities don’t fly.


Planning On Starting A Protest Movement? Tip: Don’t Base It On Crackpot Ideology

Fauxcahontas (AKA Elizabeth Warren) claimed she is the inspiration for Occupy Wall Street, but she probably won’t welcome questions regarding the movement these days. Quoting a piece on “wingnut” PJ Media:

…Occupy Wall Street…somehow found a way to oppose the abolition of child sexual slavery. In order to justify this seemingly incomprehensible and repugnant position, the Occupiers performed some of the most amazing moral gymnastics you’ll ever encounter. I’ll give them a lot of room to explain themselves in a moment, but first let’s get a glimpse of the conference, the protest, a small counter-protest, and the completely bizarre behavior of the Occupiers.

Well, Squaw Liz, ugh. Me no like-um. Scalp-um! Where tomahawk? (Fake Native Americans talk that way; no offense intended — except to Elizabeth Warren, who is a fake Native American.)


Good Advice

This should be required reading for every politician in the Western world who is above the salary grade of meter maid. It is common sense writ large. After you have read it, suggest to everyone you know that they read it. Quotes:

…the U.S. economy is presently entering a recession. Not next year; not later this year; but now. … we’re going into another recession because we never effectively addressed the problems that produced the first one, leaving us unusually vulnerable to aftershocks. Our economic malaise is the result of a whole chain of bad decisions that have distorted the financial markets in ways that make recurring crisis inevitable.

Ouch! So what’s to be done? Find out. A sample:

The way to restructure a bank is to take it into receivership, write down the bad assets, wipe out the stockholders and much of the subordinated debt, and then recapitalize the remaining entity by selling it back into the private market.




Katie, bar the door! If ever there were a thorough forensic vivisection of The One, this has to be it. It’s breath-taking.

Union solidarity: a chimera? Maybe….

Just for fun, make some comparisons: first, recall Watergate and rate it as to whether it was worse than Fast and Furious; then revisit the Valerie Plame mess and compare it to the current leaks regarding the struggle against Islamofascism. For a little (partisan) help with the latter comparison, get some controversial background from this material. Finally, compare the sheer amount of press coverage each of these four scandals garnered. If you don’t see patterns, file the comparisons away for future reference.

The main Fast and Furious whistleblower is disappointed, which is putting it mildly. The horror seems to have no end, thanks to Holder.

Related: Victor Hanson insists that Obama’s leaks, not Fast and Furious, are the real scandal, and he’s correct. In fact this newsletter has not given the national security aspects of the deliberate release of highly classified material nearly the coverage it deserves. Begin your research of the facts with Hanson’s commentary. Highest recommendation.

Here’s yet another dirty trick that betrays media bias. Yes, you are correct: it does literally no good to report things like this; why do it, then? Because it’s the right thing to do. Dishonest editing and selective reporting are wrong in themselves, and should be exposed. That’s a motive the mainstream media simply cannot understand. To them, journalism is the handmaiden of politics. That blurs the distinction between reporting and commentary, and necessarily transforms reporting into propaganda.

The heresy of the Tea Party, as summarized by Victor Hanson: “From Greece to Italy to California to Wisconsin to Obama’s Washington, the verdict is in: the democratic statist model of trying to provide cradle-to-grave benefits, administered by an elite technocratic class, using demonization to bully the opposition and redistribute income, not only does not work, but cannot ever work.” Well, that wisdom won’t dent the armor of a true collectivist. And individualists don’t need to hear it. So Hanson is a Cassandra, shouting into the gale….

China: everybody used to think Mao and communism were what mattered. No longer; given time, the Chinese reverted to type.

This newsletter has been remiss in not pointing out just how high-handed Obama has been in dictating to Congress and the nation what will be done and what will not be done. The constitutional basis for many of The One’s actions is highly debatable, at best. So…in the event Romney wins the White House, how would the collectivists in the unions and the trendy Bicoastal Elite like it if the new president honored Obama’s tactics by adopting them?

Related, and just for a little fun with words: if Romney were to follow Obama’s lead, what snappy slogans and malevolent metaphors might appear? Of course the quasi-spiritual karma might be invoked, or perhaps the Democrats would be hoist on their own petard; superannuated hippies might mutter that what goes around, comes around, and the unimaginative might observe that what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. If Obamoid presumption were employed by Romney to dismantle an iconic Democratic program, some might say live by the sword, die by the sword, or simply just desserts. In any event, there would certainly be cries of “Racism!”

After all the ranting to which this newsletter has subjected you, are you still interested in sharia? If so, here’s a link for you.

A website calmly asserts, “Soon, it will be possible to repair, graft and even grow bones ready to order….” No, it won’t. If it is ever possible — and it probably will be — it will not be soon. This newsletter has repeatedly denounced the hype with which health and medical/surgical are reported, and will not bore you with more on the ethics and logic of the situation. You might want to have a look at the report, though.

Well, now…what was it this newsletter said about how the major media have carefully, deliberately ignored Fast and Furious? Oh, yeah….

“I’m usually a fan of delicious irony, but this latest outrage from Obama’s embattled attorney general marks a new corrupt low, even for him.” See what Holder is up to now. You won’t believe how goofy it is. Oh, and by the way: that’s not irony, delicious or otherwise. It might be the inevitable unfolding of the implications of quintessential absurdity, but it’s not irony.

How long will it be before these claims, which may be total fabrications, are used against candidate Romney? This newsletter guesses the matter will not come up until late in the campaign, when there will not be nearly enough time for anyone to investigate sufficiently to determine the truth. Perhaps the Romney campaign should publicize these assertions now, and try to disprove them. Simply hoping they will not come to light seems downright stupid.

For NTG subscribers in/from Perfidious Albion, this shamelessly jingoistic testimonial to monoculturalism.

The lyrics are a bit hard to understand, but this is a timely and popular video.

Riding on a bus in China. Sino-manic disorder with delusions of Celestial omnipotence. A motorized wok on the wild side — auto chop suey, low mpg and no msg.

She’s back, this time indoors (which is good, because now there’s an exemplary piano). You are welcome.

If you are curious about California, present and future, this article sums things up pretty well without making any huge errors.

The Obama administration funds some scholarly research into “terrorism” that — this will shock you — fiddles the definitions and numbers so it can ignore Islamofascist murders and assaults while implying that the Tea Party is a “right-wing extremist” group that properly comes under study by a research group that focuses on terrorist organizations. Old Eddie Said would be pleased to see the taxpayers’ money spent on this bogus “research”. The taxpayers, not so much.

Some call it multiculturalism, and others call it what it is: cultural suicide.

It is clear that “…the leaks were done to enhance Obama’s standing on national security issues and that it was done with his knowledge and consent.” Yes. On the basis of this issue alone, Obama should be removed from office. So is the current administration going to be tossed out of the White House? It’s just possible, but not at all likely (that’s a slight move away from the total pessimism of this newsletter’s previous pronouncements). In eight or ten weeks, the leaks will be trivial, if not completely forgotten, for which the major news media will be primarily responsible. The Democrats will rally, take a new direction, and call on the Tea Party-haters and Hispanics (beneficiaries of Obama’s partial amnesty) to rally to the cause. Efforts to prevent dead people from voting will be frustrated, and non-citizens will flock to the polls; for breadth and depth of fraud, this may be a record-breaking election. Meanwhile Romney will be trying to explain his maladroit statements; in politics, if you must explain, you are dead in the water, and sinking.

Change has come to America!” This will be quite something….

Making sense of Islam: an essay on the profound misunderstandings that have caused Western policy with regard to Islam to fail. All right; but what do you do, if you want to win? Here’s the answer to that question. Highest recommendation.

Revealed (yet again, heavy sigh): the bias and dishonesty of the mainstream media, whose suffocating elitist attitude is seldom glimpsed — or recognized for what it is — by most news consumers. Peek behind the curtain, and then ponder what you see.

This reappraisal of Nixon and Watergate would cause apoplexy in “progressive” circles — if it were read there. Of course it won’t be, and even “wingnuts” might differ with some aspects of the narrative, but overall, this interpretation of events is accurate and certainly worthy of consideration by all. The history is complex, and this newsletter can’t vouch for every detail of the linked commentary, but it seems obvious that Fast and Furious is to Watergate as a tsunami is to a drippy faucet. Then too, it’s unfortunate there is no mention in the linked piece of Nixon’s inexpensive and voluntary plan for combating cancer, which would have saved millions of lives over the years — and was immediately vetoed by the medical establishment. “First of all, do no harm.” Eh?

You say you have not yet seen the best paleoclimate data ever? The ones that show the Medieval Warming period and the current downtrend in global temperatures? Well, here you are! Pass this URL along to others who still don’t understand that the climate is not warming, and that there is clear evidence that if it should do that, Nature could easily manage that trick all on Her own…because human technology during the medieval period of history was incapable of producing greenhouse gases in quantities sufficient to compare with what is produced today, yet the Medieval Warming was a fact that Jones and Mann and Briffa (the rascals behind the hockey stick graph) tried to erase from the record — as you will recall from your reading of The Hockey Stick Illusion, Montford’s detailed reconstruction of the hoax.

We heard you, Slick: in 2010, former President Clinton said to an audience in Cleveland, “The Democrats are saying something like this: ‘We found a big hole that we did not dig. We didn’t get it filled in 21 months, but at least we quit digging. Give us two more years. If it doesn’t work, vote us out.'” Oh, yes, he did. And there’s video, too.

Face facts, Pilgrims.

You probably missed this — certainly this newsletter did: how are things going in Somalia, and in Chicago? Well…. All right, how does Chicago’s misery compare to what US troops are coping with in Afghanistan?

Video for Obama: powerful, convincing. Must see.

Organic food? Baloney; this newsletter has yet to see any inorganic food. People can not eat rocks and dirt; all food has to be organic, or it would kill you. And, the regular old stuff is better for you and for everyone else than is this expensive bogus trendy silly “organic” food.

Stop! Reconsider! As The Firesign Theatre used to say, “Everything you know is wrong.”

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